RHONJ: Wakile & CannoliGate – The Dark Side

Cannoli are synonymous with celebrations . . . parties . . . good times . . . a little tube of heaven.

Who can forget the quaint dinner Joe and Teresa Giudice held for Caroline Manzo and her young son during Season 2. The dinner was topped off with an incredible plate of Cannoli, fruits, other sweet delicacies made by Teresa Giudice.

Years before Kathy Wakile and her titimisu offered in the parking lot next door to the Totowa Cemetery, Teresa was cooking, baking, taking care of her rambunctious young daughters and showing her daughters and viewers the true meaning of Italian traditions.

Bottling tomatoes with their grandparents:

Making brick oven pizza with the extended family:


Baby Audriana’s birth and Christening – no name calling, no drunken brawls and no bloodshed.

Watching Gia as she maneuvers her way through the world of modeling, acting, and dancing.

The trip to Italy filled with scenic vistas and amazing food, including CANNOLI!

Fast forward to Season 3 and Season 4 and the Dark Side of “respect” and “old school” as we are plunged into Cannoli-Gate.

With the introduction of Katerina Wakile, we come to learn that she and/or her mother invented Italian cuisine from the inception of time to present. Apparently, Kathy lurks around libraries and bookstores, and points to photos in cookbooks identifing each photo as “my mother’s _________ [insert name of food in photo].”

In Season 4, Kathy met with the executives of Bindi to discuss marketing her desserts.  Kathy is conveniently vague about what, if anything, came from her disasterous meeting with the Bindi executives (where her husband announced that she tastes like fish).

Faux Reality wants us to believe that Bindi jumped at the chance to have Kathy (the inventor of all Italian desserts) partner with Bindi. The Reality is quite different.


Bindi is a highly respected Italian company that was established by the Bindi family in 1946. Most of it’s gourmet dessert product line is produced in Italy and imported to the United States for distribution. Bindi sets forth it’s values.

It was highly unlikely that a 60 year old Italian company with Master Pastry Chefs on staff would suddenly partner with a woman with no formal training to make it’s cannoli.  Bindi has been marketing its own cannoli years before Kathy claimed that she and/or her mother invented them. Bindi has also had a  cannoli kit, not as popular as it’s ready made, flash frozen cannoli, but a cannoli kit nonetheless.

So why has Kathy Wakile been so vague about whether Bindi partnered with her and “her Cannoli kit?”  After all the swipes Kathy took at Teresa for the recipes, wouldn’t Kathy want to make it clear what part she played in the recipe, manufacture and distribution of the kit that she intends to introduce to QVC in less than 2 months?

If Kathy was able to structure a deal with Bindi, she would be flaunting it. The deal is as follows:

Bindi refused to have their name associated with Kathy Wakile or her companies. Bindi agreed to reactivate it’s cannoli kit (that it has not actively marketed) under a different label (unassociated with Bindi), it will allow Wakile to name and market the cannoli kit. In exchange Wakile will receive a percentage of net sales. 

How ironic that after Kathy’s snide comments to Teresa about her mother’s pizzelle cookies, Kathy will be promoting a cannoli kit that is not a Pierri recipe.

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      • Dontcha know that because Meho said it that alone makes it true. We shouldn’t question her. Clearly it is Teresa’s fault there is no evidence.

      • she did make it on #7 on itunes…..but what she left out is on the dance or whatever genre charts. It’s not on the main page of itunes, you have to hunt it down, which who does that anyway. Plus, she probably bought a ton of them to boost her number and had realitives buying that crap. Honestly, itunes is bogus in a sense that it doesn’t really tell you whats popular. If you want to know go to billboard, they have the most accurate popular song numbers. she once again is making something bigger than she is, very manipulitive and egotistical.

  2. The homemade cannoli kit will bomb of course, but the the all time worst idea for a product from the boneheads on this show IMO is BLK water. With what Americans spend on teeth whitening, white strips, etc., why would you buy a product that is going to make your teeth brown or black, when you can get clear H20 for free out of your tap, and it won’t stain your teeth?

