RHONJ: Richard Wakile is Becoming a Professional Defendant

Richard Wakile is no stranger to the Judicial system. In fact, he has surpassed Joey Gorga as most named Defendant in New Jersey Superior Court.

Rich was the subject of at least 16 lawsuits that we were able to verify.

StoopidHousewives reported on Exxon’s claims against Richard, where Exxon obtained a judgment against Rich for $113,ooo and he admitted by default forging his partner’s name on documents.

But there is so much more!

Recently, Rich was sued in the case entitled Natural Paradise Landscaping vs. Richard Wakile.

Natural Paradise alleged that it had provided landscaping services for over a year ending in October 2011 at the Wakile residence without payment. Natural Paradise sued Richard Wakile for unjust enrichment and breach of contract. On or about September 24, 2012, the Judge found in favor of Natural Paradise and against Rich.

For two seasons, Kathy insisted that Rich’s comments about Teresa were said “in jest.” “It’s his off color nutty sense of humor.” Those who experienced Rich’s tweets saw disrespectful inappropriate behavior when dealing with women. Those tweets were usually deleted within days of their posting. It appears that Rich’s conflicts with women have found their way to the Court House steps.

On July 20, 2011, Joan Deprospo sued Richard Wakile in Passaic County.

Rich resolved the matter with Ms. Deprospo on December 9, 2011.

Twenty days after resolving the matter with Joan Deprospo, on December 29, 2011, Shawndra Miller sued Richard Wakile.

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The cases identifed hereinbelow are in the Active listing of the Superior Court of New Jersey:

Active listing simply means that the lawsuits have not been archived yet for purposes of record keeping, it does not mean that the cases are still being litigated.

Archived cases for Richard Wakile show an 10 additional lawsuits, identified as follows:

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55 Responses to RHONJ: Richard Wakile is Becoming a Professional Defendant

  1. CleverID says:

    Ah the tease…I really cannot believe the nerve/stupidity of these people that will place themselves in the public eye and think that they are above paying their bills. I can’t wait to see who is taking them to court now.

  2. Barb Aroneo Roach says:

    I can’t believe these people. I couldn’t sleep at night if my bills weren’t paid. How can they? Stay tuned!!!

    • lobstahsmaht says:

      I can’t beleive that they feel they can put Teresa and Joe down for the same thing though they apppear to be sued more.

  3. Buck Henry says:

    I think we are going to find out about his other lawsuits and his issues with saying and doing bad things around women. I’ve always wondered what took Kathy close to divorce from Richie? Teresa made comment and Kathy went ballistic at the reunion when she said it. It may have to do with other women, we will find out.

    • lobstahsmaht says:

      Maybe there was talk about divorce early in the marriage. First years are always hard. I don’t think Teresa said it was recent. Or am I wrong? If I am, don’t tell my husband.

  4. HaLaLa says:

    He’s disgusting..whatever it is this won’t surprise me. But I want to find out LOL.

  5. kelly says:

    He is disgusting and he does this stuff all the time he posts and deletes.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Ritchie is vile. He’s such an obvious perv. No woman would be alone with him in a room for 5 minutes. Where and why did Bravo pick all these BROKE people with lawsuits, bankruptcies, sleazy dealings to be housewives?

    • hannavas says:

      I’m not one to judge on looks, but this man is just plain creepy. And it’s not even his looks as much as his demeanor. He always gives me the impression that he’s leering at or drooling over women. If my daughter was a friend of Victoria, I would make sure they always hung out at my house. Maybe I’m wrong, but better safe than sorry.

      • dch60 says:

        I agree. I don’t like to judge looks either, however, it does usually boil down to their character anyway. If he was a genuinely nice guy with a GOOD sense of humor, it would make him more “attractive.” It works the same way with women. Melissa may be pretty (I don’t think she’s as pretty as some people do… hello second best looking in reality tv? Really?), but because of who she is, not so hot. (She looks like a witch, truly.) Same with Caroline. She looks like a hag. The older you get, the more the ugly shows in your face if that’s how you act. Someone who isn’t actually “beautiful” can become beautiful if it comes from inside. Who a person is has A LOT to do with how they look on the outside.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Remember the nerve of the guy when he said to his kids they would be better off if their friends didn’t know they were related to the Guidices?

  8. LILBITMORE2 says:

    I wouldn’t doubt sexual harassment lawsuit against him. Possibly a poor young kid working at the gas station. He can’t help himself and remember Katfish said that boner he had in Napa was just a malfunction in his zipper? They sure didn’t deny it on the reunion, she said she wakes up to that every morning. TMI. These perverts can’t keep their stories straight. I’m over them, didn’t watch this crap tonight either.

    Andy Cohen needs to be removed, he’s not funny nor is he easy to look at. He’s an Alcoholic and needs to be off the air. I like Jay Mohr he would be much fun and easy on the eyes.

    • hoolie says:

      The “Napa Boner” was THE most offensive piece of television I have ever seen. PERIOD
      I’m no prude, in the right type of comedy movie, that may have been funny as shite……but to put on a RH show (quote- mainstream show) was inappropriate.
      And Katfish’s comments regarding his ‘morning tents’ on the reunion were idiotic….I would have had my head hanging and been ‘next subject please…’ the viewers REALLY DON”T need to know about ANY of the husbands morning boners, let alone SEE them! What’s next, filming their morning shites with ‘smellovision’??? (well we already have been privy to Vito’s bear- so you never do know…….)

