RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Killed 3 Birds With 1 Stone

The Season Finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills left many unanswered questions. Viewers of the popular reality show were left wondering what did Brandi Glanville and Lisa Rinna actually discuss about sobriety;  will Kim Richards ever see through Brandi’s manipulations;  when will Kyle Richards stop feeling responsible for her abusive sister; when will Yolanda Foster smash Brandi in the head with a lemon; will Lisa Vanderpump finally buy Brandi’s rental, evict her and turn it into Chateau Scheana; and will Eileen Davidson run for the hills – far far away from DramaVille?

The Season seems to have focused on who started a rumor as opposed to whether the rumor is true.  Viewers are being force fed that whether Kim Richard’s needs help is not nearly as important as who said she needs help.

Brandi Glanville took aim at Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards – Brandi’s weapon of choice? a seemingly friendly conversation Brandi had with Lisa Rinna that she then misquoted to Kim.  The conversation was the catalyst for all the dissension that occurred thereafter. Here is how it came to pass. . .

On the same day that Lisa Rinna appeared on Brandi’s podcast, Rinna and Brandi met for lunch to discuss why Brandi was so angry with the other women.  The following is a transcript of the conversation between Brandi and Rinna:

LR: You did great, by the way [on the podcast].

BG: I felt odd because I wasn’t 100% prepared.

LR: I’m going to be honest with you, I have been with the girls and there’s been a lot of conversation . I’m trying to figure you out. They are very upset and they don’t understand why you’re so mean and I go ok, if she’s mean, why is she mean? What happened? Have you been abused? I bring all this up because I go . . .

BG: I’m not mean.

LR: Is she in pain? They say you’re mean. I’ve seen the aftermath of what’s gone down with the Richards’ sisters.

BG: Am I temperamental? Yes I am. Am I a mama bear? I want to protect people, yes. When you hit me, I go lower unfortunately.

LR: You can really go there to hurt.

BG: I’ve never had any issues with Yolanda or the stuff with Kim from years ago was because she wasn’t well. I mean we get along lovely now. I feel like her big sister and she’ older than me.

LR: Interesting dynamic.

BG: Yeah, it’s hard for me because it’s not something I signed up for. Kim came to me. She doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends and she told me that I’m her best friend. And it makes me sad. That puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders. I’m not the best person . . . I’m not a therapist. I’m not a sober companion. I am none of those things. You know and so it’s hard for me. I can’t change who I am to take care of Kim but at the same time, I can’t just let go of her.

LR: She’s taking pills, she’s taking something.

BG: She has a hernia. Like I told her. She said she’s just doing the patch. I’m not going to call her a liar.

LR: I know you can’t. Also if nobody wants help. . .

BG: Have I seen her smoke, drink, take a pill? No I haven’t.

LR: Does Kyle realize that her sister is in this kind of trouble?

BG: Does anyone not?

LR: I see people acting like this is not a big deal and this looks like a really big deal to me.

BG: I can’t say anything.

LR: It sounds serious. It looks serious. It smells serious.

BG: It can’t exist for me. She feels safe with that.

LR: So basically when you’re with her, you have to live a lie and not really deal with it?

BG: [Brandi nods] We are all thinking we are protecting her by not saying it.

LR: You’re not. You’re hurting her. Something is going to happen. Well, something has already happened.

BG: More than you even know.

LR: [Looks shocked]

BG: If anyone were to say, we were wondering about your sobriety, she would die.

LR: You know what? There’s a lot of opinions, there’s a lot of things going on but I do think that the pressing issue is . . .

BG: Kim.

LR: Kim and her health. I mean it’s not like we can do an intervention on her.

BG: No, she’s not.

LR: It’s not our place. But we are privy to someone who is in pain. . . who is suffering.

BG: Maybe you have an intervention with all of us. Seriously.

LR: Huh? Well we do all need an intervention.