  3. Keep up the amazing work. This website is a breath of fresh air. Wish everyone read this site before trashing Tre and her gorgeous family. I love that you have all the facts about all the legalities etc. No one can ? the facts if they do tell them to va fanculo.xx

  4. I love this sight too. Whoever FauxReality is they either are one of the people on the show, or it’s someone who lives in that town where all the action is happening. Either way this blog has given more information in such a short time. No wonder Stoopidhouswives supports Faux.

  5. Yay! So glad to finally read something concrete about the “Porecelain Goddess”. She’s gotten off way too easy so far. Can’t wait to read the whole story. Keep up the good work; you’ve got us all addicted.

  6. Each of the “other RHONJ” have their own websites as their own name such as JacquelineLaurita.com CarolineManzo.com KathyWakile.com and each and every one has recipes sections on them. Each recipe is labeled for example My Turkey Soup Recipe and the others are with My whatever or Laurita whatever, Caroline’s is simply Caroline’s Kitchen with recipes, Kathy has a whole bunch of tabs for different categories but most come up nothing found but there is Kathy’s Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting. So they are all into posting recipes now with “THEIR” name on them. How petty can these so called ladies sink.

    Oh and Caroline Manzo has an “Online Shop” tab on her website click on it…it says “COMING SOON”. She can get this big website all set up and done but Catface meh don’t have time to do anything with that just post things for sale on twitter.

  7. Im no chef. Its been a learning process over the past 10 years. I sometimes stuff canolli shells with my MIL. with that said, If u leave them even in ur fridge for 2 days or out even wrapped, they go bad. So, the only way I can think of is what Kathy ( or whoever is gonna make them) will do is put preservatives in them to ship lol. I think im gonna photoshop canolli on Kathy’s arms frm pics frm the reunion. Yeah #FishCrotch , ur desserts are to die for. I wanna gain 20 lbs just like u did. NOT! Ur telling ppl they can have them in moderation, hmm, ur not having them in moderation. Maybe a little too much. ( Im mean, sorry)

    • I’d really like to see that picture of her with cannoli where her arms should be. Please do this right now and get back to us :-)

  8. Wasn’t in one episode Kathy going thru magazines and cutting recipes, dessert recipes? Those desserts probably aren’t even hers, she just made slight changes and then called them hers.

    • I got in a big argument with a ex friend years and years ago over cutting out recipes. She wanted to make her own cookbook and send it to a publisher and see if she could get it published she went through all these old cookbooks, magazines anything she could find even those ones that you buy from Ladies of the Elks Lodge or VFW where they put together little cook books of family recipes. She would change just one little thing like instead of 1tsp she would say 1 1/2 tsp or 1/3 cup instead of 1/2 cup of some ingredient. I told her it was fraud she didn’t think so put her name on them all I never spoke to her and she never got published. I have my grandmothers recipe box and all the recipes have whomever gave her the recipe’s name written on top of the recipe, my mom’s recipe box is the same way. May they both R.I.P. I remember they would say things like could you bring Ruby’s cole slaw to the picnic this weekend stuff like that. Sorry for the ramble.

      • I remember seeing words like oleo on my granny’s recipes. Now adays the only time you see that word is on a crossword puzzle.

      • I do too that and lard….eeww although it makes your pie crusts really flaky that’s what my mil always says and she makes a mighty flaky pie crust. I can remember Grandma telling Grandpa to pick up a 1/2 pound of oleo when he would go into town.

      • Actually I should have said…Kathy’s recipes are as authentic as Melissa’s voice!! That’s much better!!

  9. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I had forgot about the brick oven pizza making. Ya reckon this was when JoGo and MeGo got their panties in a bunch? If they were there, Bravo edited them out no? I don’t remember them.

