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penelope-pitstop_thumb aviSeptember 17, 2013: Hi, my name is Penelope PitStop and I will be writing a blog each week about my Friends and Frenemies on a show called the Fictitious Housewives of the Garden State (FHOGS). This is purely fictitious and any similarities to actual persons are purely coincidental.

So here goes:

So there’s this show and it’s sort of like the Truman Show where people pretend it’s real life but it’s all staged by the Producers. The people who work on the show promise you stuff but no one delivers. They film a whole bunch of hours, then they cut and paste all the words together to make it say what they want it to say even if it’s the opposite of what really happened.  When you try to tell the truth and defend yourself, a mean nasty lawyer ties you up like this:

penelope pitstop villan

But I escaped from the Evil Lawyer Claw, so here’s my story of what happened on FHOGS.

I went to meet the Evil Whorgas (Yak Yak and her husband Dum Dum) at a Restaurant called Cheetos because I was told I had to go film for FHOGS – so I went.  We filmed for over three hours. The Whorgas knew I was joining them.  They were both very nice to me because they know exactly who I am, that I don’t take lip from anyone, I know my facts and no one pulls my strings.

We talked about tons of things:

  • Stripper Gate
  • Cancun
  • The Celebrity Dapprentice
  • Definition of Friends / Stalkers
  • CheaterGate
  • Zippy D
  • Fathers and Hospital visits
  • Whorga lies

Imagine my surprise when FHOGS aired and I was looking at the opposite of what actually happened! Imagine my frustration when the Evil Claw tried to tie me up in his basement so I could not tell you what actually happened. Here are the highlights of my meeting at Cheetos:

  • The Whorgas asked me who invited me to Dum Dum’s sister’s party: I replied your sister did.
  • Yak Yak declared that I never assisted in raising money for The Celebrity Dapprentice: I replied that’s a lie.
  • The Whorgas told me that I was stalking FHOGS events: I replied that I have always been invited or mandated to attend.
  • Yak Yak asked what my relationship was with Dum Dum’s sister: I replied exactly the way I had at the prior FHOGS events.
  • Yak Yak made the mistake of asking me about Stripper Gate: I replied as long as Dum Dum doesn’t get crazy if I answer the question, of course you were a Dancer & there’s nothing wrong with it, I know it, you know it, your customers knew it and Dum Dum knows it.
  • Dum Dum asked me how I knew Yak Yak: Before I could reply Yak Yak responded that it wasn’t important!
  • Yak Yak said that Cafe Nero &  Yak Yak’s Dance club were not owned/managed by my relatives: I replied you’re lying.
  • Dum Dum asked if I was involved with getting Dum Dum’s sister the book signing at Cafe Nero: I replied that there were text messages confirming it.
  • The Whorgas rejected that I had Dum Dum’s sister’s telephone numbers: I replied do you want me to show you and I showed them my phone, proof and said am I lying.
  • Yak Yak asked me about rumors concerning Clyde and cheating scandals: I replied it wasn’t me and I’m not taking the bullet for everything.
  • Dum Dum asked me about his sister’s relationship with Zippy D: I replied I have no idea.
  • Dum Dum told me that someone told my husband that Yak Yak didn’t go see his father in the hospital: I replied go talk to my husband because I have no idea.
  • The Whorgas wanted to know how Yak Yak’s lover’s name came up during a party: I replied ______ asked if I knew him [____ is not Dum Dum’s sister].
  • Yak Yak asked whether Dum Dum’s sister was spreading rumors: I replied your sister in law told me to squash them <— you can hear me say this.
  • When Yak Yak asked if Zippy D was involved in spreading rumors: I replied that’s why Dum Dum’s sister wanted me to confront Dum Dum about who was really spreading the rumors.
  • The Whorgas repeatedly wanted me to say that Dum Dum’s sister was pulling my strings: I replied no one pulls my strings and I was asked to confront Dum Dum to confirm the fact that no one pulls my strings.
  • Yak Yak threw some low blows claiming that Dum Dum’s sister made negative comments about my extended family: I replied that I would have to talk to Dum Dum’s sister about that because it looked to me like Yak Yak was baiting me.

If you watch FHOGS closely, you will see that at the most strategic times, voices are dubbed and you never see Dum Dum, Yak Yak or me actually saying the words that are heard. Clearly the editing was done by Snoozy of the Ant Hill Mob.

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    • Great job, great job. This explains alot and it gets around the lawyers that are trying to shut you down. It’s so funny, Andy could have a rating bonanza by exposing the rest of the cast (ever wonder why Kathy family besides Rosie aren’t in the picture, along with Richies). But Andy is doing everything he can to destroy Teresa. He’s either a zealot about the gay issue and/or he just can’t get past the push seen around the world at the season two reunion where Teresa man handled him like nothing. He couldn’t get his bosses at the time to edit that out, they said no way.

    • Well, Penelope maybe made a donation to someone while they were on Celebrity Apprentice & that would be why Penelope has that persons data in her phone.


      And that’s how CA made it’s way into the conversation.

  1. OMG I love this! It’s even better than using their real names! haha way to get around Mandy and his evil intentions!

    Great job as always! Xoxoxo

  2. LOL just so ya know faux…….YOU ARE THE SHIT!
    (the shit as in “one smart lady”, not actual poo or anything like that)
    And thank you mrs.pitstop for your honesty, you deserve to defend yourself!

  3. I am a long time lurker, but I have to come out of lurk mode to give Penny a big hats off for this clever little end run around the draconian antics of a certain unnamed cable network. Girl, you got balls! This was my reaction to this blog, in homage to Penelope PitStop:

  4. Seriously! LOVE THIS!!! I have been a long time reader and this is my first time posting…I mean how can you not post after reading this!!!!! Bra-fing-o Faux

  5. I love, love, love, this. Long time reader, first time poster.

    I hope Fame and even SH get to come back. Bravo needs bloggers who are not going to carry their party line.

    Again, I love your blog.

  6. Good job Faux…. some things are worth fighting for and freedom of speech should be FREE !!!!! keep up the good work to always tell the truth…

  7. You guys should pop over to Amazon and give Yak Yak’s book a review !! It seems her sisters are trying to pump up her star rating !!!

