RHONJ renamed “The Bash Teresa Till Viewers Hurl Show”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is not scripted! Something that is scripted cannot possibly be so utterly inconsistent and so far afield from believability.

Instead, RHONJ has become a poorly edited piecemeal series of vignettes patched together with bubblegum and spit.

Teresa at the lunch inThe July 7th episode should be renamed “The Bash Teresa Till Viewers Hurl Show” because every scene was heavily edited to either discuss what a monster Teresa is or to show Teresa reveling in the news that Melissa made a cuckold of Teresa’s brother.  I call bull on Bravo!

Bravo captioned a photo of Teresa  as follows: “Is this the new Teresa? She doesn’t want to be involved in a rumor about Melissa?” thus implying that the old Teresa was involved in setting Melissa up. It never stops!

What is more disturbing than the farce of an episode is the spin that is being played out on Twitter and in blogs to attempt to “save face” from the evil powers of Production.

The Episode aired a scene with Teresa, Kim D, Jennifer Dalton, Penny and Jan at a restaurant. The conversation was clearly choppy and edited. Teresa looked like she would rather be having her teeth pulled than sitting at that table and she has since tweeted that she left (escaped, ran, parachuted away from) the table as quickly as she could.  Frankly, Teresa must have a pit in her stomach every time a camera crew says action.

Why is it that a production crew that normally films with 2 to 3 cameras with little to no action scenes never seems to capture a person talking at the most critical times?  Why is it when someone is filmed actually talking, they never complete a full thought before the camera and sound cut to someone else in the room? 

The scene filmed in late January 2013. It was not the first time the cheating issues was discussed on camera so all the parties present at the table were fully aware about the extent of Jan’s knowledge.

In order to save face, Jennifer Dalton tweeted that Kim D set up the meeting with Jan and Penny to discuss Milania Hair Care:

Jen Dalton says Kim D set up meeting with Penny & Jan crop

Teresa’s close friend and book co-writer tweeted that Teresa, Kim D & Jennifer were out for drinks and “Jan and Penny just came over”:

Heather MacLean says Tre were out for Drinks and jan just came over

How does anyone reconcile these inconsistent tweets? Simple. Both are true depending on the production assistant assigned to each member of the cast.

Production sets up these ridiculous scenes and each production assistant assigned to the Housewives, Friends of the Housewives and Friends of Friends of the Housewives LIES to their respective charge! Production either tells their charge not to tell the others what the topic will be OR counts on the fact the parties don’t communicate outside the bounds of filming.

The cheating issue was initially discussed on camera at the December 3, 2012 Holiday Party. It included “the telephone call with Mike” and the real characters who revealed and discussed Melissa Gorga’s cheating ways. Why Production did not air the truth seems to be to tack the blame squarely on Teresa’s shoulders!

Dear Bravo, Congratulations, the Viewers have finally hurled.

44 thoughts on “RHONJ renamed “The Bash Teresa Till Viewers Hurl Show”

  1. Thanks, Faux. You are the best! It is so disturbing to me that Bravo has stirred up this hornets nest of she said/she said about Melissa’s infidelities. All the while Melissa sits in the corner snickering while Teresa takes another hit. I personally don’t care who said it. What I am more curious to know is if Melissa is a serial cheater at the same time she is “writing” a book on marriage and why did her BFF Jan flip on her?

    • You saw the way both her friends Jan and that hot brunette gave the eye to each other when she was talking about the name of her book at that breakfast. I don’t think they like her one bit and know to much about her. And that whole scene was chopped up with them sitting with Teresa talking about the affair. Penny barely said anything or rather she said alot but it was left on the cutting room floor.

      • The brunette is Maria Chappa who is Melissa’s current BFF. Jan was her BFF from her past and probably knows alot of skeletons in her closet so of course Melissa will disclaim and disown her and do everything she and HER soldiers (so tired of her camp calling Tre’s supporters and fans soldiers and an army so right back atcha Missy!) to discredit Jan.

      • if there was an award for best “side-eye” I have a hard time choosing the winner because both these broads brought it–best side-eye ever. The kind of side-eye that spells b.s.

      • Maria was her sisters friend and rumors are that she has been trying to get on the show herself.

    • I think Teresa is being completely sincere with the “recent makeup” with the
      Gorgas. I feel Melissa is trying to reopen the past history. Joe is a puppet
      and Melissa controls his every thought/response. I agree with many of the
      comments in here – what exactly is Melissa trying to keep mum about her
      past? RHONJ use to be so much fun in the beginning. The banter between
      Dina, Caroline and Teresa was entertaining. Not malicious at all. Since melissa and Joe have joined RHONJ, the show has turned into a cheap, malicious, back
      stabbing spectable. Melissa has brought out the worst in Jacqueline. At times, she seems psychotic with her behavior and her comments. I thought
      after the “therapy session” – everyone apologized and decided to move on.
      Apparently, the Gorgas don’t agree to move on. I think Rosie, Kathy, caroline and Teresa could all be friends and bring the banter back to RHONJ! The show just isn’t as much fun as it use to be. They need to revamp the cast.