BG: No. Seriously. I know that’s a way of not putting it on any one person and making the therapist be the bad guy.

BG: I don’t know what to do. Have you spoke [sic] to Kyle about it? I can’t talk to Kyle about it.

LR: I can try.

BG: No one else has the fucking balls to do it and Kim would murder me and probably kill herself.

[BG’s interview: My heart and my head don’t usually agree. My heart says I need to talk to Kim and see if she needs to get help. My head says that she says she’s sober so I know when you say you’re sober, you’re sober until you say you’re not.]

LR: I’m concerned because I don’t see people behave like this.

BG: We’re pretending like it’s not happening.


Anyone reading the aforementioned conversation would conclude that Kim Richard’s best friend wants her to get help! In fact, Brandi insinuated that Kim was worse off than anyone knew.  Instead of getting Kim help, Brandi spins the conversation by pandering to Kim’s fears (that people were talking about her sobriety).

Brandi met Kim and summarized her discussion with Rinna by telling Kim that Rinna wanted to know why everyone was pretending Kim was sober; Rinna wanted to know if Kim had a sponsor; Rinna wanted to know if Kim had sober friends. Brandi told Kim that Rinna was questioning Kim’s sobriety with other people.

By misrepresenting the context of the conversation, Brandi undermined Kim’s already shakey relationship with Rinna. She also poisoned Kim’s mind against Kyle for failing to defend her. And finally, Brandi aired all of Kim’s dirty laundry by misrepresenting Rinna’s deep seeded need to help a potential addict in pain.

Why would Brandi admit that Kim “would die” if her sobriety were questioned, then question her sobriety (in the name of Rinna)? Why would Brandi imply that Kim is in trouble and when pressed on the issue Brandi replied “more than you know?” Why would Brandi insist that they pretend to have an “intervention” for all of them, and blame the therapist? Why would Brandi encourage Rinna to tell Kyle that Kim needed help, then misquote the discussion to Kim?

29 thoughts on “RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Killed 3 Birds With 1 Stone

  1. There it is, the truth of what was said. I have been looking for that. Thanks, Faux. Now if only Andy would bring up the truth at the reunion. We all know he won’t.

  2. Cut and dry. Black and white. As always, Faux! You do good work. Brandi is guilty as charged. Kim needs help. And Lisa is a kind woman who most of us would be lucky and happy to call friend.

    Hasn’t Bravo used this plot line before…who cares if Meho cheats on her husband, let’s get the people that may have talked about it!

    • As soon as I started reading this article all I could think about was NJ and the fact that who started the rumor was more of a story line that if the rumor was true.
      Great Job Faux!!
      Lord PLEASE get rid of Trashy and Kim. They are bringing the show down

  3. Actually….

    Brandy knows Kim’s fragile so even though she may have concerns for Kim, she doesn’t want to question her sobriety because that would “kill” Kim. So she doesn’t. You don’t do interventions on people who you aren’t sure needs one. She never said Kim needed an intervention like how it was conveyed to Kim by Kyle.

    This whole situation was brought on by Lisa Rinna. She didn’t like the way Kim spoke to her on poker night. She doesn’t like Kim and wanted to stir things up on THAT front. That was her whole season 5 story line. That’s why she acted the way she did when Kim first asked her to confirm what she said to Kyle.

    Brandi’s no angel, but Kim has a valid reason to have Lisa called out. She knew 1 of the 3 between Brandi, Kyle, and Lisa were lying. She suspected it was Lisa Rinna and it was confirmed by Lisa Rinna’s answer to her, that Brandi didn’t say Kim needed an intervention.

    • You might want to read the transcript.

      Brandi said she never used the word “intervention.” Lie. Brandi wanted to do an intervention and lie by saying it was for all of them.

      What Brandi conveyed to Kim about the discussion was 100% false.

      • Brandi saying “Maybe you have an intervention with all of us” is Brandi digressing about the other ladies she’s having a problem with. That’s how Brandi’s simple mind works. Can’t see how you can translate that quote to “Kim needs an intervention” because it’s not.