  8. This is so totally AWESOME! Thanks so much, Faux & Penelope! I love your blog, Faux, & am SO HAPPY that you believe in & help to uphold our rights as citizens of America. Keep up the great work! :)

  9. Hey Andy, if you are reading this… Just know that the more you try to shut down the truth, the more passionate the readers here become at uncovering it. I haven’t watched your shit show all season and yet I can keep up with it all on ripped off videos on the net. You dumb ass. This entire franchise will tank when this becomes public knowledge and it will. Spread the news people. Spread it on facebook and youtube and the twitosphere. Let everyone you know by word of mouth that Bravo is shady as hell and will stop at nothing to further their agenda. Who the hell even knows what that is at this point…

    Is it possible that these are Melissa Gorga’s attorneys doing this? Didn’t Richie threaten on Twitter a while back that all the bloggers would be shut down? This is still the United States of America isn’t it?

    Screw you Andy Cohen and Sirens. I will do my best to let people know what a bunch of flaming con artists you all are. Rot in hell.

    • Luv the post CryWolf!

      Something tells me this might be the last season for this show. Think about it. The viewership has gone down. Why? Because the original devoted fans caught on to the bs that was being dished out and decided to stop watching. The gig is up Mandy. This last episode was the last straw. We’re done.

  10. Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita 2h
    Are u ready4next episode Sunday? Kim D. told me Penny was coming2the event but that she asked Penny’s husband NOT to come.Watch what happens

    Looks like Wacka Jac wants to create Drama before next episode


      • Friends of mine were eating at Mela across the street from that trashy Moxie. They saw the Sirens Media crew working with Johnny and delaying his entrance. Whether you like or dislike any of the characters on the show, what kind of sick, demented production company intentionally sets the stage for a man to be beaten and attacked on camera? I hope Judge Pfund gets to review the video and throws the book at those human lice. And Sirens was using digital camcorders, so the bit about the “footage being lost” when the camera fall down and go boom is a complete lie.

      • The same kind who has him sign an absurd contract saying that they are not responsible for any bodily harm that comes to him for any reason. In perpetuity.

      • Simply because you sign such a contract does not give the Production company to restrain you will cast members beat on you for sure entertainment.

  11. This post is amazing. You rock Faux… I hope Fw can come back on and I saw that SH was back and still going so now I want to know what is going on because if I remember correctly we are in the USA and we have the freedom of speech. Its not my fault that Meho is a Ho and that the Boo channel decided to invest in her….

  12. lol totally loved it, have been interested what was written in that blog and i got my answers, great way to go.i dont know who wrote this penny or faux but who ever it is u got me as a loyal reader, very smart way plus very entertaining

    all the FAME girls hi there, hope everything is ok with fame and soon we will be back posting and reading one of our fav blogs.

    if bravo got fame too, i think that bloggers should stand up for each other and mostly for freedom of speech.

  13. Someone needs to set up a website on an off shore (Latvian, Panamanian, etc.) hosting service that is out of the reach of the B/S lawyers. Then the truth can be posted there without fear of reprisals and links to the site posted on blogs like Faux or Fame.

    • well when penny’s blog was out, i suggested posting it if so, im all the way in georgia, i mean republic of georgia and bravo lawyers can just first try to find me and then bite me 😀

      i hope fame is ok and will be back soon.

      • My sister’s husband was born in Georgia (the country, not the state) and when their daughter was born the moron at the hospital whose job it was to collect the information for the birth certificate didn’t believe them that Georgia is a country. The moron had no idea and wanted to put Turkey as the birthplace of the father on the birth certificate because from their description of where Georgia is, she felt that it was “close enough”.

      • @Ana Cephaly lmao i would probably bit the crap out of her, and maybe send her back to school just to study geography 😀 its so nice to find someone so far and yet knowing one of georgians.
        with turkey we are neighbors but trust me there is no other connection between us, we are Christians,with really really ancient culture and language that has nothing to do with turkey or their culture.
        when im in Europe i get a lot of oooh georgia usa?when i explain they go like: ex soviet union right?so u are russian? lol

  14. Perhaps a more demure (batting eyelashes here) name than Yak Yak would be Spit Swallow? Kind of reminiscent of Tit Willow from The Mikado???

  15. I wish I had commented on Fame’s site more. I read both Fame and Faux daily but am just to shy to post! :) This has encouraged me to step out of my shell and comment more. I appreciate these bloggers so much and I can’t even imagine what they have to deal with in regarding to Mandy and the network!

  16. holy smokes, what the hell has been going on?? Fame and SH are down?? Great article Faux! I don’t get why Bravo would care now after all these years. It’s not like these are new blogs. Do you think this has anything to do with the Giudice lawsuit?

  17. Almost pulled a VG and pissed my pants laughing at this blog! Yak yak and Dum dum? Brilliant!!!! Loved it! Wishing the best for Fame too.
    Finding all these sites made my world.. Lol sad i know but i dont care. I never laughed so hard in my life!!

  18. This blog is FANTASTIC. I’ve been away for 10 days and trying to catch up on everything I missed while out of reach of a reliable internet connection. Reading this blog first would have helped a LOT lol.
    Bravo is SCARY..!! God bless you Faux, and Penny too. I swore off watching anything on that network, but I do love to read the blogs and the comments from you all. Love to Fame and hope she’s back soon.

    • omg had the same thought yesterday 😀 wishing someone would give me 24 h in their editing room.all the footage they have that is laying there yammmm 😀

  19. Happy to have found you all — long time lurker on this site — nice “fiction” ! I tweeted to Bravo about freedom of speech. The SWAT team is probably surrounding my house as we speak. BTW — on FB, there is a group called Italian ONE Coalition who is up in arms about Yak Yak’s book and its portrayal of Italian women. The rebel forces are gathering, and it will not be pretty.

  20. First time posting, long time fan! Glad you are posting again…..Thank you for the scoop. Can you unblock me on Twitter? – @mommyapplesauce

    • P.S. What is the REAL deal with Fame? Me thinks something is up with SH going down, now Fame is down and all these blacked out blogs…….

      • A response to an email sent to Fame:

        “Fame-Whorgas is not responding to mail at this time. FYI: No one has forced FW offline nor is FW in any legal predicament.”

      • Saddle, you comment on Fame’s site quite a bit. What are your thoughts? The whole thing is really strange. It is super crazy how a TV show can have so much pull….Makes a girl wonder, ya know?