    • lobstahsmaht says:

      I would love to see Jay Mohr take over. Or at least do it with Andy.

    • lobstahsmaht says:

      I miss Jay’s comments.

    • Lori-Anne Ferullo says:

      I so agree with you 100% !! I can’t stand Richie or Kathy an that mouth of Richie’s is so nasty to all women I can only Imagine how he talks to Kathy it’s just so Grossly, Yuckie Yuck !!!

  9. Kate says:

    October 2011 was when filming wrapped for RHONJ season 4… it appears the Wakiles hired a groundskeeper for the duration of the time they were filming for Housewives to appear more wealthy, then weren’t able to afford to pay for it.

    • dch60 says:

      Why do they need a landscaper? The man admittedly doesn’t work! Dang and he has the nerve to call out JoGu for being a pizza man. I honestly cannot believe their hypocrisy. How can they not realize it? Idiots.

  10. Jersey Chicklet says:

    Wonder what Joan and Shawndra sued him for!

  11. Jersey Chicklet says:

    Go to google in image section and google>>>..”Jerry Lewis The Nutty Professor.”

    Then come back and tell us what you saw!

  12. Sunny says:

    I think we should all write to NBC and ask them to replace Andy Cohen with Jay Mohr. Andy has gone off the deep end and he is destroying Bravo TV.

  13. JennyS says:

    Faux, I see you found your way around the court system. Well done! I am loving this!!! Take ‘em down, baby, take ‘em down.

  14. dubbalicious says:

    JennyS, You took the words out of my mouth!! Fauxreality, Keep this stuff coming..Can’t help but admit the disclosure you bring forth makes me giddy..Yes I said it, Giddy!! If ever the saying “Those who live in glass houses..” applies to anyone, it’s the fine folks of NJ
    Creepazoid those Wakilies are!!

  15. Aint Pittypat says:

    Faux Reality is awesome. I am so impressed with this site. We all had warning bells with Richie Wakile (female early warning defense systems on high alert) but FR did the digging and dirty work . Wow! I am surprised that the Wakiles would let all that condemnation roll right outa they mouths. remember when Wakille did the whole successful businessman tour with his son in tow? Richie the Perv took great pains to tell his son what huge failure Juicy Joe was and a bad businessman. Pot black much Rich? And Teresa detractors are all upon her for not admitting her faults? Jaez!

    • Amazing NJ says:

      When he had his weiner brushing up against Melissa in Napa, I said this is the worst of all the guys. The RHONJ guys can be crude, but this act was offensive.

      And Melissa is friendly with Katfish?

      • dch60 says:

        And how about when Teresa said simply that Richie must be obsessed with her since he was always talking about her and Melissa went to Kathy and said Teresa said she thought Richie was SEXUALLY attracted to her. HUH? Talk about twisting things. ARGH these people drive me nuts. The season is over and they’re all still making news.

  16. Momma T says:

    I looked some of the cases up & this man obviously thinks that his lawn should be maintained for free…….one of the early lawsuits was for Lawn Doctor, another for Decorative Fence………..get off your ass, Richie, and cut your own lawn!!

    • JennyS says:

      Man oh man, there’s a great joke in here somewhere about whether he pays for the maintenance of Kathy Katfish’s lawn but I can’t get there just yet…little help someone?

    • Candace says:

      Get his high school kid out there to cut it, instead of inspirational talks at the gas station. Tell him to take a break from twitter and do something usefull.

  17. Maggs says:

    what “Napa Boner” LMAO! was there more than one? or are you referencing when he just woke up and was rubbing against Big Gay Greggy & going after MegHo? I agree Rich is DISGUSTING as in pervert disgusting. eww eww and EWW!

  18. Candace says:

    Anyone else recall Ashlee’s car sagas?

    When the first was taken away, it was given to another family member, per Jax on an early reunion.

    The second one, Chris told Jax it had been bought in her name and she was surprised.

    Self righteous Lauritas, with some their business shell games caught on RHONJ.

  19. Barb Aroneo Roach says:

    What’s the matter with the lazy kid. Moving the lawn above him? They are all trash, hopefully they are gone cause who needs to look at smelly Katfish and yellow katlips.

  20. Lori-Anne Ferullo says:

    Kathy and Rich can sit there an put Teresa an Joe down an those 2 scum bags Kathy an Rich don’t pay nothing an they both went to court for being sued , Who the hell do they think they are ?? I can’t wait in till Bravo tells Kathy an Rich good bye for good……

  21. AngelQ says:

    I’m kinda shocked that so many people dislike him and find him offensive. I always thought he’d be a fun husband to have around! Seems like there’s never a dull moment around him. I haven’t seen this last season yet, but I actually LIKE Rich Wakile, I even think he’s good-looking! LOVE his lips! So he’s a little perverted…Big deal! Have a sense of humor! Some women fake-balk at that kind of attention, but you know, deep down it makes ‘em feel good. I’ve been trying to find out if he has any single brothers ;)

  22. Sharon says:

    The guy is a POS. There is no sane defense for how he chose to lead his life. Ugly is one thing but mentally abusive and illegal behavior is something else.

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