RHONJ Teresa Giudice Foils Bravo’s Plans For Reunion Chaos

The first part of RHONJ Reunion trilogy aired on November 2, 2014.  The ladies looked stunning . . .


. . . always a contrast to the blood bath that occurs.

Fans of Teresa Giudice were elated that Dina Manzo had rejoined the cast. As a true friend to Teresa, Dina would be present to shield Teresa from Andy’s machine gun fire questions and cast attacks usually reserved for Teresa.  But a funny thing happened “on the way to the waterboarding” . . .

Teresa’s cousins, Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, showed up at the Reunion. Why? What exactly was their contribution to Season 6 that warranted an invitation to the Reunion? It wasn’t long before the reason for their appearance became obscenely obvious.

Rosie and Kathy were invited to provoke Teresa and Dina. Fortunately, the Pierri sisters failed miserably because both Teresa and Dina responded in like.

As to Teresa:

rhonj reunion last year rosie and kathyBackground: Season 4 Reunion. Kathy gratuitously accused Teresa of bad mouthing her mother in law AND then called Teresa’s mother “a fucking liar” and father “a coward.” Teresa responded that her father was far from a coward, in fact he was more of a father to the Pierri family than Papa Pierri.

Rosie snapped. Security had to restrain Rosie backstage to prevent her from storming the stage as she raged at Teresa, “I’ll cut your fucking tongue out . . . I’ll kill you.”

When Teresa asked what was that, Kathy smugly replied, “You know exactly what that is.” Kathy and Rosie justified their actions by shouting that “PARENTS ARE OFF LIMITS.”  By “PARENTS” Kathy and Rosie meant THEIR parents are off limits, not Teresa or Joe’s parents.

The exchange was repulsive.  It was bad enough that it occurred, but it was far worse that Bravo felt the need to air the threats AND Andy was giddy in replaying the threats over and over as he fawned over Rosie. “Everybody loves Rosie” exclaimed Andy.  Only Bravo would applaud terroristic threats.

Season 6 Reunion: Bravo invited Kathy and Rosie to appear at the Reunion even though both were marginal characters throughout the season.

Andy knew the family history; he knew Kathy’s uncanny ability to push Teresa’s buttons; he knew Teresa’s delicate emotional state; and he knew Rosie’s violent explosive reaction to the mere mention of her parents.  So what did Andy do?

Andy replayed the clip where Mama Pierri (Teresa’s aunt) commented on Teresa and Joe’s legal issues by saying “you make mistakes, they catch up to you.”   Andy then asked Teresa to respond to her aunt’s repulsive reaction to her legal issues.

If Teresa had responded there is no doubt that Security would have been pulling the women apart.  Teresa however, foiled Bravo’s plans for chaos at the reunion. Teresa stood up in the middle of Andy’s question and simply walked off stage:

rhonj reunion tree walks off 1

Andy was left to ask Kathy about Mama Pierri’s comments facing an empty chair where Teresa had been. Teresa refused to return until the Pierri sisters were done.  The whole reason for their appearance at the reunion was foiled by Teresa’s refusal to play into the drama. So instead of the explosive confrontation that Rosie awaited:

rhonj reunion rosie screaming

she was left to insult Teresa by tweeting during the airing of the Reunion:

rosie on teresa during reunion tweets run away blog

[Rosie must have forgotten that at the Reunion she stated that “everyone should stay off social media, twitter, twatter.”]

As to Dina:

Rosie and Kathy brought Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashlee, to do their make up. What a coincidence that they switched to a new make up artist who lives on the West Coast and happens to be Dina’s niece, the niece who has repeatedly attacked Dina on social media. A niece that attacked Dina on social media less than 30 days before the Reunion was taped.

Dina remained unfazed by the Pierri sisters and their coincidental choice of make up artist.  Clearly Dina got the last laugh – by the looks of Kathy and Rosie, it appears that Ashlee is still a make up artist in training.

As far as blanket declarations that parents are off limits, it doesn’t work that way.  If parents film, they are fair game and the pubic has a right to comment.  This is not the first time Mama Pierri was used to hurt Teresa and her parents. See Kathy Wakile’s Forty Year Grudge  Perhaps Kathy, Rosie and Mama Pierri should take note that Teresa is “a parent” to four impressionable daughters when they are busy bashing her without provocation.

18 thoughts on “RHONJ Teresa Giudice Foils Bravo’s Plans For Reunion Chaos

  1. Poor Teresa having family members like this. They really know how to kick her when she’s down. The entire lot of them would not be known except for the fact they are unfortunately, her family.

  2. To think Sweaty Rosie was talking how much she was affected about the Guidice situation and that she would like to visit the family and show her support. Wow, how quickly she got over that, what a hypocrite. They were trying so badly to create drama and they fell hard on their face. I was practically cheering when Tre got off the couch and walked away. The stunned look on their faces were priceless. It was obvious that Tre didn’t want to have anything to do with the Wakiles and Lookers.

  3. Another thing the stun look on Melissa face in the above photo speaks volumes. Teresa definitely threw them off their game.

