Twitter Wars: Skyler St Coxx & Friends

Twitter’s most  notorious  troll  is a purported radio web blogger and admitted low budget internet prostitute freak identified as Skyler St Coxx.  Let me tell about a little of Skyler St Coxx’s reign of terror.

As soon as I joined Twitter on June 28, 2012, I was met by a vile account known as Queenz Of Media who used vile language, accused those who disagreed with it of being racist homophobic or bigots, threatened to contact their employers, etc. It latched onto me and  has never stopped disseminating false information about me while using minions to contact my job and attempt to infiltrate my real life as it saw fit. It has identified me as several people over the years, never letting truth stand it’s way.- in the process vilifying innocent people who do not have a presence on twitter.

This disgusting excuse for a human has failed at life while obsessing over the lives of the people it hunts from the squalor of the Baltimore ghettos.

It’s minions include a team of dysfunctional needy women with a gaggle of children and multiple baby daddies who sit in front of their computers in their ketchup stained sweat shirts vying for acceptance from the freak of all freaks.

So let me introduce you to the freak behind  the twitter war and attempted character assassination of  Faux Reality Entertainment.  . . The freak who has done the most vile disgusting despicable things on every website it has ever used. . .

Queenz of Media is Sklyer St Coxx

Notwithstanding the various deviations (and/or misspellings) of the name, the following post clearly identifies the host of Queenz Of Media:

slyler blog pic a


Interview with Sklyar Saint-Cox

Queenz of Media had been “on hiatus” since 2009, with the exception of 2 short interviews it conducted in 2010.  But on September 13, 2012,  Sklyer St Coxx interviewed one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Skyler blog pic b

Who is Skyler St Coxx? The Freak is an internet prostitute  that runs a number of web pages and web cams where it openly and blatantly advertises the “deviant escort services” that are provided.

The following are some, but not all of the sites operated by Sklyer St Coxx:

[insert it’s new websites and names for solicition]

The following is one of Skyler St Coxx’ solicitation posts for hooker services:

sklyer blog c

I believe pouring the A1 Steak Sauce on itself as Skyler St Coxx is extra:

queenz a1 steak sauce blurry blog

While Queenz Of Media and it’s #Section8Cult claimed “it’s partner” didn’t have a presence on twitter, it was also running @Morena__Munica simultaneously.

queenz twitter as moreno blog size

And what a coincidence! Morena / Skyler / Sasha / Meechi / Grace / Lexi  loves tweeting with Bravolebrities!

The “media” freak forgot to change it’s name on it’s instagram account which reads both Morena and Sasha using Skyler/Sasha’s photos.

moreno sasha queenz instagram blog

Then of course there’s it’s Meecha Mi identity with “real name” Sasha Comminiche where it claims to be from Hartford, Connecticut:

queenz meecha mi sasha blog

Skyler St Coxx has been banned from numerous gay forums (including but not limited to for using racial slurs like “faggot” and “nigga”, threatening to post other members’ sexual encounters and ridiculing members beyond the bounds of common decency.

skyler blog pic d

sklyer blog pic e

Queenz of Media attacks  anyone who dares to challenge it’s rule of terror. The attacks are despicable in that Queenz of Media targets a person’s purported weakness:

  • an individual’s terminal illness;
  • an individual’s child;
  • taunting a call to a  woman’s ex husband and taunting her with jail time;
  • threatening to “expose” the individual ;
  • offering to assist in removing blogs; and/or
  • If none of the above are available, accusing the individual of homophobia, racism or bigotry.

skyler blog pic f

sklyer blog pic g

skyler blog pic g

sklyer blog pic h

sklyer blog pic i

sklyer blog pic j

skyer blog pic k

sklyer blog pic l

sklyer blog pic m

SklyerStCoxx of Queenz of Media is also known as Sasha Dakota Comminiche, Morena Munica. Meecha Mi, Jenna Juggs and many other aliases as the internet prostitution continues.  SkylerStCoxx changed its twitter account from @QueenzOfMedia  to @GraceTheEvil as the sordid history of SkylerStCoxx unravaled.

