RHONJ: Exxon In Hot Pursuit of Wakile & Sons, Inc.

wakile exxonRichard Wakile (husband of Kathy Wakile of RHONJ) is no stranger to the judiciary in New Jersey.

Wakile’s legal escapades, including but not limited to his landscaper’s successful lawsuit against him and Exxon’s lawsuit, have previously been reported by various media outlets.  Discussion of the Exxon lawsuit was  resurrected as a result of Wakile’s famous twitter escapades.

Wakile’s famous twitter escapades are well documented on a twitter feed entitled @WakileMustGo. He has directed his inappropriate tweets at women of varying ages, calling them skanks, douches, dogs, claiming to know where they work, etc. His most offensive tweets are those targeting young women-one in particular stands out where he felt the need to mention the profession of a blogger’s father. After each tirade, Wakile deletes all offensive tweets.

On the evening of June 25, 2013, Wakile commenced yet another “twitter women hater rant.”  The following are highlights of his depravity:

wakile rant 1

wakile rant 2

As a result of Wakile’s rampage, I sought answers regarding the Judgment obtained by Exxon in the Wakile matter.  Wakile repeatedly refused to answer whether the $113,449.46 Judgment had been paid, but insisted that “Richard Wakile” did not appear “in the papers”.

Wakile rich never not paid

(except of course the landscaper) Exxon?

It appears that Wakile learned to answer questions about his legal issues from Jacqueline Laurita.

In accordance with the invitation of Richard Wakile, I read ALL the pleadings in the matter entitled ExxonMobil Oil Corporation vs. Wakile & Sons, Inc. and Adel Abouzid, Civil Docket No. CV-09-1265 (hereinafter Exxon v. Wakile)

The procedural history of the case is replete with strategic maneuvering by Defendants, but not once did Defendants deny any of the allegations made by Exxon.  The Complaint alleged among other things, breach of contract, trespass and conversion (improper taking of Exxon’s property).

The Federal Court issued a preliminary injunction forbidding Defendants from transferring, removing, selling or giving away any of Exxon’s property:

Wakile order injunctive relief crop 1

Wakile order injunctive relief crop 2

Defendants never denied the allegations of the Complaint, never denied that they wrote bad checks, never denied that they converted (improperly took) Exxon’s equipment or that they owed the funds. Defendants admitted that they forged letters from the Bank.

Defendants did nothing UNTIL after Exxon obtained a Judgment against Defendants which awarded Exxon $113,449.56 against the Defendants.

Wakile Judgment

After Exxon obtained its Judgment, it sought to collect it’s money from Defendants.  When Defendants failed to pay, Exxon asked for depositions (questioning under oath) to explore its post judgment remedies and to determine Defendants’ assets.  That is where the games began.

Defendants failed to appear for depositions on numerous occasions in violation of Subpoena and Court Orders. Exxon attempted to to reschedule the depositions on several occasions. On one such occasion, Exxon obtained a Court Order scheduling the depositions to take place on November 19. Defendant failed to appear.

Shortly after the date of the scheduled deposition, Defendants’ attorney faxed a “Bankruptcy Petition” listing Exxon’s Judgment in an effort to discharge (wipe out) Defendants’ obligation to pay the money. Bankruptcy law allows persons to discharge debts provided it was not obtained by fraud or other exemptions.

By letter dated December 1, Exxon’s Counsel advised the Federal Judge that Defendants had failed to notify Exxon of the alleged Bankruptcy (and failed to provide the proper address for Exxon on the Bankruptcy Petition). Exxon contended that it was entitled to question Adel Abouzid to determine the assets and shareholders of Wakile & Sons, Inc. and to determine what happened to Exxon’s equipment.

The Federal Judge agreed with Exxon and held Defendants Wakile & Sons, Inc. and Adel Abouzid in contempt for their repeated failures to appear, Ordered that the U.S. Marshall arrest Adul Abouzid and awarded Exxon counsel fees to be paid by Defendants.

Wakile Order Contempt both Defendants cropAdditional arrest warrants have been issued, but the US Marshal’s Office has not yet executed the warrants.  Without Defendant Adel Abouzid’s testimony, Exxon may not be aware that Richard Wakile was/is a shareholder of Wakile & Sons, Inc. Furthermore, if there is a finding of alleged fraud, Exxon may “pierce the corporate veil” of Wakile & Sons, Inc. and look to it’s shareholders to cover the liabilities of the corporation.


