Go Fund Scam: September Starr Lott Stanley and Tonya Hopkins Pitts

In or about February, 2014, a woman known on twitter as @DoryMob (@Hornz_Haloz @DorytoldU @D0rySays @PixyDustDory @DoryDoRight @DoryMode @countrycrzy @countryczybyy @aDoryblez @DevilishlyD0ry @WishaBltchwouId @SequanGoldsin @C0untry_Angel, Tonya Pitts Boyle etc: changes name daily so as to avoid detection hereinafter known as “Dummy Dory”) began to promote a Go Fund Campaign to raise money for “her high school friend, Michelle Medlock.”

Dummy Dory stated that Michelle Medlock lost her job because of her high risk pregnancy; had a gaggle of children; was months behind in rent; landlord was about to kick family into the street; utilities  were about to be turned off;  auto license and registration had expired;  AND the residence was infested with bed bugs. The Go Fund Me Campaign was called HelpingFamily2014.

michelle medlock fb page dory help rent

Dummy Dory tweeted relentlessly about the campaign and Michelle Medlock’s desperate circumstances. Dummy Dory offered to match any donation made to Michelle Medlock.

Dummy Dory’s ever present side kick @Gator_Girl_2489 (hereinafter known as Gatorage)  September Starr Lott Stanley encouraged all her followers to give to “Dory’s Friend.”  Gatorage repeatedly tweeted that even if half of her followers gave $25 to “meet this family’s goals” it could save Michelle Medlock and her children.

dory go fund friend donate starr blog

In early February 2014, a twitter account popped up known as @Helping_Family_ alleging it was the recipient of the GoFund account: Michelle Medlock. The account gushed with gratitude for Dummy Dory and Gatorage for their RTs and assistance. It was quite a  love fest.

gator gofund dory tweet 3

dory go fund Tweet 1 michelle and she friends

gator gofund helping dory tweet 5

starr dory gofund tweet 4

dory gofund michelle tweet 2

A Facebook page was created for Michelle Medlock on February 10, 2014 – See FACEBOOK no family photographs, no personal information at all, but a sole photograph of a bed bug that allegedly infested the Medlock home.

dory go fund bed bug

The begging  continued:

dory michelle medlock fb no light at tunnelOn February 15, 2014, I was sucked into the pity party and agreed to donate $200.00 to “Dory’s high school friend.” It was supposed to be an anonymous donation made “on behalf of Dory.”  I received the following confirmation email (but never gave it a second glance until recently):

dory go fund blog starr stanley thanking for support crop size

 Enlarged payment receipt portion of email:

payment receipt dory michelle medlock email

[Original Email with Source codes is secure] Why is Gatorage’s name (Starr Stanley) at the bottom of the email thanking sender for support?

Shortly after I questioned Dummy Dory about the GoFund Campaign, the GoFund page was deleted; Michelle Medlock’s @Helping_Family_ twitter was deactivated; and Michelle Medlock’s Facebook stopped posting.  In the blink of an eye Michelle Medlock vanished.

Was this a scam perpetuated by Gatorage and Dummy Dory? Why does Gatorage’s name appear on the Campaign when her tweets clearly give the impression she is “hoping [Dummy Dory’s] friend gets the help she needs?”

UPDATED AS OF JULY 21, 2014:  On July 18, 2014, GoFundMe Customer Service replied  to my inquiry as to why Starr Stanley’s name appeared on the payment receipt. As suspected, Go Fund indicated that Starr Stanley set up the Scam Go Fund Account.

Go Fund Reply as to why Starr Stanley was on the account blog

On July 21, 2014, the investigation revealed how Gatorage came up with the Medlock name – it’s her mother’s maiden name! The following is Gatorage’s wedding announcement clearly showing her mother’s name as “Medlock.”

starr wofford wedding announcement go fund scam gator redGatorage has yet to respond to countless inquiries as to why her name appears on the payment receipt; why set up a fraudulent account to raise money for herself. It appears that she has invoked her Fifth Amendment right to Remain Silent so as not to incriminate herself – which may be prudent considering the impending future.

