Teachers Gone Wild: Defendant in Leann Rimes Case Targets Critic’s Kid

leann rimes photo

UPDATE May 22, 2014 in red

What happens when an unknown teacher improperly records a telephone conversation with an award winning recording artist and then releases it to the public?

Answer: The unknown teacher becomes a household name and social media celebrity. Kimberly Smiley became the modern day David to Leann Rimes’ Goliath.

No one will forget the media storm against Rimes for attempting to hold Smiley accountable for allegedly improperly recording a private conversation – a crime in California where recording a telephone conversation requires consent of both parties. [Rimes refused to press criminal charges but opted to sue civilly.]

The media portrayed Kimberly Smiley as a harmless out of work teacher and mother of four who relied on the charity of strangers to pay for her defense against the Rimes’ lawsuit.

The case was ultimately dismissed. Smiley became a social media sensation and relished in her new found fan base.

Under the bright lights of sensationalism, Smiley’s image began to crack.  Perhaps Smiley viewed her new found fame as an endorsement of her social media exchanges with Leann Rimes and Rimes’ fans as her targets. Smiley with the assistance of family members and a hard core fan base reveled in hate and engaged in ad hominem attacks and vitriol against Leann Rimes and Rimes fans.

On May 2, 2014, Kimberly Smiley jumped the shark.  As soon as one of her critics (known as Ginger on twitter) posted her daughter’s prom photograph, Smiley stole the photograph. Smiley then cropped off Ginger’s daughter’s head and posted Ginger’s daughter with a caption regarding the need to step away from food and enroll in weight watchers.

smiley on ginger blog

Smiley’s loyal followers chimed into the hate fest against Ginger’s daughter:

smiley on ginger obese

smiley on ginger names daughter

“Em” is Ginger’s daughter. The aforementioned accounts are dedicated to tormenting Ginger by discussing Ginger’s daughter. Both accounts are examples of accounts that have been embraced by Kimberly Smiley (an educator), her husband (a high school coach) and their family members and friends.

It is offensive and despicable that educators would engage in such conduct – The prom is a special day in every young girl’s life. To have your prom photo taken by someone who claims to be a teacher and told to “step away from the food” and “enroll in weight watchers” is vile, despicable and the worst sort of harassment.

What is equally offensive are the persons who have come to Kimberly Smiley’s defense by claiming Smiley was justified because of her conflict with the girl’s mother. If only the defenders were in a position where their twitter critics decided to post their children’s photos on social media with equally vile captions, would their reactions be “Well, I deserved it because of the things I said to their parents?” The answer is a resounding NO.

There is a distinction between adults trading insults, vile or otherwise, even when wishing Ginger’s family members dead:

smiley on ginger hope grandpa dies

smiley on ginger gpa dead yet

and resorting to posting Ginger’s kid with a caption regarding her weight.

Society holds educators and teachers to a higher standard because the educators are  entrusted with the care of OUR children – their academic, emotional and psychological development.

How exactly does Educator Kimberly Smiley justify turning a special day in a young girl’s life – her prom – into a social media nightmare?  There is no justification.

You are wrong Mrs Smiley, “EM” does not deserve the pain that you inflicted.

Update: Recently a woman close to Kim Smiley was asked to remove  the photograph of Ginger’s daughter. She promptly deleted the photograph. Kim Smiley tweeted the following to her:

smiley on removing ginger daughter page laney

Teacher Smiley shows no remorse or contrition for ridiculing the teenager. In fact, she continues to justify the indefensible.

As soon as Smiley communicated with another friend of hers,”Marla” changed her profile photograph to use Ginger’s daughter’s photograph as her twitter profile.

ginger kid as avi marla sissy

When pressured to remove the photograph, a troll twitter account known for it’s vile and nasty attacks on Leanne Rimes, Ginger, her daughter (see above) and anyone who tweets with Rimes or Ginger, tweeted that I am an idiot.

smiley troll you are an idiot

We suspected that the troll account was connected to the Smiley family. The troll account was asked the following:

horse asks smiley troll

Immediately, Sean Smiley, Kim Smiley’s husband responded as follows:

sean smiley responds to troll account horse

Sean Smiley outed his daughter’s nasty vile troll account!  Apparently, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

