Stalker Level 10 Shingle Sally Teresa Cramer

If you haven’t heard the name Teresa Lynn Cramer, you’re lucky. The woman is dangerous in the lengths she will go to attack people, including but not limited to filing bogus police reports against them.

She has targeted her doctors, her lawyers, police officers and anyone who is unfortunate enough to come in contact with her.

I was conflicted whether to write about Hillbilly Crackpot Cramer because she enjoys the manic manner in which she is able to “touch people’s lives” outside of the internet. Today marks the change in policy regarding Teresa Cramer and her Weebles Wobble side kick Gotti gangsta wanna be Shelly Anne Boals.

Teresa Cramer runs the following accounts on twitter:


Teresa Cramer has:

  • Falsely claimed she was attacked by Faux;
  • Falsely claimed her life had been threatened and accused women of writing graffiti on her home;
  • Filed false police reports on several occasions;
  • Left voice messages threatening to call Child Protective Services and the police over twitter disputes;
  • Posted children;
  • Encouraged Child Exploitation account Serious Mode to target women & children;
  • Sent threatening text messages to harass and intimidate, including threatening to get involved in a woman’s child custody case;
  • Left numerous telephone messages to harass a California Law Firm including advising lawyer that her toddler was posted on Craig’s List and Pedophile sites;
  • Sent emails to a California Law Firm, threatening that she was contacting the Bar Association and the Firm’s clients;
  • Created a twitter account with Detective’s name who refused to pursue her bogus claims;
  • Wished people or their family members die a painful death;
  • Falsely claimed to have been hacked;
  • Falsely claimed that the police had “taken over” her twitter accounts;
  • Falsely claimed her husband was harassed at work;
  • Falsely accused women of chasing her son home with a gun;
  • Falsely accused a Dentist of molesting her daughter;
  • Claimed Twitter gave her shingles.

Contrary to Teresa Cramer’s blanket denials, the following is proof of Teresa Cramer’s mendacity. . .

  • Teresa Cramer falsely claimed Faux attacked her first – Lie

I had no idea who Teresa Cramer was. On March 19, 2014, I was tweeting with friends and having fun when @SheSharpShoots (who I quickly learned was one of Teresa Cramer’s many accounts) inserted herself into the conversation by threatening ALL the women who were involved in our friendly banter:

Before the above tweets, I had never heard of Teresa Cramer. But to appear on my Time Line advising Mary Mac that they would “meet in a Court room” if she wasn’t woman enough; threatening Trial Watcher that her “daddy will be hearing from the bar” and telling me that my “life was a disaster” seemed like an interesting way to introduce herself.

So to say that Faux attacked her first is complete and utter bullshit. Her unilateral insertions and obsessions are legendary. Cramer’s delusions run deep.

  • Teresa Cramer’s recording threatening to call Child Protective Services and Police against “Ron, Mike & Jen” – True

Teresa Cramer left a voice message threatening to contact Child Protective Services and the Police on a number of her former friends. Taunting them to “come and get me, come and get me motherfuckers.” Link to the recording of Teresa Cramer’s threats. Interesting to note when asked about the recording, Teresa Cramer claimed she never contacts people – Her pants must be on fire all the time. For further information, please contact the Police Departments of Anaheim, Los Angeles, Virginia, San Antonio and New Jersey.

  • Teresa Cramer filed false police report that her life had been threatened and woman wrote graffiti on her house – Lie

For years, Teresa Cramer claimed she was harassed by two women who threatened her life. She alleged “Sammy and Trial” vandalized her house by spraying graffiti. Cramer filed a police report with the Anaheim Police Department accusing these women of writing “FUCK YOU” on HER house. Cramer further claimed that these women made harassing telephone calls to her and threatened her! The Police investigated and concluded that Cramer’s accusations were unfounded. But Teresa Cramer persisted in spreading false accusations on social media. She used the accusations to justify harassing not only these women, but their families and friends as well. Unable to keep her lies straight, Cramer changed her story: It “wasn’t my home that was tagged.” Wait! What?!! But she filed a statement with the police swearing it was her house!
The Detective was advised of Teresa Cramer’s admission and perjured report.

  • Teresa Cramer creates twitter account in the Detective’s name

Shortly after Anaheim Detective DePriest told Cramer that her complaints were unfounded, Cramer created a twitter account in the Detective’s name known as @DDepriest145. Cramer used her @Parental_Mode account to tweet @DDepriest145 to ask him to “just keep watching.” Truth is Detective DePriest couldn’t get away from Cramer fast enough. Upon information and belief, Cramer filed internal investigation complaints against various members of the Police Department who now lock the doors from the inside when Cramer approaches.

  • Cramer Posts Children

Teresa Cramer used a twitter account known as Research Mode to post kids in order to torment her victims. She used the Reseach Mode account to “show her loyalty” to a child exploitation account known as Serious Mode who was actively attacking the family of Cramer’s enemy of the day. Cramer attempted to provide Serious Mode her telephone number which he promptly posted on twitter to show the lengths of her groveling.

The Detective was advised of Teresa Cramer’s actions.

  • Cramer proudly tweets that Serious Mode is her hero

Teresa Cramer embraced the child exploitation account Serious Mode as soon as it began posting photos of her victim’s young nephew with tag lines including his telephone number and “young anus for sale.” See full story on Serious Mode. Cramer made sure to show her support by tweeting that Serious Mode was her hero. Hero? What individual would call an account who posts Trial’s nephew’s photo, name, phone number with “Fresh Anus for sale: $1 per pop” their hero?

  • Cramer’s email admissions concerning California Law Firm owned by father of Cramer’s Twitter Target

Teresa Cramer sent her victim (known as Trial on twitter), an email admitting that she had contacted Trial’s father at work. Cramer claimed calling Trial’s family was “a message that she could reach out and touch her life.” Creepy abusive harassment shit! Cramer admitted to calling Trial’s father, the President and owner of the Law Firm. Cramer further promises to email all relatives and clients of the law firm.

Cramer justifies her actions because she claims Trial involved her father and his clients. The Anaheim Police Department were given unfettered access to Trial’s phone records. Not only was Cramer’s father never contacted, he had died years earlier. Once again Cramer’s pants went up in flames.

  • Teresa Cramer wishing people death and pain

Teresa Cramer rages at strangers on twitter by wishing them slow painful death and other interesting accusations:

  • Teresa Cramer terrorizing Professionals on the Internet

Twitter is not the first time Teresa Cramer has used the Internet to torment people. Cramer uses the internet to post threats about reporting doctors and lawyers who sent her type of crazy packing. In or about 2013, Cramer’s lawyer withdrew from representing Cramer against Loma Linda Hospital and her medical doctors. She immediately turned on the lawyer and became consumed with trashing him on the internet. Teresa Cramer against Goldstein lawyer When Cramer had a monetary dispute with a dentist, she took to reporting him for (not monetary issues) but unprofessional conduct, his staff and Corporate to various agencies, including the police and her obsession ran wild. [INSERT] In order to get financial information on the Dental Practice, Cramer applied for a job with them! WORK ON PROGRESS CAUSE THERE Is so MUCH MORE!

  • Teresa Cramer claims she is a victim – Lie

Teresa Cramer claims she is a victim. She is the worst example of a victim in the history of the internet. In fact, no less than four police department investigations have proven Teresa Cramer is not a victim, she is simply a worthless troll.