RHONJ: Penny Karagiorgis

Exclusive: Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis presents her September 16, 2013 Blog  (as redacted pursuant to the directive of Siren Media Productions’ lawyer):

Reality Bites Back With Bad Acting, Laughable Dubbing, Unbelievable Editing and Unscrupulous People 

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The official Grand Opening of my new salon Le Chateau Allure will be on September 21, 2013. You are all invited to stop by for services or to say Hello.

Until next time, I remain

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis

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Exclusive: Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis presents her September 9, 2013 Blog Entitled:

The Dangers of An Amateur Therapist With A Hidden Agenda

penny head shot straight cropThis past Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey was a continuation of the “therapeutic trip to Miraval” that started on March 16, 2013. Unfortunately, it seems to have ended with an implosion.

There are bound to be flare ups when you mix a hot headed buffoon and his manipulative wife with an amateur therapist with a hidden agenda. Caroline Manzo is a master at using others to fight her self proclaimed enemies.  She found the perfect little soldiers in Joe and Melissa Gorga since the Gorgas revel in blaming Teresa for every wrong ever done to anyone from the beginning of time.

If last night’s flare up seemed disjointed, it’s because once again the events leading up to the discussion were left on the editing floor.

On February 18, 2013 I attended the Milania Launch Party where Melissa and I discussed the cheating issues. Joe never said a word to me. Mario Petris told Joe that if he wanted to know about his wife, Joe should call Mario.  Joe never said a word to him.

On February 28, 2013  I met Joe and Melissa at Chakra in Paramus to discuss the cheating issues at their request. We talked for hours. They tried to shut down any discussion about Melissa’s cheating and tried to focus on who asked me to reveal the cheating. I refused their demands to implicate Teresa. We ended the dinner by agreeing to disagree but on relatively good terms.

After my meeting with Joe and Melissa at Chakra, Joe and Rich Wakile showed up at my husband’s business to “talk man to man”.  They tried to entice my husband into “giving me more air time in future seasons by filming with their wives” if I agreed to their demands. Thanks but no thanks. As I said before I was already soured by the experience and it was only getting worse. I would not and will not sell my soul for anything or anyone.

While the drama with Melissa’s cheating issues was unfolding there was another scandal that was rearing it’s head and it was directed at Caroline Manzo. Without getting into specifics, Caroline incorrectly linked the issue to me instead of those who were really responsible.

So with all these backdoor dealings I wasn’t surprised when Caroline, with the assistance of the Gorgas and editing, twisted the discussion into blaming Teresa by somehow claiming Teresa was pulling my strings. No one pulls my strings.

I still don’t understand what Teresa was being blamed for doing – not confronting me? Here’s the irony of that statement – Joe and Melissa were given far more opportunities to “confront me” and never got what they wanted (me to turn on Teresa).  What more was Teresa supposed to do?  How was Teresa supposed to stop Production from mandating that I attend events or speak the truth?

As far as the discussion at the Milania event being staged, that’s bologna. I never spoke to Teresa between our January 31, 2013 night out at Belissimo and the February 18, 2013 Milania Launch party. The only thing that seemed staged was the way Caroline (1) cranked up Joe to blame Teresa (2) started up a discussion where Caroline and her husband could call me names and (3) set a series of events in place that led to my husband being assaulted by that animal.  As Caroline was soon to learn unlike her I don’t need anyone to be my mouthpiece.

I don’t understand why RHONJ has resorted to using tweets out of context to substantiate an unrelated story line that Production wants to address.

Next time Joe Gorga uses one of my tweets from a year ago (10/17/12), he should look at the discussion that prompted the tweet; tell his manipulative wife to stop with her flame throwing blogs; and tell his wife’s sisters to stop naming me. My tweet was in reply to Melissa and her sister. See the details of the tweet. Joe needs to take off the blinders and get it straight because the only person who doesn’t want to admit what his wife is, is Joe Gorga.

I don’t want to speculate on what was shown on the preview for next week other than to say:

  • Neither my husband or I have ever made a negative comment about Laurita’s child. We believe God gives special children to special parents. The only tweet that I have seen regarding Jacqueline Laurita’s son came from a disgusting twitter account that Melissa Gorga and her sister encouraged.
  • When I was asked who invited me to the Milania Launch party, I responded “your sister.”  I was told that Joe and Melissa were calling me a stalker even though they knew that Production was controlling my appearances.

Give it a rest, it’s getting old.

The official Grand Opening of my new salon Le Chateau Allure will be on September 21, 2013. You are all invited to stop by for services or to say Hello.

Until next time, I remain

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis

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Exclusive: Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis presents her August 23, 2013 Blog Entitled:

The Launch Heard Round the World

penny head shot straight cropThis past Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey showcased the Milania Hair Care Launch Party held on February 18, 2013.

I was invited to the event by Teresa Giudice when Jan and I met Teresa, Kim D and Jennifer Dalton for drinks weeks earlier. My attendance was confirmed by production who advised that I was invited “on camera” and my attendance was mandatory.

Production was aware that I had been disappointed (and disillusioned) during the December filming of Posche Holiday party and as a result  I had refused to attend Kim D’s Jewelry party and the Sushi Lounge dinner. As I indicated earlier, I will not be humiliated or used by anyone.  After a sit down with Production, I agreed to attend future events (including girls’ night at Bellisimo, Milania Launch Party and additional specified events).

At the time of the Launch event, I was in the process of renovating and opening my new salon, so I did not carry any hair care products.  I was told that I would be attending the Launch event to discuss topics regarding Melissa Gorga raised at previous events.

I was required to provide Production with the names of all those who would be attending with me well in advance.  I attended the Launch event with my friends Will Love, Paula Henna Queen, Mario Petris & his girlfriend Clara. I have known Mario for over 20 years and he is well acquainted with Melissa Gorga.

When we arrived to the event, Me and my friends were escorted to the side until Jan finished filming. I was then ushered over to film with Teresa and Melissa.

The friend / acquaintance issue with Teresa was raised at the December Posche Holiday party. Let me set the record straight: the word “friend” is used to define a wide range of relationships.  To me, a friend is someone who you contact on a regular basis, while an acquaintance is a casual relationship. I consider Teresa an “acquaintance”  because even though we know each other, I don’t speak to her on a regular basis. My husband and I have had multiple telephone and text conversations with Teresa.   When Teresa commented that she simply sees me at events, I added “at events that I am invited to attend.” I didn’t want to leave the impression that I show up randomly for events; I am invited or mandated to attend.

My discussion with Melissa was enlightening. When Melissa proclaimed that she didn’t know me, I proceeded to list in detail how absurd her statement was. She backed off her position that she didn’t know me. Melissa’s backpeddling was edited out.  I was asked what I knew of Melissa’s extramarital activities and I answered the questions that were posed to me – I wasn’t going to lie for anyone. As far as who asked me to provide the information, I was not permitted to answer the question at the time – Melissa Gorga was fully aware of the restriction, so her insistence that I provide the information was strictly to make Teresa look guilty.  It is unfortunate that the entire exchange wasn’t aired.

