RHONJ: The House That Came Between Joey & Papa Gorga

Why would Joey Gorga blurt out that he pays his parent’s rent but was forced to sell the house they occupied?

Joey and Melissa wanted to portray that they are such wonderful souls that they provide financial support to ailing Papa Gorga.  Reality is a sordid tale of deception and greed. How devious can a son be to fulfill his wife’s ambitions?

Some of the names have been changed and information redacted from documents to protect the privacy of Papa Gorga.

Papa Gorga has worked his whole life in the shoe repair business as the sole wage earner, he and his wife Antonietta raised their kids, they bought a house,  their kids married, they fussed over their grandchildren – they were living the American Dream.

Papa and Antonietta were happy in their home in Paterson. They raised their kids there and “we will live here for another 100 years until God takes us to a better place.” They don’t need glitz – they are happy with their tomato plants, memories and their grandkids. But Joey needed their help so they agreed to sell their Paterson property and move to the Old Ridge Road property to help their son.

Sordid History of the Old Ridge Road Property

Joey Gorga owned property on Old Ridge Road which he bought for $500,000 in 2002. It was a modest home on a modest block for modest folks. It was the home that Joey intended to occupy before he realized that he needed to impress if he were going to attract the “non gold digging type.”

Because the real estate market tanked, Joey couldn’t sell the home without a substantial loss when he ultimately decided to build in Franklin Lakes, so the Old Ridge Road property remained as rental income.

In or about February 2, 2007, Joey purchased the land for the love shack in Montville. Now he desperately needed money to build the 13,000 square foot uber mansion (which has surprisingly shrunk to less than 10,000 square feet.

In order to help to fund building Montville, on May 18, 2007, Joey took out a mortgage on the Old Ridge Road property for the amount of $500,000. Since he could not qualify on his own, Joey put his father’s name on the Mortgage – thus exposing his father to potential liability even though his father did not own an interest in either Montville or Old Ridge Road. Why would Joey expose his father to potential liability without providing his father any interest in the underlying asset. Greed! Who exposes an ailing parent to potentially losing his home if the underlying debt cannot be repaid? Greed!

It gets worse.

On August 6, 2007, Joey forces his father to take out a line of credit in the amount of $100,000.

It gets worse.

On February 13, 2009, Joey Gorga and Melissa Gorga and their heirs are sued in a foreclosure action by National City Mortgage.  They are desparate!

November 17, 2009 is a pivotal date.  Several odd transactions occur on November 17, 2009 . . . all at the direction of Joey Gorga.

First, Joey sells the Old Ridge Road house to his parents for $440,000. The house is assessed at $286,000. [will verify to see how close to appraised value is to assessed value]. First National Bank of America has a  $500,000 first mortgage on the property and Papa Gorga has a $100,000 line of credit.

On that same day, “Anthony DeLorenzo” (a friend of Joey Gorga) borrows money from two private lenders and uses the Old Ridge Property that is now allegedly owned by Papa and Antonio Gorga as collateral. Both are short term loans. The first is $145,000 at 8% interest to be paid in 2 years by November 9, 2011.

The second is $325,000 that is structured as a balloon to be paid in 3 years on December 31, 2012.

On August 23, 2010, Anthony DeLorenzo sold the Old Ridge Road property to the current owners.

When did DeLorenzo buy the property? Were the private loans made to Joey and Joey failed to pay them back, thus prompting Anthony to “foreclose” on the property? Did Papa Gorga live in the house thinking it was his property only to be forced out!

work in progress, still completing

All documents provided herein are provided by a licensed Title Company.   Faux Reality posts only if it can substantiate with documentary evidence. Nothing is based upon hearsay, undisclosed recordings, speculation or assumptions. No intoxicated xanax induced or lip syncing women were harmed in the preparation of this article.

Faux Reality doesn’t sweat the fools, no need to play in Faux’s house.

Special thanks to Natasha Maggs for the documents used to substantiate the facts known to Faux Reality.

155 thoughts on “RHONJ: The House That Came Between Joey & Papa Gorga

  1. OMG, you mean to tell me that Joe actually sold the roof over his parents’ heads for a flat piece of stank ass? NOOOOOO, this is beyond low. He is a maggot!!!!!!

  2. FauxReality I can’t wait to see the information, but I can make a good guess. I think he managed to con his dad into refinancing his house and/or using it as collateral for a major loan (probably to help build the first mansion that Melissa went to live with him in and then they sold). And since it was in the fathers name he didn’t pay the monthly note and they took the house. No wonder Juicy doesn’t respect him, I don’t know who you are Fauxreality but you must either live in that town or very close to the situation.

    • I agree Buck. Faux I love you! Finally someone exposé this LIAR that we all knew about! Hope she reads this site& stops w the mags.. Blah blah deflect deflect.. Truly disgusting humans! All for fame?

  3. Faux reality, I hope you never grow tired of hearing Thank You!
    Thank you for the incredible work you do, and providing us with the truth!! Although I hate waiting, I love the tease..keeps me coming back for more. I’m incredibly grateful!

  4. Thank you for exposing Joe and Melissa Gorga for the rotten snakes that they are. I can hardly wait for you to post the story.