25 thoughts on “Go Fund Scam: September Starr Lott Stanley and Tonya Hopkins Pitts

  1. Wow!! As per usual another great blog!! There are only a couple other bloggers I go to anymore!! I find news ones a lot, but nothing in a while that impress me much!! Keep it up, Love the way you always can back up what you post with actual proof detailed!! But we need them more often!! =)


  2. That’s just crazy. The effort re: the ins and outs of the scam! Why not just go hold a change jar on the streets? The thrill of the scam, I guess.

    • Even holding a change jar on the streets requires more time, energy, effort and exposure to the elements than they’re willing to give. Once the initial effort is put forth to set up the scam, they only have to invest minutes each day tweeting and re-tweeting. Their minimal time and energy is rewarded as the “donations” increase. Even thanking the donors is automatically included in the donor’s receipt. It’s easy money with the potential to be more than full-time compensation for part-time work.

      However, if the scenario above is contrary to Dory and Gator Girl’s intent, then there should be no problem in answering the question posed at the end of the article, “Why does Gatorage’s name appear on the Campaign when her tweets clearly give the impression she is “hoping [Dummy Dory’s] friend gets the help she needs?” IMO all donors to this campaign are rightfully due an answer to that question and any subsequent questions that may arise. If not, the Campaign, Dory and Gator Girl lack integrity and reek of duplicity.

      • If it was a legit campaign, both Gator and Dory would have disclosed their involvement. Why pretend the recipient was a woman named Medlock? I believe Gator was the recipient and the payment confirmation was automatically generated with real name attached to the bank account to which the donations were directed.

  3. Do you believe (as it appears to me!) that Dory & Gator is the same person using different IDs to defraud people with various schemes?

    If she has deleted all the evidence, and isn’t answering questions, I’d say that she’s incriminated herself. Guilty.

    I wonder how much she got (this time).

    • No I do not. They are separate people who knew each other in real life and decided to perpetuate this fraud to trap people who were friendly to them on social media.

  4. This whole story just disgusts me. I personally will never give another penny to a gofundme account. How can people continue to defraud others this way? Try getting a freaking job.

  5. Very interesting these schemers. Tell me if I am wrong though, did Gatorage & Starr Stanley used 2 tweet wth u awhile back, as I seem 2 recall this name & in the catacombs of my mind I attatch that name with a bunch of kids. It comes 2 mind her tweeting funny things 2 u about her kids & also recall her revealing their Halloween costumes.but cld very we’ll b mistaken, just interested in knowing if that is the same ppl. Tx faux

    • Yes one and the same. She claims to have turned on me when I wrote an article about an Educator who was tormenting a Teenager by stealing the teens prom photo, cutting the head off then tweeting it to the teens mother to get her to weight watchers. Gatorage defended the action saying the mother deserved it. Now it was revealed that Gatorage is “personal friends” with the Teacher Kimberly Smiley.

      • How can the gator girl rally around, scream, shout and fight FOR the person who posted the kids photo and turn around and fight with the account who was trying to get the photo down? Shouldn’t the person who posted it have had consequences? Then I saw her call everyone hypocrites when the exact same thing happens to HER? Her kids picture was posted. Wasn’t she fighting FOR the person who posted it in the first place? Can anyone explain this? Does this mean as long as it isn’t her or anyone she likes? I’m totally confused. lol

      • I’ve seen her friends justify posting high school student by saying 1. girl in prom photo was 18; 2. Mother deserved it; and 3. “Sins of the father.” What they don’t seem to comprehend is the posting was done by an Educator who is tasked with protecting ALL students. I question the competency and professionalism of an Educator who uses a woman’s child to torment her mother on social media.

  6. If you are concerned that your family might be humiliated when you beg total strangers for money to pay your bills, maybe you should consider getting a job instead and curb your spending. It is very difficult to feel sympathy for a person who has do many children yet she spends much of her time on Twitter and watching Big Brother live feeds. This is time that would be better spent making the money your family needs to live comfortably.