Let me set the record straight regarding Mario Petris: he and his girlfriend attended the event with me, they were both on the guest list. Mario shares several mutual friends with Melissa, including Mike Chic and George Flex. The one and only exchange that Mario had with any cast member was to hand Joe Gorga his business card and tell him “If you want to know the truth about your wife, call me.” Joe Gorga said nothing. At no time did Mario tell anyone that “he hurts people.”  So once again it appears that Production is hard at work spinning actual events into fiction.

My new salon Le Chateau Allure has opened. You are all invited to stop by for services or to say Hello.

Until next time, I remain

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis

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Exclusive: Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis presents her July 19, 2013 Blog Entitled:

It’s All Greek to Me 

penny head shot straight cropMy first blog and here goes. . .

Who knew that my obsession with shopping would lead me to the crazy land of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I met Kim D years ago while shopping at her store. We became friends instantly and she in turn started coming to my hair salon. Soon after, Kim D hired me to style the models for her shows. That is how I met the ladies from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Before I ever heard of Kim D or Teresa Giudice, before I ever heard of Bravo TV or The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I was friends with Jan – a friendship we maintain to this day.  I also knew Melissa Marco (now Gorga). Melissa and I shared mutual friends –  friendships I continue to maintain.  Melissa frequented the salon I eventually bought.  She came into the  salon regularly and even had her bridal party styled by my girlfriends and staff. I was puzzled when Melissa claimed she never met me. Then again, Melissa seems to deny knowing a lot of people from her past. Just wait and see who else she denies knowing.

But I digress. . .

I have styled TV personalities since 1992 so I felt comfortable with the ladies from the Real Housewives, the Mobwives and Jerseylicious. When an opportunity presented itself to film on Real Housewives of New Jersey to advance my business, I took it – who wouldn’t want free advertising for their business? Right?

All I can say is hindsight is 20/20.

It is unfortunate that some must say and do things that they should never be asked to do “to put food on the table.” Fortunately, feeding my children is not tied to selling my soul to a TV show. There is a huge disconnect from the truth, what is filmed and the edited version of the show.

During Season 5 filming, I was “invited” by producers AND the person hosting each event I attended. By invited I mean asked / told to attend the event, either verbally, in writing or both.

Even though I was present during the events, the edited versions that have been aired to date are deceiving (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

For instance, drinks with Teresa, Kim D, Jennifer Dalton, Jan and me at Bellissimo’s:  I was told to bring my friend Jan to the filming to discuss Melissa Gorga (a continuation of the discussion started at Kim D’s holiday party), not Milania Hair Care Products.  Filming lasted close to 4 hours.  The edited version does not accurately reflect the theme of the conversations.  Teresa did leave the table when she became uncomfortable with the conversation.

There is so much more but I will wait to see what is shown to give you behind the scenes look at the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I cannot stress enough that what you are being shown is not necessarily reality or even what was filmed  - so pay close attention and ask questions!

My new salon Le Chateau Allure will open on August 1, 2013.  You are all invited to attend. I understand the Real Faux will be in attendance.

Until next time, I remain

Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis

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166 Responses to RHONJ: Penny Karagiorgis

  1. Lisa Trampolina says:

    Great blog Penny. We all know that Bravo edits & manipulates the show so it doesnt truly reflect what happened.

    I look forward to reading your other blogs xx

  2. chickadeeeee says:

    Wow, great blog Penny! Thank you so much for sharing with us. Can you tell us about Kim D’s holiday party now or are you waiting to see if they show some of it at a later date?

  3. Dina says:

    Thank you so much for writing this blog and I really look forward to hearing more about your experience on the show. We all know how Bravo manipulates the scenes to show what they believe the viewers want to see. I want to see the truth. I believe your blogs will give us that because lord knows Bravo wont. Thanks again and good luck. Xoxoxo

  4. Summer says:

    Great blog Penny!
    Thanks so much for sharing your insider look at RHONJ. Intelligent viewers have known for awhile that Bravo manipulates the truth with editing but it’s great to have confirmation from an actual eyewitness! I’m looking forward to your future insider information and observations! Xoxo

  5. Jessica Brevelle says:

    Great job, Penny! Can’t wait to read more! Melissa Marco & her fake sisters raised red flags since the first day they appeared on my TV.

    Thanks for always giving us info we wouldn’t have known otherwise!

  6. stephanie says:

    Thanks penny for your honesty. I am hoping that you do not get a bad edit the rest of the season because Bravo is looking for new “fall guy”! One thing I took from this is that you were told to bring Jan to continue convo from Kim D’s Holiday Party, but could it be possible that Teresa was told it was for Milania hair Products? Wishing you the best and hope to see more of you!

  7. Nicole says:

    Fantastic blog by Penny! Can’t wait to read more. I truly enjoyed reading
    Thanks faux for publishing!

  8. Livmasspk says:

    Great Job Penny!
    Looking forward to more “Honest” blogs. No back peddling, no script, no gossip, just the straight up truth. They should all take a page from your book on how to keep it real and classy.

  9. Doreen says:

    Thanks Penny for willing to start writing a blog to help us understand what is really happening when taping! Can you tell us if everything is going to fall on Teresa again or if Melissa’s true colors stay out there for all of us to see! Please do a weekly blog with faux every Sunday after the show and let us know what really happens!

  10. AutumnL says:

    Thank you Penny. The closest we’ve gotten to hearing what goes on behind the scenes of RH filming, has maybe been from Alex & Simon RHONY. I appreciate your willingness to be honest and put it out there. Viewers deserve that, and certainly don’t get it from Bravo. In fact, the cast deserves to have the truth shown, and they HAVE sold their souls for fame in trade for integrity.

  11. AutumnL says:

    I’ve read many times that Melissa dumped all her friends once she got on RHONJ. I believe it, because nobody could compel a dozen different people to all tell a similar lie–not even the all-powerful Teresa! And Melissa is never seen (I don’t mean on the show) with anyone but her horrible sisters around.

    I’ve read a lot of nasty things about Jan, that can only be coming from the Marcos because they ARE the only ones who would care to smear her. AND it all seems to have originated before the episode(s) with her aired. So somebody sure went to a lot of effort to make Jan look bad in advance of her appearance.

    Penny, I believe the same thing happened with you. For months you and your husband have been attacked, because somebody feared what you might disclose. What a red flag to fans…!

    Hang tight. So glad you decided to offer a little backstory on Faux’s site.

    Go Penny! Go Faux!

  12. Kellie says:

    It’s sad that “reality TV” isn’t actually reality & they edit & twist your words/actions into something it’s not!

    • connie says:

      I think Teresa is still behind this, Joe Gorga was right on when he said it seemd contrived and T had such a smirk of satisfaction on her face. when some prostitutes themselves for fame, even a spot on RHONJ, you are buying into the ‘pimp’ andy cohen’s world. He is disgusting for what he does. this show and all the ‘contents’ should be banned.

  13. Julie says:

    Thank You Penny for the inside scoop. Viewers are ready for some truth!

  14. Dennie Zen says:

    Miss Penny, you are lovely and talented, and you have a true career in beauty and fashion. Nothing and nobody has the right or the wherewithal to ever take that away from you.