  5. Awsome site!!! I saw how transparent the Gorgas were season 3 episode 1. I love that everything about them is coming to light.

    • That’s probably Popa is so ill. Elder abuse. That is exactly what JoGo is doing. He took advantage of his elderly parents and not dad’s ill. Joe’s gets what ever is left of his father when he dies. Shame on him but I don’t think he really cares.

  6. So, his folks didn’t actually live in this house, did they? The house Joe put in his Dad’s name was a different house that Joe lived in? Just want to be clear.

  7. This is so much worse than I thought!

    To do so to begin with reprehensible, but to his own parents?? Beyond EVIL!!
    He is NOT worthy of his parents, his sister or even a cockroach he comes in contact with!
    What this low-down dirty, repugnant POS is worthy of is the dirty, funky, scum-Ho he’s married to! They truly deserve each other. Two repulsive peas in a pod!

  8. Does the article cut off for anyone else.

    Joey is a piece of work. If his parents don’t like him, it has nothing to do with Teresa.

    • Yup, just means Faux is still working. They put up what they have when they have it and continue researching. I like it like that! It allows us to guess and discuss.

  9. Joe Gorga’s actions make me SICK!
    I can not believe he would do this to his parents……. and his ho’ has the nerve to tell him at PFS to tell his sister “shame on you, shame on you” …. HA!


  10. PS: I want to say that I think it’s absolutely wonderful that Stoopid Housewives — an original HW investigative site — is fully supportive and enthusiastic. Says a LOT about her. God bless you both!

  11. He has to blame Teresa, how else can he live with himself!!
    There’s been a reoccurring theme this season, bashing Teresa! However, all the name calling and accusations made by ALL have truly been about themselves, starting with calling Teresa GARBAGE. Clearly the garbage is Joe Gorga. Disgusting! Just disgusting!

  12. NO, NOT “An Angel of God” no way. It’s worse than one could imagine. So so sorry for the Gorga, Srs. Bless them! Thank Boris & Natasha for the excellent reporting of truthful facts and documents.

  13. “You may be trying to expose Joey, but you’re using the father’s personal information to do so…not cool imo.” Are you kidding? You’re more worried about the father being exposed, when the focus is on what the LOW LIFE SON DID TO HIS FATHER! THAT’S WHAT ONE WOULD CALL “NOT COOL!!” It may be unfortunate that the father was exposed in the process of stating what Joey did, but at least THE REAL DIRTBAG OF A SON GOT EXPOSED IN THE PROCESS! PRETENDING to be the “loving son” who is taking care of his parents!!


  14. I remember an episode of Teresa and Joey arguing.. Joey angry that Teresa wasnt helping to pay the elder gorgas living expenses.. Teresa said .. well since youre doing so well you shouldnt need my help or something like that. Melissas sisters have also been all over the forums bitching that Teresa needs to help take care of teh parents.. I knew Joey had stolen the parents home but most viewers do not know.. and Teresa looks bad because she wont spill the tea on what her brother has done! So glad youre covering this topic.

    Also, the apartment the Guidices were building in their garage, was for the elder gorgas since Joey stole their home. Joey Gorga called and had them reported for getting permits for a garage instead of an apartment or something like that. Not saying Guidice building the apartment illegally is right but the fact that Gorga stole his parents home then screwed them out of their last option of a paid apartment…dirty and low. Now the elder gorgas have no home after working their entire lives… Disgusting!

    • Abso-freaking -lutely-disgusting. “I’ve been taking care of my parents my whole life” You have been conning them out of their modest assets you low life piece of shit. You conned them right. on to the streets! No wonder Teresa and Juicy were building a garage apartment, of course without permits, they are under the microscope and can’t look like they are expanding their home, and Joey rats them out for not having a permit? You son of a bitch! O to the M to the G. Now I have heard everything.

      • Funny thing is in New Jersey, in most towns (will check Teresa’s home town) you do not need a permit to do your own work on a one family house. Joey Gorga should now that as a “real estate developer”

      • Im curious as to what Joey ratted them out for. it appears Giudice was building the apartment and put garage doors on it so it could be considered a “garage” for some reason. If you can make improvents to your own property in new jersey then why did this happen? Just really curious. Teresa cant come out and say, “oh we were building our parents an illegal home but Joey had it shut down’ This would help explain the bad blood between Joey and his Father.

        I wonder if it has something to do with different codes, permits, tax values with an apartment opposed to a garage. My home owners asso.. does not allow “sheds” So everyone in the neighborhood has a shed shaped like a “play house” or a “dog house’ to get around the clause lol Obviously that was not the Giudice issue but something was going on there.

      • I do recall jaqueline on the same episode trying to throw them under the bus for getting a chandelier for their garage too. So now we know it was for their parents not personal luxory. And they wanted them to feel like they had their own home not just living with their daughter. These people are disgusting.. they can’t stand the fact that no matter what happens Teresa and her husband are strong enough and smart enough to withstand everything that is thrown there way. And now that her parents live with them he can’t use his father for his own personal gain.

