Gatorage Starr Lott Stanley and 1Shot

Recently a friend and ally of Kimberly Smiley (the teacher who posted a teenager’s photo on twitter to ridicule her) declared that my article regarding said teacher was the catalyst for her bitter wars on twitter.

Starr Lott Stanley @GatorGirl2489 (formerly known as @Gator_Girl_2489 and hereinafter “Gatorage”)  went on to say that her objections to the Teacher posts Teen’s Prom Photo article caused @1shot_1Kill (hereinafter 1Shot) to “attack her”.   Nothing is further from the truth.  It is Gatorage’s constant rages and psychotic late night battles against various people starting months before the article that caused the rift between her and 1Shot.

On or about February 10, 2014, 1Shot was asked to assist Gatorage against her alleged harassers; a man known as @sailormarine29 who had allegedly been sent by an insanity blogger to harass Gatorage.

war 1 sailorman

Thereafter on March 3, 2014, 1Shot was asked to assist Gatorage against her alleged harasser; known as @McMona007.

war 7 mona

Instead of focusing on @McMona007, on March 5, 2014,  Gatorage (also known as @YouzCrazyBitch) and her side kick @DoryMob accused yet another individual @byebyebaby143 of “passing around photos of Gator’s children.”

1Shot asked Gatorage and DummyDory to prove it. When Gatorage and DummyDory were unable to prove that Byebyebaby143 had passed around photos of Gatorage’s children, he told all of them to “MOVE ON.”

war March 5 why bitch at Mikado 2

Neither Gatorage nor DummyDory “MOVED ON.”

When Gatorage again needed 1Shot’s assistance with a troll account, she sent her friend to ask for his help on her behalf.  Karcher @whose_on1st asked Trial to convince 1Shot to help with the troll account known as @StarrDrunkHoe.

karen wants war to help1Shot was successful in getting Gatorage’s troll account deleted within a few days:

Karen applause to war for taking down drunk starr acct

Karcher was anxious to discover who was behind the troll account. 1Shot informed Karcher and me that the account was suspended before he could determine it’s origins.   Imagine 1Shot’s surprise when several weeks later Gatorage and DummyDory were making the same baseless accusations again.

On May 12, 2014, Gatorage and DummyDory used “an account” to accuse McMona007 and Byebyebaby143 (also known as @Khrystenna_1221) of creating the @StarrDrunkHoe troll account that 1Shot had previously assisted in removing.  Again, 1Shot asked for proof (knowing full well he was unable to determine it’s origins).

war 27 proof using another anon

None was given. Gatorage and DummyDory were furious.

On May 21, 2014, Gatorage and DummyDory decided it was a good idea to get in 1Shot’s cross hairs yet again. Why continue to tweet 1Shot when it was clear he was not open to their advances?  1Shot and his friend Trial, responded and mayhem ensued.

war 32 gator get off his cockGatorage and DummyDory then turned for the assistance of  an account that posted Trial’s name, address and photographs of her young nephew.

trial nephew serious mode

Gatorage reveled in Trial’s pain.  Thereafter 1Shot posted a photograph of Gatorage’s child.

On June 9, 2014, Gatorage was aware that through the efforts of @anonmarie777 and @HorsemenOfDeath, Gatorage’s child was deleted.  @HorsemanofDeath then asked that Serious Mode delete the children on his TL, including Trial’s nephew and the alleged granddaughter of a pedophile hunter.

horse serious mode remove kids noSerious Mode refused.  In fact, Gatorage was giddy in telling the little boys aunt “sorry cunt. Not my post. Not my call. . . ”

gator serious mode kids pics

But Gatorage wasn’t finished, she then urged Serious Mode to continue to target Trial (also known as @Mrs_1sh0t), and @HorsemenOfDeath (who had been instrumental in having her children’s photos removed).

gator starr serious mode turns on horsemen

Gatorage is not a victim, nor is my article the reason for her conflicts with people on twitter. She repeatedly encourages others to target her “enemies.” She seems to enjoy the attention she has received from these battles.

The reason for Gatorage’s conflict with 1Shot commenced in or about March 5, 2014 when she accused a woman of circulating her children’s photographs but was unable to provide any proof.  The reason for Gatorage’s conflicts are her psychotic delusional rants that have no basis in reality.

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