RHONJ: The Carnage Continues – Blame Teresa

tied_to_the_stakeIn lieu of Bravo’s version of water boarding, commonly known as Season 5 of RHONJ, Bravo should have aired a one hour special where Teresa Giudice is tied to a stake in the middle of the Roman Colosseum; Melissa, Kathy, Caroline & Jacqueline can throw stones, boulders, arrows, xanax bottles or whatever they choose to the cheers of their husbands.

Such a special would have been more humane to Teresa and her supporters rather than the carnage that is presented each week on Bravo as edited and fabricated by Siren Media.

The show is not entertaining. It’s torture – slow, progressive, systematic inhuman torture. Furthermore, it is infuriating to know that viewers are manipulated by shoddy editing, with no regard for the real life chronological sequence of events. Truth means nothing. Time means nothing.  At the end of the day, all that matters is that Teresa must be blamed for “victimizing” Melissa. Has anyone seen Groundhog Day?

The September 8th episode ended with the cast having an after dinner drink at the Miraval lounge on their last night in Arizona.  Everyone was enjoying their final hours at Miraval when Caroline interrupted the joking to proclaim that it was imperative that they reveal any additional issues that remained unsettled.  Why would Caroline feel the need to open old wounds after days of endless therapy sessions with paid unbiased professionals?

Let’s put a few things in prospective in order to understand Caroline’s self serving motives in cranking up Joe Gorga and shifting the focus back to Teresa.

The following is a time line of relevant events in Season 5:

  • December 3, 2013 – Posche Holiday Party
  • January 18, 2013- Kim D Jewelry Launch
  • January 31, 2013- Drinks at Bellisimo
  • February 18, 2013- Milania Launch 
  • February 28, 2013 – Gorgas & Penny Drossos dinner at Chakra
  • March 2013- J Gorga & R Wakile go to Penny’s husband’s business “off the record”
  • March 16, 2013- Miraval in Arizona for entire cast
  • March 29, 2013- Wakiles telephone Karagiorgis “off the record”
  • March 3o, 2013- Posche II Grand Opening at Moxie Salon in Ridgewood

Shortly after the Milania Launch, the Gorgas and Wakiles made several overtures to Penny Drossos’ husband Johnny Karagiorgis (@JohnnyTheGrk), to implicate Teresa for the cheating rumors.  The Gorgas and Wakiles attempted to poison Penny against Teresa while promising Penny future filming endeavors with Melissa and Kathy.  The Wakiles were on the phone with Karagiorgis for over an hour the night before Posche II Grand Opening despite Kathy Wakile’s proclamation that “family must stick together against outsiders.”

On March 14, 2013, a little bird told Caroline that one of the producers sought to reveal a rumor regarding Albert Sr. Caroline sought the identity of the producer. When no one would reveal who it was, Caroline pointed her finger at Penny.  So the anger and hostility that Caroline & Albert displayed at Miraval in stirring the others was not to “help heal the Gorgas/Giudices” but rather to vilify Penny (as she did Danielle in Seasons 1 and 2).

Caroline Manzo tells Joe Gorga ” Joe, hug your sister because she is standing up for you. You go deal with that bitch.”

Albert Manzo chimes in “You’re not wrong. If the two of you confront those pieces of garbage, when it’s over, you will be united.”

Not once does Caroline mention her true motivation. She simply cranks up Joe Gorga, the man she knows to be violent and easily provoked to do her dirty work against her perceived threat.

In order to further the recurring “Teresa’s Fault” theme, Production is permitted to edit and/or fabricate footage to tell it’s tale.  Season 5’s tale is more disjointed than usual since it appears Production can’t make up it’s mind whether it wants to pretend that Teresa is the puppet master for Jan, Kim D or Penny. Furthermore, Production can’t seem to decide whether it wants to portray Teresa as “slow” or a master manipulator.  The truth is clear: these women are not Teresa’s puppets. They have repeatedly declared that Teresa did not encourage, participate or promote the rumor that Melissa was cheating.

Perhaps Siren Media and/or Bravo can finally focus on answering the burning question: Did Melissa cheat? thus making her marriage advice book the biggest joke since the launch of her lip syncing non existent music career.

51 thoughts on “RHONJ: The Carnage Continues – Blame Teresa

  1. Exactly! I will not be played for a fool by Bravo! From this day forward I am no longer watching ANYTHING on THAT channel. Thanks for posting faux.