      • Bravo, I think more than any other network has gotten into the “star” manufacturing business. They take relatively talentless folks and turn on the Bravo machinery and “poof” a star is born. But not like a classic Hollywood star. One that soley exists to generate revenue for Comcast/NBC and its divisions. That cretinous PR agent would post pictures of his grandmother getting gang-banged if he though it would get publicity. Bravo is trying to use him as a “star maker” to drive ratings, ad sales, cross promotions, etc. All they need to have is Teresa and The Talentless Slut bitch slapping each other in a tub of Jell0. The “pull” of the show is how Bravo has found a way to appeal to the basest viewer instincts. It’s a brilliant formula: offer up a sweet victim (Tre) and the perfect villian (Shore Whore). Somehow let the public learn how truly disgusting TSIL is and they will tune in hoping for decency and justice. Like the cliffhanger serials – just when you think the victim will be saved, something happens to drag it out and keep viewers coming back. The real problem is – Bravo has lost control and the show is going down in flames. Problem is – the insane gyrations the producers have been going through endanger most of Bravo’s programming. Don’t be suprised if “a mouse” might be sniffing around the rotton cheese. Imagine the ratings of an expose of rotton cheese. The cheesemaker would go out of business…

  21. I just love a good story, especially one that makes you think! Thanks Faux, maybe a certain publishing house should give you a deal too……:)

  22. Can somebody please help me with something. I’m trying to start a petition but its not working for me. Would anyone be interested in doing this for me please and re posting the completed link here for all to sign? You can copy what I had already written…

    Whom do you want to petition? Cooking Channel and Food Network

    What do you want them to do? Give Teresa Giudice her own show

    Why is this important?

    Teresa Giudice has a large fan base. Even Bravo’s Andy Cohen has said how crazy Teresa’s fanbase is. She is a best selling cookbook author, authentic, real, and endearing to watch as she fumbles her English words due to Italian being her first language. We as her fans, and Teresa herself, know she is in high demand for her own reality show from various networks, but nobody wants her family to be hurt through this process ever again through editing etc…which is why we feel you, Cooking Channel and Food Network, would handle her and her life best with dignity and respect, while letting her do what she does best – cook and love love love. Her recipes are amazing, her family is hilarious, her husband makes amazing homemade wine and sausage. We want to see her cooking with her beautiful mother and amazing mother in law. We want to see Teresa & her big fat Italian family! They are TV gold.

    Oh and this picture

    Thank you

  23. OMG!!!! Faux, is it ok to post links to this on fb & twitter. This MUST get out!! It is disgusting what’s being done. Shame on Bravo/Sirens/&the Whorgas! They suck!

  24. Faux, I do hope that Miss PitStop is able to take a break from the Wacky Housefrau’s to share some more delicious tidbits. Why, I do declare – I’m so proud of Miss PitStop and her understanding of the importance of “Suntrust v. Houghton Mifflin”

  25. Thank you Faux for your latest installment of Penelope Pitstop…I am truly amazed at a brother would do that to his own sister. It is so sad that he would throw his sister to the dogs. I hate to say this but it is time for dum dum sister to cut the ties and tell the truth about her brother and sil….there is no going back..this can’t be fixed.

    • I completely agree. What a true scum bag of a brother to offer his own sister up as a sacrificial lamb for a television show. I have completely understood Teresa’s refusal to cut her brother off, but this is just too much. If he could turn on her, he could do it to anyone-even her children. I wouldn’t try to have more than a cordial social relationship with him after learning this. Very sad.

      • I wish Tre would cut off her DumDum brother and his skank wife! This is dispicable behavior but not surprising for Dumdum to go after his sister for fame and money! The DumYak couple have been given an oppurtinity that they clearly failed. They were given a “platform” that could have lead them to riches but they aren’t talented or respected enough to make the serious cash they thought was owed to them. Same the Tre’s cousin, she just doesn’t have the “marketability” it takes to start a successful business. Their failure at not being able to sell themselves to America is not Tre’s fault! To me it seems that the DumYak couple and cousin, will not be happy until they see Tre crash and burn! I really believe they think if they “took care” of Tre that all of Tre’s fan’s will purchase their “brand” of products. Not unless their in the mindset of, “if we don’t make it, neither will you!”? They need to go away and stop lying and manipulating FHoGS viewers into believing they are the poor victims!

      • I wouldn’t have even a cordial relationship. When someone is just a really bad person, it is only logical that you seperate yourself from therm for your own quality of life and to protect your family.

  26. YAY! PP is back! great “Story”……very interesting, although not surprising. Will PP explain the preview for the next episode cause again it looks like PP throws someone under the bus….very curious to know if the footage is all spliced and diced again, although i think i already know the answer to that!

    ps. “snoozy”……….LOL….perfect!

  27. I think they are closing down one by one to clean up their sites so that anything that was said on them can be taken off. They are just protecting their asses.

  28. Dum Dum, Yak Yak, Dastardly, and Snoozy are truly evil and I don’t use that word lightly. They are movie villain evil. You like to think that people that evil don’t exist except in the fertile mind of a Hollywood screenwriter, but they do. And they walk among us. **SHUDDER** Dum Dum’s sister needs to cut him out of her life like the malignant tumor that he is.

  29. That is so freaking awesome. I would love to hear the conversations at Yak Yak and Dum Dum’s house about all of this. Oh to be a fly on the wall…..

  30. Your the best thank you and now I do understand a lot more I have the most respect for you an everything you had said looking Forward to be following you as well, lots of hugs and loves.

  31. Thank you Faux for explaining why those two lowlife’s wanted to meet with Penelope’s guy. I feel so bad for dumdum’s sister …she has the most horrible relatives! No surprise at all that dastardly would be involved in something so awful!

    Love this! Xoxoxo

  32. I remember a while back some douchbag called Johnny The Greek Tragedy. In a sense, they were right. They fucked with Johnny & Penny & created their own tragedy. One by one they’re all going down & it looks like Bravo is next on the hit list.
    Andy must be pulling his sackhair out. They should’ve read the story of the Trojan Horse; right when they think they’ve won, BOOOOOOOM.

  33. Great investigative reporting :-) If there was an award show for blogs, this one would win the 1st spot. Everything is making sense now. Thank you!

  34. I have a question…… I was reading on the SH site and a blogger said something about T writes her bravoBlogs and gives credit where credit is due and SH jumped in and said and I quote…” UH…`Scuse me! Tree most certainly does have a ghostwriter. Tree has not been writing her BravoBlogs for at least a year… and only fessed up to Heather after it was pointed out by others and only when she was asked”.
    My question…Does Heather write her blogs and what does it matter? I think it just pissed me off the way it was said by SH because that opened the door for the T haters to start in about her not being smart enough to write her own blogs. UGH!!!

