Rise And Stand Victimizes Victims

daphne  blog headerHi, my name is Daphne Blake and I am investigative reporter for Scooby-Doo & Crew.

My crew investigates things to get to the truth cause that’s what a true investigation is.  I don’t pretend to work with anyone except Scooby, Shaggy, Fred and Velma.  We are the best, better than the rest, don’t cha know!

I’m investigating some dark activity with some people who are pretending to be Do Gooders but they are Bad Doers and well, that just doesn’t sit well with me.

Bad Doers take advantage of people who need help.

The NUMERO UNO (that’s Number 1 in Italiano) Bad Doer of 2014 IS, DRUM ROLL PLEASE:

RISE and Stand

Scooby was horrified by what Bad Doer Rise did to a boy and a lady. We are making a movie called Three Stories and a Con Artist.

As to the Case of the boy: 14 year old Noah:

Rise and Stand said it notified local police of “all fake accounts” associated with a certain IP AND notified Twitter of the troll’s IP in response to a plea from actress Kristen Johnston (known as @KJoTheSmartAss on twitter).

rise kjo report acct

rise kj ip law enforcement fake accounts

Rise lied for so many reasons. It would have no way of knowing how many fake accounts a particular IP created unless Twitter provided the information.  Twitter does not provide  information to Bad Doers.

Why is Rise a Bad Doer? Well, Rise said it had an agreement with Twitter and Facebook (lie); Rise said it worked for Twitter (lie); Rise said it met with Twitter (lie). All these things to provide a false impression that it was privy to private information from Twitter (more lies).

On February 24, 2014, Shaggy showed me a tweet wherein Rise was identified as “lawyers.” After Rise’s repeated tweets giving incorrect legal information, the thought of Rise being identified as “lawyers” scared me so much that I pushed Velma right out of our Groovy van.

rise noah lawyers kitty lawyers blog

The “Rise my lawyers” tweet was related to the exchange between Kristen Johnson and Rise wherein they sought to rid themselves of a troll created against an avid fan of Kristen Johnson (hereinafter known as “the fan”).

Without ANY investigation, Rise told “the fan” that the creator of the troll was a 14 year old boy with whom the fan was engaged in a twitter battle.  Rise advised the fan that Rise had contacted local police to appear at the boy’s home.  [DMs available upon request to verify the misrepresentations made by Rise to the fan.] 

The fan took to publicly denouncing and ridiculing the boy for making the troll accounts. She further lauded Rise as her “lawyers” due to Rise’s uncanny (fraudulent and incorrect) ability to identify the boy as the creator of the troll.

rise noah lawyers kitty hate accounts 2 no avi

In reality, Rise never received any information on the IP of the troll and Rise didn’t inform the local police to appear at the boy’s home.

Rise fabricated the story to endear herself to Kristen Johnston and fraudulently promote her businesses while having no regard for the 14 year old boy that was left to suffer the ridicule of actress Kristen Johnston and the people who were given false “proof” that he created the troll and was visited by the police.

If Rise had contacted the police (as it represented it did), the troll account would have been removed. The troll remains on twitter to this day.

Once Scooby-Doo & Crew was on the case, Velma provided the fan a link to report the troll as an imposter since it utilizes the fan’s photo as it’s profile photo.  It is with the efforts of a great many people that Scooby-Doo & Crew (not Rise) have taken to report the troll as spam in order to have Twitter remove the troll account.

Rise’s response by way of blog is to deny she told the fan it was an innocent 14 year old boy and to shout out that The Scooby-Doo Crew are bullies.  If Rise was telling the truth:

  • Why is the fan thanking Rise and blasting an innocent boy?
  • Why did the fan confirm that Rise identified the boy as the creator of the troll?

UPDATE as of May 24, 2014: Rise is allegedly blaming actress Kirsten Johnston for targeting the boy and claims Rise helped clear him. That would be a big ole lie. 

For all of the above reasons, Rise and Stand is the Numero Uno Bad Doer of 2014!  PUKE

As to the Case of Business Bling

daphne snap shot blogHi guys it’s Daphne again. Did I tell you I have an MBA? That’s a Masters in Business Administration in case Rise doesn’t know, cause, well, you know, she’s too busy creating twitter accounts and donation scams to go to school or read a book.

Anyways, this is the story of two businesses:

Bling Is The New Black   (hereinafter Bling or @BlingYourBrand)


Crochet Michele (hereinafter CraCra or @CrochetMichele or @MidWestCrochet)

Bling and CraCra were supposed to work together to make merchandise but they had a fight. CraCra said the bedazzled shirts that Bling made were missing bedazzles and they could not use them.  Bling said the shirts were superbly bedazzled and why was CraCra using them to advertise on twitter and on their website if CraCra contended “they weren’t using them”?