    You came to the right place here to start an open conversation. I have always admired you and I respect all the charitable work you have done for so long. I am sorry that this whole RHONJ — simply because it involves people you have known and worked with — has really given you and your husband a metric ton-load of, shall I say, shit. Keep your lovely head up and continue to be the standup, hardworking gal you always were.

    Congrats on the opening of your new business! Now THAT is something worthy of celebrating.

    PS: Thanks to FRE for her outstanding investigative writing, website and for this opportunity to read your thoughts unedited! :)

  15. Anon says:

    Penny –

    I have been waiting for so long to hear what you have to say and I am glad Faux has given you this forum for you to finally tell your side. Unlike many people who may feel you are in this for all the wrong reasons and call you and your husband famewhores who are willing to do and say whatever just to be on the show, I have defended you and will continue to do so. Good luck and I have worried for you and I truly hope this all goes well. Do not let the naysayers get to you.

    Faux – Thank you! I am not on Twitter but I do read your TL faithfully. I want you to know, that while I cannot tweet you, I support you 1000%.

    • Marty says:

      Me too!

    • Deb G says:

      Penny finally! So happy to hear from you and hear the truth! I believe that you and your husband are telling the truth. I feel so bad for Brian, praying for him. I hope your husband is well and he wins in court against those who beat him, I believe they are cowards!

  16. marcy says:

    Everyone wrote what ITA on. Penny awesome blog, looking forward to a lot more. Thank You Faux as always keeping it REAL…

  17. Marty says:

    Great blog Penny! Bravo is very manipulative for sure! Bravo told you to bring Jan and talk about Whoresey Face and they told Teresa a totally different thing. Teresa was told you guys were going to talk about Milania Hair Care. Therefore Teresa’s uneasiness. Teresa is not a good actress her reactions are genuine. I know a while back there was issues with You and Teresa. Teresa saying that she didn’t know you and that you were trying to get on the show blah blah blah. I hope you and all of us here understand that Bravo also tells Teresa a different story hence the comments that come out. With that said I still do believe that Whoresey Face is evil and the jealousy and hate for Teresa runs deep no matter how its edited.

  18. Finally says:

    I wanna know if Kim D is out to destroy Melissa Gorga why is she always with Teresa Giudice. Giudice needs to tell her to stop the shit. If they are such good friends why does Teresa stand for it. If my friend kept panning my family I wiould say cut the shit. Something is not right that she lets it go on every time and then pretends to walk away after someone else says it. Why would Penny come there to talk about hair stuff wasn’t she still building her new place when the dinner happened

    • Bullie says:

      Why, then are Melissa Gorga, Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita & Caroline Manzo all still friends with Kim D?

      • Franny says:

        Kim runs a business. Not wise to make enemies or burn bridges especially over a reality show. Knowing what I know of her she is also not the type to hold grudges. She says what she has to say and moves forward.

        • dch60 says:

          The point is they don’t have to be friends with her however. I’m tired of this same crap about Teresa shouldn’t be friends with Kim D because she talks about Melissa. What about all the people Melissa hangs out with who talk about Teresa? Although Melissa says horrible things about Teresa right along with them so it really doesn’t matter. But why should Teresa set Kim straight? (Like she really could.) Joey, Melissa’s husband apologized to her! Why did he do that? Why doesn’t he set her straight? or any of the others who do hang out with Melissa?

          • Hambone says:

            Know why I think Joey apologized to Kim D? I think it has A LOT to do with the money he owes, the people he borrows it from each week & his & Mel’s “habits”…if you catch my drift.

            • Anon says:

              I sure do get your drift, Hambone. I think the same thing. Joey wanted to apologize to Kim almost immediately at the reunion and as soon as he could, shut Kim D. down with his apologies. She knows alot more about the Whorgas than she is letting on. Melissa underestimated her when she badmouthed Kim’s business. That is why she backpedaled and is “all good” with her now. Funny how Melissa can forgive Kim D. (because she has no other choice) but not Teresa.

            • Franny says:

              Exactly. Tre won’t hurt her brother by exposing him. Kim D knows plenty and had good reason to use it after the gorgas tried to ruin her. They kissed her butt to keep her quiet.

    • Nameless says:

      Why doesn’t Melissa tell her sisters, her make-up artist, or her tranny whore friend to stop bashing her husband’s sister?

    • lulu says:

      And why Jo G doesn’t say that to his wife

  19. Pinky says:

    Welcome Penny! I am so glad you have a home to write your blog. I have had a feeling you were a quality gal just by your work for children, etc.. And, it is wonderful to see someone have the balls to tell the truth about these ridiculous editing tricks. Most viewers are on to Bravo and the whole circus. You might do well to avoid them as it seems Bravo destroys people’s businesses and brands – only a few have survived the Bravo curse. I look forward to reading your comments. You found the perfect home here – FauxReality writes the best blog for facts and details – we always feel like it is Christmas morning when she puts out a new story. So Glad You Are Here!

  20. Ex-Best Friend says:

    Love this, Penny! So articulate and well spoken. Clearly too intelligent to get too far involved in the petty RHONJ drama. Hope to hear more from you as the season progresses!

  21. OldNJLady says:

    Great Blog!
    Thank you Penny for speaking out about what is really going on behind the scenes. Sounds like Bravo is telling each person a different story just to see what sparks will fly when the stories clash. I am glad that you were the 4th person to come out and say that Teresa walked away when the conversation turned “dirty”. I am looking forward to more wonderful blogs from you.

    Thank you Faux for your blog that always brings out the truth even though it has hurt you by the all trash and lies that a certain group spreads about you. I do think that you need to change your name to Sybil. If I am counting correctly they have just come up with the 4 name, address and pictures for you. Each time they spend hours tweeting, retweeting and writing “twitter longers” with all their facts only to turn around months later with a whole new name, address and pictures. I feel bad for all the life’s they have ruined trying to expose you.

    • DonnaLee says:

      I am just happy that there are persons out there that care enough about the fans of these shows to tell the truth, realizing that those that make the big bucks and need them, can’t really do so. I have so much admiration for Penny and even Will Love.

      • Franny says:

        Those sickos are at it day and night. The “king” sicko is obsessed with you. He is certifiable! Someone has to stop this sociopath. The fact he is aligned with the Marcos speaks volumes as to their character. Thanks to faux and penny for your candid blog. Inquiring minds want to know more!

  22. Maria says:

    Yay Penny!! Will continue to read your blog and dont let the haters getvto you

  23. mzjulesaz says:

    Good blog and thanks for confirming many things we already knew.

    You and Johnny were on Twitter for at least 1.5 years indicating you were getting on the to take Melissa down /show the truth and now you wanted on the show to highlight your business? Which is it?

    • FauxReality says:

      “Taking Melissa down – show the truth” is not a pecuniary benefit – promoting or highlighting a business is. One is not inconsistent to the other. Thanks for your comment.

      • punkinseed says:

        So true Faux!
        Mego comes onto the show to take down Tre, then, when it’s all coming down to FACTS, and Bravo’s lying crap, those who come forward risking their reputation are trashed? Go Penny and thank you Faux for your site.

