Edward Brophy is Delusional – Accuses RHONY Star of Crime

Edward Brophy (known as @BrophE formerly @MediaWhorEd) claims to be successful blogger and public relations expert “representing reality stars.”

Known for his repulsive social media behavior, he recently out did himself when he accused the star of Real Housewives of New York, Carole Radziwill, of spoofing a phone.

Brophy proclaimed that as a result of Radziwill’s actions, he spent the morning with “cyber division detectives.” Seriously! Because EVERYBODY KNOWS the ENTIRE DETECTIVE Division will stop investigating real crime to jump whenever Brophy’s imagination witnesses a crime “to his feelings.” Delusional to the thousandth power.

According to Ms. Radziwill, she has not been contacted by “the cyber division detectives” in regards to Brophy’s absurd accusation, nor has she received any subpoena.

Radzi sums it all up as follows: “This whole time I thought you were an idiot and then you prove it.”

Brophy’s history is checkered to say the least. In or about December, 2012, Brophy appeared on social media claiming to be a successful blogger with ties to reality stars.

Less than a month later, we learned everything Ed Brophy claimed were gross exaggerations or outright lies.  He was desperate to con reality stars into “hiring him to represent them” or he would publish negative stories about them. He would grossly exaggerate his blog’s statistical views to bolster his phony image.  Contrary to his representations, Brophy didn’t represent ANY reality stars. In fact, his blog partners confirmed that he never represented a reality star, nor were they aware he was claiming to be a PR representative.

Brophy would use ANY underhanded tactic to get reality stars to interact with him. He rejoiced in calling women vile names  like “cunt” and such. He would lie and cause drama to compensate for his pitiful life and phony image.

In essence, the individual who claimed to be a serious professional blogger and public relations expert, was into posting genitalia on social media, insulting women with the use of vile name calling,  grabbing reality stars’ crotches and pushing his sweaty self to photo bomb TV personalities:



The following exchange is Brophy wishing a suicide victim had died and acknowledging that he enjoys making “sexually lewd comments”:

This is Brophy posting photos of a woman to torment her sister, a woman in recovery who hasn’t had a drink in 8 years.

This is Brophy falsely accusing a woman of tweeting with Faux so as to make her a target of his partner in crime, Queenz of Media (Skyler St Coxx). Yes, they lie to each other:

Brophy claims he is a victim of internet bullies and stalkers – no one wants or needs to stalk him. YUCK! He fails to acknowledge his vile behavior some of which is identified below:

Brophy calling women cunts:

Brophy threatening another woman that she is not safe and calling her a drunk. Brophy enjoys calling women names:

Brophy has been posting false private information and glued to my twitter time line for years:

In 2013, Brophy identified Faux as Erica Dapolito.  Brophy posted Erica’s name, photo with her daughter, and address on his website TVFishbowl.com.  Brophy’s  side kick, QueenzOfMedia – run by admitted hooker SkylerStCoxx posted Erica’s telephone number and the group claimed to have called Erica’s grandmother to confirm that Erica was in fact Faux.  A writer for Brophy’s site reported that Faux was being investigated by the FBI.  ALL INFORMATION FABRICATED BY BROPHY.

Brophy’s investigative skills are as deficient as his real estate and public relations skills – Reckless, Irresponsible and Dangerous.  After ridiculing Dapolito for over 6 months with the vilest of comments, Brophy quietly deleted the article and the vile tweets about her – realizing he had crucified the wrong family – slander much? (no worries, we have copies).

Rather than concentrate on his real estate, blogging or public relations business, Brophy admitted he was engaged in investigating my identity.  The following proves he was gathering and releasing (false) information on “Faux, Mary Mac & others.”

In fact, Brophy attempted to pass “information” about “his friends” to me through his sidekick Go Fund Scammer September Starr Stanley.  Who would trust such a bottom feeder?

Brophy’s obsession has spanned years.  Why is the serious blogger / realtor so interested in where I was married in 2013? (Interesting to note, Brophy was stalking me with a profile photo of him and Kristen Johnston – the self proclaimed anti bully advocate)  Remember when Brophy claimed he doesn’t do drama? He is the Queen of Drama.

In or about January, 2015, Brophy claimed to be in New Jersey, at which time he posted a series of disgusting images claiming to be a peeping tom in an address he believes is my home. The photo is redacted because Brophy is a disgusting deviant sweaty pig.

Brophy also traveled to a Car Show Facility that was preparing a vehicle for a Las Vegas show so he could vine the vehicle and posted same thinking the car had connections to me.  Apparently, Brophy’s shadow can be seen taking the video that he posted (his stupidity never ceases to amaze).  The owners have already reported the vandalism done to the police.

brophy ed posting car redacted

Dear Creepy Stupid Idiot, the vehicle you stalked is a Shelby GT350 – it SAYS SO ON THE SIDE OF THE VEHICLE! Not a GT500.  You admitted stalking, video taping and posting the evidence of your criminality on social media.  A vehicle that was VANDALIZED.  Do you realize that vehicle is worth more than your mother’s house – the house you live in because you can’t afford your own.  Your knowledge of exotic cars is on par with your knowledge of real estate, public relations and investigations. Go back to selling hair products! Oh I’m sorry, you failed at that as well.

Finally, Edward Brophy published yet another blog misidentifying me yet again as Vincenza Spina – that is why every other obsessive tweet refers to “Vinnie.” He also claims  that I ruined  his “career.”

I am uncertain what career I ruined since I have yet to see a career that Brophy didn’t sabatoge or invent.  Hopefully, Brophy will see that the only one responsible for his failures is he thru his actions and deviant behavior.

No one wants a realtor, a PR representative or a blogger who stalks, ridicules a woman’s sobriety, calls women cunts, posts penis and deviant photos, or lies about being “on the job.”

Brophy, If you want someone to blame, sober up long enough to look in the mirror.

6 thoughts on “Edward Brophy is Delusional – Accuses RHONY Star of Crime

  1. Have you seen the blog Brophe wrote about you, Faux Reality?

    All of the comments call Ed out. Have to give it to Ed for allowing people to call him a liar, what Ed is. A liar.
    Ed Brophe blames you for your his Twitter account getting suspended.
    Ed Brophe also blames you for a failed Real Estate Career.

    This Kitty, Ed hired this person knowing the issue he had was with you.
    What a pussy, no pun intended.

    Ed is a drama queen. Ed has extorted so much money off people, Ed, I know you are reading this.
    Admit you are an addict.
    And a looooooooooooooser.

  2. Ed Brophe is crazy. He traveled from CA to NJ to stalk a complete stranger. He drove up and down the person’s street taking photos of their home, daring the person to come out of their house and fight him. He even posted the proof of his stalking on twitter like this is totally normal behavior. What a complete psycho.

  3. So did he seriously accuse Ms. Radziwill of spoofing a phone call to harass him? For what reason?

    Did he actually take those pics shown earlier with his hand pretending to cup male genitals? (Why didn’t he do that to LVP’s? No wonder celebs are so careful about who comes into their personal space!). Beware, celebs.

    Why would he admit to flying to NJ to peep in someone’s window, and brag about it? And NOT assume ppl think he’s some kind of stalking nutbag?

    How is he REALLY earning a living? Obviously not through real estate, PR work, or Internet marketing.

    What’s left?

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