    • SH used to love & adore Teresa (last year) & majority of the ppl who commented did, too. I used to post quite often & if I said something they didn’t agree with, boy, did I get tons of negative remarks. I quit posting a while back so I’m shocked to hear that they aren’t on Team Teresa anymore. Guess everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, whether others like it or not. Btw, love the real scoop. Teresa did say at the beginning of the season that most everything was set up so I figured this would be how it turned out.

    • They don’t hate T at SH. People express their opinions, sometimes it is a little harsh. Awful things have been said about the others but really nice things have also been said about all. I am not SH, but I don’t like when incorrect things are said.

      • I still want to know IF this is true that Tre said this Because someone that has as many successful products as she does cannot be dumb,(like some are saying ) as a matter of fact, it means she is very smart and has a great PR team. ……Dumb to me is that stupid ass book that Me-ho wrote that all the Ghostwriters in the world couldn`t help…..She is the one who needed a PR team….When you have been married for 40 years like me, Then you can write advise on ” how to have a happy marriage”. I do remember T saying Italian is her first language and I`m just sick of people saying she is dumb. I know a German lady who does the same thing and has a Masters degree, it does not make you stupid because someone writes her Blogs for her………IF they do……Rant over!!!!!

      • BTW, Faux…….. I cannot wait for your next installment of FHOG. …you have a winner with this one!!!! ( no Ghostwriter needed )

      • Isnt Johnathan Cheban Melissa, Joes, Kathy, Rich, Caroline, Jac and Chris’s PR person? Ya know, the Kardashians PR guy? He of “any news is good news” representation? Because he scored with the Kardashians and a sex tape I guess he thinks his style is a proven method. Whatever it takes to be famous and these famehos lap it up at what cost to their dignity and reputations! I honestly dont think most of the cast represented by him started out bad people (flawed yes, bad no) well, except for Joe and Melissa, I just have had a bad vibe with them since their first season on. Its a greedy and nasty style Gordon Gecko aka JC.

  35. hey fame sisters, look what i stumbled on. i think its not far from truth

    John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk 17 Sep
    Amazes me how some people know which version of “truth” to believe when they can only comment about the after-product
    Dottie Phelps ‏@phelps9113 17 Sep
    @JohnnyTheGrk John Do you know why Fame Whorgas was shut down?????
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk 17 Sep
    @phelps9113 Obviously “The Truth” is not part of other’s reality.

    • Ahhhh interesting!!!!! Even though fame has said nothing legal is going on it just doesn’t add up to me. If she is bored and doesn’t want to do it anymore why remove most of her blogs?

  36. Omg !!!!I love this blog!! I come everyday to check updates. Best wishes to Faux and esp to Penny who is bold, classy woman and has the courage to speak the truth.

  37. Hopefully Dum Dum’s sister is done with him! Time for her to start putting her star power to work and refuse to film with them. Pull a Deena and stare at her kitchen sink!! I would NEVER speak to my brother again if he was trying to humiliate me in front of people!!

  38. Hello Faux, I’m a big fan, PP’s blog is both hilarious and a poignant tale of of betrayal from a loved family member . How does one ever forgive such. dum dum ‘s sister must be a saint or a fake.
    I come from a very close knit family we love each other without question and would ‘die’ ( forgive the drama) for each other. However I don’t think any of us could forgive that level of betrayal by a beloved sibling for fame and fortune or anything else for that matter. I don’t believe it’s humanely possible to want to reconcile with a brother who repeatedly stabs you in the back and enjoys seeing you hurt and humiliated and ridiculed in public. Who has lied about you to get people to side with him and his horrid wife, who has asked people to lie about you to create drama and remain relevant, it beggars belief that your own blood will do this to you and you are still willing to forgive him.
    Tre is a better person than me if she can get past this.
    How can she look past what jacko and other so called friends did to her especially revealing secrets and private conversation she had with them when they were best friends, it’s just not done.
    Tre is a bigger person than I am if she can overlook her former best friends vitriol. For me false friends are so easy to let go and blank out of your life.
    This is just a miniscule tip of the iceberg of what Tre has been through. How do her haters not see this? She is not perfect, I never really liked her in the early seasons when she was being mean to Danielle. (who just seemed desperate to be accepted by the group) I thought she was silly but also a dedicated and very hardworking mother and wife. Now I see an incredibly strong woman who refuses to give others the satisfaction of seeing her crack under this immense pressure ( their legal problems partly created by her and her husband). I have no doubt that she must be very worried in private and her detractors must hate her public resolve, why shouldn’t she keep an upbeat facade, why shouldn’t she practice positive thinking, who does it benefit if she becomes depressed and breaks down? Not her babies, not her husband nor her business enterprise..
    Mrs G, I wish you all the strength in the world and then some. Oh one more thing, I have your cook books and my little Nigerian babies (teenagers actually) are loving Italian cuisine. and that it consists of much more than spag bol (spaghetti, bolognese to the uninitiated) pizza and risotto. Delizioso !!! Mrs G.
    All the best from Africa
    Thank you fame and all for allowing me to rant.

  39. Reading Penelope’s account of what happened made me really sad. I can’t believe a brother would do this to his sister. HE is truly evil. He can stop all this but he chooses not to because he loves all this infamy. What a loser! Enjoy it now because one day you will end up being a broken man.

    • I will never forget how he sat there at the Re-union when Katfish called his parents ” a lier and a coward “. and said nothing! The look on Tre`s face said it all… To me, that`s as low as you can get. I can`t even imagine how that made his parents feel that their ONLY son did not even blink at that comment!!!

      • Teresa’s brother, Little Boots, is a coward and a spoiled little boy… and truly a DumDum!! Mark my words, this folletto maligno (hob goblin) has wanted to be a HW ever since he found out his sister was first cast!! The depths with which he has sunk his family just to perpetuate his foolish fantasy that he is an “angel from G” makes one wonder just what type of “angel” he is talking about exactly? Poor Poppa Gorga, he has in his daughter 10X’s the man than his son could ever think of being. The 4 disgrazia that came on this show to revile and take down their own family member is very low and vile but Little Boots is all of that AND un codardo debole (a weak coward)!! And if this Stunad finds this and someone reads it to him and he get’s upset then let me quote a wise who deserves respect, Poppa G, “Go cry to you Mama!!” :p

  40. Most awesome blog “Penelope”! And I love Faux !! I am shocked at the length Bravo is going to in order to silence the truth and censor everyone’s opinions! Dang, they never did that during the RH of Beverly Hills blogs when Russell Armstrong committed suicide and Taylor and Bravo were taking a beating on the blogs. You would think Bravo would have intervened then. They were manipulating story lines and making Russell the villain back then. But to censor everyone over some stupid cheating rumors???? Just wow!

