Kristen Johnston’s False Claims & Underhanded Tactics

Last year Faux Reality wrote about Kristen Johnston’s behavior on social media and her involvement with an organization known as Rise and Stand.

Prior to posting each story, Faux Reality had various twitter conversations with Kristen Johnston. The conversations were about the issues being reported: Rise and Stand and the scope of Johnston’s involvement.  Never nasty. Never vulgar. Never harassing. The conversations were to obtain information for the articles or in response to Johnston’s often incoherent/inconsistent tweets.  The Three Stories were:

Apparently Kristen Johnston found those exchanges to be cyber bullying and harassment. Perhaps at some point, instead of making baseless, false, inflammatory accusations, Johnston will give details of how she was cyber bullied, stalked and/or harassed by Faux Reality. Johnston confuses accurate reporting and commentary of her bad behavior with criminality. Johnston does a disservice to real victims of stalking and bullying.

Truth of the matter is Faux Reality never harassed or bullied Kirsten Johnston. What Faux Reality did was write about Johnston’s behavior on social media.   It is newsworthy when a public figure (Johnston) calls the actions of another public figure (LeAnn Rimes Cibrian) “idiotic.”  The Cibrians were dealing with an alleged stalker who had crashed their son’s birthday party, confronted them in a parking lot and invaded their gated community – so when the alleged stalker was escorted out of recording artist LeAnn Rimes Cibrian’s concert by the police, the public was horrified; Anti Bullying advocates applauded the Cibrian’s taking a stand.  See Full story of the Cibrian Stalking Incident 

Johnston felt compelled to respond to the Cibrian Stalking Incident. But instead of supporting a family’s right to defend themselves against an alleged stalker, Johnston  tweeted that “it was idiotic” to remove the alleged stalker from the concert.  WHAT! Johnston went on to tweet that she ignores her critics over “mean words.” Johnston went out of her way to minimize the Cibrian Stalking incident by calling the alleged stalker a critic using “mean words” rather than an alleged stalker who the police deemed was dangerous and warranted removal. What Johnston failed to disclose at the time was that the alleged stalker was a friend of hers, Jill Ishkanian.  See Full story regarding Kristen Johnston.

Shortly after Faux Reality posted the story about  Johnston’s comments,  Johnston (who claimed “mean words” don’t bother her)  directed her attorney to send a Cease and Desist letter – His letter was replete with misrepresentations, and absurd assumptions. He had already claimed Johnston’s tweets were copyright protected (lie), Johnston’s name was copyright protected (lie); and demanded the articles be removed. Neither Johnston or her lawyer HAVE EVER detailed how Faux Reality cyber stalked or harassed her.  They simply threw out baseless inflammatory conclusions of criminality. When we stopped laughing, the following was the response to Johnston’s attorney’s idiotic letter:

Faux to Kristen Johnston 1

Faux to Kristen Johnston 2Faux to Kristen Johnston 3

It was comical that on the same day Johnston’s lawyer represented that Johnston “never engages”, Johnston was accusing a woman on twitter of being Faux, and tweeting “Faux, Faux, Faux” at her. A woman who didn’t tweet at Johnston!

It was further comical that Johnston had embraced Queenz Of Media, the very thug that she claimed had “attacked her ” and accused her of “probably drinking again!”

Johnston wrote a hate blog replete with false, defamatory hearsay. She knew the accusations to be false, but continued to perpetuate the hate. . . She falsely accused a critic of having been arrested for methamphetamine and referred to him on twitter as  “meth dick.” Johnston surrounded herself with nasty trolls – anyone who would attack Faux or friends immediately became her tweeting buddy.  One of Johnston’s closest allies (a sweaty blogger who was notorious for calling women cunts) repeatedly referred to another Johnston critic as “a drunk” –  how could Johnston endorse the sweaty blogger as her friend and not speak up as he repeatedly called a woman (who was 9 years sober and AA counselor/sponser) a drunk! Johnston allowed the drunk rhetoric while she claims public disdain for anyone questioning sobriety. It would appear her disdain only applies when it’s HER sobriety in question. The sweaty thug is currently under  investigation for stalking (not only for cyber stalking but stalking).

Shortly thereafter, a troll account popped up threatening to shoot Queenz of Media. Instead of reporting the death threat to the police, Johnston and her lawyer wrote to the Faux Reality web host saying “death threats were made” (thus implying the death threats came from Faux Reality!)  How convenient! At this point, we realized both Johnston and her attorney were drinking the Kool Aid. [NO! KJo, “drinking the Kool Aid doesn’t mean I’m calling you a drunk. It means you are either gullible, stupid or a liar.”]

Thereafter, once all Johnston’s thugs copied her blog, she removed it and stated that she didn’t want to deal in such negativity. Passive aggressive much? Johnston’s thugs continued to declare that poor Johnston had been harassed and victimized by Faux Reality.