When Sean was asked what he thought of a Teacher posting a Teenager’s prom photograph to ridicule her weight, he was unresponsive and evasive, making light of the situation at times:

sean asked by faux about tweet pic of teen unresponsive

Sean Smiley finally responded that the Teenager’s mother posted a photograph of his kids  (apparently that was supposed to justify a Teacher posting to ridicule a teenager’s weight, but let’s continue):

sean smiley says photo of his kids by ginger troll

 I asked to see the elusive photo since many have mentioned yet no one have produced same. Odd, since Ginger’s every tweet is extensively documented by “Smiley’s Army” as they are commonly known on twitter.  Sean resisted attempts to produce, indicating that “he was over it.” Over it? The only reason given to justify the post and he was “over it” when asked to prove it?

sean identies photo but refuses to produce

When he realized how absurd he  sounded, he reluctantly agreed to have his wife DM me the elusive photograph and in return I agreed not to release or post the photo without their consent:

faux reply not to post

 Contrary to Smiley’s representation, no photograph was produced. In fact on May 22, 2014, Sean Smiley claimed  there is no photograph while cracking jokes and making light of what his Teacher wife did to a Teenager.

smiley admits there is no photo

Then Sean Smiley proceeded to laugh, joke, accuse and flood my twitter time line with explicit and violent rap lyrics.

What does Sean Smiley do for a living you may ask? He claims to be a teacher. But that’s debatable.

sean smiley genius spelling

41 thoughts on “Teachers Gone Wild: Defendant in Leann Rimes Case Targets Critic’s Kid

  1. Wow. I’m just speechless. I hope that the school district she works for is aware of her despicable behavior.

    • This woman is no teacher. “If she wants it to stop she better stop given it?
      Sorry, I don’t believe she is a teacher.

      • It’s been difficult to understand. Smiley doesn’t seem to have a remorseful bone in her body.

  2. Ginger has tweeted about Kim’s children for over four years, calling some “special” as in Special Needs. Calling out Kim’s oldest daughter now early in college for things that hurt as a mother. She tweeted it would be a good thing to sterilize Kim. Ginger tweets obnoxious things to Kim, close friends (calling one a sock puppet & Whoopi) racist much Ms. Hines? When Hines went after friend (who can hold her own) Kim had enough with Hine’s digs. Interesting thar Kim has a locked account but Hines has tweets.

    Hine’s tried to get a case against Kim with ZERO evidence, called Sheriff in Kim’s city…saying both she and precious Em received death threats, no trace because it didn’t happen. Enjoy your time Faux with this lying drama queen.

    • First of all, why would Smiley reveal an on going police investigation. Smiley has lost her mind tweeting about the investigation and I am certain the Deputy will be less than pleased. Second of all, the threats are part of an ongoing investigation and will not be posted at this time. And Finally, words are words, Did Ginger ever post a photo of Smiley’s children? Please provide proof.

    • Not true at all. Someone wrote a blog about Kim being a special needs teacher and the blog was confusing as to whether Kim herself had special needs children of her own. Supposedly, Kim & her husband took into their home some minor children belonging to relative. I read two different stories one saying they were special needs and one saying they weren’t. Several people were confused at the time. My question and not to Kim was asking special needs as in handicapped or special needs as in they had come from an abusive environment and needed a safe place to go. The blog was confusing and several people, not just me, questioned what was in it. I asked a few questions and Kim and her friends went crazy. As far as the “sock puppet/Whoopi” reference, this friend of Kim’s mocks my weight on a daily basis, calling me Whale, Orca, tells me I’m the size of a small mammal, tweets that my husband is having an affair with a family friends and harasses me relentlessly. I tweeted her and told her that those names are prejudice against overweight people and would be the same as me referring to her in hurtful racial names. My point, which she obviously missed is that name calling, be it racial or prejudicial against someone’s physical traits is hurtful. She then began using the racial card as an excuse. Which she has done often in the past. Finally, Mrs. Smiley seems to think I have a top secret account that allows me to see her private Twitter. The truth is, she has lost several supporters but isn’t aware of whom and how many and [REDACTED] Since Kim has made it public that I called the sheriff yesterday I will say this. I explained to him that this has been a long feud and that now she has gotten to the point of wishing death on my 90 year old grandfather, she hopes my family suffers through loss after loss, she tweeted “I’m busy today, but I’m coming for you bitch” to me just days ago and worst of all, posted my daughters prom picture and suggested she go to weight watchers, I want this to stop, NOW. I informed the police officer that my goal is for Kim Smiley, Sean Smiley, and Lexi Smiley to never tweet me, speak of me or my family on social media again, and to please leave me and my family alone. As of today, Kim tweeted that there’s more to come for me from her. Time will tell.