  7. Aha so she played both sides of the fence instead of just havg a difference of opinion, on top of that appears 2 b diabolical in the scheming dept as it takes that kind of mind 2 concoct this type of scheme. Desperate ppl will do desperate things, just wonder where or where the money is going, I so doubt rent, bills etc. tx 4 clearing that up, I am sure u miss her luvg tweets lol

  8. If this chik gator is so loved as she yells so much that she is. Why would she need to make up such a big lie &&that whole story about bed bugs?? Why didnt she just get on top of that moral twitter step stool that she stands on and ask that crew of hers that hangs on every word?? Or try gettin off twitter & gettin a job to pay them bills???? last time I knew fightin all dam day on twitter aint gonna pay the bills!!!! And how is this difference than that cancer chik who I seen stealing and lieing to scam people for money too???? I dont beilieve a word this dam girl says now!! Does she really have babies like saw on that blog of hers??? Just sayin. If she gonna lie about this. She gonna lie about that. Thats what I know. Twitter sux!!

    • Gatorage and Dory set up a fake GO FUND, Facebook and Twitter account to con people into donating money to them under false pretenses. They continued their deception by pretending to talk to the accounts, etc. begging public officials and politicians to re-post their scam story.

  9. In light of Gatorage’s recent confession, I hope anyone and everyone who knowingly participated in the scam will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law… except the bed bug.

  10. Gator girl said she wanted to remain anonymous because she didn’t want her family ridiculed. I find that even this statement is false. First off gofund me has an anonymous option so why make up a name if she wasn’t trying to deceive. Secondly how much money does it take to eradicate bed bugs? She was the one trying to get State Representatives to retweet it. I’ve personally seen her tweet how ALL of her children have iPhones and how she spends 2000.00 plus a year on cheerleading. I’d have to question anyone giving out such luxuries when they are living in squalor. Let’s not even touch upon the fact that this woman spends 18 plus hours a day On twitter terrorizing anyone who doesn’t share her views. Walmart just isn’t a place for boxed wine, it’s also a place for employment!

  11. I emailed the information on septembers men sued her. theres smith and a guy named walker then wofford and shaun stanley. 2 restraining orders. moved out and lives an hour away from her. she’s on instagram and gave her phone number. she is a low life who has nothing to life for but to hate on people. it shows. twitter trash.

  12. Dory is Tonya Pitt. she has criminal record on bad checks. She works for car company in Arkansas. I emailed you her info. September Lott Wofford Stanley has a million cases against her from paternity, protective ordrs, owing money. moved out and got pregnant. White trash. i bet those two been scaming for more then bed bugs. They spreading all sorts of shit about you. Maybe its time you show them what I got

    • swamp cow gets orders from behind the scenes. She thinks she slick w nothing to loose. Drunken rampages are funny to watch. but scams on people deserve to go to jail. I hope you reported her faux

  13. Star is a pig. check out twitter where friend says she tricks father give her money. Her kid tweeted her get a job. So much more from her and dorymob

  14. I find it pitiful her kids went without a Christmas tree for 3 years? But claims all her kids have iPhones? Where’s this chicks priorities? Begging strangers on Twitter for money for Christmas presents? I don’t begrudge the kids Christmas but Go out and get a JOB like the rest of the people in the country who struggle through tough times. Who sits on Twitter all day calling out other people for their wrong doings but you can’t even buy a Christmas tree? It’s sickening people fall for this kind of bull shit. Get off your lazy ass and get a job.

  15. I hope their in jail. takes away from the people need help. 1 was using a girl’s name from Battle Arrow. family stopped her. Still works at Steve Jones Chrysler Wynne Arkansas

  16. Tonya boyle pitt Steve Jones Chrysler dodge Jeep Wynne Arkansas (888) 509-3048 call her Finance. She has criminal record for forgerying checks.

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