    In addition, do you have any updates as to when Mr. Anthony’s story will be published? Only that will put an end to this nonsense.

    • Thank You Faux for stating the truth. It has become unbearable to watch Teresa crucified. I can’t do it anymore. Unfortunately, most of the viewers who believe what they see is reality will think that Penny threw Teresa under the bus.

    • i found address for bravo lets bomb them with letters bravo viewers relations 3000 w. alameda ave. suite 250 burbank ca 91523 no email addy, but they can just delete those this way lets mailman bring loads of letters lol

  2. I’ve already stopped watching this travesty, mainly because I can’t stomach the Gorgas or Richie Walkile.

    That Bravo continues to manipulate this show as they do is disgusting. Where is this great Gorga/Manzo love coming from? Clearly they (Bravo) are not reading their own blog comments.

  3. I swear I hate Bravo, Andy, and these losers for twisting the facts and their sloppy, bullcrap splice/dice shows.
    Faux, I really wish you wrote for the NewYork Times, etc.. You are the only blogger who gets the Truth out, and writes beautifully, I might add.
    I will tweet my heart out trying to get the peeps on twitter to realize they need to turn off their Bravo Channel and write Bravo Sponsors. This is just so humiliating for the viewers, not to mention Teresa and Penny. NOBODY deserves this bloodbath season after season…..NOBODY. Andy Cohen you SUCK.

  4. Thanks for this information Faux, this is another piece of the Manzo puzzle. It’s amazing that Caroline was trying to find out the name of the producer who was going to do this. What was she going to do, tell him not to out her husbands affair? I think she wanted to know so she could run to Andy and get him to get rid of that producer thats what I think. There is so much dirt on the other families that it could make this show volcanic, but Andy won’t go there. Because he wants Teresa to go down in flames because of what she did at the season 2 reunion (she pushed him down into his seat like a ragdoll). I think Andy’s bosses in Bravo doesn’t want Teresa gone and he does, I bet anything after that push seen around the world he begged Bravo not to show that and they said no edit. So in revenge of making him look like a fool in front of the world he’s doing everything and anything to her in a vindictive way.

    • i’m sorry, but i doubt the reason andy supposedly hates teresa is because she pushed him into a chair. that is just ridiculous & hardly the “push seen around the world.” it was a stupid push in the heat of the moment. he might be ridiculous, but i’m sure there is something much worse that he hates her for, if that’s really the case. anybody that gets that upset over a little push when you are being attacked with personal/family rumors for hours would have to have the mentality of a child, and would not be that big/powerful on a television station.

  5. Faux I have been reading you and Fame from day one. When I explain your sites to people they look ant me funny. I am done with Bravo! I do want you to give me details. I am done with AC tired of it all. Last weeks Penny blog and reading her twitter for over a year she has integrity. Bravo does not.

  6. Great Blog Faux!
    Bravo is losing viewers with their constant manipulation of the facts. The show is no longer fun, it’s repetitive and it doesn’t make sense. I watch only for Teresa and her beautiful family. RHONJ is complete garbage now.

    Thank you for getting the facts and calling Bravo out on their lousy editing and blatant favoritism toward the Gorgas and Manzos!

  7. Great blog (as always!) Faux! Helps to see the events in chronological order and understand exactly what was going on during those points in time. I really hate Sirens Media for this…. was Russell Armstrong’s death not enough of a warning for those pieces of crap?

  8. It is true, how much can we watch Teresa get blamed for everything?
    Global warming is next I am sure that Teresa will be blamed for.

  9. This whole thing is so disgusting. Can’t wait for karma to visit all these awful people. Thank you Faux for always bringing us the truth.

    • I’ve stopped believing in karma. Three years ago, all I heard was “karma is a bitch, and the truth will come out about Medusa. ” Guess what? She is just an innocent superstar (barf) in the making with jealous people making up rumors about her. That is Bravo’s spin. And since the majority of viewers are not on social media and haven’t a clue about the truth, they win. One of the last thing’s Russell Armstrong said to one of his siblings (if my memories serve me correctly) was “They are going to crucify me this year.” Then he hung himself.
      They still went on with the story, and Taylor made it her mission in life to portray him as a violent maniac that she was afraid to leave and a dead beat.
      So, Russell was right. If Teresa wasn’t as head-strong as she is, she would have a broken spirit and God knows what else from this bullshit. This is the cousin of cyber-bullying. They are trying to crush her spirit and destroy her family. It is despicable.