    • FatEl says:

      Ok MsJulez, Penny’s husband was being attacked by the Marco sisters ( a family who you so desperately want to defend as seen in FameWhorgas). They fought fire with fire and attacked back. The Marco sisters are morons and are causing more problems for the ShoreWhore than she already has by attacking people from Melissa’s past on twitter.

  24. fbunnie says:

    Great blog, Penny! I’m looking forward to more truth. Thank you for revealing it.

  25. tnnv says:

    Finally, the truth will be told. Teresa’s sil is the most malicious, evil creature Bravo has trotted out yet. T.’s little in every way brother is pathetic from his thong to to the top of his shoe polished head.

  26. Hambone says:

    Great blog, Penny! Thanks so much for telling it like it is. When I 1st heard that you have a day (every week?) where you open your salon to those with special needs, I knew you have a wonderful heart & immediately liked you. I know that no matter what you say that it’s gonna be the truth. I’m anxiously awaiting your next blog! : )

    Faux, thanks so much for all you do in order to bring the truth to light. The harder they try, the worse they fail. Their antics serve no other purpose than to tell me that whatever you’re saying is true. I’ve been reading your blog since before you changed it to FRE & will continue to do so. Keep up the great work & know that so many of us have your back in every way. : )

  27. BionicMe says:

    I am assuming you’re not under contract with Bravo if you are telling us all of this?!

    Unreal that we are being fooled by this network. Why do these shows even exist then? Something should be done.

  28. Buck Henry says:

    Great blog Penny, no wonder Melissa doesn’t want you to talk around the cameras.

  29. Laura says:

    Are you going to blog every week Penny?

  30. embee says:

    It would be great to read your thoughts on Sunday’s episode. Will you be blogging again?

  31. adioslunatic says:

    Now, THAT is what I want a blog to read as, a REAL accounting of what happened.

    Penny looks fabulous more natural, it suits her.

    Thank you, Penny, for a truthful and straightforward blog.

  32. Chickadeeeee says:

    Great blog Penny. Thank you so much for sharing these details. It was obvious from the editing that there was more to the story. And it disgusts me that they might try to make you, Jan and Teresa look bad for Melissa’s issues. By the way, you looked beautiful!

  33. Dina says:

    Thank you Penny for clearing up the obvious of Bravo editing trickery. I appreciate your input on these episodes & I look forward to more in the future. After re watching the episode I noticed just before Penny’s scene someone motions her over. Was it production or Kim D? Did anyone notice that? Its pretty clear that these meetings are set up by production and I’m pretty insulted that Bravo thinks were stupid enough to believe you would just show up and randomly discuss these things unless not prompted too. If not delivering something they want you would get no camera time & be left on the editing room floor much like you explained that most of the scene was. It’s about showing what they want the viewers to believe. And I don’t believe most of it anymore. Thanks Faux for giving us Penny’s take on her experience on the show. Another great blog!!

  34. Pinky says:

    WOW bravo sucks. Thank you Penny and this picture of you is beautiful.

  35. Summer says:

    Great Blog Penny! I love getting the facts directly from you rather than all the rumors and speculation floating around. It seems that once again Bravo wants to mislead us into thinking people are guilty of things they aren’t! Too bad Bravo only tries to protect Melissa while throwing everyone else under the bus! I look forward to seeing more of you on the show!

  36. Dennie Zen says:

    Penny, congrats on the grand reopening of your business. All I can say is I want to tell “Production” to “Go scratch!” I honestly think those “Production people” are without conscience, and would likely be deemed either psychopathic or sociopathic.

  37. OldNJLady says:

    Thank you Penny for taking the time to give us the real back story. Faux thank you giving Penny the place to blog.
    So Lookers is still setting up Teresa. She knows that it wasn’t Teresa asking the questions and that you couldn’t give her the real answer so she set it up to once again make Teresa look bad. Teresa is a saint when it comes to Lookers. I would have decked her 20 times by now and exposed every trick, dick, and lick she has every done after her marriage.
    Here is my questions: How much does Joey know about Lookers extra activities after they marriage? Why if he keeps hearing all these rumors with people giving him heads up and business cards offering to give him all the information does not confront some of these people and get the facts? Does he know everything and everybody she has done and he just doesn’t care or does it excite him?

  38. JUST ME P says:


  39. audpaud says:

    Is JoeGo gay or bi?

  40. DoneWithBravo says:

    Questions for Penny:
    1. Why were you invited to the Milania launch party if you didn’t have your salon open at that time?? You didn’t even purchase the Milania hair products but you were at the launch party? Is that customary to have prospective purchasers there?? Bravo made it seem like it was a party to thank the existing businesses that were promoting the product. Misleading.
    2. If Teresa was the one that invited you to this launch party, why did she tell Melissa on the phone in advance of the party that she heard you were coming??? SHE was the one who invited you!? She left that part out of her conversation with her SIL??? Misleading.
    3. Why in the world would you agree to be in the presence of these violent thugs when they attacked your husband and are now going to court over it???????? Or is that another fake “reality”?????? I’d think you wouldn’t want to be in the same room as Joe Gorga after he took part in physically abusing your husband. Same goes for the camera crew on this horrific show. How could you be a part of that?????????
    4. Why would you agree to be a part of another party for this show when your last spot ended up on the cutting room floor, after they had promised it would be in the show and would promote your business??? That would be the end of any future dealings with them for me. What’s in it for you???? You could find business outside of these innane shows!
    5. The conversation between Teresa, Melissa and you was all about semantics? Teresa is your FRIEND if she’s inviting you to her launch party and inviting you to drinks or lunch, etc………. Melissa is your FRIEND (and she knew you!) if she had her whole wedding party styled by you and your co-workers. Yet those lies are edited? Misleading.
    6. How are you permitted to speak about this show when all other people appearing on the show stay mum about it and say the same stupid lines, “Tune in to see…”. You seem to be spilling more of the truth. How are you allowed to do that? I thought that anyone appearing on the show signs a confidentiality clause and they’re not even allowed to discuss it for years after they’re off the show???????????
    Thank you for any answers!

    • FauxReality says:

      I won’t answer for Penny, other than to say that the brawl occurred after this event. Penny did not film after her husband was attacked.

    • dch60 says:

      I won’t answer for Penny either as I don’t even know Penny, however, the answers are pretty obvious anyway. Sounds like you don’t like what Penny is telling us and seem awful worked up about this blog. I’m quite sure I understand what that’s all about too. Have a good day.

      • DoneWithBravo says:

        dch: are you referring to me? I sound worked up? Not really, dear. Just questions I was curious about since we were “allowed” to pose them to Penny. I don’t know who you think I am, or what “team” you think I’m on, but you’re wrong. I’m just a curious viewer who’d love final answers and to have this entire series wiped off of Bravo for good!

        • ChemGeek says:

          I think your questions are good questions. I don’t think you are being an a-hole and it appears people may be taking your questions out of context.

          I don’t exactly understand how someone can be in a contract with production, then skip out on obligations of said contract only to renegotiate the contract and resume “work”. If I didn’t do an essential function of my job (i.e. attend an event) I would be fired. I am also curious why Penny can speak so freely about all of the behind the scenes details. Was it part of her contract deal? Everyone else is bound and gagged, including the “friends” of the housewives.

