Twitter Predator Elizabeth Beth Walters

Have you ever wondered if social media is really an experiment in human behavior? There is no doubt it brings out the best  . . . and worst in people.   What makes people do what they do? Do people act differently behind a computer screen or is it that their true nature is able to manifest itself when  they can hide their identities?

Take for instance the case of a woman who will go to any lengths to be relevant.  She lives off support, wants for everything and befriends people on social media in attempts to mimic their lifestyle or slander their character.  She is Predator Type 1 Elizabeth Beth Carroll Walters.

Case study on Predator Type 1 has the following characteristics:

Predator Type 1 Beth Walters cries victim to anyone who gives her a platform.  If anyone questions the predator’s motives, she will immediately cry victim and claim her toddler and children are in danger.  Anyone who considers her a victim is either aiding her for their own ulterior motives or dumb as a stump – there is no in between.

Predator Type 1 Beth Walters will use a toddler in the profile photograph to garner sympathy and foster a level of trust when approaching unsuspecting victims.
Several of Beth Walters’ proxy accounts also use toddlers in their profile photos. See below for a list of Beth Walter’s accounts.

Predator Type 1 enjoys contacting her victim’s children on twitter. In the following instance, not only did Beth Walters contact her victim’s MINOR child, she is urging others to scrutinize a MINOR’s twitter time line:

Beth Walters’  twit longer dated March 7, 2013 states:

“Oh please do have Lisa investigate ches daughters tl. She is a minor whose mom let’s her drink #TRUTH that girl tweeted that SHIT being “fucked” up …….. so again if Che gave a fuck about her daughter at all honesty she SHOULD NOT HAVE HAD A TWITTER It was VERY VERY inappropriate.”

Beth Walters was involved with admitted hooker SkylerStCoxx (known on twitter as @QueenzOfMedia) in contacting their victim’s young son “to warn him” about his mother. Their theory was the people who hate his mother most should be warning a teenager about his mother. The move was DEPRAVED at least, CRIMINAL at most.

Predator Type 1 Elizabeth Beth Walters doesn’t have time for a job, nor does she allow caring for four children or the responsibilities of real life to interfere with the exorbitant time devoted to creating obscene photoshopped images to torment her victims. The following are a small sampling of the hundreds of vile images posted by the grotesque woman who calls her sick manifestations “artwork”:

Predator Type 1 Elizabeth Beth Walters utilizes multiple social media accounts that often talk to each other.  The following are some of Beth Walters’ accounts:

@Swaggerjacker77 (using her baby for catfish proxy account)
@pinkpencil32 (using boyfriend’s pic with her baby for catfish proxy account)
@mardigraswhore (used to troll and harass @mardigrasbarbie now @BravoMistress)
@intel2tell (proudly admitted she created the account to harass a pregnant woman – used her victim’s face as profile photo)
@PrincessTamara5 (using sister Tamara Carroll Fellaa for catfish proxy account)
@fella_tamara (using sister Tamara Carroll Fellaa for catfish proxy account)
@franknunley (using boyfriend’s name for catfish proxy account)
@LTrain87 (using brother Logan Carroll’s name for catfish proxy account)
@fusoncecil (using mother’s boyfriend/pedophile’s father Cecil Fuson for catfish proxy account)
@mikellfuson (using cousin Mikell Cebert Fuson’s name – registered sex offender – accosting a child for immoral purposes – see full charge)
@danfu69 (using cousin Danny Fuson’s name for catfish proxy account)
@fuson_lauren (using cousin Laura Fuson’s name for catfish proxy account)
@anita80474732 (using mom Anita Carroll’s name for catfish proxy account)
@wenbrew4 (using mother Anita Weber Carroll’s maiden name and dog for catfish proxy account)

Predator Type 1 seeks out her victim’s friends to use or harass them. She introduces herself  to gather information to use against her victims.  In the following instance, the Predator found a man with whom her victim had spoken, began to private message him and then posted his answers in public to embarrass not only her victim but also the man to the delight of her thug gang:

Predator Type 1 revels in the encouragement she receives from her thug friends, so much so that she uses their encouragement to describe herself as a “twitter war champion.” These friends can be seen actively conversing with Beth Walters on several of her other troll proxy accounts.

Predator Type 1 enjoys starting false rumors.  One of her favorite past times is relentlessly  targeting her victims with vile obscene language:

Predator Type 1 Beth Walters, grotesque mother of 4 minor children,  flaunted the creation of a troll account known as @intel2tell dedicated solely to mocking a pregnant woman:

Predator Type 1 Beth Walters enjoys lying about her victim’s personal and financial information. For a woman who admitted that her cell is registered in the name of the father of a registered sex offender, her mocking anyone’s finances is ironic:

The following are further examples of Predator interjecting herself into conversations to harass or cause chaos and confusion:

Predator Type 1 Beth Walters, mother of four,  is a liar with no boundaries whatsoever; whose sole objective is to torment people on twitter.  How this woman has the time to devote to such disgusting vile childish behavior (ie: contacting minors, befriending people to gather information to use against them, photoshopping obscene images and fabricating lies about victims) is beyond comprehension.

Predator Type 1 Beth Walters admits that she will stop at nothing to attack her favorite targets.  Most remain friends with her for fear she will turn Predator on them. She and her friend called Child Protective Services on a twitter target named “R.” She then encouraged “R” to call Child Protective Services on “her friend” @20hmygata Carrie Magnuson. Beth Walters justified her decision by stating “there were reasons for it”:

Predator Type 1 Beth Walters talks to herself / about herself using her various troll accounts:

This article was written after much reflection balancing the need to warn others about Predator @ManzillaKilla Elizabeth Beth Carroll Walters against giving her the attention that she desperately craves. No further discussion of her will take place on twitter since it is clear this is the only attention she receives.

When not hiding behind one of her 4 children or the catfished photos of her sisters, this is the real Elizabeth Beth Carroll Walters:

There is no doubt that Beth Walters sets up accounts to victimize herself and her own children to cry victim. She has been trolling people on twitter since 2010!!

Proceed at your own risk. If you have been targeted by Predator Type 1, please contact, we are in the process of compiling information to forward to the appropriate forum. If you feel that you are in danger, please contact the police immediately.

5 thoughts on “Twitter Predator Elizabeth Beth Walters

  1. This blog is actually being kind & doesn’t even scratch the surface of the sickness of this person. You can believe the most vile people are the ugliest too. Why do you think they hide their identities? One thing is for sure, I won’t be able to look at a Dr. Pepper without laughing. And I don’t even drink soda.

  2. Well, you can imagine my surprise to see the ending pic of the lunatic who has viciously picked at so many people for so many years. Does she know she looks middle-aged & mousy? You can tell by the way her jawline is sunken in, that she’s got missing teeth! And, did the woman ever hear of a bra? The Ps in “Pepper” seem to be centered around her belly button.

    I enjoyed reading this expose on Beth “Predator” Walters. While I knew some of her background, I certainly didn’t know the lengths she’d gone to to create accounts to harass herself, or that she was using her loved one’s (right!) names to create the IDs.
    Why would someone continue to be buddies with her, knowing she’d reported them to DFS? (Or did DFS think “here’s another crazy from the Internet”?)

    Thanks for this expose. Well done.

  3. I believe it was she who badly photoshopped my face and the wrong Faux’s face, onto JtG’s butt, or something like that. It’s been a long time ago, and I had forgotten until I saw her above “artwork”. Then it came back to me. Aha, of course! This was the nasty lady who was fixated on “cocks” and “dicks” and “pussies”. Ugh.

    You know you’re dealing with trash when they are smug about being stupid.

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