Shitbowl: Blogger Edward Brophy & Realtor Gone Wild

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In today’s cyber world, anyone can start a blog or an internet radio site and suddenly . . . BAM they call themselves bloggers, journalists, researchers or ground breaking porn stars. The names may change but watch out for the unprofessional or unscrupulous, Buyer Beware.

On or about January 2, 2013, a blog by the name of TV Fishbowl was introduced to TwitterLand after publishing an interview with Peggy Drossos of Real Housewives of New Jeresy.  The site was run by the nefarious Edward William Brophy (known as @MediaWhorEd and now known as @BrophE and @eBrophE and @TVFishbowl).  A realtor by trade, Brophy concentrated on forging friendships and making enemies very quickly.  Contrary to his unsubstantiated assertions that he was victimized, Brophy burned bridges before fully crossing them, with total disregard for anyone in his path.

So sit right back, and I’ll tell a tale, a tale of a nefarious blogger. Brophy’s flip flops will be detailed hereinafter.  In examining Edward William Brophy’s exchanges with the good people of twitter, he fails to disclose when he:

[UPDATED: APRIL 16, 2013]

1.     Falsely claimed to have a public relations business. When the potential victim discovered Brophy’s deceptive business practices, Brophy commenced a smear campaign, planted false information and threatened to disclose recordings he made of a “telephone conversation”:

In or about January 2013, Brophy represented  that he owned a public relations business and was a skilled Publicist for “at least 10 people in Reality TV.”  These representations were made in email to various individuals:

Brophy also represented that he owned a “popular” web site with more than 3 million viewer hits. Both statements were false, Brophy knew his representations were false but made those false statements to solicit reality stars.

Brophy sought to lure various victims into hiring him for public relations purposes in exchange for monetary compensation and pecuniary gain. Brophy utilized a site he co-owned yet failed to consult with / or disclose to his site partners that he actively solicited and pursued secret deals with the very people he interviewed – thus deceiving his partners and destroying the integrity of the site.  While promoting the site as “neutral,”  Brophy used the site as bait to lure “potential clients” in order to procure monetary compensation from them.

In order to perpetuate his deceptive business practices, Brophy contacted media outlets  offering to release “scoops” and information on behalf of “his clients.” PAYOLA Brophy style!!

Shortly after Brophy’s representations as a skilled publicist, Brophy’s lack of experience, skill or knowledge in the area of public relations became evident. So much so that Brophy was told that his public relations services were counterproductive to promoting his potential clients.  Thereafter, Brophy began a smear campaign that included, but was not limited to:

  • Threatening to publish a private telephone conversation that Brophy recorded in his brief role as publicist;
  • Publishing scathing blogs against persons who refused his public relations services;
  • Tweeting derogatory names and fueling the issuance of false information regarding the individuals.

At no time did Brophy reveal his motives or biased; at no time did Brophy reveal his attempts to foster pecuniary relationships to his partners or to the public; notwithstanding same, Brophy perpetuated a systematic and orchestrated smear campaign.

Furthermore, Brophy exposed his partners to potential litigation when he recorded a telephone conversation with an individual who he solicited. Brophy then taunted the individual by threatening to expose the recording. (In the State of California, secret recordings are illegal without permission of both parties)

Brophy’s former partners have confirmed that they were unaware of Brophy’s deceptive business practices. They would never have permitted such activity since it creates irreparable conflicts of interests when reporting on these individuals, thus corroding the integrity of the site.

Brophy’s former partners further confirmed that at no time did Fish Bowl have 3 million legitimate viewer hits.  His partners were fully aware of the viewer statistics.  In fact Brophy posted a one day total of 2,167 hits for a day certain which is more in line with legitimate traffic.

2.     Was accused of having infringed on copyrighted material over 104 times;

On the evening of January 23, 2013, Brophy locked his partners out of the TV Fishbowl website.  When his partners demanded that Brophy remove over 104 copyrighted logos, avis and materials, Brophy failed to do so and allegedly substituted his name for those of his former partners.

Brophy continued to use the copyrighted logo for TVFishbowl, a copyright which did not belong to him.  Brophy’s former partners were forced to retain legal counsel to impress upon Brophy the errors of his ways.