  41. I was just wondering what Penelope PitStop honey was tweeting last night about a long phone call…someone was asking him to make it stop…what is that about

  42. Thanks for giving us the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. I am so angry with myself, I am just now finding about about this site.

  43. @ GrandBeth ~ Tre was raised in a Italian home, by 1st generation Italian immigrants, her 1st language is not English & her traditions are/were mainly Italian. As a daughter of immigrants myself, I understand her perfectly. I have many friends like Tre, married young and not much of secondary school. She is far from dumb or stupid, there is a language and culture difference, but pay close attention… She gets it! :-)

  44. Long time reader, first time poster! Love love love the blog, and the insight it’s given us to how this network operates. One question on my mind is, why was the reunion filmed so early? Did they not want to wait until all of these blogs came out dissecting the “reality” being shown to us??? Was Bravo afraid of what would be said when discussing these last episodes at the reunion, without the truth being out on these blogs?????

  45. I must say I have not seen this season but I enjoy reading the chronicles in this blog more then if I was watching it each week. This Penelope PitStop shld be a weekly feature without a doubt. I cannot remember the last time I lol at something so funny.

  46. Okay, so in the previews coming up it looks as if Penny is directly blaming Teresa although she stated otherwise for two years. Unfortunately, it looks to me as if Melissa and Penny struck a deal. It looks as if Melissa did get Penny to agree to blame Teresa. Only Penny didn’t expect that the Laurita/Manzo clan would go nuts about the rumors about Nick. Joe Gorga jumps in… chaos ensues. Deal off the table. I am sorry Penny, but this scenerio makes a ton more sense than Bravo going to all kinds of extremes to dice up your convos. How could you be so naive?

    • Let me understand your position, Melissa decided to get in bed with the woman who she claims is spreading rumors & whose husband she claims has been harassing her on twitter. So Penny decided (after 2 years of saying Teresa is not behind the rumors) she is going to expose herself as a LIAR simply to strike a deal with Melissa and confirm Melissa’s version that Teresa is behind the rumors. Is that what your position is? Okay then.

      • My position? No, I don’t have a “position”.

        However, it has been said more than once that all of this chatter about cheating benefits Melissa in many ways. It gives her a story line. The whole show is centralized around Melissa and the many rumors. She gets to be vindicated and villainize Teresa all at the same time. I really do not know why any of these people DO the things they do. But Melissa filmed with Penny and that works for Penny doesn’t it? Sorry. I do not just buy into everything I am told. Not even by Penny. After all, was Johnny not saying on Twitter a short while ago that it WAS all Teresa. Then he gets assaulted. Penny sings a different toon. You tell me what we should think.

      • Up until two weeks ago Penny wrote a blog that said Teresa was not pulling her strings. Look at the clear meaning of the words from the Person herself.

        If Penny wrote it wasn’t Teresa, it’s clear to me that Penny isn’t blaming Teresa. You say you don’t believe Penny, does that mean you believe it was Teresa?

      • I don’t know what to believe. Why are you so defensive when I am here merely mirroring what many MANY other people are saying. So Penny says now that Teresa was not the one. Okay, then who is she refering to? Because I am not praising Penny I get grief? When I say I do not believe everything I am told that does not mean I can not see nuggets of truth.I believe Teresa hates her sister in law and probably did want to know about her past that keeps being brought up. But I don’t believe she set out to shame her own family publicly.

      • You even state here that two weeks ago Penny wrote saying Teresa was not involved. Great. Wonderful! But when Melissa & Joe met Penny before the trip to AZ, why did Penny not give Teresa a heads up that her family was desperately trying to get Tre pegged for this on camera? It is a valid question. If Penny did not care for Melissa, had set out to expose her & had Teresa’s phone numbers handy; why didn’t she reach out to Teresa to let her know that she (Penny) was being prepped to nail Tre on camera. These are the types of odd factors that make the story hard to swallow. It seems that Penny wanted her camera time. No need to bite my head off. Long time reader/ lurker. The comments I see in other places are much harsher and I am trying to understand because I have been telling folks for a long time that the Gorga’s are fame whores.

      • I am responding to your misstatements so please stop saying I am biting your head off. I have ignored your jabs on several occasions.

        You are truly missing the point. How would Penny have known that she was “being prepped to nail Tre on camera?” When Penny met with the Gorgas, she did not implicate Teresa. The End. There is a secret meeting among Johnny, Rich & Joe, again, no one implicates Teresa. The cast goes to Arizona. Melissa admits there is no proof that Teresa was involved.

        Suddenly the show is edited, the events are shown out of sequence and it is cut to show that Penny implicated Teresa.

        Believe what you want. But your logic is flawed. Stop saying I am biting your head off pr I am defensive by pointing out inconsistencies in your logic.

  47. I love this! It’s infinitely better with the comedic twist. Even better, I feel a little naughty, like we’re getting away with something. Thank you, faux and Penelope PitStop for the belly laughs.

  48. This just keeps getting better!!! What an amazing job you are doing Faux! I love your style. Very smart woman you are! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

    This whole thing is getting so old. Bravo should be paying attention, but, I doubt that they will change anything.

    I look forward to more of the story of Penelope!

  49. Penelope needs to talk to her own attorney because evil claws cant stop her from talkung. If Penelipe entered into an agreementthat was fraudulent on evil claws side Iit can be broken. Also, as to any criminal lawsuits ….its obstruction of justice to not allow Penelope to tell the truth about everything….even events leading up to the big explosion to explain how the explosion

    • Evil Claws is not stopping Penelope from saying anything she wants, that’s why he keeps capturing her, because when she is out, she is telling her story.

      Whether the agreement was fraudulent is for lawyers to decide. Penny is being advised of her rights. As to the criminal matters, I am certain that Penny is free to testify. That is where the truth will come out.

      • I think that the footage “seized” from the upcoming brawl was already tampered with by the time the police had a look at it. However, it has been said that they picked the wrong town to screw with and they are neither impressed or intimidated by a dumb reality show. I think they may be upset that Bravo ignored proceedure to get filming permits, had an over-capacity crowd in a tiny store which is a fire hazard, and lets hope that Bravo gets pushed around a little bit for not complying with filming ordinances. I just don’t trust Bravo to have not deleted incriminating footage of the assault before it was turned over to the police. They had all the time in the world. JTG looks like he is in shock by what is transpiring when he walks in.