  4. What makes me lose my lunch is the slutsnake Melissa. Last year (according to her) Juicy belonged in jail, he hit on her, Teresa was a liar and a biatch who needed to be exposed and now she just loves, loves, loves her. I’m sure that the elder Guidice’s hate her even more for her hypocrisy. I think they think Joey is lead around by his second head and they forgive him because he is borderline in the IQ dept. But Melissa is the same old selfish, twisted whore she was the day Joey tipped her with a hundred in Lookers. When something like this happens, you do find out who your true friends are. my Mom always said you can count your real friends on one hand. It’s true. I hope Teresa comes back like Martha Stewart. It is a good year to jump ship off of this show anyway. it SUCKS. The twins are unbearable vapid. Even by RHONJ standards.

  5. Totally agree, ppl on twitter r saying how sweet mrs pierie is, yea as sweet as Kathy. Oh the scene wth Rosie readng the Bible reciting scripture ( I thk she needs a speakn spell)abt HW they pray that they might all become a holy family, thn she is on twtr dogging Tre. I thgt Ashley lived wth jac now??? Next stop TRAILOR park

  6. Ugh, what a horrible family, i know teresa made mistakes, but your family should be there to support you , NOT tear you down, STAY STRONG TRE.

  7. Their actions both on the reunion show and on Twitter that night were despicable! Katfish repeated numerous times on Twitter that because she said she loves the family all her other shenanigans were okay as she continued to bash Teresa. And even tonight Rosie is still badmouthing Teresa.

    Then there’s Jack’s whole meltdown on Twitter bashing Dina. I’m sure that article is coming Faux!

  8. I meant to comment on this post and not the contest post.

    Can you dedicate a blog to Jacqueline? She is a hot ass mess.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Always the best and most clever – love ya Faux! You hit the nail on the head. I despise those Pierri women (this includes Kathy – that jealous biatch)

  10. Rottweiler’s performance on the finale and on the reunion were obviously very fake and she proved that to us by tweeting live. In every single tweet she was bashing Teresa and being extremely rude to anyone who wasnt bashing her too. Teresa really has a family full of hypocrites and fame hungry whores. I am glad Dina was there to back her up.

  11. Great blog, Faux – well done!

    For the life of me, I cannot understand how people do not see Kathy for what she is – a snake. It doesn’t surprise me that she is friends with Wacky Chan. I only hope the cameras are still rolling when Wacky turns on Kat. They deserve each other.

    As for Rosie – she’s a mess. She’s an out-of-shape, loud, crass and violent drunk. What the hell is so interesting or appealing about her? Again, I don’t get it.

    Melissa was clearly trying to provoke Dina – I just wish Dina would have finished her sentence about why Mel came on the show. And didn’t Melissa say (in a previous reunion) that her and T were NOT ok when she came on the show?? Bitch can’t keep her lies straight and Andy never calls her on it.

    Teresa looked amazing – that dress was incredible and she rocked it. The next few years are going to be incredibly challenging, but she’s a fighter.

  12. WOW, I haven’t commented in so long, but always have time for your blogs.
    Once again I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Haters can say what they want, but Teresa has so much class to just walk off stage. She chose not to fuel their fire by saying something that may be disrespectul toward her aunt. That’s why I love her.
    Kathy and Rosie squirming in their seats, fumbling for words was priceless!

  13. I am surprised Andy didn’t ask Rosie about her lap band surgury.
    Sorry Rosie, Dr. ——— is a professional and won’t allow cameras in exchange for payment.

  14. Kathy and Rosie are probably ticked off because that was their last, on camera, chance to show Bravo they could “BRING THE DRAMA!” At Teresa’s expense of course. So, they planned to tweet away and be as obnoxious as can be while their short scene was shown. It was kind of funny that Teresa finding a penny on the bathroom floor was the most exciting moment when her cousin’s were on!

    I didn’t know about Rosie’s pathetic tweets above! Way to kick your own family when their down Ro! I hope Juicy slams the door, or phone, in your face when you knock, or call, pretending to be concerned. Ro-Ro, the best thing you can do for the Giudice’s is to leave them the heck alone! Stop using them for fame.

    I do agree, Faux, their makeup looked like it was done by a beauty school flunkie. I’ve seen pics of those two when a real professional makeup artist made them up and they looked good, not great, I mean an ugly soul is hard to make pretty! So, Kathy and Rosie, you both looked like fools in so many different ways at this reunion.

  15. There is no where else to put this, but I am baffled. I read Faux’s twitter feed every day, and I don’t see anything malicious, foul, or anything else. What the hell is she getting suspended for? Whatever it is, it is bullshit. Thank You. And fuck the twitter police because they are mongoloids. Ilana Angel can call someone a whore fifty times a day and that is o.k.? Wtf Seems like Brandi’s meth-teeth friends are making crap up. Because I don’t see anything untoward. Such lunacy. The end.

    • We are working on it Gessie. It’s called censorship. There is nothing on my TL on twitter that mandates a suspension. 4 accounts that criticize Brandi Glanville were suspended within days.

  16. Faux,
    Great Blog.

    When Teresa walked off Rosie and Kathy were useless. They had nothing. I hope Andy did not pay them much to be there.

    sorry about the twitter suspension…. just crazy! Just do you!!! You are Fabulous!

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