          • DoneWithBravo says:

            Thank you, ChemGeek! This seems to be a very sensitive topic, apparently!!

            • SG says:

              I hope you don’t feel attacked by me because I think your comments were pretty neutral but without knowing specifics of each lady’s contract, including any friends of HWs (and by specifics I mean a scanned copy of the FE agt), working off of assumptions instead of facts is not the best approach here.

              Given that there’s a pending lawsuit against Bravo from that brawl that happened in December IIRC, it should surprise no one that Bravo could but probably isn’t enforcing any gag orders against Penny and her family that may or may not be in place with regards to ‘secrets of production’, and even then it’s so very easy to get around it and still be able to dish enough to bury everyone if you really tried. Even Jan has run her mouth about what really goes on so these alleged iron-clad contracts that everyone thinks are in place look like cellophane more and more as each episode progresses.

              Trust me if the contracts were written well enough and/or the penalties severe enough then the people surrounding production, including the cast, wouldn’t be running their mouths as much as they do and have been for years about what actually happens behind the scenes. Andy may like to project that he’s running a tight ship but he isn’t which is why he was almost fired a few years ago before being given a last minute reprieve.

              Reality TV production is small time and only sustainable because of all the corners they cut on everything from legal, cast & crew, to editing and everything else in between. Everything and everyone on these shows are low rent compared to real production so some of your expectations in this regard need to be lowered, and that goes for the executives at Bravo and the production company running the show.

              - 10+ Year Film/TV Producer

    • adioslunatic says:

      @ Done

      I’m not Penny but the answers to your questions are in her blog.

      Here, I’ll help you.

      You asked:
      1. Why were you invited to the Milania launch party if you didn’t have your salon open at that time??

      Penny’s Answer:
      “After a sit down with Production, I agreed to attend future events (including girls’ night at Bellisimo, Milania Launch Party and additional specified events).”

      You stated: “You didn’t [sic] even purchase the Milania hair products but you were at the launch party?”

      Penny’s Answer:
      “At the time of the Launch event, I was in the process of renovating and opening my new salon, so I did not carry any hair care products. I was told that I would be attending the Launch event to discuss topics regarding Melissa Gorga raised at previous events.”

      You asked: “Is that customary to have prospective purchasers there?? Bravo made it seem like it was a party to thank the existing businesses that were promoting the product. Misleading.”

      Answer: I can take this one, I’m in the beauty biz. A launch is a “kick-off” of sorts. It is to INTRODUCE a product to those in it’s industry. If Penny was not up and running yet it was a great opportunity for her to sample the product and/or order for her salon before settling on a product/products to feature in her salon. Penny can answer if she has in fact purchased the product though it is irrelevant to this blog.

      You asked:
      “2. If Teresa was the one that invited you to this launch party, why did she tell Melissa on the phone in advance of the party that she heard you were coming??? SHE was the one who invited you!? She left that part out of her conversation with her SIL??? Misleading.”

      Penny’s answer: “After a sit down with Production, I agreed to attend future events (including girls’ night at Bellisimo, Milania Launch Party and additional specified events).”

      Your question is moot – Penny never says Teresa invited her and neither does Teresa – it is CLEAR production was who invited Penny.

      The rest of your questions I couldn’t be bothered with. You are looking for the egg in the hair and it just ain’t there- there is no there, there…

      • DoneWithBravo says:

        Adios: If you couldn’t be bothered with my questions, then don’t bother answering any of them. You’re not Penny anyway (right??). I’m confused here at the degree of tension over this subject matter. I thought it was a forum to allow people to ask this Penny person questions, which is what I did. I still do not understand why she is free to discuss behind-the-scenes matters when no one else is. Either she’s “mandated” to be at certain events and she follows Bravo’s rules, or she’s a rebel. Choose one, or it makes no sense!

        • shockedbutnotshocked says:

          Done: I didn’t understand why she was free to discuss behind-the-scenes matters either. But I guess that question has been answered as well. Now I put more faith in what she said, simply because production shut her down.

    • SG says:

      You’re very misinformed about the production process which explains your confusion and inability to piece things together even though the information is readily available if you bothered to look because that’s how much of a joke these producers are.

      Your dissatisfaction with this show and the series as a whole is understandable but I hope you’re pointing your finger at the real culprits, the production company whose name I can’t remember at the moment and Bravo for their misrepresentation, and not at this woman who is obviously trying to expose the massively manipulated ‘truth.’

      This is only HW show I watch and I do so out of nostalgia for the first two seasons and because sometimes you just can’t help but stare at an accident right in front of you. I’m ashamed of it though, especially the fact that I follow it in the blogs on top of everything else.

  41. JoAnn says:

    Faux, I am so sorry you are fighting with the gang still. One thing I needed to point out to you was one of their instigators who goes by sweeetbea. Her first name is Beatriz. What a lonely, ugly, fat instigating cow she is. Beatriz replied to someone saying it sounded delicious and it was about Johnny. Beatriz already stalks everyone who is New Jersey that is on the show. Now these people are stalking Johnny at his job Faux and that’s delicious? These people have no limits. Please tell Johnny to be careful.
    A couple weeks ago Beatriz tweeted BlkdByJillZarin that she spent a few hours on her timeline. Who has time for that shit? A few hours? She spends day and night on twitter. She has nearly 225,000 tweets. She wonders why she can not get a man? Put down the cheese curls and twitter for starters Beatriz.
    I wanted you to be aware that Beatriz is thriving off this drama and it’s sad how this cow has no life and needs twitter for entertainment because she has no life. At one point Beatriz was asking for people to blog because she could not keep up with a fight you were having with someone. I tried to retweet some of Beatriz’s tweets but she has me blocked, I would look over Beatriz’s timeline so you can see this pattern she has. I was discussing this with someone else and they said you may be aware of her already.
    I was told that if anyone dares to call Beatriz out, the misfits will be upset because according to them, Beatriz is just so sweet. I guess that depends on what your definition of sweet is. Someone who encourages like Beatriz does, then plays victim is not my definition of sweet. A sweet person would be asking for it to end. What a stupid cunt she is.

    • Jersey_Girl says:

      You think that’s fucked up? How bout the fact she’s a principle of a school? In Englewood, same town where Penny opened up her new shop. Looks like tax payers are also paying for her time on twitter

    • Anon says:

      Bea has been instigating for years. LynnH (rip) tried to alert everyone prior to her death. It’s not only Ms Bea, her besties or should I say beasties all love to instigate. Glad that Reality Crack PYHU is out, her and Ms Bea (btw not a teacher. She can barely hold on go a job) have done really damaged to many. Penny you are beautiful & a class act.

      • JoAnn says:

        You are correct, Lynn did try warn everyone. Lynn un followed me, I then asked Lynn why and when she pointed EVERYTHING out and said she did not want to be associated with anyone, it is a long story and this is not the place to address everything. I un followed sweetbea. I would say back in February I tried to re follow her because I noticed she was up to her old tricks and could not follow because she has me blocked.
        I miss Lynn. I talked to Lynn on the phone five days before she passed away.
        Sweetbea is 43 not 37
        I will never understand why a woman lies about her age when it is with in a five year period.