      • Could them calling it a “garage” have anything to do with their BK, or is that old news? Meaning, a garage seems less expensive than an inlaw suite,imo.Maybe to the BK Trustee an inlaw suite exudes a lot of extra funds, while a simple garage doesnt? Still doesn’t make sense for Joey to tattle regardless, unless he wanted to try n squeeze his dad for some more pennies, and wanted them to live with him.

      • Funny thing is in New Jersey, in most towns (will check Teresa’s home town) you do not need a permit to do your own work on a one family house. Joey Gorga should now that as a “real estate developer”

        I hope it applies to Joe and Teresa’s town, I would love to see the two POS prosecuted to the full extent of the law for what they have done. They are lower than a snake.

      • I think this should be reported as elder abuse and Im wondering if the prosecuters office should possibly do an investigation into the validty of these contracts with joe and meho thry can also check into life insurance policies and see if one was purchased and if sr gorga was present for the physical. Faux wht r ur thoughts

      • I dont know wht to think abt tre. She should somehow get her fathers name clearedand force these two to pay all debts opened in their names and she should apply for guardianshipover their financials .she needs to srep in because i had to do it for my dad. My brothers and sisters took all his money.

  15. Its more that Joe Gorga used his fathers name … which is JOE GORGA and his good credit to posed as him to take out large loans.. When it was revealed the father had two options.. allow his home to be forclosed or press charges on his only son for identity theft.

  16. For the naysayers, there is a difference between being on a mortgage and owning a property. You have to be on the DEED to own the property, otherwise, you’re just on the hook for paying the bills. Faux can update/correct me if I’m wrong or speaking out of turn here, but it would appear that the Junior Gorga bought the house in his name only, and took a mortgage in his name. Fine and legal. Then he added his dad to the mortgage, but not the deed. Still fine and legal, though most banks will require that you have a right to the underlying asset if you are on the hook for the bill.

    Where the disconnect is, is that they had Senior Gorga take out a line of credit on a property he didn’t own, i.e. his name was not on the deed. There’s no underlying asset there for them to use to collect on that line of credit should the Senior Gorga default.

    They’re still putting the pieces together…let them finish. It will come together I’m sure.

    • how did joe gorga’s dad get a line of credit for $100k on property he doesn’t own? don’t these companies check into these things. also, in order to get this amount of money or any amount of money, one must show that they can pay it back, or that they have assets behind them. if he was not on the deed, how did he get this line of credit?

    • Adding his dad to the mortgage but not the deed is just AWFUL! Here dad, you’re on the hook if the hooker and I skip out on the bill, but don’t think for a second I’m putting you on the deed,in case something happens to the hooker and I.

  17. Joe Gorga Sr. may not have signed up for the show but JoGo certainly has never hesitated to drag his father’s financials into the drama. Lots of big dogging and pretension. We pay our bills plus not exactly shy announcing that he pays his father’s bills. JR proudly boasting that he pays his father’s rent. Really?
    You must be asking us to ignore the screaming allegation that Joe Sr. is a liar.
    So IMO the viewer has a right to know how this scenario played out. Who is the liar? Who is behind the shady real estate deals?

  18. Oh boy!!!! Did Joey And Melissa really think thing like this would not come out! Faux Reality, I also heard Melissa had an affair with an ex 5 years ago~ her son is 4! This is why Teresa did not go to the hospital when Lil Joey was born. Teresa knew about the affair!!! Maybe you can look into that.Teresa and Joe Knew about this and how Joe screwed his parents and said nothing all season!!!! That’s Loyalty to your family!!!!!!

    • Tre did go to the hospital. What happen was Tre’s book was just accepted to be published at the time she was visiting the hosptial. Tre was super excited and her phone was non-stop from the publishers/mgr..etc. Melissa was po’d that Tre was distracted from her giving birth.

      It’s a lie that she didn’t go and even Tre explained that she was at the hospital and why Mel was angry.

  19. Thank you so much for this outstanding investigative journalism. How could he do that to his own blind, trusting father? What a low life punk.

  20. Remember when perv Ritchie tells Joe that he has to take care of Teresa and her kids if Joe goes to jail? NO WONDER TERESA NEVER THOUGHT HE COULD TAKE CARE OF THEM. He is doing these devious, fraudulent transactions TO HIS OWN FATHER?

    • Teresa was probably afraid he’d try to steal from she and her children tp support his wife and kids! Caution on her part, she can’t afford to support her brother and his over spending,unfaithful spouse. Tresea is trying to dig her self out of her husband’s misdeeds that caused their bankruptcy not save her careless brother and his theivery.

    • Looked @ the pictures of the property. Beautiful library. Lovely wood used in the built in book shelves encompassing the room. Not a book in sight. Not even a National Enquirer or an US magazine. Perhaps it was meant as a trophey room for M’s emmey’s , gold records and other awards. What a teacher that girl would make. LOL

      • I just went in and looked at the listing also. Now what was that about it being 15,000 square feet? Cuz the listing says 9,500. Do they ever open their mouths and not lie?

      • Great catch! You’re correct. It was 15,000 then lowered to 13,000…now 9500. Who’s zooming who? And for what? 9500 is still huge… bigger isn’t always better…it’s admirable to have a modest carbon footprint.

