RHONJ: “Successful Developer” Gorga Downgrades

melissa-and-joe-gorga-arrive-at-fort-lauderdale-airport cropMelissa Gorga once described her husband as a “successful developer” but it appears that she has taken her Louis Vuitton bags and moved back to Green Acres.

Melissa has given numerous inconsistent reasons for moving from her “dream” love shack: She initially declared to the world that she needed to get her kids away from the Giudice girls. This year, however, Melissa reluctantly admitted that her nieces weren’t “the only reason” she wanted to move; She wanted to move back to Franklin Lakes, where she initially met her husband. Oddly enough, instead of waiting for her “successful developer” husband to build another dream shack, Melissa packed up their love shack:

montville house

and moved to a rental. Speculation and bank records seem to indicate that the Gorgas overextended themselves and had to cut back their extravagant lifestyle.

The following are exclusive photos of the house that Melissa Gorga and family currently occupies:

Rental Home Gorga 2


Rental Home Gorga


Rental home Gorga 4By Franklin Lakes standards, this rental is on the low end of the market. Since filming for Season 6 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey begins on November 11, 2013, it will be interesting to see if Melissa Gorga films at her current residence.


86 thoughts on “RHONJ: “Successful Developer” Gorga Downgrades

    • I have no sympathy for liars. Too bad she is incapable of telling the truth as to her financial situation. Millions of people in the US are having problems but they own up to it.
      Will her 370 thousand fans on Facebook chip in and send her money? Oh that’s right she PAID for many of those pretend fans to be added to Twitter and FB.
      What will she do next to try to be rich and famous?

    • I still don’t buy it that they found someone to buy that house for full listing price. Does anybody have any information on that sale? That “rental” is a 1990 McMansion and very used, she wouldn’t want that but they had no choice. Either this or an apt..

      • @Buck. I won’t believe they got any money outta that house until we see documents.
        Does Faux know any realtors who can look into this?

      • I’m looking to verify but as of today, their Montville home is still registered in their name which is odd. The Rumor is that the Bank agreed to a “short sale” so when Melissa said they sold it for “full price” she meant the full amount they owed the bank. We will post as soon as the information is verified.

      • I think your right about the short sale. I looked up the information on short sales and found some interesting things. For one if the bank agrees to a short sale they don’t own the property. I know it sounds weird but they own it if it went into forclosure but not short sale. But since the bank has to approve the sale (since they are the ones that will take the loss), it will look like the buyer when they buy it will be purchasing it from the bank.

        So paperwork wise it will still look like the house is still owned by Joe and Melissa when in reality the bank agreed to sell it for a lower price. And they said it’s a waiting game. Since the bank wants more money from a buyer or buyers they may wait for more bids, it could take months depending on the bank. And since it will still show that Joe and Melissa are on the paperwork it makes sense that a few months have gone by with their names still on the paperwork.

        In essence they where able to talk the bank into not foreclosing but to a short sale. They didn’t get any money from this sale, period.

      • The bank will not really work on a short sale until there is a contract on a home. The bank might agree in that they will look at accepting a short sale but rarely will a short sale be approved until a contract is binding. Joey and Lookers might have signed a contract and are waiting on the bank approval which can take 2 to 3 months, Then it will be another month to 6 weeks to close the loan for the new buyer. Many times the seller goes ahead and moves out once they sign the contract to sell.
        If in fact Lookers and Joey did a short sale on their home they are can be found guilty of mortgage fraud since the just refi the home and pulled out cash.

        Do you know if the shore home is still tied into this mortgage?

      • I recently bought a short sale property. The original owners name remained on the property till closing. The bank agreed to the short sale, they have a third party that acts in the interest of the bank and a listing real estate agent. A bid was submitted to the listing realtor through my realtor then the third party collects the bids and counter bids. After the third party has a suitable bid they submit it to the bank and we went to settlement. So yes, the Gorga may have it up as short sale.

      • That doesn’t surprise me at all! But hey at least they put a roof over those kids heads. I know ppl here that could give a damn if their kids have clean clothes and food. Much less a home.

