The Lizard Nada Kohm and the Custodian

awenchlikemeEarlier today I received the mad rambling tweets of a woman on twitter known as @AWenchLikeMe and affectionately known as #Lizard (Nada Kohm ). Without ever having sad a negative word about her, #Lizard has repeatedly flip flopped in her insane ramblings about me.  So here is the history with #Lizard:

#Lizard held herself out to be a broken meek pathetic woman whose husband died leaving her  battling his children for his pitiful estate. #Lizard and I were friendly, often exchanging stories, until one day, she advised me that she would have to unfollow on twitter  because she didn’t want to be attacked by others who had targeted my followers.

A few weeks later, I discovered #Lizard’s proxy account was following me. I was annoyed that she didn’t have the decency to tell me that she had a proxy account following me, so I blocked both the proxy and her main account.

Shortly thereafter, #Lizard’s friend (insert name) told me that #Lizard needed to follow me because #Lizard was being harassed by Frank Abba—- the #Custodian and wanted my assistance in getting him to stop.


The #Custodian was allegedly sexting #Lizard, asking her to send him nudes and inviting #Lizard to New Jersey to “meet up” with him in person. The #Custodian was married at the time (he has since separated from his wife).  I was told #Lizard was upset and wanted nothing further to do with him. Believing that #Lizard was fragile, I acquiesed

#Lizard then sent me the sexting messages that the #Custodian had sent her (all under the pretense that his advances were unwanted).

email and sexting messages

wench against frankUpdate: After the publishing of the within story, Lizard responded that she had lied about being harassed by the Custodian. It appears that Lizard is not above accusing a man of sexually harassing her AND crying wolf to the friends around her to further her deception.  Pitiful and Dangerous Individual. It’s unclear if the friend she employed to relay the information to me was in on the deception or if she was also deceived by this woman who falsely accused a man of sexually harassing her. What I didn’t know at the time was she had threatened the Custodian “that she had saved the texts FYI.” Was this her way of blackmailing him or what is all a lie? 



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