        What a ridiculous thing to lie about. They are looking more and more pathetic as the truth is emerging.

      • Aren’t those the same shelves held the the Christmas presents for the poor unfortunate children that were donated during their 50k Christmas party (that they didn’t pay for). Those shelves look as empty in those real estate pics as they did that night of the party. What where there maybe 10-15 presents on the shelves and MeHo made it seem like OOOOOOOOOOOH look at aaaaaaaaaaalll these presents. Like it was friggen Santa’s workshop in her house. I remember being so pissed on that episode. All that money spent by the Gorgas’s (well now we know different) to show off for the poor unfortunate children and that was it?!!! UGH!

      • Yes and some weren’t even wrapped at all. Everyone at the party was supposed to bring a gift or gifts, the house was full of people but there were 10-15 gifts tops sitting there most under the $10 category like games Monopoly things like that. Totally lame for what was supposedly “high rollers” sharing the Christmas love for the poor kids. Total SHAM! I am fixed income disabled and I still every year pull a boy and a girl tag off the wish tree at the local food bank (Gives age, and what they would really like for Christmas) I get their gifts wrap them and take them down + I have 8 children as well. The grandchildren don’t get a lot from Grandma (usually new pj’s and slippers) but they always get a lot of love.

      • IIRC the charity was Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots does not accept wrapped gifts. I’ve donated many times and they will only be taken if they are unwrapped. Sad how they didn’t know that.

      • dch60 Sorry I couldn’t hit a reply under your post but I decided to find out who was the charity for because I couldn’t remember it being mentioned and I wouldn’t put it past well you know…… According to a local newspaper the charity was a local Children’s hospital. Reading this recap and the $50k that the Gorga’s didn’t pay Fred and all the money that everyone paid to get all dressed up you know gotta have a new dress $500, shoes $300, bag $200 etc and that is just the women not counting the stylists and makeup people, they could have just donated $1,000 ea stayed home and every child in the hospital would have had a wonderful Christmas and then some.
        Here is the link to the story. Note: Melissa was told to put on underwear and couldn’t understand why because no children were present.

      • After you mentioned the bareness of the library, I had to look at the pics. I felt like the entire house was bare, and devoid of personal effects, like family pictures and toys, almost like THEY DON’T REALLY LIVE THERE! IMO, the house looks staged to sell.The only things on the walls are “staged looking” pictures.Then again, maybe they live in it looking like that because it is a Spec/Model Home, that they were never supposed to live in. I dunno,something about that empty house bothers me. If they aren’t living there, where are they living? Everybody knows they aren’t moving to get away from Tre,like hooker hoe says.The realtor possibly being related to the person loaning money bothers me also.Could it be that particular realtor is selling the house,because Joey owes Anthony money, (whoever Anthony is in this mess) and HAS to sell the house, otherwise he’ll be “swimming with the fish”? Is that where the talk of loansharks comes into play?

      • That’s why the only place you ever see them film is in their kitchen or in their closet. The one Thanksgiving Melissa had was in her foyer. I believe the living room is sparsely furnished but it’s pretty barren. It’s not unusual for people living beyond their means. They can’t afford to furnish a house that large.

      • Being that the house is on the market, it is probably staged. Most realtors do that nowadays. I have a friend who is a realtor in LA and lists celebrities’ homes (not that the Gorgas qualify as being called that) but it is common to remove personal objects to protect their clients.

        That being said, I think the Gorgas really can’t afford to furnish their home. I do remember the pool table from the scene when Melissa and Joe were talking about the texts between him and Joe G. If you look closely at the kid’s rooms, the furniture looks more “mainstream”. And I always did wonder why Melissa and Joe were always in the closet – no pun intended!

    • OMG the Gorga de Marcos are the worst bullies of all. JoGo and Melissa are vile.
      Isn’t stealing his elderly father’s assets a form of elder abuse? How cruel to take advantage of one’s elderly parents and then beyond disgusting is theat JoGo bragged about taking care of them? MeGo painted the whole happy families idyllic relationship on WWHL. Dinner with the Joe’s parents, cooking with her FIL. Really MeGo? Gorga Sr was in the hospital for two weeks so how did they manage that rapprochement? Facetime? Twitter?
      Teresa is wise to keep them under her wing and close by so Joey can’t finagle his Dad into anymore shady deals.
      IMO Joey wouldn’t care if MeGo turned his parents out in the street.

  21. This is truly sad. The Gorga Srs. came to America & were living the dream, now to have it ripped from under their feet by their only son! Depending on the parent’s age, I wonder if this would constitute elder abuse. I think Melissa will end up leaving Joe (when the money is gone) and what money is left~ she will take, so in essence, she’ll get the money his parents worked all their life for. (that is just my speculation)
    What’s been provided so far (and it’s a LOT to swallow!) also shows how much Teresa really could have bad-mouthed her brother these past 2 seasons, but how much she loves him & both loves & respects her parents. My guess is she & Juicy will end up taking care of both her parents for the remainder of their lives. My hope for the Gorga Srs. is that they will have peace & hopefully, a united family.

