RHONJ: Sex, Lies, Hearsay and Recordings

Jacqueline Laurita has been screaming and stamping her feet for weeks that she wants to release a recording “proving” that Teresa Giudice set up her sister in law at the Posche Fashion Show. Jacqueline gratuitously volunteers that unfortunately, she cannot release the recording because “it is illegal to do so since the other person will not permit the release.”

According to New Jersey state law, a person has a right to record their own conversations. It is illegal, however, for an individual to record or tape a conversation to which he is not a party or without prior consent of one of the parties. In other words, an individual is prohibited by law from recording the conversations of other parties without permission.

Newsflash to Jacqueline, the recording of a conversation she had with someone else is not illegal.  NJSA 2A:156A-4 provides exceptions where recordings are legal.

So Jacqueline needs to stop hiding behind her misconception that she cannot release the recording. The release is not illegal. So, we are waiting  . . . for her next lame excuse why she can’t or won’t release the alleged recording.

To answer hypothetical (which I would have preferred not to do), as long as recording was made in New Jersey, the law of this State applies, therefore there is no obstacle to Jacqueline releasing the alleged recording which she claims “proves her point” that Teresa set up her sister in law, even if the person who provided the information was in another State.

I must admit, I am suspicious as to why a certain poster is so insistent that the person to whom Jacqueline spoke was “out of State” particularly since Jacqueline claimed that the person was a “mutual friend.”

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  1. What if Jac n Kim d. where discussing production and Bravo trade secrets….Jac could not release due to contractual civil liabilities… Jac makes up lie that her taped phone call is illegal to avoid the truth of exposing Bravo contracts? I think Kim D was telling lots of lies to lots of people….

    • Well Jax is going to have to make up another excuse cause recording is not illegal. I don’t think it was Kim D, I think it was Kim G (Melissa thru her out of her house at Christmas, so she could embarrass Melissa and set up Teresa at same time)

    • I was reading Fames responses this a.m. and some said on there that Jac wanted people to read her last bravo blog before watching part 3 of the reunion and to pay attention to #4 and #7 it looks like to me like she is pointing the finger at Kim D.

    • Tweet from Jacqueline Laurita yester Oct 12, 2012

      “I have a recording of a conversation of some1 telling me after fashion show about the setup Wish some1 would agree2let me share it. . .ahem”

      To me, she is insinuating that she can’t release it because the other person doesn’t want it out there and she is trying to convince them to give permission.

  2. It appears that Jacqueline is too unstable to continue any type of reality TV career. She has become hysterical and shrill and bordering on delusional. She should back out of any association with this HW franchise, even though she is likely not been invited back for S5, and concentrate on getting well for herself and her family. When you create negative toxic drama, it often comes back to poison you.

  3. saw parts opf tommorows show, something is happening teresa gets up,looks like she is going after wacko jacko lol. but andy holds her back. hope tommorows show clears her, but now it looks like same old thing

  4. I also would love for Jac to put her money where her mouth is. I believe that this alleged recording is only gossip where someone is telling her that their friends uncle’s wife’s brother’s nephew heard or even better yet, it was the Easter Bunny………….she’s as delusional as they come.

      • wonder if wacko jacko is sorry now,the way she treated teresa,she lost a good friend.she used to be so nice and happy,when they were together, now she seens like a lonely drunk,teresa was never nosy ,asking her personal .questions, she needs help so bad now.caroline better not sell her house, chris,jacko and kids might have to move in with them

  5. Jac always claims to have evidence or insider information about things and yet nothing ever comes of it. She needs to focus on fixing what is going on her own life and stay the heck out of Teresa’s.

  6. I am wondering if it is Kim D, Teresa mentioned on one of her appearances that Kim D and Wacojaco speak everyday. Maybe it really was these two who set up the setup? Jacqueline is just as evil as Meho and carowhine.

  7. Honestly, this is the most lame ass crap ever..who effn cares? For real, so what if Teresa KNEW about the set up. Apparently Bravo did also!!! OMFG, no one can go to jail over this! You would think that Teresa is a criminal. And YEH Jacqueline just release those recordings..to prove what?? The way that the Gorgas, Wakiles, Manzos and Lauritas treated Teresa on that show is despicable! Joe Gorga has self esteem issues, his wife is a fame whore with little talent. Kathy is a crap two-faced cousin who apparently smells like fish according to her disrespectful husband. Caroline is a bitter, jealous, control freak who has no life of her own so she lives it through her children. And Jacqueline has mental health issues and does not have the clue at 40plus on how to be a true friend and her husband is a true Creepy McCreeperton! IMO, they deserve exactly what they get AND they should consider themselves to be happy that Teresa is a kind person because truthfully my family would have treated creeps like that a lot worse. You can tell that Teresa is taking her parents, Dina and Dina’s parents into consideration when being bullied by all these idiots. People keep saying that Teresa is stupid and cannot speak. I am sure she can speak quite well but it’s harder when you are trying to consider others.

  8. I still believe the producer that said Teresa had no knowledge and that Teresa was set up. that and the fact on film, Tre wasn’t acting and was truly upset when Kim and Angelo were discussing MeGo’s dirty past while they were getting hair & makeup. Jax will lie for any attention of evil to hit Tre. To me I can see Jax splicing and editing something herself to hurt Tre-all while she’s following her husband’s every move on the GPS system she hid under his car and popping pills with her booze.

  9. Getting a grip on her life?? Way too late for Whacko. The alleged Autism-which may really allegedly be Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Poor baby Nicholas. And who knows what developmental issues CJ has. Let’s not forget Ashley’s mental problems-all symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Women are not supposed to drink while pregnant for many reasons. All 3 of her spawn could have been affected by her alleged drinking while pregnant. Chris Laurita is so naïve. What spell does she have him under? Her BJ’s can’t possibly be that mind blowing.

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