Ziola Chavez: Mystery Woman Named by Jac Laurita Found

In a startling revelation during a Xanax induced flurry,  Jacqueline Laurita claims that Zoila Chavez from Flipping Out fame was the mystery woman that Juicy Joe Giudice shagged on his desk. Is Laurita telling the truth? Or is she looking to start a rivalry between superstar Teresa Giudice and hottie Zoila Chaves.


Zoila has agreed to an interview with yours truly.

Q: Zoila, Thank you for joining me today.  As you know recently Jacqueline Laurita identified you as the mystery lady who Joe Giudice shagged on a desk in his office?

A: She crazzzzy.

Q: Zoila, are you saying you weren’t the mystery lady on the desk?

A: No, me no say that.

Q: Okay, let me break this down. Have you ever been shagged on a desk?

A: But of course. It was goooood.

Q: WOW, Zoila, how long have you and Joe Giudice been an item?

A: Juicy Joe? NO NO NO, My Grande Papa (translation Big Papa) es Cris, me amore.

Q: Are you telling me that you’re Big Papa is Chris, Chris Laurita! Chris is your love?

A: Si, jes, Cris Laurita. Me and Cris, we in mucho love.

Q: Zoila, why would Jacqueline say that you were with Joe Giudice?

A: She loca. Cris tell me that she no right in da head. She drink e drink e drink.

Q: Does Jacqueline know about you and Chris?

A: Si, jes. Cris tell her he stay with her because of no money to leave. He no sleep with la loca.

Q: Zoila, I am shocked. Can you give me any proof that you and Chris are together.

A: Si, Cris, he love rubia (translation blonde hair). So me wear  peluca rubia


Zoila says Chris Laurita prefers blondes!!

Thank you Zoila for showing that Jacqueline Laurita should do what Joe Giudice suggested to HAVE HER HEAD CHECKED.

This interview was given by a parody of Zoila Chavez. This was produced to show how ridiculous and outrageous Jacqueline Laurita’s accusations have become. A woman who wishes that that the father of 4 little girls goes to jail.

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