    • I think it does constitute elder abuse, quite frankly. I really do. Although Mr. gorga was of sound mind so it would be a very difficult case to prove.

      • i think it would constitute elder abuse because his father has a bad heart, and if joe is doing all these things to his dad, he is making him sicker. now i am wondering if he really cares about his dad or just wants to use him. that was a terrible thing for me to say, but it makes you think.

      • Elder abuse is a general term used to describe harmful acts toward an elderly adult such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, FINANCIAL EXPLOITATION, and neglect, including self-neglect.


      • It is elder abuse because it involves financial as well as emotional manipulation which the courts recognize as a factor in abuse/exploitation. Add to that the fact that the Gorga Srs. have lost their primary residence as well as their most important investment.

    • Teresa is a saint to keep all of his secrets. All she wants to do is protect the family. No wonder Teresa was losing it at the reunion. How frustrated must she be that her brother is doing everything he can to hurt her family and her parents and she’s too proud and too loyal to “return the favor.” Caroline and Jacqueline are scum for turning their backs on her. Kathy and Melissa and their husbands are just scum period.

      • Exactly!! But yet this whole season was Teresa’s fault??? I give props to Tre for keeping her mouth shout& taking this bullying!! What is all coming out now is crazy.. Rest of cast have the REAL problems in life!

      • I agree, and when she was making a comment “Do you see Mommy, this is family.” It makes me think she is frustrated too because she may want to say something but she still respectable her parents wishes and doesn’t say anything. And her brother and cousin know this about Teresa she will take family secrets to her grave. While everyone on the show thinks she is mad about them going behind her back to be on the show and make it like a petty complaint whenshe did not sign up from the beginning to be filmed qith jer family amd their dirty laundry. For them to constantly act like she thinks its the Teresa show is rediculous and makes me so mad because they don’t see it the way she means it they just want to ridicule her and make her like she is selfish, which she is not she is a normal human being and they are scum and the selfish ones period.

  22. @lovesreality- it was from before, but thankfully it’s been removed. I was going to comment to the person “karen” who was attacking posters and telling them to “stfu” and ask FREE to remove them, but it appears to have been done already :)

  23. This is probably part of the reason Papa Gorga has heart problems. The shock of financial stress that JoGo inflicted on his dad is terrible. That little, selfish jerk and his famehungry wife must be so proud of themselves. I hope Tre stays away from JoGo and MeHo. People who are desperate for money will do anything. He ruined his parents and he wouldn’t think twice about ruining his sister’s life.

    • Isn’t that what they’ve been trying to do? Ruin Teresa and her brand? Now Melissa is on a crusade telling every media outlet she can that Teresa should leave the show because it’s effected her children. How far will they go? I never liked them. Melissa always seemed to say the right thing to Joey then in her THs and in her blogs you could tell she really didn’t want Teresa back in their lives.

  24. I am loving this blog. Joe and Melissa recently signed a Notice of Settlement with their current mortgage company. I would love to see if they signed it to stop their home from going into foreclosure publicly. Maybe made deal with the bank they would be out by a certain date. I would love to see what you can find!

      • elemcee-I just googled it and came up with this-
        Notice of Settlement: a document recorded prior to closing of title to notify prospective purchasers of an impending sale and/or a mortgage commitment. A notice expires 45 days after filing.

        It came off of this website-http://www.essexregister.com/documents.html

        Before I Googled it I thought it may be some sort of document sigened when you refinance,or some kind of mortgage modification,or maybe their doing a Short Sale,BUT now that I read the definition, I still don’t know what it is, and I’m being thrown off by the “purchasers”.

      • Simplified definition: A notice of settlement is a document signed for the period of time between a contract of sale (after attorney review) and/or mortgage refi and the final closing and/or completion of transaction to put everyone on notice that a transaction is pending. So that the parties are not able to “double dip” so to speak between the signing of contract and completion. It supposed to protect everyone by disclosing that a transaction is in the works.

  25. It looks like he did take that 100,000 dollars (at least that much, probably more) by using his dads name and signature and information. Then got private loans using this guy and not paying it back (I wonder if these private individuals are the loan sharks he owe money too). Oh yea the person trying to sell his house is related to the one lender. No wonder Juicy can’t respect him or his parents don’t visit with him or live with him. He has used their good name and credit to make himself look like a big shot and it’s all running out.

    • Those sad, honest, old school Gorga parents, who valued family above all else, victims in their elderly years of financial schemes by their own son. YES THIS IS ELDER ABUSE, and the American Dream turning into the American Nightmare, your own kid ruining your credit.

      • wouldn’t he have had to provide identification proving he was joe gorga, sr? a lot of these papers are notarized and proper identification must be shown. also, if for some reason this was not the case, i would call it stealing his father’s identity and using it for illegal activity i.e., fraud. if that is the case, why has he not been called before a grand jury or arrested for what he did? i don’t understand it.