  42. Gina says:

    Great job! We all know TV exaggerates a lot!

  43. Stephanie says:

    Thanks once again Penny for telling us what and how things are ran by Bravo production. I commend you on your honesty, and am sorry that it seems you are being used to create drama. Thank you Faux for letting Penny use your site as a voice to get the truth out. You take so much heat from everyone and I love you for it…. I will defend you to the end!

  44. adioslunatic says:

    @ Done

    What tension?

    You asked, we tried to answer from Penny’s own words.

    Again, what tension?

  45. adioslunatic says:

    @ Done

    This is pure silliness, you don’t need to answer.

    I’m on a natural high right now that I don’t want ruined!

    My daughter is past the danger mark for her pregnancy and THAT is all that matters!

  46. adioslunatic says:

    Thanks! Done.

  47. Janice says:

    I feel that Melissa and Joe Gorga are always hurting Teresa’s image by painting her as a evil person. They have been told and shown over and over the truth so they know the truth. And this is why I also believe the whole show is scripted to keep this little game going. Personally I am getting really tired of it; you can only sit and watch injustice for so long before its no longer entertainment and becomes a mind f*ck.

  48. LVgrl says:

    Hi Penny, thanx 4 keepn it real! Rumor is: Mr. ARater is in ur town? Telling his story (finaly)? Yipee! He has alot of fans & supporters here Can u let us know when/which mag we can find his story (the truth). Many Thanx

  49. Lalola57 says:

    If all this is true, which I must say sounds believable then why do you put yourself in the mix. This show, if true is setting up Teresa G. Then I hope Teresa sues them and walks away a billionaire. Melissa looks and acts phony. I just can’t wait for the truth to come out.

  50. Karen says:

    Beautifully written Penny. Thank you for your honesty and willingness to step outside the box of production protocol and set the record straight. Wishing you and Johnny all the best with your new business venture.
    Karen Archer

  51. sexxymomma08 says:

    So Happy You Are Honest About Your Relationship With Teresa Guidice. Your Blog Cleared Up Questions Regarding Melissa Gorga’s Infidelity & Joe Gorga Denial! Her BOOK Is A SHAM! Her “Loyal Wife”! Quote is A JOKE! Look forward to your next Blog! Take Care:))

  52. Pinky says:

    Damn I like you alot Penny. You are too good for Bravo. A smart producer would hire you independent of Bravo and give those asshats a run for their money. Thank you for telling truths. It is so sorely needed these days.

  53. chickadeeeee says:

    Another great blog Penny. Thank you so much for speaking the truth where others cannot. It really helps to make some sense of the mess they have created on this show. Plus I love seeing Meho and little Joe getting called out.

  54. JUST ME P says:


  55. stephanie (evsmom) says:

    A Breath of Fresh Air!! Thank you for being such an honest person with a good heart. You have just proven what all those haters have been trying to blame you and Johnny for. You honestly never threw Teresa under the bus, and for that they owe you a huge apology. Johnny tweeted exactly same thing to me once about *Special children to Special Parents* when we were talking about my granddaughter. It made me angry when I read that Chris & Jac were using their son as an excuse for violence. I knew Johnny would have never said anything about ANY child. I’m sorry that you had to see that last scene in last episode. Caroline and Al trying to make you out to be some kind of horrid person was painful to watch. Even though I don’t know you personally, I know enough to know you didn’t deserve that. xxxxx

  56. Eriekah says:

    Good blog, Penny. Keep your truths coming. I for one like to read them and cant stand to watch this show with all the BS that goes on. Melissa is so guilty, which she proves by her silence, her body language and even her own guilty eyes. Anyone with expeirence of a phony sees right thru her and her nasty sisters.

    Caroline is a miserable person. She can put up a front on TV all she wants but, we all see thru her too. Her kids are miserable and her husband seems like he cant stand any of them..

    Richie grosses me out. That guy is such scum. I feel for Kat and her kids.
    Altho Kat puts up with his BS i believe shes also unhappy in her own life..
    Damn the whole bunch seem unhappy except Teresa & Juicy…

    RHWNJ is dead. Andy ruined it by bringing on the famewhorgas and it now needs to go away. Andy makes me laugh because, doesnt he know MeHO will stab him in the back to get a better gig? Hmm, let me answer! Yes he knows but, he likes to look at sloJOe so it dont matter to him. As long as Joe gives him a lap dance hes good with the Shore Whore doing, saying and acting what ever way she wants.Totally Disgusting!!!

    Anyway lots of rambling, sorry bout that… Great blog to you and Faux.

    • kat says:

      The show has disintegrated into total BS, a ridiculous deception on the producer’s parts and a massive insult to anyone who previously enjoyed it as a “guilty pleasure” . It has become a modern day ,twisted and anti moral version of the Grand Guignol .. which were an amoral version of a horror show… with your beliefs , not just to only to be suspended as it is packaged as something supposedly resembling a lighter and maybe slightly off version of “reality entertainment” …but a total shutdown of all your brain cells and a requirement to sit back and somehow feel like you should applaud the destruction of a family, lies Ad nauseum and accept all the BS despite the modern world being one of social media and contradictions being blantantly out there in the blogasphere for anyone to read or see.
      The BS some of that sick crew / cast members are trying to pull on SH ( stoopid housewives site to shut her down and her commenters).. to stop any REAL truth and info about what goes on behind the scenes is another indicator of how low / far ,they will go….disgusting. It is insidious and I hope other bloggers such as Faux and Fame never have to be put in the same position as Ms SH. Truth is the antithesis of what these scum bags want revealed… what a bunch of a**hats !!

    • Eileen says:

      My thoughts exactly. Getting tired of seeing those two Master Manipulaters at work, namely Melissa Gorga and Carolyn Manzo. Thank you for this honest blog. You actually verified what I thought about these “ladies” all long. I honestly don’t understand how Melissa has fooled people for so long. She wants her pathetic husband to have nothing to do with his sister, who loves him like crazy. He doesn’t realize how lucky he is to have a sister like Teresa. His wife is the most manipulative person I’ve ever seen. She’s nowhere near the mother Tre is to her kids and doesn’t come close to being the faithful, loving wife and mother Teresa is. Don’t think Melissa can love anyone but Melissa. And poor pathetic Joe Gorga equates sex and manipulation as love. Getting annoyed at him as we’ll because he doesn’t stick up for his own sister who loves him to bits. Wish Bravo would get those two Gorgas off the show. Melissa is such a bad example for young people and gives credence to the fact that American tv is regressing. It’s a shame because young girls watch this stuff and think that this is a way to behave in life. And what publisher publishes books that teach young women how to manipulate their poor, hapless husbands.

  57. MissMaryMac says:

    GREAT BLOG! But, I must say, I had no idea that was you in the pic above…..you look different on film.