  3. I think Kim’s comments were wrong, my only point is and will stand that Ginger is not a victim, she is a willing participant in a feud she refuses to let go. Ginger has retweeted/commented on and favourited Nasty photos of Kim’s whole family, yes minor children included. A pic that Ginger & LeAnn Rimes friend AME photoshopped, showing himself riding her kids. Ginger had also tweeted vile comments to Kim and her daughter Lexi for years!!! Im not even going to discuss the nasty tweets to cancer patients or the ones she tweeted about me. I never agree or justify using a kids picture but I will also never agree that 1 woman can do it for years and than turn around a cry victim when it is done back!

    • Ginger never photoshopped or tweeted a photograph of the Smiley’s children. The photo to which you refer was posted by a gentleman with whom Smiley fought (smiley allegedly contacted the gentleman’s job to harass him at work). The photo did not depict anyone “riding Smiley’s children”, but rather a gentleman riding a horse behind the Smiley family. The photo was not created or tweeted by Ginger so I am at a loss how Smiley’s battle with yet another person is relevant other than to show Smiley’s twitter battles are not isolated.

      Smiley is an Educator. There is absolutely no justification for what was done. I haven’t posted the latest Smiley threats that are the subject of a police investigation. Smiley revealed an ongoing police investigation to garner sympathy for her and animosity for Ginger. Smiley needs to take responsibility for her actions. The poor defensive victim role is over.

    • You’re giving a totally false impression. Ame was riding a HORSE in the picture, not the children. Don’t make it sound like something worse. And as far as “letting it go”, I requested yesterday to mutually agree to have no contact or discussion about each or each other’s family and her response was she has more things coming for me. I’m no angel and I have fought back against this core group of Twitter attackers and said things in the heat of the moment, but never wishing death or posting pics of her kids to make fun of them. Kim is pulling tweets from 2011/2012 of heated tweets. Her death tweets and insulting tweets to my daughter were from LAST WEEK. This has to stop.

      • Imagine if all these grown women got off twitter and enjoyed reality instead of the drama universe they create. Simple. Block eachother. Don’t talk to eachother OR search what the other is saying about you.

        How EITHER of you raised children is beyond me because I know 14 year olds with more common sense on the internet and the real world.

        Log off the computer, push away from the desk, and LIVE.
        Not that hard a concept

      • Thank you!! Your comment was the only small amount of sanity on thus whole thread. I can’t believe how childish these grown women are acting. Pitiful. I can’t believe I have even taken a moment out of my life to follow this awfulness. I am going to hug my children now.

  4. Just to be clear, Kim’s daughter Lexi is no innocent in this either! She attacked, swore at, name called, hated on and bashed relentlessly, many people on Twitter with her mother’s expressed blessing – that is until the “Poor Kim Campaign” attempted to re-write them as “Kimberly Smiley a harmless out of work teacher and mother of four who relied on the charity of strangers to pay for her defense.” I’m thankful my children were never subjected to vile, hateful teachers the likes of Kimberly Smiley.

    • Kim’s daughter tweeted me several times, out of the blue, which all began with “Bitch, you……..” and I responded by telling her don’t get involved with adults and for her to go away and not tweet me again. I also tweeted her mother and told her she needed to stop her daughter from tweeting adults and calling them bitch. Kim supported her daughters involvement with this ridiculous feud. She nor Lexi were innocent to say the least.

  5. Wow! Just wow! I’m lost….why is it not OK for someone to harrass ginger but perfectly OK for her to harrass Brandi Glanville? People like Ginger attacking Brandi and Becky whatsherface attacking LeAnn….both as bad as each other. I don’t normally swear, but you’re all crazy mofo’s!!! Twitter is crazy so many crazy tweeters!

    • Exchanging words is far different than a teacher posting a child’s prom photo and ridiculing that child to torment the child. If you don’t see that there is nothing I can say to help clarify.

  6. Seems like someone who has been through the grinder once already, would not want to continue to perpetuate the same image & reputation she spent years denying being guilty of.