      • Buck,
        I live in Franklin Lakes. This rental is near where my girls take horseback riding lessons. It is right near 287. You are right about the house. Not renovated, small (3,800 sq feet), and on the less affluent side of town. Franklin Lakes is all about the “Gates”. Kathy’s property is on my side of town (joy for me… “eye roll”).

        In saying that… the best towns in Bergen County (my opinion only!!!) are Alpine, Saddle River and Englewood Cliffs.

      • According to a source they were suppose to be renting a place in Upper Saddle River starting in the summer but that didn’t materialize. I don’t believe they sold that house at all. If so they didn’t get the full price.

      • I remember that rumor, too. I don’t know how the housewives are paid but I’ve heard it’s after the reunion is filmed. The season 5 reunion was filmed September 4, 2013. The Gorga’s were able to move into their rental 2 days later. I have a feeling that they may have been waiting for their Bravo paycheck to be able to move into their rental house. I’m not sure what the deposit was for this home but I used to rent years ago and it was usually the same amount as the monthly rent is. Plus, I do recall most places want first and last months rent. On Fame’s site someone was able to pull up the house for rent and the cost per month was $3,900.00. By my calculations the Gorga’s needed, at the most, about $11,700.00 ($3,900 X 3) to move in. That is actually thousands cheaper than their mortgage payment. Maybe Joey can start paying back his parents? Yeah, right, a selfish jerk like him!

      • I don’t think they are going to be able to afford the rent for too many months. They will be out on the street soon. Landlords don’t give free housing.

      • Thank you, and for her saying that her “old home” was her dreamhome this one must be a nightmare. Because even though that other one was built horribly it was alot bigger and newer than this one and worth alot more (not anywhere near the 3.8 million they where wanting). This is a downgrade for her pure and simple. The money is drying up from Umpa Lumpa and she is fishing out her lines to snatch a money guy and dump Umpa lumpa and call him a rapists and abuser. She is already setting up the environment for her to leave.

      • Buck,
        This rental is also very close to the original house he built. That one is on Pulis Ave (VERY VERY busy street). I’d love to know where their lot it (if it is on Barnstable like Kathy’s).
        LOVE YOUR POSTS!! You are an awesome detective!!

      • DJ, in one of the out takes from last night (I think) MeGo also stated that another reason for moving so quickly was to place Antonia in their desired school district sooner rather than later. My question is: Is the rental house in that same school district? If not, then her master plan (another excuse) backfired.

      • Trickievee,
        Yes. There are 3 elementary schools in FL. My kids do not go to the same school as hers, but they will all meet up eventually.

      • Campgaw generally isn’t considered the best part of FL so I’d love to see how the Gorgas spin the house they are living in. It’s also kind of amusing that High Mountain is possibly going to get some “affordable” housing as in *condos* right on Ewing. The developer is proposing around 55 condo units in return for being able to build on 1/2 acre lots instead of the current 1 acre zoning. Imagine crazy Jax being able to say she lives across from a swamp (reportedly where the BLK water comes from!) around from some Mount Laurel spec housing. Her pretty botoxed head will explode….

      • Saddle River,
        You are correct!! You know the area well!!!
        btw… LOVE SADDLE RIVER!!! I have family there.

      • someone’s comment on another site (can’t remember which) says that they’re building at 411 prospect ave in ORADELL and that neighbors have confirmed this – on street view it is being built and is still a hole in the ground, but I drove by the other day and it is completely finished – a very nice house on 1/3 of an acre in a regular old north jersey neighborhood – right off oradell ave and VERY normal – certainly not anything at all like one would expect them to want to brag about – does anyone know anything further? I’ll send a picture if it’s confirmed that it’s them –

    • Me either. But this is what I call karma for the Whorgas. I cant wait til this precious gem of a house is featured in S6 and how they spin it into why they downgraded or “lowered their standard of living”.

    • I’m having a flashback to Melissa’s first season when, in her talking head, she said “we pay our bills”. Alrighty then! People in glass houses, Karma – you know the whole gambit of “what goes around comes around” sayings.

  1. Did u guys catch, on the reunion, when Andy asked if they sold their house for their asking price ( or something like that) SlowJoe started to comment and Lookers quickly interupted him and said, “we sold it for enough,” thought her comment was interesting. They are brokeass losers and I can’t wait until the Feds come knocking on their door with some fed indictments. And you just know SlowJoe can’t add and subtract, so he probably cooked his books. But good. Lying snitch RATS.