Richard Wakile may want to spend less time on twitter calling women douches, dogs and skanks and more time resolving the Exxon Judgment against Wakile & Sons, Inc.

Wakile Exxon blog last pic


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  1. The only scumbag, douchebag is LIVERLIPS. He is as low as a humanoid can get. He says his wife’s crotch smell like fish on National TV. That humanoid if you want to call him that doesn’t belong on a National TV show. He’s as much of an embarassment as his POS phycotic SIL BEAVER BUSH ROSIE. Down the hole I say they go. :-)

    • so i guess when juicy joe said he only had a gas station he was right or did he say ritchie worked at a gas station….lol
      that would explain his greasy hair

  2. You wouldn’t think Exxon would want someone like this representing them!! I wonder if they know about all this ranting and raving!

  3. This scumbag makes me sick in every way possible. The sight of him makes me throw up a little in my mouth. He is a sorry excuse of a man!! Period!! His followers are just as bad threatening bodily harm on people. It’s no wonder he goes on tirades and throwing vile insults at women and then deleting them. He tries to deny the lawsuit by deflecting either insults or False accusations about others without any merit. The guy is a JOKE! It was quite entertaining though watching his meltdown on twitter last night. LMAO. Keep putting out the truth and pissing them off! Love Love Love You Faux!!!!!

  4. Well well well what do we have here? So I see Rich has been a bad bad boy. I have copped the brunt of Rich’s vicious twitter tirades. He doesnt bother me I think he is a stupid man who needs to realise his 2 minutes of fame will be up when Bravo doesn’t re-sign him for Season 6. He & his family are boring as fark. Those casting directors should be fired for even casting this lame ugly boring family. The only reason he and his lame boring family are still on the show is because these sly conniving bastards agreed to sell their soul to Andy & stab Teresa in the back.

    He attacks Teresa and her fans because quite clearly he is green with envy at Teresa’s success and her legion of fans. Something he will NEVER accomplish in his lifetime. Nor will his equally vile wife. I mean really Kathy trying to compete with Teresa??? Really?? Are you that delusional and stupid woman. Then again you married Rich so please dont bother answering my question.

    I think it burns Rich that most people see through his charade and see him for who he really is…..a fame whore pig who’d sell his own soul to the devil for money. We all know he hates Juicy. Can’t blame him I mean Juicy has everything, gorgeous wife gorgeous kids and a big following. The only reason Rich doesn’t cheat on KatFish is because no sane decent woman would allow a pig like him to touch her. Not even a dirty hooker would sell her body to Rich (with the exception of THAT equally gross tranny).

    Rich I know you are reading this because I know you are obsessed with myself and Faux. Let me be clear…..your words do not affect me in the slightest. You are a pig and a scumbag. I truly hope your daughter doesnt end up with a piece of shit like you. Then again the way I’ve seen your kids act on twitter they are just like their father. You are a disgrace to mankind. If I was your daughter I’d be ashamed to have you as my father. You are a liar and a fraud.

    If my dad had a 20 year old Ferrari I’d disown him if he even bragged about it. Its nothing to brag about because seriously you delusional fark IT’S FREAKING 20 YEARS OLD!!!!!! My sofa is worth more than your pissy Ferrari. I could probably sell my last turd for more than your Ferrari is worth. Secondly it’s a known fact you are in debt up to your googlely eyeballs. Stop pretending to have what you dont and pay your fucking bills!!!. You are a poor bastard. Own it because if you dont once this season is over you’ll go back to being a nobody just like you were before you tried to highjack Teresa & Juicy’s show.

    I’d also like to say I find you very disgusting (as do most women). Knowing that you keep my glorious pictures in your wank bank really makes me sick to my stomach. My skin crawls at the thought of you tossing over my pictures. Just know someone of my calibre would NEVER EVER give a douchebag like you a chance. So enjoy my pictures fuckface because that is the closest you’ll ever get to me.

    PS I’ll be in NJ next summer. If you have enough guts to call me a skank to my face name a time and place. Trust me when I say it will be the last time you ever call a woman a skank again you caffone.

    Yours truly
    Your Worst Nightmare

    • Really? He masturbates over your photos? How do you know? I mean … eww!

      Anyway, I am truly so sorry this jackass makes you so riled. You obviously don’t deserve that, Lisa. You are a much better person than this troll can ever hope to be. I don’t want you upset and especially not by someone like him! When you come here to NJ, I only want you surrounded by fun, great folks. There’s also so many awesome things to do; you’ll have such a blast you won’t have time for this skunkass.