  7. Ginger:

    If you’re certain she’s a teacher, then I would start with the state licensing board in her state by filing a complaint with them & providing copies of all the attacks you take exception with, pertaining to your daughter. Let them know you also filed a complaint with the local authorities, and that you proposed you each go your own way before the attacks on your daughter began.

    Be sure to include that there is a history with this person(s) of Internet misconduct.

    If the woman is a special needs “teacher” , the state licensing board will surely be interested in knowing about her attacks on a child’s appearance.

    They will surely want to determine if that is her normal conduct with more than just your daughter, in order to guarantee all students in her care, are safe.

    If she’s in CA, you can go here and do all the form-filling including providing the documentation & signing an affidavit, online:


    Good luck.

  8. btw, Ginger:

    You need to knock it off also. I’ve seen plenty of evidence that you (as you admit) are no innocent in this ongoing flamewar with a lady who clearly has no self-control; but if you keep engaging in it, you’re no better.

    I butted in because after you extended an olive branch to call a truce, it was rejected, and because I don’t believe your dtr should be dragged in and mocked shamelessly. I also don’t believe a teacher of ANY KIND, should be doling out abuse & mockery aimed at anyone’s child, of any age or appearance.

    You may still have time to try one last time, to call a truce and each go her own way forever. But that means for real, and includes you being responsible for calling on YOUR side to keep that truce, forever. No coming back under a diff ID and harassing each other, or flaming up again, or putting your allies up to no good. #self #control

    If your opponent won’t agree to a cease fire, then I suggest you pursue the next best option.


  9. I must live on another planet because I had no idea any of this was going on! Wow! Glad my kid isnt in this crazy persons classroom! I thought this Smiley girl was suppose to be a sweet, innocent teacher who was being sued by Leann Rimes? From what I am seeing in her tweets she is far from innocent and very nasty. I havent seen such nastiness and mean spiritedness since Grace. I have never heard of this Ginger person either. What is this even about? Why are they fighting? About what?

  10. Faux,
    You have been my hero since you were Greggy’s loose hole. You tell it exactly like it is.
    Fair is fair, and you always find the truth in these matters. I follow you on twitter, and I think you are the greatest at getting to the heart of the matter and viewing matters dispassionately. Keep up the good work! Truth, Justice and the American “fucking” way.

    • What Gessiewtf said!! (I also “liked” you on FB cuz of mutual friend ) anyways , man you get the FACTS w tremendous amount of research .

  11. The more I think about what I read here, the angrier I am.

    My precious preteen daughter, not built like me or her sister, but like my sisters & mother, is big boned and solid. Muscular with a little excess weight (which she is now losing).

    She started to develop a poor self image at 5 when she was called fat by her teacher, followed up by being called fat by paternal grandmother 2 months later. Followed up by teasing in 4th & 5th grades.

    She is beautiful. Inside and out. She looks healthy and she thinks she’s ugly and fat.

    I found out a week ago she is cutting herself. And she has written a suicide note. My heart breaks for her that she feels this way. I have thought so much about what brought it on what caused it. Why does she hurt so much on the inside.

    Teachers should never ever put children down in anyway. Same as a teacher that is a child predator is worse than joe smith the predator. They should be held to higher standards because they are the ones educating the next generation.

    I can not even begin to tell you the amount of pain my 12 year old has.

    And it all started when she was 5 and called fat by her teacher and denied the afternoon snack (because it was junk food and teacher was short on them, so the fat kids didn’t get one, my daughter and another boy who was obese at 5).

    If we want this nonsense to stop, the adults have to stop. Because those adults that do, makes it real easy to do it to a child also & the kids are watching and learning and then some are doing the same.

    And then there are children that respond like mine. My area has had 4 suicides this school year alone of school aged kids. All bullying/intense teasing related.

    • I want to give your daughter the biggest hug ever. She is going to be an amazing adult with compassion to understand those in need.

    • I can’t tell you how much your story touches my heart. Those horrid people who throw out those disgusting insults towards beautiful kids like your daughter and mine, are miserable in their life and don’t realize their insults cause lifelong emotional scars. Nobody should make fun of a child, especially an adult who’s career is teaching children with special needs. Again, thank you for sharing your story and I truly hope and pray that your beautiful daughter’s self esteem improves and that she realizes how precious she is. God bless. xoxo

    • God bless you and your beautiful. My daughter suffered similarly as a child and still feels the affects if it as a young adult. I just cannot begin to excuse this woman’s actions regardless of what went on between her and Ginger.