    • I was thinking maybe they are “cleaning house” getting rid of shit just in case what happened to the Guidices happens to them.

    • Agreed, Pink. I think they all know it’s coming their way soon, hence the tears from Jax and Meho at the reunion. They are scurred for themselves!

    • Well i went to that net worth site, SloJoe is -1.5M bucks. It’s only a matter of time before them boys serves he and Messy they papers.

  2. I think that house is a step up from The House that Poison Built. Betcha all the plumbing fixtures are fully operational. No broken faucets and crumbling counter tops in that rental. With all of the money they are saving not having that huge mortgage, they can prolly go to Rent-A-Center and get some furniture so that don’t have to film all of their scenes in the closet or the driveway.

  3. I’m surprised the sale of their dream house hasn’t hit the papers yet. It will be interesting to see how much they were actually paid.

    • Amen. They should be grateful to have any kind of roof over their heads. Some people would love just to have a tiny apartment of their own..these people? Pfft..too busy thanking Baby Jesus and puffy up like a bloated blow fish.

  4. I think your right about the short sale. I looked up the information on short sales and found some interesting things. For one if the bank agrees to a short sale they don’t own the property. I know it sounds weird but they own it if it went into forclosure but not short sale. But since the bank has to approve the sale (since they are the ones that will take the loss), it will look like the buyer when they buy it will be purchasing it from the bank.

    So paperwork wise it will still look like the house is still owned by Joe and Melissa when in reality the bank agreed to sell it for a lower price. And they said it’s a waiting game. Since the bank wants more money from a buyer or buyers they may wait for more bids, it could take months depending on the bank. And since it will still show that Joe and Melissa are on the paperwork it makes sense that a few months have gone by with their names still on the paperwork.

    In essence they where able to talk the bank into not foreclosing but to a short sale. They didn’t get any money from this sale, period.

    • Hi Skeeter,
      You are right. It is a nice house, but people watch them on TV to see a glamorous life displayed. People don’t watch the show to see regular people. I happen to live in this town. My husband and I built a house that we CAN afford in FL. I do not consider myself a materialistic wannabe Jones’.

      Keep in mind, these people put themselves on display, so they subject themselves to our comments. Peace…

  5. How many people in this country would think they’d died and gone to heaven to be able to afford the rental here. It is not ostantagious (sp?) as was their dream home, but it is certainly not a place to be ashamed about. Here in the DC area, that rental house would be worth a fortune.

  6. The house looks lovely from the outside but I am giggling at the size of the downgrade due to the following lies..and just plain annoying statements from Meho:
    1. “We can afford our house 10 times over.”
    2. “We are moving because I don’t want my kids going to school with her kids.”
    3. “We pay our bills.”
    4. “Congrats on your re- done home.”
    5. “I tend to be very spoiled.”
    6. “My husband is a brilliant business man.”
    The lies paired with the annoying statements makes me wanna shout “You moved because you couldn’t afford it, Lookers!!”

  7. I think she will film here. She’ll get a whole bunch of decorators to do free work and “stage” the house. Kathy’s house is this size or smaller and Kathy only films in the kitchen. I also think Melissa will use one of the bedrooms as her closet. Joe could possibly do work on the house for a reduction in rent. Melissa could spin it as Joe is doing the owners a favor because he’s such a good guy. She will also say the kids like it better. I am one of three kids and we moved to a house like this when I was in 7th grade and we thought it was huge. It looks like they’ll have a nice back yard and if the basement is finished it will be great for the kids! It’s a traditional center hall colonial so maybe more people can relate if they film there. Most filming is done at restaurants and bars and gyms etc.

    • She had no furniture in her dream house… I can’t see anyone knocking down her door with offers to stage this one either. Also… she’s got young boys… they’d be crazy to “lend” them furniture. Especially after seeing what they did to their bathroom… lol

      It will be interesting to see what happens… if I decide to watch. I’m not sure I want to go back down that road.