      • Haha thanks Dennie. Honestly he doesn’t rile me up. I think its funny that he attacks people who don’t like him or his wife.

        He signed up for this so he has to be able to cop the what us as viewers (the critics) say about him & his behaviour. I don’t see any other HW Husband act like Rich does on twitter. Hopefully Bravo puts a muzzle on him.

        Trust me I wouldn’t waste my time in NJ on a scum like him. Although I have always wanted to visit Rikers Island so maybe Rich will get his wish. Only thing is he won’t be able to touch me because we’ll be separated by glass and a 200 pound guard. I do think orange is Rich’s colour though.

      • Love it, Lis! I so agree with you — dude did indeed sign up for cheap fame. The sword cuts both ways and this skunk is committing seppuku!

    • I love that you stand up to that male equivalent of a skank. He’s a malaka with a COCKtail sized weenie.

    • He is a Peeping Tom just waiting to be caught. He speaks of underage girls inappropriately. He has been making creepy remarks to Teresa since she was seventeen. He needs to be tied up in the Guidice’s garage instead of Juicy’s boxing bag, and toyed with like a pinata. How he escaped Sr. Mr Gorga’s wrath I will never know. He should have been dealt with many years ago. He is a pervert.

      • I totally agree and that is why Teresa doesn’t like him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had hit on her one time and she turned him down.

    • *Nods* to your post! Well said! Ickie Richie is nothing but a coward to me! The way he insults people and tries to play it off as a joke is disgusting. He’s to big of a chickensh-t to say what he wants to say because he knows he’ll get the tar beat out of him by someone. It is so “Richie” to insult women only! He better watch out one of the women he insults might have a husband/ brother/
      father/son who will show him that women are not to be talked down to like that! I remember last season that Kathy said Richie wasn’t a fighter! The picture above, where he thinks he’s a cool looking pimp, makes my stomach churn! I like how he refer’s to RHONJ as ‘our’ show! What, Richie, you a woman now? You sure act like one! The way you fight with them over social media telling them their ‘douches’ or ‘skanks’! I couldn’t imagine my dad acting like that when I was Victoria’s age! I’d be ashamed!

  5. the man is a pig…..he has a daughter and i wonder how he would feel if someone had called her these vile names…. his lack of respect for woman is legendary……his poor children must be so asshamed of him with reading this…

    • Unfortunately it seems as if some of his dirty mouth has rubbed off on his kids. He has to know his kids can read his tweets. It’s not like he has any GOOD traits to pass on to his kids.

  6. He is not only an ugly loser — but stupid as well. Hanging with the Lauritas, on or off camera. Bet while the Feds are listening to the “Tic as Tieves” Laurita conversations, they have probably gathered some good shit on Joe Gorga and this asshole. I don’t think these morons are taking this Laurita fed fraud case serious enough. I am living for the days they are exposed. These people are trash lowlife thugs who cheat and rob for all they have. Rich is one of those gold chain, fat, ugly, old ass car drivin loser that preys on women. Be patient, he (& Lauritas) will get his clock cleaned and be sued or jailed for his/their gross conduct with women and illegal activities. I. Can’t. Wait.

    • I know, it’s just a matter of time before th Lauritas and the rest get taken down. And when they do don’t be to shocked when Richie is being walked out by the US marshalls.

      • My guess would be that what finally takes him down is something like being part of an international kiddie porn ring. I’ll bet he is enjoying that video of the littel Gorga boy right now. Good move Joey.

      • And he is repulsive enough to be involved in something like that. You are probably spot on, Gessie.

      • Oh, there is something seriously wrong with this guy. And it’s not going to be pretty when it comes out.

  7. So Richie and his business partner have a judgment against them from Exxon. They need to depose his partner. The U.S. Marshall need to find him (Abdel) and bring him in. Then they can execute the judgment against Richie and Abdel. Rich Wakile has got to be the stupidest person on the planet, he aggravates people on twitter when he has this giant skeleton in his closet.

  8. “I watch Teresa’s show. Call her up and thank her for feeding your family!”

