RHONJ: Tweets To Justify Gorgas’ Violence – New Low

This evening’s episode of RHONJ included the introduction of an UNDATED tweet sent by Penny Dross0s-Karagiorgis.

 she did wt! Really Mel u want to go there! How did u meet Joe ? Bitch

The tweet was used in regards to “cheating rumors for Season 5.” Joe Gorga used the tweet to justify yet another violent tirade against his sister Teresa.

Joe Gorga twitter gate

Once again Production splices the footage with “spit and a prayer”  in the worst editing job in Franchise history. Does Production think viewers are this stupid?

The tweet was sent October 17, 2012; before Season 5 began filming. The following are the true facts surrounding the tweet:

On October 14, 2012, during Part 3 of the RHONJ reunion, Melissa Gorga’s sister, Kim Pirrella retweeted the following regarding John Karagiorgis, Penny’s husband:

Its quite comical that @JohnnyTheGrk banked on being cast on rhwnj even charging a new set of teeth for @pdkhair and BRAVO PASSED!! LMFAO

By Bravo blog dated October 16, 2012, Melissa Gorga threw one of many shots at Penny and Johnny:

As you can see, there are many desperate people on Twitter begging to be on the show. None of them get cast. It’s not Bravo’s style. The more you want it, the less likely you are to get it.

On October 17, 2012 at 7:00 AM – 17 Oct 12, KoKo_Kush @Keena620 alerted Penny to Melissa’s blog and asked Penny to respond:

@MelissaGorga threw a dig at @PDKhair and her hubby in her new blog. Penny plz call this bitch out

@PDKhair she said there are many desperate ppl on Twitter begging to be on the show. Hmmm made me think of u. I wish bravo would cast u.

On October 17, 2012 at 7:32 AM – 17 Oct 12, Penny Drossos responded as follows:

@Keena620 @MelissaGorga she did wt! Really Mel u want to go there! How did u meet Joe ? Bitch

Penny’s reply  tweet was in response to Melissa’s unsolicited ad hominem attack on Penny and Melissa’s sister’s attack on Penny’s husband.

Fast forward to Season 5:

On February 28, 2013, Joe and Melissa Gorga filmed with Penny at Chakra in Paramus where the Gorgas allegedly tried to convince Penny to say that Teresa Giudice prompted the cheating rumors.

In or about March, 2013, Joe Gorga and Richard Wakile showed up at Johnny’s place of business with a proposition. Johnny refused.

In Mid March, the cast went to Arizona to film the Spa retreat at Miraval. Joe Gorga stated “i  don’t know the woman Penny. I don’t know her husband” Joe failed to mention that days earlier he and Melissa filmed with Penny, nor did he admit that he and Rich Wakile traveled to Johnny’s business, Rutt’s Hut to meet with Johnny. Notwithstanding these encounters, Joe  insisted that Teresa must confront Penny about the cheating rumors that plague Melissa.

Throughout the scene, Melissa looked scared: Scared that eventually the focus would shift from who started the rumors, to whether the rumors were true.

If Melissa Gorga wanted the nasty tweets to stop, why did she and her sisters not only attack people on twitter but encourage others to attack on their behalf?

Tonight’s verbal assault on Penny Drossos was staged to justify Joe Gorga’s violent attack on Johnny Karagiorgis which occurred within days upon their return to New Jersey.

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30 thoughts on “RHONJ: Tweets To Justify Gorgas’ Violence – New Low

  1. WOW!!!! This is unbelievable the lengths the show goes to to make the GORGAS look good and Teresa look bad. Maybe Penny & Johnny in their lawsuit against BRAVO can pubicly state how all these scenes are twisted to protect joe gorga & encourage his violent outbursts which then led to the Ridgewood brawl. Where again BRAVO protects Gorga. Im stunned.WOW!

    • I always knew they were dirty. I could see through Melissa from the beginning. She was trying too hard to keep Joe from his sister. I think the reason why Teresa seems so bitter is because she knows who Melissa really is. Melissa is just jeaulous

  2. Nice reporting Faux! Thanx 4 the truth! Looking frwd 2 Anthony’s story 2 (cuz of all Mehore’s lies we had to put up with) & yes, she did look very scared (paranoid) bout the inevitable truth being revealed. Funny how she’s the only 1 in convo that doesnt push 4 a confrontation w/Penny/Jan, LOL! Photos Anthony? U go man! Now Im kinda feeling bad 4 Joey. & the request 4 paternity frm BB? Anybody heard anymore bout that classy detail? Wow! This woman has done an awful lot of damag!