Then, in March, 2015, Johnston was booted from the stage of the Alabama Drug Education Council. See Full Article written by an Alabama Reporter.  The Executive Director of the Drug Education Council, Virginia Guy stated:

“I think the kindest thing, she was kind of in disarray, was to get her out of that situation,” said Guy.

*                                             *                                           *

“What we saw is not foreign to anybody working in the field of addiction. She was obviously uncomfortable and not in a good place. She seemed to be sort of disintegrating.”

Click here to see Video of excerpts of Kristen Johnston at The Drug Education Council.

Johnston went crazy on twitter. She accused the reporter and the Director of the Drug Education Council of an assortment of things. She said that the reporter writing that she “appeared in disarray” meant “they” were accusing her of being drunk.  She was outraged that a Group of Drug Education experts, counselors and recovering addicts would question her sobriety. True to form, she worked up her twitter followers into attacking the reporter and calling for the resignation of the Executive Director.

Most bizarre was when one of her thugs asked her if Faux was involved – Johnston responded Yes!   WOW. Delusional at its finest. After not mentioning that fruit loop for months, Johnston actually responded that Faux had something to do with her getting booted from the stage at the Alabama Drug Education Council where the Director and the people present were concerned about about her erratic behavior. (But remember when Johnston’s lawyer said she doesn’t engage?)  Again the height of the hypocrisy.  As Johnston continued to rant about the Drug Education Council, she also attacked one of her fans to which the fan immediately declared that Johnston would now have her thugs attack her as was her style.

By this time, Johnston’s meltdowns are legendary.  She has become quite predictable.  If she wasn’t so destructive and reckless with her words and actions, Johnston would be amusing to watch.  This is how she operates:

  • She engages;
  • When someone responds, she cries victim;
  • Lashes out and whips her thugs into a frenzy;
  • Claims stress or illness that requires her to leave twitter for a short time; and
  • Returns to twitter preaching anti bully advocacy.

As we continue on the Rinse Repeat known as Johnston’s bipolar approach to social media, Johnston has engaged yet again. She has now partnered with a revenge web owner Cheaterville (who also runs Bullyville).  A perfect match.

Cheaterville recently publicly posted that he supports Serious Mode. Serious Mode is the child exploitation account that has targeted numerous children by calling them “little niggers” and posting that he will “sell their anuses” and rape them. See Serious Mode’s targeting children and rape, etc.

Once Faux Reality criticized Cheaterville’s public support of Serious Mode, Cheaterville labeled Faux Reality a bully and cyber stalker. Cheaterville utilized and tweeted the Queenz of Media / Skyler St Coxx “research” of Faux Reality to “prove” that Faux Reality is a  cyber stalker. So the public supporter of serious mode has partnered with Skyler St Coxx to label Faux Realiy a bully? Shudder.

It was no surprise that Kristen Johnston (who according to her lawyer, doesn’t engage) immediately jumped on board with Cheaterville.  Johnston renewed her inflammatory delusional accusations. She claims that Faux Reality stalked and harassed her for years! (lie) She claims that Faux Reality called her a “bipolar drunk.” (lie) – Seems like Johnston’s fail safe is to accuse people of calling her a drunk.  In her zeal to be a vindictive  dumb ass for some perceived slight, Johnston is tweeting and promoting the seriousmode website. Serious mode has been permanently banned by Twitter and has been turned over to the authorities for investigation of Child Exploitation. Class act indeed. I’m sure all the families who serious mode targeted with “selling their children’s anuses” are comforted by Johnston’s latest stunt.

The question is does Kristen Johnston know that her latest thug has recently lost two Federal Cases in Texas and California where he accused people of cyber bullying and harassing HIM – yes folks the owner of Cheaterville/Bullyville alleged he was harassed and defamed. And he lost. TWICE. The Texas Court assessed Bullyville a total of One Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars in penalties and attorney’s fees (in the Texas case).  Interesting to note that as part of the sanction, the prevailing party in the Texas case has asked the Court to order that the owner of Bullyville post a bond so that if he files another suit deemed to be frivolous, the victims have a fund to seek compensation (because the owner of Bullyville has already filed TWO Chapter 7 Bankruptcies in recent years.) See Details.

Good Job Johnston! Have a seat. On your throne.  (But according to her lawyer, she doesn’t engage)

In an attempt to silence the truth and censor the story, Kristen Johnston tweeted that her followers should report any twitter accounts that were tweeting links to the within story.

It appears that Kristen Johnston’s phony veneer is being shredded by the Truth.

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  1. Brilliant, succinct and with class. Jimmeh n kjo, I’m sure will respond with the same. Ha ha ha ha just kidding, they’ll cry and lie per usual. Lol

  2. LMAO you stupid bitch …you have MESSED with the wrong people. this is CRAZI laughing my ass off!!!!!

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