  58. kimberly says:

    Hi Penny great blog and I am so happy you have showed us Melissa and Joe Gorga true colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Marina says:

    I’m lost for words. I never really liked CM & family. Don’t trust her and I said plenty of times that she doesn’t belong there. Bravo should do something different. All the ladies that know the truth about MG should get together. And become TG friend, and bring MC MG to bring them down. Is bad enough that TG is going through hell with these ppl. Penny thank u for your honesty your kindness and u are really a unique magnificent person. Thank u

  60. Finally says:

    all I can say is wow. Can this show get any worse? I couldn’t figure out why albert was so angry. No wonder don caro was not disgusted when joe called teresa garbage, albert uses the same language about women. I can only imagine what albert calls caroline and lauren when the cameras are not rolling.

  61. Aleesha K says:

    Hello Penny, first of all, let me say, your blog is so well-written. I am impressed.
    Secondly, Thank You, Thank You for pulling off the veil, ever so slightly from this confused hot-mess that RHONJ has become. The editing tries to make YOU seem like the mysterious baddie this season. One thing I dont get is, why isnt Melissa and Joe mad at JAN, the Frenemy who basically sneered right in Melissa’s face when she announced her book! Methinks, something is very foul in Gorgaland and I guess the cheating rumors would make that book quite ridiculous! Good look on your salon opening and please keep the TRUTH rolling!

    • JoAnn says:

      Bravo always needs a villain.

    • unreal_bravo says:

      I agree, very impressed with Penny’s blog. Blessing in disguise, if Penny had been hired full time by Bravo (which I’m sure I would have enjoyed watching more than most gals currently on the show), you would have never been able to post an honest blog. Finally, a blog about the show that does not scream fake or scripted!
      What happened to your husband was disgusting. I can’t imagine what you felt having to see that. And for them to lie about an autism comment that was never spoken…do they really expect people to believe your hubby would make a derogatory remark about an autistic child when you have dedicated a large part of your career towards helping autistic kids? Not believable at all.
      Wishing great things for you, your family, and your business. Thank you for sharing with us, I look forward to your next blog!

  62. Janna says:

    Wow, I am so glad you have a blog and a voice. I must admit, I didn’t really like you from seeing you on the show, and now that I have read your blog, I really do like you. That’s what TV producers can do! I wish I knew what the heck is going on. Maybe thru your blogs we can get the between the lines information, cause nothing makes sense otherwise! lol Also, I am following you on Twitter now! I want the truth!

  63. Suzi says:

    Thank you so much for writing this blog and I really look forward to hearing more truth. Bravo has a whole new storyline-do they know that?? They should leave Teresa alone! Enough already!! I want to see the truth. Thank YOU for providing that – and, let’s hope Bravo turns the tables. Thank you again and good luck on your new Salon. Xoxoxo

  64. unreal_bravo says:

    Bravo trying to force this blog down? Well, at least we know everything you said was true Penny. Thank you for shedding light on the show and putting the real back into reality. Much respect.

  65. Funny editing says:

    The blog is already picked up by a bunch of other sites.. Too late bravo

  66. CryWolf says:

    I think that this blog will become very popular because people want the truth. Bravo can not continue to do this if we spread the word about the reality behind the reality. Share this on all public forums where Housewives is discussed. Get it circulating. Facebook is more widely used than twitter. Get the word out about the deceptive editing practices of this foul network. Boycott Bravo and bring down the famewhoring Gorga’s once and for all.

  67. Eileen says:

    So happy to see someone standing up for the truth. Penny, I applaud you for your work with disabled children first and foremost. I’m really sick of Teresa being portrayed in this deceptive way. Teresa has a hard time finding the words to stand up for herself. She could not manipulate her way out of a paper bag. The poor girl loves her brother to bits and its getting so old watching Joe Gorga making a fool out of himself listening to his destructive, manipulative wife. Teresa should just give up with those two Gorgas. And Carolyn weaseling her way into using the Gorgas to hurt her friend makes me ill. It’s gotten too mean for me to watch. Teresa loves her husband, her children and her friends but she’s no match for people like this who only want to hurt. Both Caroline and Melissa make a great evil team and its gotten too sad to watch while Bravo perpetuates this. As an aside, I watched Danielle on Andy’s show and she handled herself like a lady. I felt so sorry for her when she was on the show, watching Caroline pull all those puppet strings. Danielle made some bad mistakes in her life, and who hasn’t? She was desperate for a friend and she got bullied off. I’m glad Teresa can see her mistake here and just wish Jacqueline would as well. Jacqueline has had her puppet strings pulled by those two (MG & CM) as well. She let Teresa down as well because Teresa loved her. Sad, sad show. But Penny, I just wish I lived near your shop. My hair needs some serious work.

    • isbitchbetter says:

      I know I am a day late, several dollars short when it comes to this blog. Kudos to Penny for being so exclusive and telling it like it is about what happened with another poorly handled season of RHONJ. Kudos to FRE for allowing her the opportunity.


      I love your post Elieen. So true on what you had to say about Danielle. Looking back, it really sucks how Danielle was treated on the show. While I am a Teresa fan to the core, I’m not gonna lie, her blind loyalty to the Manzos/Lauritas got her to get her hands dirty especially when it came to her BFF Dina. Now that Teresa, has seen how Caroline and Jac are over the last handful seasons (especially when it comes to pitting her family members against her), she seems a lot more remorseful about how Danielle got treated and runned off the show. Danielle made her mistakes and paid her debt to society for them, but she really got scapegoated and treated like a villian, – and bravo loved every minute of it! Even though Danielle was telling the truth, sometimes you have to see for yourself and Teresa has seen it all the last handful of seasons.

  68. Dawn H. says:

    I’m confused. You said in your blog you refused to implicate Teresa. But, on the show you did just that.

    • dch60 says:

      It was creative editing. Cut and paste, slice and dice. Whatever – Penny’s answer was actually to another question and they edited it to try and manipulate viewers. We know better and I for one am done.

  69. RiotGirl116 says:

    Thank you Penny! I love reading and truly appreciate your blogs, untainted. Best wishes to you and your family.

  70. Eileen says:

    What??? U said last blog u refused to implicate Teresa but tonight’s show had u doing just that. This is nuts. Tell Joe Gorgathat its me; that I’m slamming his wife every chance I get. Joe, Melissa cheated on u and will do so again. She married u for ur money. I tell everyone on twitter and Facebook. Now leave ur sis alone, u ignorant little man.

  71. Aims says:

    I love you !!! I hope Theresa finally stopes being portrayed as the villain , it’s so obvious that she is constantly set up to be this evil person to give her brother and sister in law a story line , it’s sick and crazy that anyone would believe their bullsh*t , I saw right thru it and the cousins and everyone on the show trying to make her the villain last season , sad, there was not one episode that didn’t revolve around talking about Theresa , everyone’s jealous Of her successes and wanted to ruin her not realIzing the public loves her , best story is you both becoming (friends) and exposing all these low life assh*les , bravo editing sux and ppl are catching on , Be the bad ass and school Theresa on the fact all these ppl suck and only want to Hurt her !! Please so some of them can be dropped from the show , seeing family want to get on a show by offering to destroy another family member is just not fun to watch , sorry bravo but it’s true and a lot of ppl see it that way , bye bye Melissa ,joe ,Caroline you can hurt Someone that was close just for fame , if I was Theresa I would go out of my way to ruin all of you !!!!! Please get a new cast going you and your husband would be great!!!