        • Read the transcript. Brandi says let’s do a group intervention to let the therapist be the bad guy.

        • Marcus is wrong. Read the conversation. Brandi agrees with the intervention with everyone present so not one of them get the blame…the therapist will get the blame. Brandi is agreeing with an intervention when Lisa say Well, we can’t do an intervention. Then Brandi came up with a way to do the intervention..,..

  4. Great job Faux! Too bad there are STILL some people (like “marcus”) who will never get it! Addiction is a problem MOST people will never understand. Whether by choice, denial or just plain ignorance. You can’t explain it on a reality show but it does make people aware of this multifaceted problem. An addict is an addict (whether alcohol or drugs)! They can be in recovery, have been through recovery but will always be “recovering”. Statics & facts are true and about 90% will “slip” at some point. Of the other 10% only about 2% will remain sober without struggling, but the other 8% are “white knuckle” addicts. Sad but true.
    If the person is not honest with themselves and ALL their doctors (care providers) you can be back to square one with an ER visit or hospital admission. When I heard it on the show and read it here “BG: She said she’s just doing the patch.” BINGO! SHE’s STILL USING! Who puts an addict on a patch for pain? An uninformed physician (who thinks they’re helping) trying to wean a patient off painkillers. Until Kim is honest with herself about what she is putting into her system (orally, transdermal, or any other way) she can’t CLAIM SOBRIETY. She’s not there yet!

    • And by the way, I did some research on the fentanyl patch. It is a great deal more powerful than morphine. Nobody would give somebody with bronchitis this medicine, because you don’t prescribe this for somebody with a cough as it actually slows down your respirations and breathing is more shallow. So, she is full of crap. My guess is she was faking pain to get Monty to give her some. Also, I learned that when a patient disposes of the patch in the garbage, there is plenty of residue for the drug addict to get high.

      Do not use fentanyl if you have:

      severe asthma, trouble breathing, or other lung problems.
      a bowel blockage or have narrowing of the stomach or intestines.

      Known by the brand name Duragesic when sold in patch form, fentanyl is approximately 100 times stronger than morphine. Once used mainly to treat patients in palliative care or suffering cancer-related pain, who have built up a tolerance to other opioids, it is now finding its way into tinfoil rolls smoked by 18-year-olds.

  5. Great blog! The thing is Brandi didn’t need to run to Kim to try to turn her against everyone else. Brandi wanted to play both ends against the middle. Despite all her current blogs reviling Lisa Rinna’s intentions, Brandi forgets that until well after the season wrapped and actually started airing, she was calling Lisa Rinna “great”. Which makes Brandi Glanville a first class hypocrite.

    • If Brandi doesn’t get called out fully over this convo by Lisa R and Kyle I will be at a loss. Brandi not telling Kyle that her sister could be suicidal is some dangerous business! Then she goes into her confessionals and with her buddy Jennifer on several occasions expressing her concern and even said Kim fell off the wagon! Yet Bravo is turning this all around on Lisa R??? Frustrating!

      • Andy has only thrown some softballs thus far. Mainly, “If Kyle and Lisa can forgive each other, why can’t they forgive Brandi.”
        There were many variations on this questions that Andy wrote down and put on his cards pretending that they came from the viewing public. He is going easy on Brandi all the way. Coward and hypocrite.

  6. Personally, I didn’t need this to know that Brandi is COMPLETELY wrong. I knew it from the moment I watched the episode and have been continually surprised by the amount of people trying to defend her and blame it on Lisa.

    Do I think Brandi was actually coming from a good place when talking with Lisa R? Yes, I do. (BTW, people are also conveniently forgetting she had a conversation with her friend Jennifer about Kim’s “sobriety”.) Problem is, when she went to Kim and twisted everything is when Brandi lost me. I don’t trust one thing that woman does now. She’s manipulative and shady….I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. She is either A) actually trying to tear the Richards sisters apart (which won’t take much) or B) trying to find herself another storyline to keep her on the show. Either way, she’s disgusting.