Faux Reality Entertainment has never attacked anyone out of the blue. We have always answered in kind. We have never posted a child, stalked a funeral, called an EMPLOYER or sought to harm an individual in real life. However, my job has been called over 10 times, my boss and his wife have been harassed endlessly.  All over the ramblings of a low budget internet hooker who I refused to allow intimidate me.   So let the games begin.

In the Pipeline: September Starr Stanley and her Scam Sister Dory  – A Biography of Trailer Trash Corruption and Go Fund Scamming; Kris Hunter Froeba and Trina Harrop O’Neill – Double lives as trolls; Mikell Cebert Fuson – Convicted Sex Offender  . . . and anyone else who sees fit to play the latest game of cat and mouse. PS: Dory: I never released your recording – posted shortly: Who is Wisen – Why is her Nephew saying Wisen is me?

16 thoughts on “Twitter Wars: Skyler St Coxx & Friends

  1. I knew coxx never left twitter. Faux they been using that cretins blog against you whole time. It was all fake. glad your answering finally. I can’w wait for your next on bullies. I read u all the time.

    • I know this is irrelevant but she/he posts measurements of 36DD,22, 34.
      22 inch waist? My, smaller than Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. 34 inch hips? Bwhaaaaaa. Whatever it is it is a physical mess, just as messy or messier than the person’s brain. I was sad when you left the internet, I didn’t know why and I tried to find out (I’m not on twitter) but I do know this person was involved and somehow, they were Team Brandi. So freaking crazy. This type of harrassment is that of a stalker. I know all too well as I had one, I know the signs, the maneuvers, the slander. That is why to this day I am not on facebook or twitter. And by the way, mine is a Mass. State trooper who loves guns, and fancies himself a trained assassin in some unrecognized form of Kung Foo. How do you get rid of these kind of people? And one of the questions that will drive you to a psychiatrist is, “Why me”
      Why did he pick me? People like this who will go so far as to contact your job, your friends, your employer and tell them lies about you are dangerous. I feel your pain. Why this mental case clamped on to you, who knows. These people are sick. I wish there was some way I could help you. They never make the threats overt enough to get arrested. The truth is, you can’t arrest somebody unless they threaten to harm you physically. Which is pathetic.

      My advice would be to do whatever you can to keep this filthy lunatic away from you, and the minions aka the Riviera of the recently released. I wondered why you were gone. I thoroughly enjoyed your blogs, your POV, and your investigations. I’m glad you are o.k. But this shizz has to stop.
      These people give new meaning to the word haters. They are most likely all schizophrenics. They cannot be reasoned with. I am going to try not to worry about you. There are so many disgusting human beings in this world, it can be disheartening.

      Best Wishes.

      I could privately tell you how I got rid of mine. He might be watching me but he is not stalking me. They only get their rocks off when they scare you. You have my e-mail address.

  2. I didn’t think Grace left. I was always suspicious where the Brandi hate group toward you got all the same information that Grace had in her blog. People have been whispering in DM about it for almost a year. I seen it was posted again and made me sad. Will this fued or vendetta she has against you ever end? And these other bullies that she has now working for her? I don’t get it. I stay quiet and watch but I hope you get the people doing this. I am curious about a couple people I heard tried scamming for money because someone couldnt pay bills? people are sad. Sorry this happened to you. Good luck.

  3. Apparently there was never a truce in place. How convenient that St.Coxxx’s blog resurfaced. I dare say this must have been part of their original plan all along. They never wanted an actual truce. They wanted more time to regroup and collect more members in their army of misfits. I’m truly sorry this is happening to you. Lesson to learn in all of this is never make a deal with the devil. I hope you are able to resolve this issue promptly.

  4. I’m sorry this is happening to you, darling. But, it’s so hard not to laugh now that I have seen a picture! I mean seriously.. I’m LOL!! I remember all the times I argued with QueensofMedia and had I known that this is what that thing looked like, I would have been MUCH less intimidated. It’s a hot mess, whatever it is. DISGUSTING> I cant believe it has a following.. it’s a cheap-looking hooker who I wouldn’t sit next to on a bus. I’m sorry again, Dear. I’m glad your bosses are supportive. _Lisa

    • There were only some I trusted in the so called “truce” One of the reasons I backed off twitter was because I never for once believed Queenz/ Grace was gone.
      Too many of her/his followers were vile, disgusting, filthy mouth pigs ( in my opinion) and could never change. They attacked, bullied, harassed, and even talked just like their leader Queenz!
      I’m sorry that they continue to harass you, but I know you are strong.
      You can hold your head high that you are a billion times better than that TRASH will ever be.