    • ITA MP. IMO that is what I miss the most about the show. At it’s inception RHONJ was more family oriented than the other HW shows. We were treated to visits to the boardwalk with Lexi and Dina, a caravan to the pumpkin patch, sauce making in the garage. We also got what I felt was a genuine glimpse at Italian family traditions. Now those sweet familial events have been replaced with crude sexual innuendo, perversion in the person of Richie the creepster. Ugh . BGG , the tatted butthole of lapband’ s fiancee. Not amused

  10. I only ate a cannoli once and I did not care for it at all. I live in Texas and we don’t sell cannolis here, not that I would buy any. I think they are more of a regional food. I just don’t see this as being successful. I don’t like Kathy, she is too passive aggressive for me, and sometimes that smirk on her face makes me want to slap her. Her husband gives me the creeps, I couldn’t believe he told those nice Bindi people that she tastes like fish, how disgusting was that?

    • Sometimes when people round here in my neck of the woods try to make cannolis the filling ends up tasting like straight buttercream icing. The real thing is more light in texture. Soooo good. But I agree, I dont think this cannoli kit thing is gonna be successful. My momma got me one of them cake-pop kit things last year and I have used it once. Most people prefer to use their own technique for stuff like that.

    • If you ever visit NYC you have to have a real one (it’s just like pizza and bagels, they only taste the way they’re supposed to in NYC). Cannoli is the bomb whether it’s cannoli italian ice or cannoli cake or an actual cannoli. It’s supposed to have a slightly cheesey taste b/c it’s made with riccotta.

      • I agree with you about the regional thing with cannolis I’ve had them in Italy and NYC @ ferrara’s as well as other places and I’m just not a fan. I think I’m the only person I know that doesn’t like them. However I do enjoy both ducks feet, duck tongue and jellyfish. Anyone want to do lunch my choice. : – )

      • you can get a real cannoli in the north end of Boston, at either Modern Pastry or Mike’s Pastry-both are delicious! But you have to eat them right then and there, or they’re just not the same!

      • You can get great cannoli’s at Calandra’s in Fairfield NJ or there other bakery in Newark, also in the Market Basket in FL and a mulitude of Italian Bakeries in NJ. Don’t go down the shore though not much down there and they can’t make Bagels to save their lives because of the water. :-) or Italian Pastries.

      • Ah, Calandra’s!!!!! I used to ship it to my Italian father-in-law who lived in Cleveland, a city with a strong Italian population and one of the best Italian delis in the country – Alesci’s. But once Dad visited and took a bite of Calandra’s he was hooked! Don’t live in Jersey anymore but I remember that bread!!!!!

      • When I worked for the Essex County Police I use to go over Clifton Ave every night and up Bloomfield Ave to get hot bread before heading home

  11. Kathy is such a wannabe, graceless and tactless. Richie is the epitome of the appellation
    “Ugly American” crude, ignorant know it all. I doubt Bindi execs were impressed with janky toofs and wifey.

    • Richy is nasty times a hundred. Granted, even if he had some sort of prior friendship/relationship with the Bindi Exec. there was no reason whatsoever to make any sexual/crude comments during a business pitch. Total jackass move.

  12. From the second she got on the show all she talked about were her food dreams, first the restaurant, then desserts…I don’t know anyone who would want to buy anything (especially edible) from this skanky broad and her would be tough guy oily gross husband.

    • Not me and I wrote to Bindi and said that I am sure they like to help promote small business start ups etc however after seeing the show I was disgusted by the way the Wakile’s act and talk and that I was sure that being an upstanding proud and respected company they had to be embarrassed to have seen and been associated with the Wakiles.

      I also sent an email generally the same to QVC as well. I didn’t bother posting on the Wakile love fest posting over on the fan based boards over there it seems to be mostly family and friends handling at least 10 nics at a time posting how great the cannoli kits will be and they can’t wait to order one. Seriously??!!! A cannoli kit you can buy at Walmart?

    • Trhe katfish cannoli’s and all her other so called desserts do not come a smoke free home. I’ll bet they smell of gasoline and smoke. They probably (in addition to smelling like tuna) smell like the disgusting shit that comes out of a hookah pipe. Can you imagine the drool, tooth placque, and mucus that the person sharing a hookah pipe has to contend with when smoking with Ritchie Wakile. Just the thought of anything that may have been in his zip code or touched byt her filthy hands makes me want to vomit.