  7. I have realized that Brandi needs her own venue. She is not what people expect her to be she will not conform to society’s censorship . She is ok doing what she does whenever she feels like it and does not care what it costs her emotionally, financially, psychologically, she reminds me of Howard Stern,. He was the pioneer of the the shock value and living off of peoples reactions to them. However, now that Brandi’s, dad is sick it has made her so vulnerable, not silencing her at all just very vulnerable. It has also made her delusional to expect loyalty from ppl who were generous with her and supportive of her in the 1st season. She went too far absolutely too far to stay on this show. If she had toned it down a bit and learned how to co exist with her co stars she might have gotten the sympathy and support she craves from Lisa V . Brandi, was on point about one thing; child stars do not know the world “NO”,. She said that 1st or 2nd season. Brandi, is also much younger and immature than her cast-mates. Instead of acting like a cougar in Amsterdam, she should have used to opportunity to repair her relationships, but I realized she does not want to do that. She could have been doing guest stints on one of the soap opera’s she adored had she behaved herself with Eileen. Instead she pushed everyone away. Her disdain for Kyle, is mind boggling. Kyle, is a girls girl and she looks like a lof of fun enjoys clothing, accessories, fashion, family, traveling , her children . For me easy to get along with someone who has those values. Snobby at times I don’t see it but I don’t know her so maybe everyone can be a bit snobby look where they live . Brandi’s 1st mistake was Adrienne and airing out her dirty laundry . By now I thought she would have learned her lessons . I was rooting for her because she survived the wrath of EC now I just feel sorry for her.

    • She is only a couple of years younger than Kyle, and Kyle looks younger. The wrath of E.C.? Eddie has always kept a low quiet profile. He has had to endure her wrath for 5 yrs. Nobody breaks up with Brandi Glanville and comes out whole. This J.R. guy must be a moron. Wait until they break up.

    • She reminds you of Howard Stern? Howard Stern is funny and intelligent whacky. Brandi wouldn’t know funny if it bit her on the butt. She thinks child molestation and racist jokes are funny. She has no talent. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It is obvious to everybody who has ever watched her or listened to her.

  8. Everyone wants point finger at BG but from first episodes that BG was on she was ripped apart at party by Kim & Kyle. All BG did was say back than that Kim had problem they denied it. BG is far from perfect but formed friendship with Kim , kyle doesn’t like it. Why cause Kim telling BG stuff Kyle doesn’t want known. Kyle is fake & truth will air. Point finger at Kim & Kyle for all dirty laundry their responsible for & leave BG alone

  9. No matter how much I thought about it I could not muster a good word to say about Brandi Glanville I’m over forty and to this day I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a person with similar character traits. She’s self centered, cold, mean, classless, rotten, two faced, immature, calculating, corrupt, morally challenged, here perfect word “EVIL” She absolutely knows Kim Richards is in need of help that she does indeed have quite a bit on her plate currently (shroff her sobriety issues have played out on thus show a couple times) but right now when trying to maintain a new beginning from her addiction she truly does have issues. But Brandi knew it confirmed it in discussion with Rhinna and on top of knowing and I believe a time or two she’s probably taking a “patch” persay she acts out of it at times as well so …. She should of let Kyle and Kim get in vehicle and talk privately or just went back image and let them do what families do work it out together. But like I said “EVIL” Making caous wise between all the other ladies even at one point attacking Yolanda. Brandi not Kim should continue filming if they don’t know how to behave and not cause harm shame and heart break for their immediate families then be done. Dont care what I or these other ppl say. Be self less by remembering your mother’s and in this unfortunate world your actions cause others to treat your family members differently. Kim Richards if you attached Rhinna because if your children knew your relasped they be gone “well then” come on note Kim do you think they don’t watch hear talk about this amongst peers stop it this addiction of yours has been out there potentially hurting her children already . All I’m saying is “own it Kim” you know you fell get back up and move on set an example for your beautiful girls niece’s and nephew’s. Brandi go to morals and ethics classes because you Are Raising Two Young Men. Nice blog glad the truth is out there

