Did Rise And Stand DeFraud Celebrity Kristen Johnston

On or about Feburary 3, 2014, I published a story on an Anti Bullying Site that was victimizing victims: the site were  fraudulently seeking payment for services by representing that it worked for/with Twitter, claiming non profit status and seeking donations improperly.

rise works with twitter

rise meeting with twitter during superbowlThe tweets of Rise and Stand (hereinafter “Rise”) were so preposterous and Rise’s representations to “victims” were so absurd, we began to research it’s assertions. See Grifter Profiting From Victims

While researching the status of the entity “Rise and Stand,” we discovered the owner of the site had criminal arrests for three counts of aggravated child molestation and her current husband had multiple convictions for domestic violence, resisting arrest, trespass (violent crimes over several years):

kitty rise and stand mug shot charges

Thereafter,  a “criminal check” was posted which disputed Kitty’s arrested, or conviction.  Apparently, the theory was, since the criminal check was “clear,” there must not be a conviction. NOT SO FAST.

The “criminal check” does not show any conviction or arrest for Kitty. But clearly there was an arrest as evidenced by the link and Warrant Numbers shown hereinabove. The reason the criminal check may have been clean is because (as Kitty admittedly blurted out), Kitty “thought her records were sealed.” So it’s not that the incidents didn’t happen, the truth is Defendant Kitty wasn’t thorough in hiding her past.

Since the posting of the aggravated child molestation charges were disclosed, Kitty provided 2 inconsistent stories. First, she said “boys” stole nude photos of her from her ex husband’s wallet then lied to police that she gave them the photos. Then, the story changed:  she claims her first ex husband lied to gain an advantage in a custody case.

Both stories seem far fetched since the arrest report shows warrants were issued and bond was set at $82,500 for Kitty.

As to Chad McCaffery, Kitty excuses his violent convictions by stating that he had an abusive childhood.

What is most alarming is that Kitty holds herself and Chad McCaffery out as “life coaches” for children and victims at Rise. The aforementioned charges / convictions are alarming in light of the clear misrepresentations Kitty has made to victims regarding her “association” with Twitter and demanding money.

So what happened to Kitty’s arrest records? Did Rise and Stand obtain money from someone to “seal” those records for Kitty?  I call your attention to Direct Messages of actress Kristen Johnston:

kjo rise blog dm

kjo on rise blog dm 2

 [the screen shots of the entire conversation were supplied by a source who claims same were obtained from one of the participants of the conversation in exchange for his assistance in eliminating a troll]

Kristen Johnston gave Kitty and/or Rise $8,000  until she “started catching her in lies so she dropped her.”

Kitty’s response? Kitty claims  Rise fired Kristen Johnston over an incident involving a 14 year old boy (Noah) exclusively reported here: Rise Victimizes Noah .  After the publication of our Noah story, Rise allegedly blamed actress Kirsten Johnston for targeting the boy. Rise  claims SHE HELPED CLEAR HIM. . .

That is one of KITTY’S BIGGEST LIES TO DATE. . .

Rise lied to Johnston and her fans and called for all to target the young man based on the fabricated information supplied by Rise regarding troll accounts.

It appears that Kristen Johnston is yet another victim of Grifter Katrina McCaffery and her “anti bully organization” Rise and Stand.

One thought on “Did Rise And Stand DeFraud Celebrity Kristen Johnston

  1. Okay, her first mistake was rooting for the Bronco’s in the Super Bowl. But seriously, it is sad to me that there are grifters like Rise/”Kitty” out there that would rather steal from you than work an honest day’s labor. Why is that so hard for some people to do? And it seems that quite often their targets are not just the rich and famous with money to burn but the less fortunate people with big hearts who would give you the shirt off their back. It’s all so disgusting. And child molestation? I can’t even stomach that thought.

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