  3. Is production so stupid to think that no one would find that tweet and start piecing together all the lies thrown at us? I hope they cut their losses after this season and get little Joey and MeHo off this show. They have just ruined everything. And I feel so bad for Penny. They have really tried to put her through the ringer.

    • They need to also stop Melissa’s singing, please, she cannot sing for crap! Bring in Kandi or Porsha from RHOA to show her what a real singer sounds like!

  4. If after two years of trying to get on the show, and karma is a bitch, blah, blah, blah, if Penny throws Teresa under the bus, and says Teresa is behind the rumors, I will think she is one of the most wicked people on earth. And that seems too be where this contrived story is taking us. Penny is going to do a flip flop and blame Teresa to try to gain a more permanent spot on the show. I hope I am wrong about this. But it looks like she is going to pull a Melissa. Stalk the show for two years, because she is going to bring the truth about melissa and then Bam! Lay the blame at Teresa’s feet.

  5. Can’t wait to read Penny’s blog! Bravo & it’s production companies insult viewers’ intelligence on a regular basis! I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t like watching RHONJ, as seeing family members (Gorgas) backstabbing others is not fun! Melissa & Joe must spend all of their time trying to stay one step ahead in their web of lies! They are disgusting!!!!

  6. OMG, I am dying laughing over Melissa’s dramatic audacity with her statement as follows:
    “As you can see, there are many desperate people on Twitter begging to be on the show. None of them get cast. It’s not Bravo’s style. The more you want it, the less likely you are to get it.”

    Isn’t that EXACTLY what the shore whore did to get on the show?

  7. Whatever Bravo was trying to accomplish last night, they failed. Teresa and Juicy obviously want to move forward but Jo Gorga and Caroline looked desperate to continue the blame game where everything is Teresa’s fault. Viewers are tired of Bravo manipulating the truth and timeline with their bad editing. There are so many ex BF’s coming forward & many old friends confirming these stories that no one cares who started the cheating rumors!

    If Bravo or the Gorgas want to put an end to cheating rumors, they should stop inviting couples to their hotel room and tweeting shirtless photos! Bravo has ruined a family & the show with their attempts to show the Gorgas as saintly while portraying Teresa as evil. It’s been a huge fail.

  8. Isn’t their a rumor that one of the Gorga’s kids isn’t Joe’s but possibly Bryan and or one of her hookups? I wouldn’t doubt it, this woman is so manipulative that she could eat chicken broth with a fork.

    • “So manipulative, she can eat chicken broth with a fork!” LOVE IT. May I “borrow” that bit o’ genius, Mr. Henry?

  9. SloJo looks like a catfish with his mouth opened . Good god this little man is such an eye sore. His arms and legs are so short he’s practically a midget. I wonder how short he really is.

  10. I believe in my heart Penny is a good gal. She is very in involved in helping kids, and she didn’t mess with Caroline until Clown Caro messed with her calling her a bitch, etc..
    I do not see Penny turning on Tre. I think she is a loyal person.
    Lookers and SprayPaintHead are just so full of themselves this season, and allegedly ran-not walk-but RAN to Rat out Tre/Juicy…..who does that to their own family? For that reason alone I am thankful people are coming forward to reveal the TRUTH. Penny and her husband have been through HELL because of these losers and Bravo. I pray they sue em all and win.

    • I am totally uninvolved, just came across these posts by chance, but curiosity is killing me- is there any talk or evidence that M was behind reporting J and T to the IRS? They have an anonymous hotline I hear! I certainly hope not bc that would be vicious.

      • I totally believe it. Did you read her interview in glamour mag? She said she wasn’t happy with the way it is going this year, and that she said she wanted to change up the cast, of course they wouldn’t go anywhere except that they need a spin off for themselves! And then midgetman chimes in and says he would “bring the drama”. This couple would do ANYTHING to get Teresa off the show and then Melissa would be the star. If Teresa goes to the pokey…it might make it easier for her dream to come true.