  8. I think it would certainly up their “likability factor” if they were to film here with the attitude of, “We needed to rent while we build our new home and get our finances in order and this place is just fine.”

  9. I thought they sold their Montville house, for full price, to Johnny Wight and that they were going to rent a house in FL while they build another dream home. That Montville house was tied to the shore house by the mortgage. If they got to keep the shore house then a mortgage modification would have been done, and filed with the county clerk’s office. If the shore house got disentangled from Montville, they would have to either modify the mortgage – or else they would get a brand new mortgage on the shore house. That is all public record.

    This is what I think. They were probably a little behind on the $15,000 monthly payments, the bank told them months ago – either catch up or move. When you do a mortgage, you don’t have to list the sale price – just the amount of the mortgage for public records. They did the short sale, Johnny may have paid cash for Montville. They either lost – or they refinanced – shore house. If they had a short sale or lost the shore house – how in the world are they going to get another mortgage to build the dream house? They might have to create a phony company, and put everything in the company’s name… The only way JoGo is a “business man” is that he knows ways around the red tape, he knows how to get money from the banks – and not pay it back.

    • In NJ, when a home is sold, the price is of public record. When I lived in a different area of the state, the local newspaper would list the addresses and purchase prices of homes sold each week. (I believe it was weekly… maybe bi-weekly, heck it was 13 years ago… lol) I’m sure there is similar info available where I am now… I don’t buy the local paper here. I could probably go into any real estate office and find out the info… if in fact it was sold/transfer of deed.

  10. To Daisymay – upthread:
    The house in Oradell is being built by J Gorga Construction of Paramus – an unfortunately way too close name to the “Michelangelo” of crumbling marble sinks. The Paramus company is legit and has been building in Bergen for some time. Completely legit and absolutely no relationship to Missy’s Little Midget….

    • The poor guy that owns J Gorga Construction. I am sure many have his business confused with the business run by the baboon that we see on TV.

    • I googled J Gorga Construction, Paramus, and there is company website. There are quite a few business listings in various directories. Some state that Joseph Gorga, Jr. is the President. There are no stats on any of these listings except what are obviously defaults… 1-5 employes… $0 to $500,000 in sales. Or 1 employee, $0 in sales… well you get the idea. There is a Paramus address and a phone number which is consistent throughout.

      You have to admit that it’s an extremely odd and crazy coincidence. I know you know the area well and I’m sorry if it sounds as if I’m doubting you but I’m sure anyone who doesn’t have you or anyone else to tell them otherwise would assume it is Bravo’s own Mr. Midget himself and that something fishy is going on. This particular J Gorga Construction business must rely on a solid word-of-mouth reputation. If I were him I’d have a website with a huge picture of myself front and center. Maybe even change my name? lol

      Gorga Enterprises, which really was Joe’s company, was landscaping/pool installation. There was actually a laundry list of services provided shown on the web site. Now when I google it it comes up as “This site is under construction.” Really? Ironically, his home improvements construction license expired in December of 2012. I don’t know if he has a “landscaper’s license” as the actual number is required to get any info.

      Melissa claims Joe works from 5 am to 7 pm. Either she’s just out right lying, which wouldn’t be a huge surprise, or he’s telling her he’s working when he’s actually doing “other” things… lol I believe it’s the former.

      When are these people going to realize that it’s very easy to research such obvious claims (that he is a real estate developer… the best in NJ no less). Who knows, maybe he’s simply a day laborer now so he can be free to travel for Messy’s fabulous career! If that’s what they’re depending on now, they really should come back down to earth before they find themselves living in a cardboard box.

    • Thanks forntheninfo, saddle. that house didn’t make any sense whatsoever! I’ll continue to watch progress on the wakile Franklin lakes fiasco…

  11. I wonder if there’s a Burger King close by… you know… the girl needs a handy place to poop. So twisted. If I were at a Burger King, I’d hold it ’til I got home… not the other way around. That’s Assilem for ya. (Her name backwards actually is quite fitting… lol Can be pronounced Asylum too… lol)

  12. Lollll remember in her book she said they saved 200,000 for kids school? Why even pay for a rental. Waste of money. Could have bought a full on house, flipped it, and then moved somewhere else. They’re def broke

  13. I saw melissa the other day at the Exxon by my house (in wayne) She had 2 police officers body guards with her..i was thinking to myself come on lady are u kidding me!!..ur a D list celebrity who doesnt even pay her bills thats y u cant afford that nice house u were supposedly living in while filming…i really hope this is all just the beginning of KARMA coming back at her and joey marco

    • Were they in uniform? How the heck is the skank paying for this? Don’t tell me I can guess. This should be checked out. She’s out of her mind.

