RHONJ “Pay Your Bills” : Gorgas Under Water & Sinking Rapidly

UPDATED: JULY 26, 2013

When Joe Giudice told Joey Gorga to “Pay Your Bills” we wondered why would he make such a statement. . .

Bravo portrayed Joey Gorga as a successful contractor who lavished his wife with a recording studio, a bentley and lavish gifts.  Melissa Gorga repeatedly stated that they are not financially strapped, nor was that the reason they are selling their love shack. So why would Joe Giudice make such a statement?

Reality proves that Joe Giudice was spot on with his knowledge of the Gorgas’ desperate financial condition. Joey Gorga better stop borrowing from loan sharks, because when he can’t pay, they get really cranky. . .

Before Melissa came into Joey’s life, The Giudices assisted in finding and funding Joey Gorga’s acquisition in Franklin Lakes for a ridiculously low price.

As a result of the acquisition, Joe Giudice helped Joey build the Franklin Lakes house between 2002 and 2003. It was this house that Melissa first saw when she met Joey in October, 2003.

In 2005, the Gorgas purchased a shore house on in Toms River.

On February 2 2007, Joey Gorga purchased a lot in Montville to build a house. Melissa claimed Joey was building her dream house. Joey purchased the property in his name alone; he used money from the sale of his Franklin Lakes house; Melissa had not contributed any funds towards the purchase or improvements of Franklin Lakes or Montville.

In November, 2007 when “don’t call me gold digger” Melissa realized that her name was not on the deed of the love shack, she became enraged. She forced Joey to redo the documents to include her name!

Melissa blamed Teresa Giudice for the failure to include her on the love shack, accusing Teresa of  coming up with the idea to shield Joey’s assets from her gold digging reach. Past bickering paled in comparison to Melissa’s anger in what she perceived as Teresa’s interference with her ability to get her hands on Gorga assets. Why would wifey who married for love and intended to stay married forever, be so livid that her name was not on the love shack deed?

On or about November 30, 2007, the Gorgas toook advantage of Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac programs and borrowed $2,250,000 for the construction of the Montville property. The Gorgas used the Montville property, the Toms River property and the Paterson property as collateral.

Montville Property as Collateral
Toms River Property as Collateral
Paterson Property was purchased in July, 2007 by way of short sale from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co – used as Collateral

On or about July 9, 2008, in violation of the terms and conditions of the $2.2 million dollar mortgage and security interest documents, Joey Gorga took a private mortgage from JoeyD for $350,000 on the Paterson property. The Paterson property is assessed at $357,000.

Teresa and Joe Giudice assisted Joey in building the Montville house.

In 2009, the Gorgas were sued in foreclosure by National City Mortgage.  The suit was completed on July 21, 2011.

The construction and real estate markets are in the toilet. Joey has a mortgage on Montville, Toms River and Paterson in excess of $2.5 million dollars and property taxes on Montville alone of $68,000 per year.

So the Gorgas put Montville and Toms River up for sale.

In the world of Faux Reality Melissa Gorga brokenly and dramatically stated that they were moving out of her dream house because she did not want her little girl to be harassed by the Giudice girls “in the future.” But there is a huge disconnect with Melissa’s dramatic proclamation.

In Reality the Montville property was listed was $3.8 million and reduced to $3.2 million. According to the Township of Montville, the property was assessed at $1.5 million dollars as of 2011.

The love shack’s 2011 assessed value (which in Montville was 100% of the appraised – fair market value) was $1.5 million. In 2012, the house was reassessed (based upon a new appraisal – fair market value) and the love shack’s tax assessment was based upon a value of $3.1 million (and 93.17% of the appraised-fair market value). It is unclear how the love shack doubled in value since all work was allegedly completed in 2010, when the Gorgas moved in. The Montville Building Department confirmed that no additional work was done (or should have been done) after 2010. Thus, it appears that the love shack in a depressed market miraculously doubled in value without any significant changes in less than one year. 