  10. Bravo definitely aim at making business by insulting our intelligence, Fans who are passionately loyal to a T.V. show have been jerked around this season cast making it seem like everyone was in or eventually get to a “better place” just so we would keep watching, Just like season 3 & 4 I found the Manzo, Laurita, Wakile,and Gorga’s ugly hateful attitudes and hypercritical cruel manipulating actions towards Teresa painful to watch at times. Melissa and Joe makes me sick they ruined this show as did Kathy and Rich Wakile!! I am not entertained by watching the suffering and humiliation of Teresa created by her family because they are jealous pieces of S**T..
    This show gives me major anxiety!!

  11. BRAVO /Andy/Sirens need to be outed to the general public who still follow and believe their incredibly mean spirited attack on Teresa! Is there any publication : Oprah magazine or Huffington Post or any where mainstream you can send this and other stories to? Penny & john should not be afraid to break their contract bc all “silence” is null and void when a criminal mattee is involved. Due to the attack by Joe Gorga they need to tell the whole truth and cant be sukenced by a silly reality show contract.

      • that trial is in two weeks, wacko should be punished hard. don’t care that she is a mother, this is 3rd time she hurt someone.one of my friends was beaten up by a drunken man, he lost his eye. so wacko shouldn’t get away with it.

  12. Ok, I am thoroughly confused. As a loyal Teresa supporter, I want to believe this, Faux, I really, really do. However, Will Love (close friend of both Penny and Johnny) has been tweeting contradictory information for the last several weeks, basically saying Teresa is lying and that she was the one that engaged Penny in the cheating rumors and then threw her under the bus. Now this week, Will has seemingly been a bit more supportive towards Teresa. It just seems so bizarre to me, it is as if there is a missing puzzle piece somewhere. I have been reading your blogs for a long time and believe you are one that has the most accurate and truthful information, I am just confused by the whole Will Love component. If there is any information that can shed light on this, I would certainly appreciate it.

  13. I’ve noticed that any cast member who says anything negative about gays or the gay lifestyle are usually gone the following season! Joe and Teresa have said many things about gays. Andy must be furious he can’t fire them!!

  14. That is do aptly put! They have never been able to decide if Teresa is slow or a manipulative mastermind. The truth is she is neither. I don’t understand why Mel can play the dirtiest of dirty and Bravo spends extra time and money to make it look the opposite. They spent money to re-edit this season. I was hopeful that since they are starting to let us hear what Mel mutters and says when she thinks she is off camera that we were going to start to get an honest edit. No other franchise has ever seemed this edited and fabricated to me.

    • Tre is NOT the brightest bulb in the lamp. She clearly has some intellectual deficiencies (coming from an educator). I do believe she is behind a great deal of the “smear campaign” against Melissa due to the fact that the information being repeated could only have come from Tre. If you will notice, there is no smear aimed at Joe, but only rumors that would cause his marriage to break up. With a break up, his reputation remains in tact. Now, do I believe there is no truth to some of the rumors? I believe there is some grain of truth because Melissa is bound to find out who is spreading the rumors instead of allowing them to die. When she approached Penny at the bar she clearly showed a desire to keep the issue in the forefront of series as well as to continue to drive a wedge between Tre and Joe. Neither Melissa nor Tre are loyal to the family.

  15. after the reuion, lets stop watching anything on bravo and andy. does anyone have mailing or email addy for them.we can all send them letter saying we are fed up with what they did to teresa,we know about the editing and splicing. if enough of us do this,we can hurt them in pocketbook if nobody watchs for months.andy is making big deal of the wedding, lets boycott that too.we want melissa, caroline exposed plus kathy and richie gone

    • I agree. Send the articles to mainsream media; write letters to Andy /Bravo..I already took WWHL off my viewing and OC & Miami. Write to magazines that have Melissa on their cover & tell them about her.
      I tweeted martinspress to say why would anyone want to be like Mel? Dont buy her book or products and start sending tweets to her manager about why he bought her house & represents her??? If we all
      spent a little extra time being active instead of just complaining we could make a difference.
      The House of Marco needs to fall and we have to help topple it!!

      • i wouldn’t buy any books from martin press now, or anything melissa endorses or bravo advertisers till teresa is cleared .richie probably sneezed on kathys godess canollis

      • Just the vision of that made me sick. I cant stand Dickie or Kat. Now, if Kat didnt kiss whores ass maybe i would feel bad for her but, she is so twofaced i cant take it… I used to have my T.V on Bravo 24 /7. No more i cant even look at Andy.
        MelHo’s book is a friggin joke, her singing is atrocious and she is very unauthentic and her sisters are mean spirited.
        Anyway im with you on sending letters to Bravo, they need to hear how the viewers are sick of the bs lies.