In the short time since the break up  SplashRoy and LouCeffer established uber impressive Check it out!

3.     Refused to pay a graphic artist for her work she did for the Fishbowl website;

On or about February 6, 2013,  a graphic artist sought to be paid for work she did for TV Fishbowl. When she asked for payment since TV Fishbowl was using the logo that she designed, Ed Brophy told her to “go away clip art girl” and blocked her:


How condescending to call a professional a “clip art girl”, but wait, the saga continues:


Shame on you Eddie.  How much did this artist want for her work? I wonder if TV Fishbowl and Edward were proud of themselves for cheating a graphic artist out of compensation while continuing to use the product of her work (can you say legal theory of unjust enrichment) . . . Shame Shame

4.     Published false information about the identity of the undersigned, without due diligence, knowingly and intentionally publishing said information, even though said information is false and Edward William Brophy knew it was false at the time of the publication.

On or about February 28, 2013, Brophy published the following:

Shortly after severing any relationship with Johnny (the Greek), he had his band of miscreants started [sic] attacking TV Fishbowl and me on Twitter. In a failed attempt at damage control, Johnny’s pal and confidant @FauxRealityEnt began her assault.

Brophy’s unsubstantiated self serving statement attempts to rewrite history.  Where is the proof; where are the tweets; what is the basis for the paranoid observation from a rambling old fool?  My encounter with Brophy is no different than many others that he double crossed.  My friction with Brophy occurred within 6 hours of our introduction on January 6, 2013, weeks before his fallout with Johnny the Greek, contrary to his unsubstantiated ramblings. The following is the documented proof. . .

On January 5, 2013, Brophy asked to follow me.  He immediately asked that I unblock Shannon Basham Allen, his cohort.  Brophy boasted that Shannon “hates Melissa and her crew” and was a plant “hanging with the enemy camp to get info”:


With regard to House of Marco, Brophy advised that he didn’t agree with their name calling and accusations and “he hated those bitches.”


Less than 6 hours later, Brophy was passing love tweets to House of Marco and minions.

On January 6, 2013, I didn’t DM, I didn’t tweet, I simply “unfollowed” Brophy so that I would not have to see his display of “ass kissing” which contradicted every word he had said the night before.

Upon realizing that I had “unfollowed,” Brophy sent me a tweet asking why I had “unfollowed” because he had an important DM to send me (DMs are exchanged only if both parties are mutual followers).  My response was simply, that Brophy was clearly “sitting at the cool girls’ table” so DMing contradictory views were unnecessary in my book.


After the unfollow, we remained cordial. On January 10, 2013, there was a pleasant exchange. Then on January 12, 2013, Brophy and Queenz attacked Stark.

So where exactly was the attack upon Brophy? Simple: Brophy drank the House of Marco KoolAid.  Thereafter he was interfering with contractual rights of bloggers, attempting to work public relations deals with reality stars to the detriment of his partners, attacking women who were ill, secretly recording conversations (illegal in his State unless both parties are aware), stealing copyrighted stories, calling women Cword and walking the House of Marco line.

Standard operating procedure with Brophy and House of Marco, they yap and yap and yap, then when someone responds, they cry foul. “WE ARE VICTIMS”. There’s no crying on Twitter. So get over it. You can’t cry that someone is posting private information or interfering with your business, but when Brophy or House of Marco do it, they justify it by saying the person deserved it.

Brophy’s stunt of publishing the private information of Erica doesn’t surprise me in the least. He may believes that he is insulated because his employee received the information from “researcher” Stark –

Brophy was dead wrong. AGAIN. Further, an intentional tort will pierce any corporate insulation, even if TV Fishbowl is properly incorporated (which I highly doubt since Brophy isn’t skilled enough to understand the nuances of corporate protection).

Rather than own his actions, Brophy defends his actions by stating that the above evidence is fabricated. However, he conveniently fails to specify what is fabricated. He can’t. He knows that anything he specifies can be authenticated.  A con artist will always stick to general denials, knowing that specifics can be proven with documentary evidence.

So tell me, would you purchase a house from Baby Huey?

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