  14. Being of the Catholic faith as Melissa & Joeymarco have portrayed, I wonder if they thought about the MORTAL SINS: 1-LUST/ 2-GLUTTONY/ 3-GREED/ 4-SLOTH/ 5-WRATH/ 6- ENVY/ 7-PRIDE, they have clearly shown us all 7 going after & ruinin the Guidices & Papa Gorgas lives, their own family!? Scary.
    Faux, thank you 4 ur dedicated,truth seeking!

  15. Hi Faux,
    Wanted to let you know I don’t post much (said same thing to Fame) but am here. I wanted to thank you for all you do. I also follow you on twitter but can’t figure out what’s what on there.

  16. I think it is a perfectly lovely home. They aren’t going around signing fake mortgage documents or printing fake w-2s! They pay their bills and appear to live within their means. I admire some one who is on TV but resists the urge to be bigger and better than the next person. There is nothing wrong with this home and if it meets their needs (one of which was getting their daughter enrolled in school one time) then it sounds to me like they have their priorities right. Good for them for being prudent and not worrying about what haters or bloggers say it trying to fulfill some Bravo stereotype!! This all looks like good sound judgement to me….and good for them. Seems they can be happy anywhere – evenin a “used” house! Imagine that! Guess some people can just find anything to bitch about….

    • With all due respect, no one said there was anything wrong with the house. The only thing people said is that it was a step down from where they were living and what Lookers said they could afford. Also, if I just sold my house for 3.8 mill, as they said they did, I could probably afford a bigger, newer house on a better side of FL (not that I know much of NJ but I’m just assuming from the previous responses) Lookers made fun of T by talking about her “redone” home yet she now lives in a rental. She talked about “we pay our bills” yet she HAD to move out of her house, no real reason given yet. She said they could afford their house 10 times over – uhhhh..? I’m sure this house is not 38 mill. She says her husband is a successful contractor yet she has to move to a rented home – why could he not have one built by the time they moved out? I think it is a nice home. I am glad that they are moving into something they can afford and not try to live beyond their means. Yet, as “off the boat” italians as they say they are they forget the italian saying “if you spit in the sky, it will come down on your face” which is what they’ve done by talking bad. Also, they should not try to give appearances, just say you moved there because you could not afford anything a bigger places – nothing wrong with that…they are liars and posers – that is why people do not like them.

  17. I am confused? I didn’t know there was a password for parts of this blog Help! I love to read her info / don’t want to miss anything! lol She is awesome and no other blogger has the details like Faux!

    • I’d like to know exactly where they are building or is she a liar. She said it’s going to take over a year to build. It’s about 2 and a half miles from where they are living now. Anyone able to find this out? Thanks

  18. There is not anything wrong with the house that Melissa and Joe rent. My problem is:
    Joey LIED and said the reason he build the house they recently sold was to be close to Teresa. No. They never planned on living there. Do you know when construction started on the home they just sold?
    I bet you they won’t allow BravoTv to film them in that house. Also, word is that Joey no longer has a license to build? Stoopid Housewives reported it some time ago and to be honest, I am not familiar with construction do & dont’s, permits and licenses etc.

    You always make me laugh with your posts Faux. Anyone can open a website but with your legal knowledge, it is a smack in the face to these housewives.

    Tell Will to stop tweeting Bravo that Penny should be on RHNJ. Penny is better than that. Now that they know what editing can and will do, who wants to subject themselves to that?

    I am disappointed in Johnny. Why would he agree to drop charges? I know he is going after BravoTv and everyone else in a civil trial, no one should ever be set up like that for the sake of drama for a show.