  50. So it was edited when Penny told T that she set Melissa up at the fashion show last year and wanted to take her down or did Penny really say that?

  51. Are these asshole producers doing this to try to save their ass in court? Did they hand over all the unedited video of this mess? You can’t really erase digital film right? (Thinking of Jody Arius murderer who thought she erased pics of her killing her bf).
    I hate bravo and all they stand for. Of all Reality shows, bravo has to be the most evil to blatently ruin family and friends for $ and ratings…..
    Someone needs to sue the crap out of them and challenge their evil contracts to make a point – – this is just wrong.
    Thank you Faux for updating the viewers and giving Penny a platform. My heart breaks to watch people hate on her because they are believing the trash bravo shows – if they would just read and realize how viewers are ignorant sheep to bravo. Ughhh!

  52. “The Adventures Of Penelope” continue and I love it! Some day I’m coming to Jersey and we are going out to celebrate what a Wonderful Person you are Faux, always being there to defend and speak truth for others! xxx

  53. You write here that you never say it was Teresa’s fault. Now we see you saying it Is and admitting you said to Joe and Melissa that you did say it was her fault when you met. What’s the deal??

    • I think it has been explained many times how Production edits, frankenbites and rearranges things to make it look like they want. Penelope wasn’t playing, so they arranged it the way they wanted!

  54. I love this so much. What can the lawyers do legally? No names are being mentioned but man I bet this has them riled up!!! I am just starting to wonder how invested any of us should be in any of these people. They all know by now how this works, right? Do you think Teresa gets it or do you think every season she thinks she will be vindicated?

  55. After last nights episode the entire show should be cancelled. No NJ Housewife who is a Housewife of priviledge would even think of being on that mess. They have more morals and think more of their reputation in Society. JMO

  56. Here’s a local Franklin Lakes heads up – The Wakiles are joining the mad rush to live in town! Little do they know how people are dreading their move into FL – their ugly reputation precedes them – they will be met with bland knowing smiles when they get there….good luck fitting in guys…I wonder if they plan to make this their new storyline? Wonder if they’ll trust Joey Marcos to construct the house? I bet not.

    I was driving on Pulis Ave the other day near the street that goes to the Whorgas house and the Wakiles drove by (I’d expect on their way to make “plans” at the Whorga home).

  57. I posted this but it landed way way up by september 17th! sorry – but I thought you all might like to read it so I’m bring it “down blog” as it were so no one will miss….

    Here’s a local Franklin Lakes heads up – The Wakiles are joining the mad rush to live in town! Little do they know how people are dreading their move into FL – their ugly reputation precedes them – they will be met with bland knowing smiles when they get there….good luck fitting in guys…I wonder if they plan to make this their new storyline? Wonder if they’ll trust Joey Marcos to construct the house? I bet not.

    I was driving on Pulis Ave the other day near the street that goes to the Whorgas house and the Wakiles drove by (I’d expect on their way to make “plans” at the Whorga home).

  58. OMG they do not belong in FL, they belong more in Paterson. Yuck, destroying a beautiful town. Manzoids must be funding them cause they ain’t got the dough. She better get a real job, this crappola show has gone to their heads. What are they when the show goes away. LOL paupers. Love, love, love, it. :-)

    • seems like she is trying something new – I have heard she wants to launch a gelato/sorbet comopany!!!!!! if you throw enough sh*t on the wall something may stick….

  59. Are these people so desperate for money that they would put their whole life out there? Not me. I don’t need money that bad. The Manzo’s the entitled ones makes you think doesn’t it. All a bunch of phony’s.

  60. I only have one question. Didn’t lovie think it was strange that the people behind the cameras gave him the paper he had to sign AT the event they had been begging him to attend? At that point, I’m not sure there was anything he could do but sign the paper in order to enter the event and be with Penelope, but did it give him a “heads up” that maybe singing We Are Family wasn’t the plan?

    I believe Penelope and lovie are telling the truth, but are being fought by the evil Claw, who is trying to protect a story line, AND by DumDum’s sister, who doesn’t want the truth to come out about YakYak either because of the hurt it will cause DumDum, his kids, and his parents. Might be time for DumDum’s sister to walk away from things she can’t control.

  61. Penelope please start at the beginning…I would love to know how you got on the show and what was promised to you…also what happened on the Dec meeting… We want to know all…We know that the fight will be in litigation and you can’t tell everything…I have never posted on any blog until I read your story and now I’m posting everyday..thank you

    • I’m going to ask you question’s that I read from another commenter on another blog wrote. Is it true that Caroline is the one who was digging into Melissa past? And Penelope has proof? If those two questions are true than is the reason Caroline wanted to expose Melissa as a cheater was to divert attention away from Big Al cheating? If all that is true then I wonder why Caroline agreed to do another show focused on her family? Maybe this is the big secret? Big Al admits he has a mistress and the new “Manzo’d” show is about Caroline going it alone? IDK? I love your blogs by the way and laughed when I seen the book, “Love Italian Style” Yak Yak!

  62. Who would have thought a blog with Penelope Pitstop and FHOGS would be the most informative and real? Keep it coming Penelope, I love reading this! Can’t wait to hear what really happened with Clyde, Dum Dum, and your Lovie.

  63. I just wanted to say that I think the PP and the FHOGS blog posts are some of the most creative and amusing things I’ve seen this year.

    You’ve introduced us to some of the fictitious characters — PP and lovie, Evil Lawyer Claw, Dum Dum and Yak Yak — and have recently introduced Zippy D, Clyde and ChubbaBoom as well.

    Can you tell us the relationship between the new characters by referencing the existing ones — ABC, for example, is Dum Dum’s co-worker or XYZ is PP’s good friend and former boss, something like that?

    Again, truly enjoying reading the posts and the characters, which in my mind I refer to as Penelope “Passionflower” PitStop and the Fake, Fictitious, Fat and Phony Housewives of the Garden State.

  64. I want to hear it all but 1st zippy D and Clyde and dum dum’s sister. Also is it true that it was Clyde who was asking you for info on yak yak?

  65. wow I love your story and its a shame how you and lovie are targeted..someday I hope every one more sees the truth…Hang in there..