  2. I have to agree. I watched my first show last night and I almost fell out of bed. My hair stylist that I go to when I visit my son in Rutherford was the Jan on the show. She owns a Salon in Lyndhurst. We often talked about the show as she knows Melissa forever and was in her wedding. She also did all the models hair for the Porsche Fashion Show and was a guest at the show. Learned a lot from our talks, but not free to talk about it either. Small world.

    • WOW! Spababe! Small world indeed! Thanks for the itel. I have invited her to write a blog to appear on site to get her side of the story out. I am tired of hearing Melissa’s chant that any person who contradicts her is desperate to be on the show.

      • Right now her shop is moving to another location in Lyndhurst and I think she’s getting married in September.

  3. Neilson ratings/market share is 1/2 what it use to be. AndyCohen is so full of conceit, hate,power drunk, inmaturity, we are actually watching him destroy his own show. They sicken me, now I just enjoy tweeting while the show is on making fun of most of the idiots – but – how uncool is that.

  4. This show has become a “farce”:

    Farce – /färs/ – Noun
    1.A comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.
    2.The genre of such works.

    Bravo believes the viewers buy this garbage as “reality”. Well, the viewers ARE NOT buying this. How’s that for reality, Bravo. Many are no longer willing to play this game anymore. There are only 4 aces in a deck – trying to play a 5th one is regarded not only cheating, it is stupid.

  5. Faux,
    Again you hit the nail on it’s head, you should be a master carpenter, but seriously I can no longer watch my former favorite HW show. It’s just not fun anymore and who needs a headache on Sunday night knowing what Monday brings……………REALITY

  6. Wow! Great article! Evidently Bravo will edit the video to portray whatever story they want regardless of what was filmed. Andy should stop his vendetta against the Giudices. He looks like an ass and he’s ruining the show. The viewers are sick of Bravo’s manipulation of the facts!

  7. I agree with you. I think Penny and Jan were told one story and Teresa and Jennifer were told another. Kim D… I’ think she may have known exactly what was going to happen and that Teresa didn’t know. I’m admittedly biased, I am a Teresa fan, but I do think she’s getting played. At least it’s not as one sided and viewers are starting to see (at least I hope so) that Melissa isn’t so perfect and the cast is blaming Teresa for things that have nothing to do with her.

  8. I don’t care if someone over at Bravo is banging Melissa and her husband but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of Teresa. What Melissa and her l’il garden troll are doing is attempting to destroy Teresa’s earning power. Like I said on another blog–you know what will make Melissa and Joe happy, to see his sister and her daughters panhandling on the side of the turnpike–then they will have accomplished their mission–destroying Teresa. However, I have news for Teresa’s brother and sil, no weapon formed against Teresa is going to prosper. Melissa and her husband are two practicing devils–pray for his parents.

    • That’s the way I feel about the Marco’s, too, RahRah! Joey and Melissa won’t be happy until Teresa and Juicy are homeless living out of their broken car under the highway!!! That is pure 100% evil to wish that life on anyone! They are complete trash! I, too, feel so sad for the Gorga Sr.’s for having Melissa as a daughter-in-law!

  9. Well Faux, that explains a lot. I seriously doubt that Teresa said, let me get a bunch of women together to say that Melissa gave her boyfriend a blow job while married to Slo Jo. I don’t think she is looking to be crucified again. And again. It is all Bravo, that probably got everybody to that table by telling them a different story. How interesting that Melissa’s bridesmaid would say such a specific thing on t.v. about her.
    Just Wow!!! Melissa needs to be mad at the right person. What is wrong with her. (rhetorical question)

  10. Well you did an outstanding job again Faux! Makes sense! Wonder what backlash Jan (Missy’s) BFF is getting from her. Penny is probably on Melissa’s shit list for sure! Read on Fame’s site a letter that was sent which was informative and made sense of what Melissa is really like, which I’m sure is true! Karma is a bitch and I think Penny should show how much it is! Can’t wait for next incite you have!

  11. Melissa stepped on a lot of people to get on RHNJ.
    Then she crafted a persona of “loyal wife” and “victim of an evil SIL” in hopes of getting viewers to identify with her struggles.
    Can you imagine Melissa’s panic when Bravo/Shed told her she needed to bring a couple of girlfriends on the show for her storyline? Did Melissa really believe that the girls she threw aside would forget what she really did to get where she is today with the promise of them being on the show?
    RHNJ has turned into one big hurlfest!