      • Its Dirty business. Everyone involved has their hands in the cookie jar. Kickbacks all around. It’s mafia style business. Im completly “speculating”

        So each person in the chain is connected. Gorga SR could call attention to the situation and have them all investigated/tossed in jail.. but at the same time find himself and his son dead.. or at the very least his son in prison. With Giudice building the elders a home on his own property he protects them from all of the above…

        Gorga JR knew this and went forward with making sure the apartment was “shut down”. Joe and Teresa have no choice but to keep their mouth shut for more than just legal reasons. As each day goes by Gorga jr gets in deeper and deeper and looses credibility in important local “business”circles. He will be dead or on the run soon enough. Remember the plan to move to California? Just my observation of the situation.


      • I’m hearing similar alleged stuff.. Yikes! So much worse than we thought! Think he’s borrowing from wrong peeps! Desperate & now at this point to far in.. Sad!

    • regarding his parents visiting them, melissa has said that they come over for dinner once a week, and her father-in-law and husband then play cards, but they really don’t talk. they probably want to see their grandchildren.

    • To have your credit ruined at that age after being so responsible and hard working all your life. By your son? I’m verklempt.

  26. Really enjoyed the article. I think it is good investigative work. My problem is that being from the UK (also I am not a homeowner and have never had a loan) I am not 100% certain on how the American mortgage/loan system etc works, so I can’t fully get my head round everything. I personally think it is a crying shame that someone would do this to their own parents, however being a parent I can only imagine that Papa Gorga just wanted to help his son get out of a hole.

    • York, I am American and do not understand either. I am going to have to have my husband read this and explain it to me when he gets home. I actually dealt with our first mortgage, but our realtor is a dear friend, my mother is an accountant, the banker is my uncle’s neighbor, and we have several lawyer friends. So, I just did what they told me. I am clueless.

  27. Great site. This is kinda what worried me from the beginning. If they behaved this way on national tv I kinda figured the stuff going on behind closed doors was far worse. Apparently it is. Was never a Teresa fan but after reading some of the stuff from here and SH, I have gained some respect for her. I “think” I might believe that she really did just want a happy family.

  28. great site. This is what worried me. Their behavior was so bad on national tv I assumed off tv it was worse. Apparently it is. Teresa still annoys me but I’ve gained some “respect” for her if she could keep her mouth shut about crap like this while they bashed her

  29. How sad! So Joey SOLD his parent’s house or Lost his parent’s house,only to turn around and BRAG about how he “pays their rent.” Well I guess he would have to since he made them HOMELESS! What a scuzzbucket. Him and the ran through stripper deserve each other!
    On a happier note, I LOVE the way Fauxreality tells their stories. Keeps me interested,and dying for more.

    • So my question is, where do the parents live? In a rental? does Joey own the rental where they live? What happened to the house they raised Joey and T in?

      • Bryn a poster on SH claimed that the Sr. Gorgas lived “behind” Teresa’s house. Am not clear on exactly what that entails and it is likely just rumor.

  30. Can we say elder abuse? My god in Cali they would send him away. This is despicable what a Pos. interesting I don’t see any Marcos losing their houses. Why hasn’t anyone called this bastard out? Thanks faux keep it coming.

    • Lysa Simpson lost her home in a very shady mortgage scam. Taking out a loan on their home for 300k over the value of the property then promptly sending it to forecloser and filing bankrupcy. They are all dirty .

      • How could they take out a loan for 300K over the value? What bank would give them that kind of money for collateral that’s not worth what they’re giving them? That’s why they do appraisals before they lend you any kind of mortgage or line of credit.

  31. Good work.
    I do have a couple of questions…
    Am I missing something here? If Papa Gorga had to be on the note in May for Joe to qualify, then how could he sell to him in November 09?
    Maybe I read wrong.
    Another quirky thing here…TYPICALLY, you have to be on the note/mortgage to ever use the property as collateral for a loan. Might be a NJ guideline if allowable?
    Not sure how they would have pulled that off?
    So many things wrong here. I am shocked more of this did not come up in the reunion???
    Good reporting and I look forward to more!!
    Please make sure to add the Lot/Block on all future info and it will assure keeping up with the chain of title in all transactions.
    Hard to keep up with so many!!!

  32. IMO Theresa holds a lot of secrets about everyone these families, but raised as she was she will not use it. They know this and are using it for their self promotion. Juicey only had to say a few words to each and most backed down. Raising the topic of paying bills and weekly borrowing to T’s brother shut him down. T will never spill the beans about her brother. To her family it may be seen as worse than what her brother did. Melissa knows this and uses it at every turn. Melissa now wants to get T fired to finish the power play. Andy may do this. How he must hate T’s honor code after all everyone is supposed to play and the Giudice’s refuse. He uses the “gay bashing” accusations as a rule but IMO the refusal to be under Andy’s power makes much more sense. I fear T may be gone. Honor means nothing to Mel and no matter what comes out she will get up, brush herself off and use it to her advantage. She may get away with it. Just my take.