  10. I feel like some of us are watching one show, and others must be as inebriated as Brandi while watching the same show to come to very contradictory, opposing, conclusions. I won’t sit here and go back & forth to argue semantics with the BG fans. If any of us where Lisa Rinna in that catalytic conversation that ensued with Brandi; we’d leave thinking exactly what Lisa thought(That Kim Richards is anything but sober). As someone who suffered through addiction themselves, I can honestly attest to the fact that my recovery has come into question when I am acting in a strange demeanor. Loved ones will always question your sobriety when you are acting bizarre. And quite frankly, it’s to be expected. I get irritated when my sobriety is questioned, but I also know it is of my own doing. When you act in a way that is questionable, your family & friends (if they truly love and care for you) will call you on it. Kim & Brandi are perfect book ends. One admits her addiction, while the other sees nothing wrong with being cruel & vicious only to blame it on the wine/lexapro/xanax. Kim is definitely not in active recovery if she is on patches or popping Monty’s pain pills. Eileen & Lisa Rinna have every right to question and dislike both Brandi and Kim. Especially after the inebriated display of Poker night, not to mention the Amsterdamn dinner turned verbal assault, the bizarre Uber ride which Lisa endured on the way to Poker night with Kim, and the wine tossing incident which happened between Eileen & Brandi earlier in the season. The aforementioned are four incidents involving either Brandi and Kim, in which both acted ridiculously. Brandi attacks the other housewives and then acts like a child to play the “Pity me” routine. How much longer will she milk the “My husband cheated on me while I was pregnant” card? Kim has shown her true ugly colors when Lisa Rinna opened up about her sister’s overdose and Kim went on the attack like Kingsley. Eileen, out of naive kindness to bring the Richard’s sisters together only to have her kindness be treated with baseless suspicions from Kim. Kim verbally, emotionally, and psychologically abuses Kyle and that’s never been more obvious than in the most recent season. I think Kim and Brandi are embittered, hateful, jealous, shrews. Brandi is a bully, and Kim is no better. Thank you for posting the dialogue. Here’s hoping the other women read them the riot act at the reunion. The addition of Lisa Rinna and Eileen restored some class to the Beverly Hill’s housewives. I hope Bravo asks both of them back next season. I would love to see Brandi & Kim exit stage left, unfortunately they bring drama which most likely means they will be brought back.

    • It really pisses me off Bravo botched the editing of this convo so it went against Lisa R! We all saw the convo when it was aired in the original episode. It’s almost like Bravo doesn’t want Brandi to get called out for being a snake in the grass and Kim finding out what type of friend she really has!

  11. Kim Richards is a mean hag. BG and her cheapen the show. Both mean and foul-mouthed. Love all the other ladies. Eileen Davidson is sweet and so gorgeous and smart!

    • Yes! This transcript only incriminates Brandi as being a manipulative worm! She totally set up Rinna and used Kim as her attack dog/deflection piece. Brandi is nothing more but an evil Bobby Fischer.

      Are you on Twitter, Faux? I miss your tweets.

  12. I could have sworn a video (flashback) was played of Brandi saying something about an intervention with Kim as well…where Brandi actually said the word, (Other than the one shared here)…did that not happen? It seemed Bravo aired one video of Brandi saying it first, then aired the one where Lisa said it…#confused

  13. Kim should have never ever been able to get back on the show at all is not clear how unstable and nuts she is so mean to her sister that Kyle needs to let her go for good no looking back at all Kyle is a great person sister or not she needs to let her go for herself and her own personal family why does anyone even talk to Kim let that mean bitch be by herself please don’t bring Kim back at all never again t.y. Dw

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