  72. LVgrl says:

    Penny U R Beautiful, a glowing soul that says the truth. We thankU!
    JGorga’s comment bout u, ..”any woman that looks like that…a train wreck” Absolutely the lowest nastiess ignorant remark I’ve ever heard on TV, ever! i’M REELING!! Can any1 tweet him a image of Mehore b4 all the facial reconstruction? PLZ?

  73. LVgrl says:

    Penny U R Beautiful, a glowing soul that says the truth. We thankU!
    JGorga’s comment bout u, ..”any woman that looks like that…a train wreck” Absolutely the lowest nastiess ignorant remark I’ve ever heard on TV, ever! i’M REELING!! Can any1 tweet him a image of Mehore b4 all the facial reconstruction? PLZ? So he can realy C what a “train wreck” looks like.

  74. Eileen says:

    I did until last nights episode where she completely blamed Teresa. I did believe that she saw Melissa in all her sick manipulating. But she promptly threw poor Tre under the bus. Consider myself duped.

  75. Lisa Johnson says:

    Penny , thank you so much! I loved RHONJ I’ve been watching for years. I, knew season 1 Caroline M was slimy in character the way she and the rest treated Danielle Straub spoke volumes to me as to “All” of their characters being very flawed! I continued to watch because I’m a firm believer in ” You reap what you sow ” and those women are certainly doing some bad reaping.
    I , understood you clearly when you said ” you were not selling your soul to a TV show” wise decision on your part because its not worth it.
    I’m beginning to believe every cast member on RHONJ has sold their souls and for what? For the world to see just what a bunch of manipulating , greedy , conniving bunch they are.
    I , understood when you wrote about getting involved with RHONJ show for the publicity. I would have done the same thing.
    It’s too bad you and your family are being dragged threw the mud for telling the truth.
    I, commend you Penny if that means anything.
    I’m glad you did decide to go on the show because the truth about them all is finally coming out.

    Stay Strong Penny & May The God of Heaven continue to bless and protect You and your family :)

  76. Dana Guthery says:

    why is most everything blanked out?

  77. Anoneemouse says:

    That’s it. Bravo wins. We are all meant to be kept in the dark on this farce of a staged soap opera. The redactions above are ridiculous. Why even post them? Why not just tell the truth and post whatever threatening letter was sent to you to redact this stuff and just let us know that Siren won’t let the truth be known?


  78. shockedbutnotshocked says:

    I was looking forward to what Penny had to say. Apparently, Bravo got involved. I hope one of these women sue Bravo for ruining their reputations with unconscionable editing. I can’t believe that you can sign a contract that allows an entity to twist your words and actions to your extreme detriment without repercussions.

  79. Dennie Zen says:

    Guess what, Sirens Media? As viewers with disposable incomes — we do NOT have to watch the shit you produce!

  80. Andrew L says:

    Any other blog pick up the original post com last night? I want to read the blog

  81. Mom of 3 says:

    What the heck happened to the blogs.

  82. Sackem says:

    Bwhahaha! THANKYOU for leaving the blacking out. If this doesn’t prove to viewers who the puppet master really is then nothing will! Hey Bravo, how do you like Melissa now? THE FOURTH WALL HAS CRUMBLED! Reality Shmality.

    FAUX, remove if you don’t want to cross the beams but has anyone been to FW today?

  83. Mom of 3 says:

    My blog is black and famewhorgers or whatever is gone what is going on

  84. Mom of 3 says:

    It says she is now private

  85. Mom of 3 says:

    I don’t know what’s going on but from another blog I heard she was all wrong in what she was saying don’t know if that is the truth or not.

  86. Mom of 3 says:

    ok so something is up and BRAVO wants it out of sight hopefully this show is gone and the manzoids are a complete FAIL

  87. Sackem says:

    I think FW is pretty accurate. It’s not like throwing a bunch of random accusations and seeing what sticks.

    • elemcee says:

      I cannot get on either, Sackem. And, I hardly think if the blog was wrong anyone would care to try and shut it down. Hmmmm…

    • TiaGia says:

      Sent an email to fame, and I got the exact same response Faux. Wonder if Penny, or you have the original blog…..if so, I say post them everywhere! On cast fb, twitter, etc. I am getting really pissed off. So unfreaking cool!!!!!

  88. dch60 says:

    Just shows how much Bravo, Siren and the Gorgas have to hide. None of us believe your crap Bravo! Melissa has been hated from the start – there’s NOTHING you can do to make her your shining star. You’re all full of $h!t. Can’t wait until your ratings fall into the dungeon where they belong.

  89. Mom of 3 says:

    I bet they could if they wanted to.

  90. Liza says:

    I say the blog owners blur their face and go in live tv to expose what bravo is doing .. All together.

  91. Mom of 3 says:

    That will never happen.

  92. Janice says:

    The site is saying password protected? Is that just my end or are the nazi’s among us.

  93. nuca_K says:

    hey guys, i recognize fame’s users here, can anyone tell me whats going on? i cant get in, i sent the request, but nothing, is it bravo or something else?

    andy and bravo butt out for F sake.

    • elemcee says:

      Nuca, I do not know what is happening, but Faux contacted Fame, and Fame and responded that all is well. So maybe, the problem is with WordPress. Fame has been having trouble with comments going into the spam filter, and WordPress can be a pain in the behind.

  94. Fancy pants says:

    I think Fame is probably backing up all her info and getting it reviewed by a lawyer to be sure nothing happens.. But just my guess

  95. Nuca_K says:

    @elemcee thank u so so much, i just hope that it will be fixed soon.

    • elemcee says:

      I hope Fame is not being too bombarded by trolls (or Bravo). I could not blame her if she decided to lock the site for a couple of days and take a break! She works so hard to keep the blog a peaceful, fun place.

  96. nuca_K says:

    what happened with the comments?

    hey fame sisters, look what i stumbled on. i think its not far from truth

    John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk 17 Sep
    Amazes me how some people know which version of “truth” to believe when they can only comment about the after-product
    Dottie Phelps ‏@phelps9113 17 Sep
    @JohnnyTheGrk John Do you know why Fame Whorgas was shut down?????
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk 17 Sep
    @phelps9113 Obviously “The Truth” is not part of other’s reality.

  97. felicia presgraves says:

    So why are your blogs all blacked out? What about freedom of speech?

    I hope Bravo isn’t behind this because it will truly make them look like they are hiding aomething

  98. RockyH says:

    Ok, I’m confused. Everyone is saying these are great blogs but it’s all marked out, basically. Does Penny have a contract or something, where she can’t say what she really wants, hence-blackened out paragraphs. I saw some of Faux’s tweets last night & figured the info was coming from Penny. Idc if Melissa did cheat…it’s none of my business. If Teresa was the 1 feeding all the info or lies or truth to Penny or Jon…it doesn’t cause me to lose any sleep. That’s their business & IMHO, it’s none of anyone elses. It’s all for hype & to bring drama & viewers to the show anyway. So, anyway, when can the entire blogs be visible? If Penny doesn’t have a contract, then let it rip.

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