    • Not bashing at all but I saw it another way. I think Andy may have been on team gorga initially due to ratings etc but Andy, as a businessman, knows that Teresa is where the money is. she’ll stay. I agree that juicy piped down all these clowns with a one “whatever, whatever.” They all backed up real quick. Juicy does the dirty work, Tre still looks like the non attacking party. As a side note my favorite part of the whole reunion was watching big bad thick as thieves Caroline back right the hell down with her “hypothetical” bs excuse. Priceless. These two (juicy & Tre) are dumb like foxes

      • Over it I agree! Teresa is their money maker/ dutiful employee. She’s going nowhere other than her own show. The Gorga’s, unbeknownst to them, could never carry the show. I’m sure that adds to their anger toward Teresa and Joe..When they aired the sneak peek of the reunion, I smiled throughout. I was loving Juicy and took great pleasure in seeing Caroline back peddle. don’t even get me started on his attitude toward Kathy! Or should I say..Kathy who?

    • If my brother had done what Joe did to his father, the rest of my family would have made sure Joe went to prison and took care of our parents.

    • The Marco sisters have even less credibility then their darling baby sister! It would make perfect sense they’d be working overtime trying to deflect the AWESOME truth about Melissa and Joey Gorga. This has nothing to do with Teresa’s life style choices. She’s protecting her very undeserving brothers ass!!

  33. I think that the reason Teresa looks like she’s lying at times is because she’s trying to choose her words carefully, so as not to out that POS brother of hers!!

  34. A component of financial elder abuse is in credit cards. The Giudice family needs to look very closely at T’s parents individual credit bureau reports. I would not be surprised if their son opened a lot of cards in his name, either as an additional cardholder or in his Dad ‘s name. Balance transfers of their credit card debt (huge) could easily have been transferred to the parents card that is fraud and constantly moved around. Also look at ALL inquiries. This is sad. Kudos for the new sight and best wishes.

  35. I never knew good, honest hard work equates to protecting your own lifestyle!! She’s earned her lifestyle. It’s more then I can say about her brother!! I didn’t realize Teresa and her husband were not taking care of her parents..

  36. The Gorga slimebags cannot carry the show . They do not have the charisma and appeal that is required. Teresa is in the very unenviable position of keeping her parents safe and keeping them healthy. Joey’s dirty deeds will catch up to him eventually. Running away to Cali will not stop anyone who really wants to find Joey G. Teresa can only protect her parents at this point.

  37. I have noticed that both MeHo & JoHo’s twitter acct’s have gone real quiet since a couple articles or interviews have come out. What this has shown here is UFB and total disgrace. They both deserve every ounce of Karma that they will receive and the ONLY people besides the elder Gorgas I feel for are the Gorga children. Teresa bless her heart will probably be standing there with open arms when Joey’s world comes crashing down and his “wifey who buys fruit baskets as she does the laundry” leaves him even though he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness, and Juicy will just stand back and stay out of it and let her do what she needs to do because it’s her family. UFB. I pray for Pray for Poppa Gorga and his beautiful Wife they deserve so much better than what their son and ho dil has done to them. Joey will have to be on his knees repenting for the rest of his life and if he is lucky his father may look his way for the sake of the grandchildren. So sad. Joey and Melissa sold their soles.

  38. Teresa and Joe Giudice are caring for her parents and have been for some time! Joe Marco wanted Teresa and his parents to assume that He was taking a leadership role in the care of his Parents! Not so much as we can see . I am sure they never thought this would come to light! It’s just a matter of time Melissa will leave him and claim she had no idea he did this to his parents! They chose not to prosecute their son.Teresa and Joe did not disclose! Missy will do and say anything to make her look better! She is going to drive this guy to suicide. Her and Jacqueline are a breed of their own!!!!!

    • Her face is shaped like a witch. She’s got that pointy chin. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is pretty. When she first came on the show she was on the plain side but she must have had a lot of work done and with the pros doing her makeup she’s very attractive. Can’t say beautiful because that comes from the inside too and that for sure she doesn’t have.

  39. I think Teresa’s parents have been living with Teresa for some time. In retrospect I think that dig Melissa made about her mom doing the cooking at Teresa’s was a clue. I think when Joey sold first his parents house from under them, and then the house he sold them, which he had a mortgage sitting on thereby losing their second home when he defaulted, Teresa’s parents probably moved in with her and Joe. It likely works out well as mom Gorga can help Teresa with her kids while she is promoting books, hair care, and wine. Traditionally in families when elderly parents go to live with an adult child, other children do provide a monthly stipend to help with expenses (as seen on Mad Men when Dons father in law moved in with him and Betty) Joey apparently resents it as he thinks he should not pay the rent or support fees of any type, I think the clue of that was in the therapist scene between Joey and Teresa. I agree with an earlier commenter, Joeys bold faced lies would explain Teresa being flabbergasted and tongue tied during conversations on camera, how do you set the ungrateful twerp straight without further humiliating the folks? . I think that it’s likely that the Guidices would have wanted to build a larger suite above a new garage so her parents who are likely in a spare bedroom could have a larger suite. In the south those types of apartments are common and are actually called in law suites. This situation explains why Joeys parents were so angry at him at the christening. This would explain Joey whining that Joe Guidice stole his parents, when in fact he rescued them along with Teresa after Joey has swindled them out of 2 homes and now affective lay ruined there chance for more space at Teresa’s by inserting himself in their construction. This would explain why the elder Gorgas are never seen on camera at Melissa and Joeys home. Melissa and Joey have been written off by the senior Gorgas but they are still in contact only over the grand kids. This would also explain Teresa’s immense appreciation and loyalty to Joe Guidice who has weathered his own financial melt down but who has stepped it up at home. Joe Guidice is not perfect but he seems to be 50 times the man Joey Gorga is, and the fact that Joey’s own parents know this too must drive Melissa and Joey crazy.