  66. Thank you Faux for the cool update.
    Question-if evidence for JTG involves the “footage” of what happened that night, isn’t it possible the producers, etc., destroyed or lost the footage of PROOF? If they filmed with a digital camera – you never lose the images, but, I am afraid the producers would “lose” the actual camera. Am I crazy?
    I just want all these Assholes to pay dearly for what they did to JTG and really, Penny, as well. I hate Bravo. I hate these posers. I no longer watch any of the shows and honestly, if Tre is going to continue to go along amd film this crap, I will no longer support her either. I believe in family love/loyalty – but her Asswipe brother has NONE for her and frankly, she needs to just stop already.

  67. I rewatched that scene where Chuggaboom confronts Penelope up to where Yak Yak asks to speak to Penelope in the back room…..well my head is spinning. I’ve never seen so many backround people appear, disappear, they’re standing beside one person at one moment than a different person another moment, it’s so stupid. Next time they plan on editing a scene I suggest they tell the backround people to NOT MOVE. Great blog, you guys are awesome. Stay strong.

  68. The facial expressions are key when trying to piece together this puzzle. Like when Dum Dum’s sister was yelling LOOK AT ME LOVIE! I TOLD YOU SOMETHING? To me it sounds like lovie had told Dum Dum that his sister is the one who told him something. Fishy Fishy Fishy!

  69. Thanks bunches, Penny and Faux!! These blogs just keep getting better.

    When the women write their blogs and onscreen interviews, they respond as if the conversation we saw on TV was the conversation they had while filming. Thanks to Penny and her awesome de-clawing powers, we’re getting a little insight to just how much this show is distorted to tell the story production wants to tell, not the story that happened. When it’s all so fake, are these people really mad off screen or is that all part of the act?

    • I wish I knew the answer to your question. The thing I’m having a hard time with is their blogs. Teresa last blog shows she is upset with Penny. Doesn’t she know the real story ( the one pp tells us) when she has a scene with penny then she watches the same scene at home Sunday night and it’s edited to the max why doesn’t she say WTF Penny never said that or that’s not what happened between Penny and I. They all write their blog as if what we saw really happened.

      • I think it is bc this show is just a scripted hot mess. T knows how bravo wants things to go so she plays along with it. If PP is telling the truth here, T is just as bad as everyone else on the show.

      • I think Teresa is mad at PP and JTG because she knows she didn’t egg them on, or ask them to “take down” anyone, but then she hears from Dum Dum and Yak Yak that PP is blaming her for everything AND she then sees the taped “show,” edited to look as though that is, indeed, what PP told Dum and Yak at Cheetos. So then she wants to confront PP with Melissa, who if you listen to it at the Posh2 Party, asks very general question in front of Tre “is everything you said true?” and PP says yes it was (and, it was ! But Tre believes she said far different things than she actually said!!) and the only question asked is “who told you I didn’t visit my father in law” and the answer is “Your sister did” and then the yelling and pointing takes over. Meanwhile Tre is seeing not only the show’s version of Cheetos where it looks like PP blames her, but also sees, week after week, interviews with Dum and Yak where they repeat that they believe Tre is behind it all, etc. So I don’t think she reads THIS blog!! If she ever does, boy will she be pissed at her brother then!

        Thanks for this great blog and we are all waiting with baited breath for the next installment . . .

      • Yes. I had enough with T too, because in the end, she is in on the lies too. i know she is under contract, and she has to go along with the script – but Jacko certainly didn’t. Caroline won’t play Bravo game with her kids, her marriage or her fambly. It would have been refreshing for Thheresa to say, hey wait – that’s not what happened. Maybe that’s why she seems so calm now, she knows the truth, she knowsthe others know the truth, and she knows everyone knows how full of BS Missy and Oompa Loompa are.

      • FWIW, more than one Bravolebrity has complained that Bravo edits their blogs too, and that what ends up being published at is often far removed from what they wrote, with big pieces of information removed, and sentences they never wrote included.

  70. You guys are brilliant! Keep this going so the rest of us will know the real truth behind Bravo’s bullshit! So creative! New found respect for Penny and Johnny! They have to be pretty brave to spill the beans when no one else would! Faux proud to say I communicate with you! Your a good woman!

  71. Very clever! Thanks for the laughs, and for ripping the mask off this “reality” show. Hope things work out for you and love, Penelope.

  72. Twitter feud going on between teresa Kathy and Rosie.. Actually it’s just the wakile family and Rosie fighting with themselves

    You can use my comments to repost if you’d like :)

    I don’t think Teresa’s intention was to blame them (wakiles) about starting rumors but she was pointing out that everyone was acting like they are complete strangers that only Teresa knows.

    Melissa’s bridal party got their hair done with Lenny, Penny is friends with Jan, Kim D, and Melissa’s ex as well (a connection she doesn’t want to say in tv)

    Kathy’s kids know their family

    Jac knows penny about as much as Teresa does (pictures at appearances and Kim D store)

    Caroline … Not sure

    Teresa deleted the tweet because she knew it was wrong to retweet it and her intention was to clear her name not cast a cloud over her cousin. I see both sides and both have a right to be pissed. Please take your issues up over the phone and not twitter,

    The article didn’t bash the kids.. And the kids pics are public by the way.,teresa didn’t write the blog

    She wasn’t trying to say they brought Greeks in the show or even started rumors. She was trying to show they didn’t bring these complete strangers into their lives only

  73. Love the insight.
    Keep it coming.
    Hope to hear more about them all ……….
    Gorgas & Walkile (sp) …. O a tangile web we weave when we first come to deceive!

  74. Oh no! Your latest posts ends with

    her new business IF AND ONLY IF

    and there’s nothing after that.

    There’s also no day in the date stamp, it just says “October, 2013”.

    • Yes, Penelope Pitstop adds a little to the blog every few days. I keep coming on here to check out the latest, it is so awesome!!!!!

  75. Welcome back Penelope …I know you have been really busy. Did the producers of the FHOGS want to out Yak Yak? I have a feeling Dum Dum saw the handwriting on the wall and decided to turn the tables and started a fight so they couldn’t use the footage. It changed the outcome of the show. They had to blame someone so poor Dum Dum sister had to be the sinister one again.

  76. Im always so mad at how Teresa always gets the bad edit. thanks to Penelope Pittstop for filling us in. I read them to my husband and he couldn’t stop laughing. Now at least he understands why Im always upset by this show.
    legal claws made lovie sign under duress, so contract cant be binding. also its obstruction of justice to say someone cant tell the truth in court. we arent communist…yet. Bravo/ Sirens are not above the law. Shame on them!!