Sooooo, CraCra filed a claim with PayPal to get it’s deposit refunded cause CraCra didn’t want to pay. PayPal looked at the evidence from both businesses, sided with Bling and said CraCra was wrong.  Bling received the deposit money and invoiced CraCra for the difference.

You would think that CraCra would pay what they still owed and be done with it, right? Well that’s not what happened cause CraCra brought it to twitter: CraCra told actress Kristen Johnston and all these other people that Bling made her cry.

CRY! There’s no crying in Bedazzle Ville!

Kristen Johnston hooked CraCra up with  none other than fake anti bully account: RISE AND STAND (and it’s owner Kitty McCaffery).  So let the lies roll . . .

shaggy and scooby scared not bullies

Rise claimed that TWITTER told Rise that Bling were bullies. BULLIES! How can a business who CraCra tried to screw out of money be bullies?

Then I, DAPHNE realized the problem: Rise defines bully as anyone who disagrees with you or questions you; so I guess by Rise’s definition everyone with a brain is a bully.

Shaggy must be a bully cause he always disagrees with Scooby-Doo.

Rise claimed that TWITTER told Rise to get involved in the dispute between CraCra and Bling. Can you believe Rise would make such a ridiculous statement? Who believes for one second that TWITTER would care about a business dispute? And why send Rise?

rise bling twitter asked them bully

Then I guess Rise forgot that it said TWITTER told her to get involved in the CraCra vs. Bling dispute, cause then Rise posted that Kristen Johnston tasked Kitty to get involved in this dispute because Johnston claimed “designs had been stolen!”

rise kitty bling kjo harassment bully

Rise should do a better job of remembering it’s lies or it will look like not just a liar, but a dummy liar. Was it Twitter or was it actress Kristen Johnston? Wasn’t Johnston also involved in the Noah fiasco? Yes indeed. I see a pattern here.

How the heck is a business who sought the balance of it’s money for merchandise delivered and used get labeled a Bully/Stalker/Harasser? Clearly PayPal agreed with Bling!

But wait cause it gets worse. . .

When calling Bling a bully stalker harasser didn’t work, Rise brought in it’s team of “sock accounts.” Sock accounts are fake accounts run by Rise and owner Kitty who retweet or talk to each other to give the false impression that Rise is correct in it’s absurd statements of law and fact.

Rise uses, but is not limited to, the following:

With the assistance of these sock accounts, Rise engaged in a series of slanderous discussions against Bling including but not limited to Bling’s alleged copyright infringements, validity of e signatures, etc. Further, these sock accounts discussed civil and criminal penalties that Bling could face ( to give the false impression that Bling had engaged in illegal or improper activity ) – all to assist Crochet Michele and target (harass) Bling.

1 bling socks blog

2 bling socks blog

This went on while Rise continued it’s farce that Bling was “the bully.” When confronted with the multiple accounts, Rise used her husband’s account to confirm that tweeting from a different account is “not a crime”:

rise kitty so what she tweets from other accounts blog

To add insult to injury, when Bling sought to report Rise, Rise responded that such a report would go no where because Rise worked with Twitter – LIE.

rise works with twitter

  •  At no time did Twitter ask Rise to involve itself in the business dispute between Crochet Michele and Bling.
  • At no time did Rise have the requisite skill to understand or settle the dispute between businesses Crochet Michele and Bling
  • Rise recklessly or intentionally misstated the facts and the law in the aforementioned business dispute.
  • Crochet Michele DID NOT have a registered copyright at all relevant times.
  • Contrary to Rise’s interpretation of the law, e-signatures are recognized and VALID in Texas pursuant to the Texas Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

As set forth hereinabove, Rise founder Kitty recently issued a statement further slandering Bling by stating that Bling STOLE designs.  Nothing is further from the truth.   Rise has no understanding of basic contract law between vendors or copyright infringement.  Perhaps Kitty should attend college before attempting to interpret legal and equitable concepts.

Rise’s involvement in labeling Bling a “bully” gave Crochet Michele incorrect information which fueled the dispute instead of resolving it. Furthermore, Rise and it’s sock accounts sought to slander, harm and taint Bling’s business reputation – actionable in any State.

UPDATE: Shortly after the publishing of the within article Crochet Michele distanced herself from Rise because of the tactics used by Rise. Crochet Michele sought the return of the “donation” funds she paid Rise.  Crochet then tried to deny that she had “donated” funds and asked for their return. Crochet claimed she told me “IN PRIVATE” that the funds were for legal fees:

crochete michele admits gave rise money for legals

That was not true. When I asked Crochet for permission to allow the posting of her DMs that speak for themselves, she refused:

michele crochet no permission to post emails

If Crochet Michele is telling the truth, why not allow me to post her communication?

It would behoove Kristen Johnson to correct the false impression that she supports Rise because it is her initial endorsement that assists Rise in her continued scams.

