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  1. Marsha this site is full of RHWNJ fans. Not at all what you imply. If you bother to read all comments on all stories-it is evident this site is supported by people sick of unfair bias, hate, poor editing, inappropriate behavior by all Bravo employees, including AndyCohen. Many people here have stopped watching much of Bravo programming because of the FACTS and PUBLIC RECORDS that have exposed fraud and lies here on this site. Nobody here, including the author, has any control which “character” is guilty of these traits. Get it straight. Thank you.

  2. Hey Faux
    I just read an article about Melissa selling tshirts to restore the shore. I don’t like this but is there a way to find out if she applied for IRS ID’s to be selling tshirts for charity and all proceeds go to the shoe? I think with the debt they have this may be a way to scam people to collect money tha may not go to the shore rstoration.

  3. Wonder how the hell JoGo MeHo and kiddo’s all could afford to go to the Jamaca for Thanksgiving? Wouldn’t you think especially since Joey’s dad has been so ill lately and in the hospital that he would want to spend every holiday he could with him? Joey is going to be a haunted man the rest of his life of regrets and it won’t be pretty. Here Mego is putting up pics of her in that stupid red swimsuit from when Joey had that “reaction” at their shorehouse she posted two shots of her not on the beach but in the damn shower in her hotel. Then a couple bikini shots one with one of her sons then a family shot. Joey hasn’t posted since the 17th. She is such a fame ho Bahamas this Bahamas that hmmmmmmmmmm what storm oh are people still suffering from that still? PATHETIC!!!

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