  77. The show’s editors ought to be ashamed. Why not go with the real story? Not only are the viewers fed up with all the lies, but the truth is more interesting than their big fat fake storylines.

  78. How about some Flintstones next time? Good blogging, but seriously hard to follow. How about nicknames? $11 million in the hole, shoe polish baldy, Boring but crazy, Bossy big red, etc. ?

  79. Go Penelope Go! Need an update. Hope you’re OK! This is great stuff. you should write a book like Yak Yak but about the perils of Penelope. A kids book but really meant for adults. Bestseller!

  80. Best comment from all about trh about clip showing caroline vs teresa:
    This is the best blog ever says:

    Lmao.. Is this for real?

    Did caroline forget how her daughter called Teresa’s kids raised by wolves, talking about her legal issues, her issues with her cousin and sister in law and brother, her husband going to jail before it was even a big topic, them divorcing, them cheating….. You are a joke caroline and a hypocrite.

    Just because you are louder, doesn’t make you smarter

    By the way, when caroline kept asking repeatedly if Teresa saw them fighting with her own two eyes..teresa said no she heard them. And she said caroline WAS miserable the whole trip… teresa didn’t really lie but maybe exaggerate which she admitted

    Unlike caroline when called out on WWHL if she regrets predicting a divorce for Teresa..she puts up that stinky finger of hers again and says no no no watch it again those were not my words. (Of course WWHL didn’t bother to play the clip we all saw lol)

    Bravo likes to pretend that if they don’t acknowledge something then the viewers forget about it lol

  81. From FW

    Kay says:
    October 10, 2013 at 12:30 PM
    Melissa just tweeted this…what good hearted people her cousins are….yes the same one that tweeted hateful things about Teresa a year ago……..

    Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga 25m
    Completely love my cousins @NickMarco & @tmariemarco such amazing and good hearted people. Xo

    Tara Marco Bogota ‏@tmariemarco 30 Sep 12
    I love all the whispering going on during the reunion, its apparent no one can handle the delusional woman in the green dress!

    Tara Marco Bogota ‏@tmariemarco 30 Sep 12
    Get Teresa off the show #timetogo #crazylady #glittereyeshadow #RHONJ

    Tara Marco Bogota ‏@tmariemarco 30 Sep 12
    @Lizarazo crazy delusional woman! She should get kicked off the show #overit

  82. From FW

    Kay says:
    October 10, 2013 at 12:30 PM
    Melissa just tweeted this…what good hearted people her cousins are….yes the same one that tweeted hateful things about Teresa a year ago……..

    Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga 25m
    Completely love my cousins @NickMarco & @tmariemarco such amazing and good hearted people. Xo

    Tara Marco Bogota ‏@tmariemarco 30 Sep 12
    I love all the whispering going on during the reunion, its apparent no one can handle the delusional woman in the green dress!

    Tara Marco Bogota ‏@tmariemarco 30 Sep 12
    Get Teresa off the show #timetogo #crazylady #glittereyeshadow #RHONJ

    Tara Marco Bogota ‏@tmariemarco 30 Sep 12
    @Lizarazo crazy delusional woman! She should get kicked off the show #overit


  83. I love how when melissa was asked to respond to seeing her comments about Joe and Teresa’s marriage, instead of apologizing she said.. See how it feels

    And teresa says what did I say about your marriage or something like that


    “Well you talked about my singing”

    lmao.. Effing joke

    • Melissa and Caroline are masters at never answering a question. Andy never points it out. Teresa should be more in tuned with focusing them into answering, but it is difficult when they are rapid firing questions and accusations at her without any back up.

  84. Please see Fame Whorgas, Oct 10th, that Jac never got any Tweets from John K. re Nick and autism. She made it all up and John was beaten because of her lies. She also posted fake Tweets from people who she swiped off Twitter. She is completely nuts to say the least.

  85. If BRAVO released Penny and Johnny from contract in exchange for the agreement to drop the criminal case, why is Evil Lawyer Claw still coming for Penelope?

    • I believe the agreement was the right to sue in exchange for dropping the criminal matter. There was no mention of waiver of other provisions of the contract.

  86. Got it – thanks Faux!

    (And is Lovie or his own Evil Lawyer Claw, thinking of adding slander/libel charges to the suit? Drunk-A-Loon certainly has done both with her false claims that Lovie tweeted insults to the son she swears on – he’s AUTISTIC!)

  87. Did ya’ll hear Joe Guidice say something about a “penelope person” could it be?? Could they read this site?

    • That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking!! He kept saying ‘Penelope’ and ‘Penelope Cruz’ etc and the wives couldn’t jump in fast enough to correct him, saying, “it’s PENNY!” with a very awkward look on their faces.
      I feel sorry for Joe Giuduce cos you can literally see his head spinning with the stress of trying to tow the party line and stick to the fake version of events, instead of the ACTUAL truth. That’s why he stays so quiet most of the time, and that’s why in many of the scenes when the wife’s meet up for one of their set up ‘chats’ he quickly leaves the room.
      He used to come off as mean when he talks about other cast members (with his wife at their house or in their car) but that is cos he is the only one talking about REALITY and giving us a glimpse of “the man behind the curtain” while the others are all sticking to the fake script. I really feel bad for him. He is referencing this blog, and all the bitchy tweets and texts which we DON’T get to see.

  88. When will the Penelope Pitstop update be posted? Love reading them, so funny and informative. I hope evil lawyer claw doesn’t have her tied up again. Patiently ( well not so much) waiting on the next one! Love this site, thanks!

  89. I have a question. On the fake housewives of garden state, they showed these tweets from Lovey regarding Dum Dum’s no-show at the hospital. Did FHOGS set up a fake account and send out these tweets themselves?
    Also, do you believe that Dum Dum and Yak Yak are just as clueless about what is going on as the viewers, and that their interrogation of you was their desperate attempt to try and figure out what the hell was going on? I.e. Are they unaware that it is the PRODUCERS pulling the strings? They know SOMEONE must be the puppet master and they don’t actually realise that it was the producers all along??? OR in your opinion, are they in on it with the producers?? It makes more sense that Dum Dum is NOT aware of the truth, since his anger seems so genuine….and why would he want to hurt his sister like that, who he seems to genuinely love? Maybe the producers put him up to visiting your Lovey with Dastardly?
    And why are Bravo so intend on bringing Dum Dum’s sister down???????

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