    And You Jackhole, when you tweeted that Johhny was a liar and you never hit anyone when the finale was set to air, just because it was not aired does not mean it did not happen. Shockingly you kept your pie hole quiet up until the previews, how about you just stick to retweeting compliments to your self that do not exist.
    Fact: Jackhole has at least 30 twitter accounts.

  19. When the foreclosure process starts – the best thing for the owners to do is get an acceptable offer on the house. A short sale isn’t really short (usually takes over a year to close, even with an all cash offer) but by getting the house into that scenario the the primary lender/bank pays the taxes (or the bank could possibly lose the property in a tax sale) and they have to maintain the property until the sale is done and there is a new owner with their own mortgage loan.
    The other mortgage lenders (2nd, third, etc) are basically stiffed if they don’t accept the couple of thousand dollars the primary lender is usually willing to toss their way. These lenders can sue the Gorgas for the full amounts owed on their mortgages/loans – and the judge can take any assets/incomes to satisfy the debt.
    Bottom line for the Gorgas is no more loans for a long time, including loans for construction – they have no credit and won’t even be able to get a new credit card or two! For the Gorgas to say they are in the process of building another home is a big fat lie!!

    • I agree! I don’t see how they can come out of this smelling like a rose. Maybe Bravo will give them a loan to build a house!! The Gorgas make me sick pretending to be something they aren’t. They need to live in cardboard boxes on the street for a few years then maybe they would appreciate more what really matters in life. But I doubt they will ever catch on.

  20. They are such liars! when they sold the house it was splashed everywhere that it sold for 3.8 Million. (magazines, articles) and they acted like hot shots. Even Andy seemed giddy asking them to confirm the high priced 3.8 million sale….only then was there a wavering from Melissa. They always were ready to talk about Teresa”s money issues yet acted like they (Gorgas) were the rich & famous. who “always pay their bills”.
    Karma is a bitch. Now we will have toi hear their lies and spin as to why they are renting…..

  21. If Lookers and Joey really did sell the home why did their realtor remove the listing.
    08/17/2013 Listing removed $3,800,000 — $400 RE/MAX Village Square – Upper Montclair
    Normally on zillow when a house is under contract it will say “pending” after if sells it will show as a new sale with the sales price.

  22. Not to sound like a “know it all” here, but I wa sborn & raised in Mahwah NJ (Yay Bergen County). The location of JoGo & MeGo’s new home is actually priceier& more swank then their old Franklin Lakes locale. Also, the houses in that area are made REALLY well. No cheesy, chinsy ticky-tacky house just for show (Like the Giudices in “cheap land” Towaco. Thier old house showy but looked cheaply done. This place is old world beautiful & probably really tastefully done on the inside. I think Joe Gorga has way nice taste then his sister. That is just my opinion. It is a fact though that their new neighborhood is the richer neighborhood though.

  23. How can they say they sold their home when you check the tax records for 2014, it lists Melissa and Joe Gorga as the owners of the home that they said they sold for 3.8 million.

    Tax Year 2014
    County Morris District Montville Township
    Block 00033. Lot 00040. 22
    Qualification Code Last Date Updated 11/30/12
    Owner Property Description Exempt Property Data Assessments Sales

    Owner’s Street 8 POND VIEW
    Owner’s City,State MONTVILLE, NJ
    Owner’s Zip Code 07045
    Bank Code
    Deduction Amount $0.00 Number of Owners 0000
    Senior Citizens 0000 Veterans 0000
    Widows 0000 Surviving Spouse 000
    Disabled Persons 000

  24. OMG, this blog is AMAZING! I’m currently watching RHONJ in the UK, where its shown daily and currently up to the first season 4 reunion show.

    A few things not really adding up in seasons 3-4 led me to look online over the last week or so and discover some very interesting blogs. In this time I’ve gone from thinking Teresa must be a sociopath to seeing clearly the plotting and manipulation that’s purposely created this false picture of her. In fact, now I realise exactly what she’s up against and how much she’s achieved despite this I think Tre is a star.

    Somewhere I read a fantastic post describing exactly who’s been plotting what, and the motivations for doing this but I can’t remember if it was on here, Famewhorgas or Stoopid. I’ve been trying to find it again but I’m lost. Could anyone point me towards any posts like this?

    Thanks knowledgeable RHONJ folk!

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