  13. Kinda nostalgic looking at these pics. Happy times for the Giudices and Sr. Gorgas. How sad that things have become what they are now. I totally blame Joe Marco for allowing his appendage rule his mind and heart to the point of destroying his family.

    • Sushi Kit’s would fit better though with Kathy’s persona thanks to her hubband Tricky Dickydoo. She could call them KatFish Sushi Kits.

  14. I previously commented on the Famewhorgas website and discussed with Fame my thoughts about the Wakiles and why would a company like Bindi would make a deal with Kathy Wakile to make a cannoli kit when they sell them as well as many other Italian desserts that look incredible. I bought, years ago, a kit that contained 4 metal tubes that you wrap the dough around and then deep fry them and you then have fresh homemade cannoli shells. The package had the recipe for the dough and the filling on the back . They came out delicious first time. It probably cost $10.00 and I can make them fresh any time I want. I don’t believe that Bindi would make that deal because this is their business and one of their products. Their company has been in business for 50 years. I will make my own cannoli and never support anything these fakes do. As I told Fame, there is something very shady about the Wakiles,and I don’t believe them about Bindi being involved.

    I have a Lebanese husband and he is old school and we own a gas station, and you don’t dare bounce checks to the company you lease from especially that many times or they will not keep you as a lessee, and I don’t believe that he still does business with them or at least not in his name. We have been doing this for 25 years and you have to work harder than Rich does. My husband works 6 days a week and 10 hours a day. Even culturally Rich does not fit the mold. Old school Lebanese men don’t talk perverted like that nor do they treat or talk about family like that. He has actually given Lebanese men a bad rap.

    They are very shady and I think they are lying about many things. There is a lot of competition in the culture, and who has the most and the best, who makes the most. I think that is what both Rich and Kathy try to show,but I am not buying it nor will I buy any junk that they are peddling. I think they are a disgrace especially after Kathy and her name calling at the reunion. Even Rich saying “I called Teresa names”? We all know that is all he did , was call her names. I would love to hear from Bindi that they actually impressed by Kathy and made a deal with her. I don’t believe it,and I am so glad that you did this blog about the Wakiles and I hope you will keep them coming. I believe that like the others there is still much more to find out. Look what is coming out about everyone. Great job

  15. WOW! So it sounds like Kathy will now be marketing and naming the cannoli kit that isolde used to use, but it won’t have ANY association with Bindi any more…! I wonder if the deal changed after Bindi watched Kathy on the show…because why would they even agree to appear on the show if they don’t want Bindi to be associated with Kathy?

  16. Why would Bindi go through this at all? Why not just tell Katfish and The Fly to eff off completely? Are they just looking at the potential money they might make?

  17. I don’t know why Bindi would go through this. Given her reputation and demeanor why would anyone even buy one from her? I hope she’s outed on the show. I would pay to see that on QVC.

  18. So when she goes on qvc, how will she market this-its not her recipe-it is Bindis right? So is she going to lie and act like its her invention – i dont get it-what/how is she going to sell this thing? Admit it isnt het recipe and an anonymous comp owns/makes it but finds her such a loser-they dont want their name mentioned??? How is that legal if she alludes it to be her recipe???

  19. was just at costco this afternoon – cannoli kits that make 24 pieces are $9.99 each! isn’t hers on qvc over $40? for what?

  20. Get your hot Cannoli Kits at Costco for only $9.99…..save a bunch of money… fool ass KATFISH :-) only thing you can do is cut hair….get a job. :-)

  21. Gessie,
    LMAO!!! I was taking a sip of my beverage as I was reading your post and laughed so hard, the liquid came flying out of my mouth upon my keyboard! That is the FUNNIEST thing I have ever read and spot on! Totally agree with everything you said. Richie/Koma are BOTH GROSS! Thanks for the deep laugh!

  22. So she’s, as Caroline says “a liarface”? LOL, Sorry, but I’m all for starting and making a success with hard work, but this is bullshit.If I want to make Cannolli, I’ll just keep using my own recipe and tools!

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