  5. Skylar is back. I knew she never left.

    I have a Twitter friend in Oregon who Skylar would make fun of daily. When Skylar/Grace/Queenz found her name and threatened her and her husband they hired a PI who did some digging into the Queenz. They were in FL and lived in amost abject poverty. My friend was so overcome with pity she befriended them. They stopped harassing her for a time but when tension would flare they went ballistic on her too.

    Queenz were die hard republicans which is interesting with their background. At times they were hilarious, so long as they did not go bi-polar on you.

    They hated faux because of Johnny the Greek. Johnny would go off on them when they prodded him over and over again. As soon as he lost it and called her a him they had him. People just needed to block and shut up. They would have gone away.

  6. So Skylar is back. She never left. No one comes back that fast, if they really wanted a truce and now she is going after everyone. This is too stupid of a ploy not to be planned. It was planned for 10 months.

  7. So this person is upset because you outted GoFundMe SCAMMERS? A GoFundMe should be used by people that you can easily verify the need. And illness, house fire, ect NOT by people who are hiding behind fake names.

    Fake names to me equates to fake needs. I was told there was one GoFundMe out there that had raised literally thousands of dollars via twitter for cosmetic surgery on their teeth! They had medical insurance that covered their getting false teeth, but they wanted to “look better”.

    I’m sorry, but the idiots of twitter who donated to her – did they ever consider that there are children in their own communities that are denied (yes denied ) needed dental care because dental is treated differently than medical?

    I’m sincerely hoping that the government starts cracking down on that website and begins to investigate these people out there requesting money.

    In the meantime – how can anyone with a moral compass fault you for bringing these scammers to our attention. Outrageous.

    I have a few good friends that are Transgender. While I am totally lost in all the background, even after trying to read all the interactions on twitter, but it seems she attacks then screams victim when the same is done back.

    This Queenz person should be representing the Transgender community in positive ways. Be an activist and represent, not a petty twitter shit starter backing these pathetic Brandi Trolls. Does she not realize that these women supporting her attack on you in their real life, day to day activities are so far right of the on the side of wrong that they consider her lifestyle to be repulsive, un-natural, and would pass any piece of legislation that would put her back to a “he” and into the closet again?

    How blind you are very blind you are..

  8. Is this the same person that Lysa Marco Simpson & Kim Pirrella recruited to do their dirty work dishing and Bulldog? Trying to figure who out of this bunch is the dumbest.

  9. Hi Faux,
    I do not have the platform or the balls you have to question this.
    I am sorry for anyone when they lose a loved one but something just is not right here with the Queenz Of Media’s latest drama. If I am wrong, I am very sorry, I have witnessed people get sucked in scams such as donating to memorials.

    When you first said Queenz was really the person you posted with the sauce, real name

    I was then told Queenz of Media was actually someone named Skylar, Michael Johnson, assuming we are talking about the same person.

    This tweet bothers me

    Skylar above does not look like Sasha×207/3007329/Sasha-Hawkins-1432820967.jpg
    This photo came from an old pinterest account

    These two look nothing alike
    When you compare Michael Johnson, who Kristen Johnson said you accused Queenz of being, now I question this, this came straight from Kristen’s blog,
    “*Queenz Of Media is my friend Grace, a brilliant transgendered woman they accuse of being Michael Johnson, an alleged black prostitute with AIDS. She is none of these.
    *Both Ed & Grace are one of the very few unafraid of these people.”

    I would say these two look more alike than the Skylar Cox

    Mz Optimizm, notice the ‘grace alexis’ in the photobucket link.
    I can say from listening to the podcasts, Skylar/Queenz/Grace/Michael Johnson did not have a british accent or was white considering the photos and the tweet Queenz posted this evening

    Here are some other photos, why is it we can not find any information on this person who is so many different people and that this point so many races, who died?

    I don’t know where I am going with this, something is off.
    Thank you.
    Respectfully Signed,
    Beverly Ann

  10. Kristen made it seem like it so offensive you that you were calling, Queenz this Michael Johnson person, now look what they are saying.

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