September Starr Lott Stanley & Child Exploitation

September Starr Lott Stanley (Twitter handle @GatorGirl2489 formerly known as @Gator_Girl2489) and her friends (Tonya Pitts Boyle and ) were identified as Go Fund Scammers. See Entire Incident.

September Starr Lott Stanley and Tonya Pitts Boyle hooked up with an account on twitter known as Serious Mode. The smiley face next to Starr Stanley’s twitter name is the sign of support that serious mode received from his disciples. He uses the happy face in his tweets. Stanley offered to change her avi to a “black dildo” like Serious Mode once they emarried and be known as Mrs SM:

The Serious Mode account would exploit children by posting their photographs with vile sexual comments about rape and anal penetration; posting the children’s photographs on pedophile sites; posting the children on Craig’s list with their names and phone numbers and advertising them for sale. The following are examples – names and photos have been redacted for obvious reasons:

More examples of postings are available upon request. I can’t post anymore without getting sick. How these mothers like September Lott Stanley, Dory Tonya Pitts Boyle and others encouraged this simply because they had feuds on twitter is beyond my comprehension. Additional “mothers” encouraged him. Screen shots of their praise of the account are available.

September Stanley and her friends found this amusing and as such encouraged and promoted Serious Mode, asking the account to focus on people with which she had disputes:

The following is the nephew / toddler whose aunt Starr Stanley and Tonya Pitts Boyle asked Serious Mode to target.  According to this pack of feral animals, their victim needs a “huge black double headed dildo. Might lighten her up.”:

Starr Stanley (while using my boss’ wife’s photo as her profile photo) and Tonya Pitts Boyle (using the photo of a woman’s baby and her deceased husband) then threatened that the same fate awaited the widow’s toddler:

Additional deviants sought Serious Mode’s special form of child exploitation to assist them with people who they sought to torment on social media.

Twitter Legal ultimately banned Serious Mode and called in Federal Law Enforcement to track him down and prosecute him.

*Email of CEO of Twitter has been redacted for privacy purposes. The original with source code is available. It appears that QueenzOfMedia (SkylerStCoxx.Com – Michael Danzel Johnson)  when not playing a hooker on the internet has decreed he email from Mr. Costolo a forgery.

The Serious Mode account was found to be an 18 year old from Kentucky.

10 thoughts on “September Starr Lott Stanley & Child Exploitation

  1. That is the most disgusting, repulsive thing I have ever read.!!! How can any good mother be ok with THAT? Ever? Under any circumstance? Who in their right mind would associate with someone who says and does this kind of crap on social media to complete strangers and their kids and LAUGH about it? Raping toddlers is funny? Selling children on Craig’s List is funny? These women should have their kids taken away from them, if, in fact they have any, and seek mental help immediately. They’re sociopaths. It must suck to be them. Pray for their poor kids.

    • Starr Stanley loves demanding others do as she says, not as she does. Her fixations are epic – I fear for her and for the children with whom’s care she is entrusted.

  2. OMG how disgusting! Starr and her friends, especially that girl ” Crazi”, claim to only care about the kids? SMH!!! What a crock of horse sh*t. They only care about hurting other people over fave’s/RT’s.

  3. The “1shotty” account @1sh0t_1kill => Twitter ID 2698100075 Mrs. SM refers to is not the same @1sh0t_1kill account that was run by WAR aka 1Shot as Gatorage would like everyone to believe.

    Gatorage aka Mrs. SM forgets that WAR changed his handle to @1s40t__1k1ll. It was at that time that her ScamSister Dory aka Tonya Pitts stole the @1sh0t_1kill handle to set up Serious Mode to post the sick ads about the nephew / toddler of the woman who “NEEDS a huge black double headed dildo”.

    To refresh Gatorages’ memory, 1Shot’s handle change is documented with Screen Shots here:

    All the spinning in the world won’t change these Facts.

  4. sick. she is legend in her own twisted mind. Someone has to call child services for putting kids in danger for not being fit for human. She selling for company to get credit card info

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