RHOBH: Kyle Richards Sinks Yacht With Lisa Vanderpump Aboard

As we near the end of this season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers are given the all to familiar story line where the cast attacks the fan favorite. So once again Lisa Vanderpump must endure an evening of endless attacks. This season the attacks take place in the exotic land of Dubai so as to prevent Lisa Vanderpump an escape route.

Viewers have come to expect Lisa Rinna’s (hereinafter “Rinna”) volatile reactions – where a photograph posted to Instagram “enrages” her. So it is no surprise when her attacks turn to Lisa Vanderpump.  But it is Kyle Richards’ attack on Lisa Vanderpump (hereinafter “Lisa”) that is most disturbing.

Kyle has repeatedly stated that she and Lisa are in a great place and as such, she “refused to rock the yacht.”Yet, Kyle not only rocked the yacht, she tried to sink it while making Lisa walk the plank.

Kyle knew Lisa was overwhelmed with unrelenting attacks from Rinna and Eileen Davidson. Yet as soon as the ladies sat down for dinner on the yacht, Kyle immediately brought up the subject and spent the remainder of the evening hammering Lisa.  At one point Kyle compared herself to an abused wife trying with a black eye saying she fell down the stairs by defending her abusive husband (Lisa Vanderpump being the abusive husband)!The following are examples of Kyle’s (dis)loyalty to Lisa:

  • During Kyle’s confessional, Kyle states “Lisa and Yolanda have had issues with one another. Is that why maybe Lisa [Vanderpump] wanted the word munchausen to get out but for someone else to say it?”
  • While Rinna and Eileen Davidson insist that Vanderpump wanted Kyle targeted, Kyle validates their accusations by stating that she was not ok with what Lisa had done “at the time.”Kyle blasts Lisa by exclaiming that her explanation was not working. Kyle then tells the lynch mob that she is protecting her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump because “we really do care about each other.”

When Kyle is left alone with Lisa Vanderpump, the brow beating becomes excruciating to watch (we imagine Lisa was glued to her chair which prevented her from walking away). Kyle continues the psychological torture:

  • Kyle tells Lisa she loves her like a sister;
  • Kyle tells Lisa that she is putting her in a bad position, like she has to lie;
  • Kyle begs Lisa not to do that to her;
  • Kyle insists Lisa told her “that” to her face;
  • Kyle goes further calling Lisa very clever, the way to cover her ass in case it ever came out;
  • Kyle unequivocally states that she believes Rinna, but she still loves Lisa Vanderpump;
  • Then Kyle steps up her assault and demands that Lisa change her story

“You’re not making sense You have to say something else.  How about you say, maybe I said something wrong, I fucked up, I misunderstood. . . Let me help you as your friend, change your story. Change your story right now, CHANGE IT!”

Visibly distraught, Lisa whispers, ” but that’s not true.”

Kyle exclaims “How about this . . . I don’t care. why don’t we drop it. Lisa don’t say anymore let’s drop it.” Kyle’s confessional was the parting shot, “I am disappointed that Lisa can’t say I’m sorry, I screwed up and she always has to have the last word.”

Is this how a friend “who loves you like a sister” remains neutral?  Those were not the actions of a true friend. Not only did Kyle rock the boat, she wanted to sink it after stealing Lisa Vanderpump’s life vest and forcing her to walk the plank.

Lisa Vanderpump is a smart woman. She knows Kyle Richards. So why tolerate such heavy handed betrayal? Stay tuned to find out.

8 thoughts on “RHOBH: Kyle Richards Sinks Yacht With Lisa Vanderpump Aboard

  1. did Brandi ever does do that polygraph I’d love to know a bit more about her call to Joyce, who she didn’t know from Adam, when she joined the show to “advise” her about her good friend Lisa; how many times Lisa asked her to sit down with Scheana; how many times she drank in SUR off camera with Lisa when she didn’t even have to be there. And whether Adrienne and Paul were actually suing her or whether it was a C&D sent to her friend.

  2. This screams kyles lack of loyality which LVP is very annoyed with. Lisa just wanted to get the hell out of there & go back to her support systems. Kyle would take yur eyes out & tell u that u look better without them to get what she wants.

  3. Kyle always goes at Lisa. She forgave Brandi for calling her sister a crack whore just so she could get Brandi to do it. Don’t be surprised. the flashback was perfect, Taylor said Kyle called Lisa her ego was over the top. She wants Lisa gone

  4. I find it really interesting that Rinna only recently revealed in her blog that she spoke to Kyle first about Munchausens and Kyle was the one who told LVP – this completely explains why LVP would be afraid Kyle might get dragged in to it. Kyle said she assumed LVP was distancing herself and throwing her under the bus – but she brought it to LVP! I also find it interesting that Kyle admits in her last blog that she called Rinna as soon as she left LVP’s home that day. Doesn’t this explain why Rinna and Kyle both have the same story about what LVP was saying even though Rinna claims she said “why didn’t you” and Kyle said LVP said “I thought she was going to”. Did Kyle call Rinna to convince her what LVP meant? They certainly agreed their story. Kyle is in this up to her eyes and so far she seems to get away

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