  12. Hi Faux,

    Firstly I would like to commend you on your offer to Penny, as I can see Penny and her family are going to be treated the same as Teresa was in S3/4 and what we shouldnt forget is she has children, runs a business, supports charities and has other family that will certainly get dragged into this. I like many have been thinking Penny and Johnny were in it to cause trouble but after scanning tweets blogs etc, I feel terrible now, as I am one eyed T fan after seeing her being crucified by family and friends. My gut feeling tells me Penny would not put herself and family out there to be CRUCIFIED. We have sites like yours in support of Teresa not many for the others, so your offer to Penny deserves a standing ovation. We might not like what we hear or see from Penny but at least it puts an end to others writing bullshit.

  13. Can someone please fill me in…

    I’m on twitter and I read the blogs when I can, but I am based in the UK, I have three children aged 7 and under and I work two mornings a week, so I am always playing catch-up with the stuff that happens.

    The last thing I knew was that Penny and JTG were friends with Teresa’s B-I-L Pete. But then something major has happened and is that not the case any more? Also I saw that Faux was having major drama with Queenz of something or other. Then I saw that there was a big fight where Joe, Jacq and Chris Jumped JTG and now him and Penny aren’t going to appear on the show as much for some reason related to the brawl? Am I on the right track?

    Then I saw that all the cast members are on okay terms now, or in a good place? But there still is animosity between Joe, Melissa and Teresa?

    I have watched all episodes of this season so far, but I watch them a few days behind because I have to find them online.

    Have I missed out something massive or am I on the right track but a bit behind?

    I will be so unbelievably grateful to whomever can fill me in.


    • Yorkshirestar..you are keeping up nicely!! Actually quite well for a mom of 3 little ones, and a job to boot. :)
      The big question is?…are they really all getting along or did Bravo say they must? The next episode is the start of the alleged healing…have you had a chance to catch the fight between Joey Gorga and Joe Guidice? Good stuff. Lol. I believe it’s on Bravo, as well as AATRH and SH. :)

      • Okay great thanks!

        I just felt like I was missing something major? Like something had happened for all of the other things to happen – if that makes sense?

        I watched the fight. I figured out how to get email notifications about new posts so I checked it out! I don’t know how I feel about the whole thing really other than it is just really sad. These people are family. But I really want someone to do a remix of Melissa shouting “Teresa help your brother” and Sweet Brown shouting “ain’t nobody got time for dat” – it would make my day :)

        Thanks :)

  14. Truly getting all disgusting with facts for Years, interviews, cheap production. When does this stop? I didn’t think, and took backside for Andy–hating joe and Teresa Giudice, their money makers that allowed this bs to beg to be on show and destroy a family for drama. Disgusted.

    • Sorry all, my post was obvious, and I post in many others. I’m very disheartened with production companies for these shows, but espescially NJ, and I really want to like Andy and Bravo. I’m getting close to quitting all Bravo, except Jeff Lewis, Million Dillar Listing, and anything Teresa Giudice’s, and kids for work ethic and entertainment. Plus, I love her cookbooks and hair care!

  15. I just love to read your twitter, (tweets?) , Fame. You crack me up. even when I don’t know who or what you are talking about. Can’t wait to read them after this upcoming episode airs!

  16. Keep blogging, keep twittering as I wait with baited breathe for the blowback on gracetheevil.

  17. This show is BS…plain and simple! I blame Ms. Andy for all of this. He is such a LONELY, miserable, unloved Queen and it shows! He’s NOT even really good looking and will do ANYTHING for a buck! I DON’T watch this show anymore as HE has destroyed it along with everything else in “IT’S” so called life. Karma will get him and he’ll forever live a life of “loneliness” as he does now!!!

  18. Catching up with Faux is always interesting 😉 Great article! I have to believe that production lies to everyone (as Faux stated above) simply because there’s no way in hell that Penny would let her husband be led into that kind of a disaster (the fight full of denials and spin). Secondly…. neither would Teresa. Jacqueline Laurita was a pawn (and a stupid one at that) who believed the producer when she was told that Teresa set up MeGo… Wacko Jacko… such a stupid woman – it boggles the mind.

    Anywho…. I’ve seen enough to know that our Faux comes from a place of ‘tell it like it is’ so… kudos on another great blog!

  19. You feel you need to criticize Teresa have at it; you are entitled to your opinion. However, the minor kids are off-limits. They have no control over what is going on. Keep them out of the equation.

  20. First time commenter. I just wanted to say what a great blog as I just stumbled on it today and have been reading your many articles. It is nice to see common sense make a comeback. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • Welcome Dani! I stumbled on it last year. So when you have time sit back and read it all! Its an eye opener. I would recommend checking the lip stick alley too, I stumbled on it not too long ago too. Its got tea that is spilled by supposedly insiders as well. But I dont really know if its ok to post links to other sites but you can google it.

      And again welcome to Faux! Enjoy!

  21. Faux I ‘ve been blocked/twitter and have no password to read Penny’s blog? Just wondering. Thanks, twitter handle: PinkwvPink

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