Montville Tax Assessor confirmed that properties in the Township are assessed at 93.17% of their appraised value.  A financial institution would be hard pressed to lend more than 70% of the appraised value of the property. Thus a buyer would be unable to borrow more than $2.1 million on a $3.2 million dollar price tag.  That leaves a very small target market as a potential buyer for the Gorga house – A dummy with lots of cash on hand!

StoopidHousewives took us inside the Toms River Property. The Toms River property was listed for sale for the amount of $535,000, reduced in or about April, 2012 to $520,000. It is assessed at $391,000. On September 15, 2012, the property was removed from sales listings.

On October 11, 2012, the Gorgas again refinanced their Montville home and increased the mortgage from $2,250,000 to $2,677,000. 

Gorga 2012 mortgage

So even if the Gorgas get the asking price on the love shack, they will walk away from the transaction with $500,000 if they are lucky!  

Documents for this article were produced by former Secret Service Operative Maggie (also known as Natasha to my Boris), who was incredible in her dedication to getting the truth published.

Also, thanks to Pixie for being Eagle Eyes!

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83 thoughts on “RHONJ “Pay Your Bills” : Gorgas Under Water & Sinking Rapidly”

  1. Melissa has posted her Bravo blog and AGAIN reiterates that she is moving because of the negativity surrounding Teresa and her girls. She pretty much dares people to go on the internet and find out that they are just fine financially. I have seen alot of those documents on the internet – law suits galore! The real estate manipulations – all playing the system – barely. What? She really has a screw loose – God bless her!!

    1. I cannot comprehend… just reading this how much Teresa and Joe did for those two and they go on national TV when the chips were already down to try to “Get them to Fall”.. I hope to God Teresa Reads this post and NEVER … NEVER … offers them 2 cents in the future.. I pray she gets it!! Maybe your brother needs to fall and stay out of Teresa and Joe’s pocket book.. NO WONDER JUICY JOE CAN’T STAND HIM!! After everything Teresa did.. and he tries to destroy his family with his stripper, lesbian, psychopathic lying wife… i hope in the end of his life.. it was alllllll worth it! Hopefully is 15 minutes of fame is up.. and Teresa KEEPS HER FAMILY AWAY FROM THESE LOSERS! GEESH

      1. Melissa and Joey didn’t just bite the hand that feeds them, they tore it off, shook it in their dirty mouths and trampled it with their horsey feet. They deserve ever piece of bad press coming to them. What a terrible twosome.

        1. Your sooo funny.. LOL.. that’s so true.. they tore them to pieces.. like animals… and nothing good for them is going to come out of this… accept they have to live with the fact they didn’t fool EVERYONE.. and lots of us have their number!

    2. Faux-do you twitter links to this blog to Andy? Has he ever responded or has he blocked you? This is the BEST blog out there. No other blog can compare to yours. Seems like some bloggers get scared and shut their blogs down. I have never understood this as the blogger can delete the poster @ anytime. Please fill us in. Thank you.

  2. I do not get how they can continue to state that they are not in financial hardship. Yes, Melissa there is a thing called the internet and yes it shows you do have money problems! geesh!

    1. I know.. its like she’s mentally ill.. she cannot STOP LYING.. which is how much she disrespects her fans.. Teresa said that in a blog.. you need to stop lying.. esp. to fans…

    2. Furthermore, I can’t comprehend how Ms. Cohen, Wendy Williams, and the likes don’t interrogate her about all these contradictions/lies. The media surely didn’t hold back on Tre when the Giudices declared bankruptcy. Grrr, can’t stand these double standards.

      1. That’s because i think both are Bi-Sexual.. and Mandy Andy LOVES GAYS… he treats them all different.. and its sooooo evident his prejudice.. i don’t know why Bravo keeps him.. its becoming really pathetic.. i won’t watch WWL anymore since his interviewing skills and who he goes after is ridiculous!!

  3. This is like a good soap opera. I can hardly wait to review the evidence. This is like Madlock, Murder She Wrote and Ms. Marple rolled all up into one.