  12. When you do not know the whole story, instead of inserting yourself and trying to make yourself look like a internet hero just to score an interview with Brandi’s nemesis, you should know what you are talking about first.
    Leann called Kim Smiley several times.

    • The story is not about telephone calls or the battle between Ginger and Smiley. The story is about the fact that an educator posted a photograph of a kid’s high school prom which should have been a joyous occasion and then ridiculed her weight. There is no justification for such conduct.

      Your attempts to excuse Smiley by mentioning Leann Rimes or questioning reporting the incident show your failure to grasp the damage done to a young girl. Thank you for commenting.

  13. ALL of these people are PATHETIC. Ginger, Kim, her husband, all of ’em. You would think after the hell the Smiley’s went through with the LeAnn lawsuit, they would stay away from Twitter and live their lives. No way. It was only a matter of months before Kim was back reading every nasty word Ginger tweeted about her and reacting angrily to it. Ginger is no saint either. From what I saw on her timeline, she is actually 100times worse than Kim, taunting her hoping for a reaction. Lets not also forget the harassing Brandi Glanville Ginger is known for on Twitter. If strangers who you have never even tweet with know your screen name as “bad news,” if you are infamous for being a trouble maker, it’s time to delete your account and get into some therapy.

    These people don’t belong on social media. They are what make social media bad. Shame on ALL of them.

    • Thank you for your comment, the article is about a Teacher referencing a teenager’s weight and using the teen’s prom photo. Nothing more, nothing less. Even if the Teen’s mother was Charles Manson, the tweet was improper.

      • Oh please. It is a harsh nasty world. Allot worse than that happens everyday. Improper, yes. The end of the world? No. The premise of your argument does not hold when the woman whose daughter was allegedly disparaged is one of the most vile tweeters in the whole scenario. At least tell both sides. Your bias make your argument moot.

      • So let me get this straight an educator who has a duty to protect students posts a prom photo chops the head off ridicules the teenager and you have no problem with her actions because you claim the girl’s mother is vile on twitter? Makes perfect sense. SAID NO ONE EVER.

  14. I don’t know either one of these women. I have never interacted with Smiley in my life and only with Ginger a handful of times on Twitter. I obviously don’t know the whole story but it honestly seems like neither do you.

    You say this has nothing to do with phone calls between Smiley and Leann Rimes. If that’s true, why are you using Smiley’s full name and her occupation but only referring to Ginger as, “Ginger, or how she’s known on Twitter” with no mention of her occupation? If its unrelated to the calls, then you should not be using either of their full names.

    You also say Smiley is relishing in her new found fame. I’m on Twitter probably more than I’d like to admit and frankly, that’s a lie. It is. I’m not saying her name isn’t being mentioned more. I’m saying she isn’t famous to anyone beside your “group,” for lack of a better word. And if you hear her name more, it’s simply because your followers are discussing her more.

    You are clearly a talented writer, why are you perpetuating this with one sided, half truth articles? If this gets as big as it seems you’re trying to make it, every single person involved is going to be embarrassed. Real names and past tweets (deleted or not) will be out there for all to see. Obviously it has grown much bigger than this but it will ultimately come back to the fact that this started over Brandi Glanville and Leann Rimes. #embarrassing

    • The Story is about a Teacher posting the teenager’s prom photo to subject her to public ridicule. Her occupation is not only relevant, it is the entire basis of the story. Thank you for commenting.

  15. I think this smiley woman is despicable and deranged! I donated to her fund regrettably when Leann was suing her and I never heard one thank you from her, or got a tweet when I tweeted her. I also found out that when the case was dismissed, Leann had to cover her court costs, so she basically ripped everybody off with her gofundme acct. You would think she’d learn her lesson from that debacle and what she put her family through due to her immaturity. Leann had a right to be angry about them posting a taped conversation on line. And Ms. Smiley as a teacher should have known it’s illegal and most likely would have consequences. I cant believe she played the victim after that. she was in the wrong to put that tape on line and was lucky she didnt get prosecuted. And now she’s doing this? Abusing a child on line? She needs to get her teaching licence yanked immediately. What a sick and horrible woman, and the people who support her are just as sick! How can they not see how vile she it? This is sad and scary knowing we have educators like Smiley and entrusting our kids to them!

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