      • My thoughts exactly! And I keep thinking about how Danielle (on her WWHL interview) REALLY stressed the fact that Melissa wanted to “bring Teresa down.” Danielle also said that she didn’t want to be a part of Melissa’s plots to hurt Teresa because she didn’t want karma to come back on HER, so I am pretty sure Melissa had some REALLY mean and underhanded plans for Teresa. If you have watched the show from the beginning like I have, ever since Joe and Melissa joined the cast, they are constantly dropping comments about joe and Teresa’s finances and spending habits. Joe G has even made comments about how Joe Guidice “doesn’t like to work” but can still buy houses and cars. Melissa tries to appear as the peacemaker, but if you pay attention closely to the audio, periodically you will hear her coaxing Joey G to say this and say that! In fact lately, everything that he says sounds like he is simply repeating what he has heard Melissa say first!
        Listen, i think the Gorgas just want the spotlight all to themselves, Melissa is very jealous of Teresa’s accomplishments and fame.
        When the cheating rumors failed to destroy Teresa and Joe, maybe facing a jail sentence will DEF get them off the show! I think that is the way Melissa is thinking right now. And I will make this prediction, Melissa and Joe will NEVER LAST because I think Joe is starting to believe all the rumors about Melissa, if he didn’t believe them, he would NEVER be reacting the way that he is. Melissa was on the Today show this morning and they showed a family portrait of joe, her and the kids. Kathy Lee jokingly said, and for the record, the kids are all Joe’s kids right? Melissa got the strangest, most uncomfortable look on her face and she very timidly said, “um, yes! ”
        Very telling to me.

  11. why didnt joe say anything about pete tweeting his wife a whore slut? if they were goign to blame teresa wouldnt it make more sense to use someone in her family that was tweeting melissa cheating

  12. Melissa is like a Stray dog all around the Town an then got Caught, Melissa stop all the lies an Trying to blame everything on Teresa when it’s all you and your sisters with the big mouth’s . Mel you real should close your legs your Married to Teresa’s brother Joe an have 3 kids now it’s just not right or fair to be going around being like that, ” Shame on you Penny was so right about you WoW !!!!!!

  13. But think about it- Mel has sooo many ppl helping her lying cause. First, her husband, who blames Tre every chance he gets. Then there is the cast-Caro, Jac and Kathy who all turned on her. Then, the biggest backer, Bravo, who Frankenbites the entire show – it might as well be a cartoon – you can make up any story when you slice and dice every word.

    But why? Who is the master puppeteer? I wouldnt think that someone like Caro would like someone like Melissa. So why does she go along?

    The only answer that seems to make sense is that it’s someone high up there in Bravo world (ahemm- Andy Cohen) that makes the call and everyone follows like little ducks to keep the fame addiction going, to keep their name clean in the press, and to keep the $$$ flowing from show, endorsements and book deals.

    So at least I sort of get why the cast and Bravo are on board. But what is sooo sickening ( my stomach churns when thinking about it) is how her brother, Joe Gorga, not only goes along with it, but is the main perpetrator. How can he do that to his sister? how does he sleep at night? how can anyone be that fame hungry that he would destroy is own family? Uggghhhh- he is the purest definition of “scum”. I couldnt care less if Melissa cheated on him because he deserves every second of it. As for the rest of the cast, i’m bored of their fakeness. All i can say to them is that God knows the truth and someday you are going to have to face your maker. God gave us a conscience for a reason. Listen to it!

    My sense is that Penny is above that and doesn’t like what they did to her on the show. Penny- stay above it all. Stay true Penny. I am counting on it. Good things happen to good people.

  14. I knew that joey and meho was up to know good tryn to get off by fu## up your sis life what kind of dogs do that to fam ooh yeah them devils you married a hoe who gone leave you if a richer man cum along man I hope you guys know GOD {I don’t think so} and whats wrong with jacko somebody please tell chris to stop dopen his wife up she looks off every time she on da show {help her someone please}oh yeah caroline is a mess with over grown babys who can’t do anything by themselves without mommy they can’t even get laid without that bulldagger standing in the room and she know albert got another life somewhere else and with someone else I bet for years he have had that

  15. Joe G. and his wife Melissa are like “Vultures with NO Wings” I can’t even believe she wanted her home sold to get away from her husbands sister! That alone is sick..I hope Teresa and her husband Joe get off with a little fine and keep smiling! (I would never bother with Joe G. or Melissa again) Penny chin up and go for the gold!

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