Patricia Barbella – Dumber Than Dirt Twitter Troll

Question: Do you know what is worse than a troll?

Answer: A dumber than dirt troll that can’t get her pathetic lies straight.

Meet Patricia Barbella of Flemington, New Jersey known on twitter as @BurkettSue.  Barbella has been tweeting vitriol about Faux Reality for approximately 5 years, stalking people at their jobs and making absurd accusations in an attempt to be invited to the mean girls’ table; a woman who comments on every tweet that Faux Reality posts; a woman who has nothing better to do with her life than drive hours to take photos of jobs and lie to strangers about strangers on twitter; a woman who thinks that getting  someone to unfollow Faux Reality will lead us closer to world peace.

Come to find out that Patricia Barbella is an uneducated unemployed divorced bitter obese middle aged woman that is so angry that her ex husband is remarried and lives happily ever after that she seeks out strangers on twitter to stalk them in real life and spew one sided vitriol and hatred. A woman who had her young sons pose for a photo giving people their middle finger all over her twitter wars.

Why is Barbella so worried about anyone following Faux Reality on twitter or visiting this site? We don’t even know Barbella – her focus on everything Faux Reality is much appreciated – attention breeds views. Thank you Dumber Than Dirt Troll.

Funny thing is Faux Reality never interacted with Barbella before she made it impossible to ignore. Imagine the surprise when Patricia Barbella  (a person whose one sided vitriol dragged on for years) drove 2 hours from her home in Flemington NJ to find my job & post photos of the building:

[insert screen shots]

Imagine the surprise when Patricia Barbella (a person whose one sided vitriol dragged on for years) tweeted that while SHE was in the hospital, she posted flyers with a website containing defamatory and false information about my job.

[insert screen shots]

Imagine the surprise when Patricia Barbella (a person whose one sided vitriol dragged on for years) tweeted that she again drove two hours from her home in Flemington NJ to a Health Fair where Faux had tweeted she would be working a booth – a booth for an organization that Faux identifed “would be next to the Candy booth.”  It was social engineering in that Faux made up the existence of the booth. The organization was not present at the Health Fair. Nor was there a “Candy booth” at the Health Fair. Patricia Barbella tweeted that not only did she go to the nonexistent booth next to the non existent “Candy booth,” she claimed that Faux was not present because “there were no women in the booth.” Hey Dumber than Dirt Troll! There was no booth. You’re a delusional stalker liar.

[insert screen shot]

Imagine the surprise when Patricia Barbella (a person whose one sided vitriol dragged on for years) claimed that Faux disclosed her IP address after she commented on the within Faux website. LIE and LIE

Interesting because:

  • Why would a woman with such deep seeded obsessive animosity towards Faux Reality Entertainment suddenly post a comment on the website;
  • Where is the comment;
  • Why would a woman who screen shots and comments on every tweet Faux Reality posts not have screamed bloody murder when “her IP” was allegedly disclosed?

It seemed incredulous. More likely that Barbella made the accusation because  Faux Reality never gave her the attention she so desperately craved AND to frighten people into viewing the site. Faux Reality just didn’t care what she had to say, who she was or what her IP was. Her obsession was unrequited. Sad.

Patricia Barbella never posted a comment on the within site.  Faux Reality never posted Patricia Barbella’s IP address. Simple, right? But No . . .

The Dumber Than Dirt Troll Patricia Barbella was not satisfied with her unrequited hate, so she took her absurd accusation one step further. Barbella claimed that Faux’s tweet about a  “proxy account” proved that Barbella commented on the Faux website because (now wait for it) SHE CLAIMS TO HAVE USED A PROXY.

A proxy is a way to hide / mask an electronic device’s IP address which address is distinct said device. So Barbella claims she used a proxy? Interesting!

First of all, if Patricia Barbella used a proxy and a proxy masks her real IP, how exactly did Faux know it was Patricia Barbella leaving this mysterious invisible comment.  If only Dumber than Dirt Patricia Barbella could explain how Faux could possibly have known it was Barbella leaving the comment? She claims it was allegedly a masked proxy – dear dear Dumb Troll! So how exactly was a proxy IP traced to Patricia Barbella?  The whole point of using a proxy is to hide an identity.  It’s because Patricia Barbella never left a comment.

Secondly, where is the tweet where Faux Reality “disclosed” Patricia Barbella’s “proxy?” Where is the comment? Barbella’s crew of hookers and scammers and trolls copy Faux’s every tweet.  Yet the tweet that allegedly proves Faux posted Patricia Barbella’s IP . . .oh wait, she claims it’s not her real IP, she used a fake IP to mask her real IP so no one would know it was she, but Faux guessed it was she AND then Faux somehow shared the fake IP. But it was never posted.  Instead of using a screen shot showing that Faux disclosed her proxy, Patricia Barbella uses a convoluted conversation that had nothing to do with the website. S

Finally, a “proxy account” is not a “proxy.” Faux Reality has always used the term proxy account, sock account or troll account to label the act of Trolling on Twitter.  How did Patricia Barbella earn the Dumber Than Dirt Title? Because Patricia Barbella was blocked from the Faux Twitter feed (for years); so the only way for her to insure that Faux sees her tweets or notices her existence is for her to jump into a conversation that Faux was having with someone who has not blocked Barbella.  In this instance, once Barbella jumped into the conversation, Faux asked the person with whom it was conversing to “untag me, blocked for a reason.”  I don’t accept or respond to PROXY ACCOUNTS on TWITTER who’s sole function is to troll and harass. It was never a discussion about the Faux Website or comments on the Website.

In the future, perhaps the Dumber Than Dirt Old Bat Troll Patricia Barbella can do better at her absurd accusations. Let us be real, Dumber Then Dirt was never relevant in the least.

12 thoughts on “Patricia Barbella – Dumber Than Dirt Twitter Troll

  1. I know what you meant by proxy, but she assumes she you knew she was on your site because she used a proxy. I remember that now. She was telling everyone in Dm’s

  2. Faux, I am giving you so much kudos for your courageousness in calling out these scary people, bullies and trolls on Twitter. You are truly doing a great service.

  3. Look at @yolandasfridge same runs wisen too. All from nj. They saying shit about the site and malware. Defaming the site. I got IPs on her Newark

  4. she is known around town. abitter is perfect describing her. the hole family are trash think they dob’t smell flashing her ex husbands money. he was a nice guy but shes terrible

  5. She just can’t keep her lies straight Faux. I must admit i do have lots of fun laughing at her and her odd behavior. I’m happy that Frank got out alive.

    And i bet he is too

  6. She lied abt her name to her real friends! She’s bullied/stalked/harrased/ everything you can think of to get attention! Ppl are so sick of this imposter! Yes bitter olde dried up con. Thank you

  7. Well twice she’s admitted to real life stalking. And hinted about numerous other occasions. Major creepy. I feel for her teenage boys. Sorry kids, can’t make your soccer game today. Gotta creep on someone I don’t even know. Maybe they should live with Frank.

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