As to the Case of the Lady Roz:

[insert upon approval by Roz]


7 thoughts on “Rise And Stand Victimizes Victims

  1. I am only going to comment briefly because I have moved on form this matter but feel it necessary to address a few statements you make about me and my business. Many of your statements are false as they pertain to me.

    1. That is not accurate as to the nature of the dispute between myself and former business associate
    I am always happy to settle any request for funds owed a vendor. Bling NEVER sent me an invoice that was unpaid.

    2. The paypal dispute was deemed in bling’s favor but I never understood or cared why. It was $67 bucks. I mean really…. all this over a few dollars? who cares! I filed my claim, they ruled in Bling’s favor. That’s how it goes sometimes. I certainly would not have expected an onslaught of hateful tweets and public campaign against me over it. Like I said… all this over $67? WHO CARES!

    4. I want to be VERY clear about your statement that: “Shortly after the publishing of the within article Crochet Michele distanced herself from Rise because of the tactics used by Rise. Crochet Michele sought the return of the funds she paid Rise. ”

    -my distancing myself from Rise had NOTHING to do with your blog. It had to do with their tactics which I did not agree with nor want to be associated with
    – I did NOT pay Rise for any services
    – I did NOT “hire” rise to do anything
    – I was asked by Rise to contribute to “legal fees” and when I learned there was in fact no “lawsuit” pending that required any “legal fees” I asked for those funds to be returned.

    Since I no longer have a bling shop to sell bling shirts, I cannot imagine why Bling Is The New Black (AKA @Blingyourbrand) would find it necessary to continue the campaign against me on twitter.

    As far as I am concerned this matter is closed and resolved. I wish you and Bling both well but also request that you kindly leave me and my business out of your issue against Rise.

    As I stated I have moved on from this and will not be commenting further here or on twitter.

    • It seems my third point got deleted when I reviewed & edited my comments so I will add it here.

      3. Your statement ” Well that’s not what happened cause CroChe brought it to twitter” is completely false. I never thought a business dispute between me (the customer) and bling (the vendor) belonged in such a public forum as twitter. It should have been handled privately, as I attempted.

      Bling brought it to twitter with an onslaught of tweets, all of which have been documented. She turned a business dispute into a personal campaign against me and my business. My tweets were in defense of myself, my brand and against her false claims. I asked many times for the tweeting to stop. She refused.

      • You actively and continuously participated with Rise and her sock accounts on twitter calling Bling a bully. Once Rise was exposed, you changed your tune and wanted “to be left alone.” You continue to this day to tweet, and now have included me in your tweets – I suggest if you want the tweeting to stop, you listen to your own advice.

        You and Bling are commercial parties, you are not a “customer” under the law.

        As far as Rise, you refuse to consent to release the DMs and I will honor your request. You admit you paid for legal fees in a “pending lawsuit” that Rise never filed. Hopefully, Rise will return your money.

    • You claim to have moved on. Yet you continuously and relentlessly tweet about it and pull more people into your drama including today after writing comments claiming you are done.

  2. Michele was a completely impossible client to work with, we had released her and she begged for another chance, but resumed demanding impossible turn around times over the holidays, which she was told in october were our busiest time and not to expect any new designs at that time. After canceling her orders which we immediately refunded, she proceeded to file claims with paypal for work she’d received AND WORN, we have proof from her own instagram photos, paypal initially refunded her because they typically side with the buyer. We provided pages of documents including her own photos and a NOTARIZED SWORN AFFIDAVIT which then showed her claim was FRAUDULENT and paypal found in OUR favor and declared she owed the the amount previously refunded her. She ignored any further emails, collection attempts or requests to stop using our photos. She engaged KJO & RISE in a PAID campaign against us for weeks on twittter. Accused us of selling her ‘copyright’ designs which in fact she NEVER owned a TM or CR on any of the work we had done. She contacted our web host with the same ridiculous claim which they promptly IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS kicked out because again, she had NO TM or CR. She has repeatedly spewed these lies in her blog and on twitter, and continued to use our artwork to sell apparel now being made by another vendor in her etsy & website stores. She also engaged KJO and a band of her followers in perpetuating her fabrication of events. When Faux graciously spent days investigating all of this information and posted this article, Crochet flipped out and demanded it be taken down, which faux agreed to do if all the photos, tweets & blog were taken down. A few weeks ago, crochet again began her crazy tweets and put her store back up once again using and tweeting our photos and subtweeting us, even directly contacting our celebrity clients to slander our name. We are a well established company with major licensing agreements world wide and will not stand for her nonsense. As long as it continues, we will banter back & forth with her and reply THANK YOU faux for putting out the truth and verifiing both parties

  3. I always say when a story makes no sense, it’s probably not true so looked this up. now I’m glad I did!! kjo is a big hypocrite and I don’t know why Michele is carrying on…I asked her several tmes and it still makes no sense!!

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