The Incestuous Family Known As Bravo TV

BravoTV is portrayed as executives that have discovered a successful formula to turn a profit:  “reality” shows that are inexpensive to produce. Writers, actors, and sets are not needed so overhead is minimal.  As a result, Bravo claims to deliver “real” people as they live their lives.

Yet we, the viewer keep seeing Bloopers that have us scratching our heads regarding how real these shows are. Time and time again the behind the scenes drama seems to overtake the filmed version.  The incestuous relationships among cast, crew and producers are truly fascinating.

With regard to Ryan Seacrest:

Bravo has repeatedly used Ryan Seacrest to promote the Housewives’ music ventures.  On various occasions Missy Gorga was filmed talking to Seacrest regarding her music. Her songs appear on Seacreat’s web page.

“What is Seacrest’s relationship to Bravo?” you ask.  Seacrest’s company produces Shahs of Sunset.  Scratching the other’s back allows Bravo to use Seacrest’s popularity in the music industry to promote the housewives’ singing ventures while Seacrest’s production company reaps the benefits of a show on Bravo.

With regard to Mohamed Hadid:

Mohamed Hadid was initially introduced to viewers on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Lisa Vanderpump’s friend. Mr. Hadid’s mega mansion was used as the venue for Pandora Vanderpump’s engagement party. Mr. Hadid is easy to spot, he always the beautiful young super model draped over his arm.

Then Mr. Hadid was showcased on Shahs of Sunset. He and his latest multi-million dollar mansion were featured when he allowed Sammy to oversee some of the over the top renovations.

Mr. Hadid’s ex wife is Yolanda Hadid Foster, the new housewife of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Yolanda’s current husband is David Foster, a Grammy award winning artist.

Mohamed and Yolanda have three children: Gigi, Bella & Anwar. Gigi is the face of Guess. Bella is an award winning equestrian.

Joe Francis recently mentioned “his friend Mohamed” on Real Housewives of Miami during the argument between Joe Francis and Joanna Krupa.  Francis dropped the bomb by stating that “his friend Mohamed” had been with Joanna.  Joanna looked genuinely surprised by the statement.  Could Mohamed be Mohamed Hadid?  As soon as the episode aired, Golnesa “Gigi” Gharachedaghi of Shahs of Sunset tweeted her support.

Mr. Hadid does not appear the type of man to kiss and tell, in fact, it is mission impossible to find an internet photo with Mr. Hadid with his lady friends. So why would Francis pull that statement of the air?

Upon review, it has become clear that the statement was premeditated and calculated to send a message. This message is not about Kardashians, Krupa or helicopters. It’s personal . . .

Joe Francis is the first to admit that he has been to jail on a number of occasions for various criminal charges. He also admits that he met Roy Black when Mr. Black represented him on one of the criminal charges.

In 2008, the Office of the United States Attorney filed criminal charges against Joe Francis.  The Government named various key witnesses in it’s Federal case against Joe Francis. One of those witnesses is well known in the Housewives franchises . . .


The Government Witness against Joseph R. Francis was none other than Mohamed Hadid. Shortly after the Government opposed production of handwritten notes, Joe Francis accepted a plea deal.

In order to believe Joe Francis regarding Joanna Krupa, one would have to believe the IMPOSSIBLE,  that:

  • Hadid and he made peace after Hadid was identified as the Government’s witness in the criminal case against him; and

  • Hadid and he not only made peace, but are buddies to the point that Hadid is telling Francis about his past conquests.
I’m sorry Joe, we’re not buying it. It’s safe to say that the boys have not made up and Francis was less than truthful about his friendship with Hadid and prior relationships with Joanna Krupa. 

This article is a work in progress. . . incomplete . . . documents are coming in faster than we can process them. WOW

10 thoughts on “The Incestuous Family Known As Bravo TV

  1. IMO, I believe the slimeball, Joe Francis. Now, I doubt its true about Mohammed & Hohanna but I do believe Hohanna & JF hooked up & alot more than 1 time. She’s a drama queen with horrific table manners! I cant wait 2 see Adrianna smack her. Dont care 4 Adrianna either but I do like any1 up against JK!

    • I love Joanna. She’s my favorite on the RHOM. The rest of the “ladies” are hateful, evil people (minus Karent and Lisa). There’s been no reason to attack Joanna or Karent verbally, and tonight’s episode with the physical abuse made me sick. This truly was an episode of “Girls Gone Wild.” Adrianna should be beyond embarrassed and ashamed for acting like an uneducated, classes child. So far on this season she’s done nothing but let her jealousy of Joanna and Karent shine through. I thought she had character. I was wrong.
      Joanna is the only one that stands by her words and backs up her beliefs with action. I adore her!

  2. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Real Housewives of Miami, but in those few second blurbs that I’ve seen, Joanna Krupa comes across incredibly obnoxious and like an all around know-it-all. Did I just catch her at bad moments or is she really that annoying all the time?

  3. I still believe Joe Francis. I checked online and Joe and Hadid has had business issues up and down at least since 2002. I think Hadid is shady and Joe sometimes uses his “shady” business adventures. The govt. in the tax case didn’t use the Hadid letter (I think after a little research they saw this as another conman trying to burn another).

    • Hadid was named as a government witness. Less than a month after Defendants made a motion for the investigators’ notes, Francis took the plea, so it is unclear what letter you mean. They didn’t need Hadid’s testimony.

  4. This a complete case of he said, she said so I’m just not going to care. He is lying scum who has by hook or crook managed to stay out of jail, money can also buy you good lawyers. Joanna is a grown woman who may sleep with who she wants, hopefully she was smart enough to pass. Interesting connections though…

  5. Most people around here don’t know Hadid, but I do and for a very short while and sheer coincidence I did get to know him. Mohammed is disgusting, he sleeps with different women all the time, as he did with my friend but before that he slept with all her friends, all disgusting, if you saw these women you would die. They look like dead corpses. He slept with my friend while he was in a serious relationship with another girl. I wont mention who. He slept with my friend without a condom and my friend sleeps with everyone in her hometown, and yes she is known as a local whore, everyone but her knows it. Just like my friend, Hadid has “ladies” of the night “type” everywhere. Not only this but I have heard from my “friend” intimate details about Yolanda, told to “my friend” by Hadid himself. If Yolanda knew all I knew about her she would not hold him in such high regards like she does, especially knowing how sacred her romances are, nothing is sacred to Mohammed, a real man would never talk about or say the intimate things he disclosed to a total stranger slut about the mother of his children. The self respect of an honorable woman cannot be bought, purchased or tucked in a Birkin bag. Yolanda got very lucky to have gotten away!!

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