  40. So Faux, I get a little lost in all this money mumbo jumbo….but I just read your article on the Gorgas tax liens. You said something like this…..If a tax lien is left unpaid for a very long time, someone can buy the rights to that lien in an auction. That person can then force foreclosure on the said property. Do you think this is what may have happened here? Maybe Joey made a deal with his friend to buy the lien rights at auction, take possession of the property, and then sell it for profit. Why wouldnt Joey just sell it himself? Maybe the friend made big improvements Joey couldnt have afforded to make? My head is all mixed up here…but I smell a scam somewhere.

  41. It sounds to me that papa gorga was a scapegoat for the property. It was never his only switched over to his name so that money made from the sell was not taken in the foreclosure lawsuit. To sum it up it sounds like a quick sale scandal that they sold to his father and somehow either get to write off the remainder of the loan and thus sell it again and get to keep the profit of that sell as well. So in selling to his father at $440,000 they profitted the $160,000 that they now do not have to pay off. And then his friend/new owner takes out more loans on the joys totalling $470,000 which paid back the $440,000 that supposedly papa gorga paid for the house. Which was probly a loan from Anthony Delorenzo and he profitted the $30,000 to agree to so this. Then they turn around and sell it for $675,000 and its a $205,000 profit plus the $140,000 profit that they never paid back from the the firat mortgage and credit line. And the $30,000 that went to Anthony Delorenzo for doing it all while leaving Joeys name off of all of it puts a total profit at $235,000 profit. Of course this is just my opinion and of course the delorenzo guy could have very well made more off of it all but clearly Joey did all of this to avoid the foreclosures and still be the owner without being the legal owner and having it taken away in the foreclosure law suit. That’s it my opinion for what its worth kind of what Tamra accused Alexis’s husband of doing. It’s a different method but the outcome is the same.

  42. I just keep looking at this and at the Lysa and Scott Simpson bankruptcy and I think there is definitely fraud or something illegal going on here. Sounds like a get rich quick plan and they are stealing from the banks. My husband is a contractor for residential builders and what would happen is a builder would get loans for a house or sometimes more than one house at a time to build and pocket money from the loan before the sell, becasue the next loan would cover them to continue to build the house until the final sell. Well they just continue to build and get loans and when the banks stopped doing this the builders went under because the money would already be spent, atleast the money that they borrowed to build that specific house thus causing a chain reaction and the smaller businesses, the contractors would go under as well becasue they have to spend there own money for materials and labor until the job is done but at some point durring the down fall of the housing market the laws and loan requirements changed and the money ran out becasue the builder couldn’t get another loan to cover the house they already got a loan on that wasn’t finished being built. This is because now they only get a portion of the loan and they must show proof to the bank/lender that the portion of the house has been finished, so any new loan they recieved would have to go to the actual house they were getting a loan for. We saw many companies go under for this reason right here, the small businesses of contractors that had to use there own company funds for a job before the builder would pay them any money at all, it is just wrong. So back to my point here with the Simpsons it sounds like they just wanted to get a big fat paycheck from the bank, and walked away from it by filing bankruptcy. Now my question is did they do this for Joe Gorga to get money for his other projects because his credit was bad or was it money for themselves? Or am I just really slow and this is what Faux is already looking into?

  43. Ok so this is a cont from my previous post, ok is the montville property the lot they paid $1 million dollars for in cash that Melissa was talking about on the reunion?
    Simpson loan $320,000
    Old RR Prop $500,000
    Papa G Credit $100,000
    thats pretty close to the $1 million?? A I off on this does anyone know? Am I getting the properties mixed up?

    • I am not good with the business aspects of money, but you are raising some good points here. Hopefully someone who is keeping better track of the properties will respond, because you sure have my attention. Interesting.

  44. I just looked at the actual deed since I’ve worked in a Title Company and know that you can’t always trust the reference page. The deed shows that Joey, his father and mother owned the property jointly and that on Nov. 9, 2009 the three of them deeded the property to Anthony DeLorenzo. The deeds are online and public record and you can even look up the first page to look at them.

    That’s not to say that the strain between Joey and the Elder Gorgas don’t come from this whole transaction. It looks like they sold one house and then mortgaged another to the point of unsustainability for their son after which, he offered to “pay their rent.” While he lives a lifestyle that seems wealthy, they have nothing to show for their hard work. If he’s telling them that he can’t afford anything for them, while he’s living this sort of lifestyle, then they know he hasn’t learned his lesson. If they can afford it, then maybe they’re upset that he hasn’t owned up to his mistakes by giving them a place of their own for the trouble they got into for him.

    tl;dr: There doesn’t seem to be anything fraudulent or illegal, but there is definitely something immoral and plenty of reasons for an estrangement between Joey and his father in these transactions.

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