  16. cast members finally called out Melissa (although with something small, it is a start)

    First after reading Melissa’s blog stating she got the furthest in the high wire, Caroline posted in hers that Kathy and Richie got the furthest in an attempt to call her out in a subtle way… Then….

    KATHY SAYS: I was so proud of my hubby @richardwakile for listening to me & following my lead we made it the furthest across the wire! #BossLady #RHONJ
    8:23pm – 8 Sep 13

    FAN: @KathyWakile @richardwakile In her blog, Melissa wrote that she and Teresa made it furthest?!

    RICHIE SAYS: Trust me Kathy & I made it the furthest! Someone is delusional! Lol! @Woodbridgida2 @KathyWakile

    FAN: @richardwakile @KathyWakile guess you know how @Teresa_Giudice felt when they did not show her lift the horses leg!!
    7:47pm – 9 Sep 13

  17. cast members finally called out Melissa (although with something small, it is a start)

    First after reading Melissa’s blog stating she got the furthest in the high wire, Caroline posted in hers that Kathy and Richie got the furthest in an attempt to call her out in a subtle way… Then….

    KATHY SAYS: I was so proud of my hubby @richardwakile for listening to me & following my lead we made it the furthest across the wire! #BossLady #RHONJ
    8:23pm – 8 Sep 13

    FAN: @KathyWakile @richardwakile In her blog, Melissa wrote that she and Teresa made it furthest?!

    RICHIE SAYS: Trust me Kathy & I made it the furthest! Someone is delusional! Lol! @Woodbridgida2 @KathyWakile

    FAN: @richardwakile @KathyWakile guess you know how @Teresa_Giudice felt when they did not show her lift the horses leg!!
    7:47pm – 9 Sep 13

  18. I can’t remember which reunion it was but on one of them Mandy point blank asked the ladies if thy considered that they were bullied. That seemed really scripted like they were told what to say. At thee time Mandy was taking some heat on Twitter about bullying and I think that is what prompted this. Of course, all the ladies said no it wasn’t bullying…….I call bullsh*t on that!!!

  19. Karma is a bitch. She has nailed everyone else to the cross. She is fake and a fraud. Teresa has everything coming back to her 2 fold.

  20. I am not a huge fan of Teresa, but I just get this weird feeling that all this “it’s all Teresa” is building up to a next season Teresa did say and do all that……BUT she was right all along. Think of it on a bravo standpoint….. what kind of insane ratings would that be? For everyone to find out Melissa did have a fling way before kids & such….

    • if thats the case ,many of us viewers won’t be back next yr,its gone on too long. no matter what happens to teresa and juicy, npbody can replace them in our hearts especially andy and bravo. hope melissa gets a std in her throat for being such a sneak, and everything she did to teresa comes back ten fold

  21. Faux, as always you give the best facts of what’s really going on! Keep posting Penny’s blogs for our insights of how bad Bravo edits! It’s going to be a shame if Melissa isn’t exposed because I really believe in my heart that she did cheat on little Joey! Melissa needs so much attention that it all makes sense! Otherwise there wouldn’t be soooo many people saying that she did cheat! If you don’t play nobody can accuse you!

  22. Thanks Faux for this. There is a blog I go to where the people are crucifying Teresa and they don’t even know her. I say nothing. Hopefully a relative of mine did tell me the truth. I would really be upset if she didnt. But I do believe her. I do believe that the ho did cheat in the parking lot.

  23. Is there anywhere I can see Al’s girlfriend. I am so glad there is somewhere he can go and relax. Good for him. I think Caroline should have a spin-off and include Jill. That oneI would watch. If it is just her and her children with their holier-than-thou attitude, screw it.

    • Hopefully the show doesn’t go beyond the pilot. The family is too dysfunctional to be able to pull it off. I don’t think they will get the ratings. People are through with her and her minions. As much as she lies and tries everyone knows what Al does and so what she pushed him away with her kids.

  24. I pray this season isn’t to nail Teresa again. I can’t watch another season of her idiot sister in law Melissa and crazy Jaqueline Laurita plottng against her. Great story Faux. I’m glad I finally got to read your posts and catch up. Write more please

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