    Perfectly said. The whole rest of the cast should know this by now. Well said Faux, well said indeed! <3

  9. Here is a suggestion:

    Get ahold of the plaintiff in the suit.
    Simply identify yourself as an editor or legal researcher as you previously claimed; if you contact them as an editor, give them your host name and say; “My name is ____ I am an editor with; ” “GoDaddy” ” or say; “” FauxrealityEnt” ” and explain Mr. Wakiles claims.
    Tell them who you are and ask if they can verify that it is him, the Reality Persona.. *laughs*

  10. Why would he invite anyone to look at the papers if its still an open case? This guy is a dumb dumb. I ff during his family’s parts, boring but I didn’t realize he’s this bad in life. Time for bravo to do something before he gets them n trouble

    • Because he thinks we’re stupid and will believe he’s not involved since his exact name, Richard Wakile, isn’t named as a defendant… or he’s just being a brat… he says that hoping most people won’t look further and he’s not technically lying. He could also be calling Fame’s bluff directly (big mistake!). Melissa does that a lot too… at least she used to.

      I’m waiting for more info on Jax. When it gets to the point where she can’t hide from it any longer. I’m not happy that it all happened, because of the kids, but it has, they are crooks and need to be exposed the way Teresa was exposed. They are all crazy to keep making snide remarks about Teresa’s bankruptcy. Teresa climbed out of that hole and has been respected by many for the way she handled it. They will never be able to say the same.

      I firmly believe Teresa knows about a lot of skeletons in Joey and/or Melissa’s closet but she’s not a back stabber. She protects them because they are family. With all they’ve done to her… the viewer’s that still think she’s the devil… she could expose them and show people that Melissa and Joey are posers… but instead she doesn’t want to see her family hurt. Now THAT’S good character.

  11. It would be sweet, sweet justice if the Wakile’s appearance on Teresa’s show became their ultimate undoing and they lost everything because of it.

    You are the master, Faux! Thank you.

  12. Once again, another phenomenal blog from our friend Faux! You had me laughing out loud about the ‘Teresa’s show’ comment – biggest truth for any of the RHONJ.

    Love you on Twitter, and your blogs are the best! Have to shout out to Lisa too though – perfect post 😀

  13. I was just wondering how old is creepy dick wakile? In last weeks episode Teresa mentioned she had turned 40, and wakile was just celebrating his 39th.? I thought both he and Kathy were older than Teresa.
    Sorry but this has been bothering me. Hope someone has an answer!

      • Thank you very much for the reply! How very kind of you to take the time to answer a first time poster. I really do enjoy reading your blog.
        Thanks again!

      • Old Richie has been trying to get into Teresa’s you know what for years and she knows it.

  14. I love this blog!
    It is amazing to me that a grown man can talk to a woman like that. One can argue that we are tough I them but we are merely reacting to them .
    Last night Richard Wakile went on another tweet and delete spree. I do not know how to post, but I am disgusted.
    Why does Bravo allow this?

  15. I just found this blog and love it. You tell it like it is and will keep reading. Thanks for the entertainment.

  16. Am wondering how it’s going with the lawsuit – Will you be doing an update on whether or not Exxon has gotten their money?

    Speaking of updates – what’s happpening in Ridgewood NJ with the Laurita-stiletto-heel fiasco? It will be interesting if Bravo ever airs that scene – I’m thinking that it won’t be because of legal actions of some sort – thanks faux!

  17. I know this is an older post, but I just came across it, totally by accident, and had to comment. I have no opinion on his business dealings. This has to do with his insulting tweets. I recently commented on one of his Italy pics, very nicely and complimentary. I did not expect a reply and didn’t get one. The next day someone else tweeted him saying that they loved him and to tell the rest of the cast that they are disgusting. His reply to that person was “Thank You”. So, I called him out on it saying that I left him a nice tweet but didn’t get a reply, but he replied to someone that thinks the rest of RHONJ are disgusting. He deleted his ‘thank you’ tweet and called me a liar, saying he said ‘thank you’ to another post by that same person, not the one that said the rest of the cast was disgusting. So, I tweeted him back and said he was wrong. Then, in addition to calling me a liar, he called my an idiot and an asshole. I tweeted him again, asking what I did, aside from leaving a nice comment on his Italy pic, and pointing out that he tweeted a ‘thank you’ to someone that finds his family disgusting. He then deleted most of his tweets to me, like it never happened, and turned it around, as if I was trying to start trouble and threw some more insults my way (also deleted). I can understand if he is lashing out at haters, but I did absolutely nothing wrong. I was kind and polite to him. At the time, I did not think to get screenshots of the whole convo. But, just because I don’t have the screenshots, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  18. Why is he even part of this show? He’s an asshole , he has no respect for anyone!! Someone should tell him he looks stupid with his pink shirt and collars turned up like he’s living in the past. Hey DB get a job stop trying to act funny cause your not, your just funny losing!

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