  4. I can’t wait to find out more, I don’t know who Fauxreality is, but you do a good job digging and getting information that the others don’t have. Soon very soon umpa lumpa and his “queen” will be outed and then we will see her move on to another smuck with money while he is crying to his sister.

    1. Hopefully.. Teresa will wake up and smell the roses that her brother is just a BAD GUY and his wife did not brain wash him..! THIS IS HIM! and when he does.. i hope she just shuts the door! lol

      1. I’m not sure JoGo IS actually a bad guy. I think he is currently so I’m going to contradict myself, but I truly think he’s blinded by his wife and the lies she’s spun. Not that I’m comparing MeGo to a murderer, but a true sociopath can marry his/her victim and fool them completely. Think about Ted Bundy…. people only saw what he presented to them – and he certainly didn’t present a killer (except to his victims). I hope JoGo grows up and I sincerely hope he’s not as bad as we think he is

        1. Geeshh.. I hope he does grow up.. and that i’m observing isn’t as bad as i’m thinking! I mean his parents seem so nice.. what the heck is wrong with him? :)

  5. Faux, Love, love, love Fauxreality. I do appriciate all you do but the waiting drives me crazy. Again thank you but hurry. I don’t comment very much but be assured I am on here couple times a day for news.

  6. Amazing.. that she thinks if she continues to LIE.. maybe just maybe in the World of Alice in Wonderland.. it will come true? anyone have Dorothy’s slippers?? She has NO RESPECT for anyone including her fans.. to constantly LIE, CHEAT, DECEIVE…. etc. etc. Its like she’s another JACKO.. not living on this planet…. can you imagine.. when she finally gets it and ends up like Sheree from Atlanta Housewives.. and NO ONE CARES OR REMEMBERS.. what she’ll be like? I just hope Teresa keeps it moving and DOESN’T LOOK BACK.. and stays away from that witch of a deceiver.. for EVER MORE!!

    1. CB, meho HAS to keep the lies going her way. Otherwise the house of cards comes tumbling down around them. Sadly, alot of people play this shell game with their finances, always robbing Peter to pay Paul. But when something like the recession comes along, you’re screwed, especially in real estate. I think these people get all caught up in their famewhoredom, start believing their own bullsh*t, and it’s all downhill from there. Desperation (to stay on the shows and be famous) is the only explanation for their abhorrent behavior.

      1. I think these 2 already sold their souls to the highest bidder.. i feel so sorry for their children to be caught in their “fake” lives.. and diabolical agendas.. i swear if she ever came to cape cod.. where i live.. i’d PROTEST IT.. LOL

  7. Juicy did say that Joey Marco borrows money from everybody…..hahahaha, but yet they pay their bills and are so well off. HA!!!!! He’s probably hitting up his parents for money as well, yet he wouldn’t stand up for his parents when his cousin called them a liar and a coward. Disgusting.

    1. That is one of the reason I suspect on top of the stripper that his dad and mother don’t stay at his house. If he borrows money from other people, how many times have he went to the parent well and didn’t pay it back.

      1. notice he never said he put the house,that his parents lived with up for sale,besides the huse he lives in plus the toms river summer house.if he bought that house for his parents,why is he selling it

    1. I swear they have something going on, Joey and Andy. It’s tooooo weird. Also, Faux, love the site! I am always checking multiple times a day for new juice! Keep up the great work!

      1. I wouldn’t put it past these morally bankrupt trolls. I’ve often thought that some kind of weird vibe existed between the Andys, Joeys, and Gregs. It’s almost like there’s some behind the scenes loyalty/agreement/arrangement. Seriously. Plus, aren’t there rumors that allegedly Missy was getting extra “friendly” with Kat the producer… Which is why she got such positive edits. Missy and Joe come off as hustlers who would do ANYTHING to get their way.

  8. Loan sharks and such. WOW. Kim D says she plays with the Big Boys, so I guess she’s not kidding when she says she has a lot of dirt on Joey & Mel and why Joey was so quick to apologize to her at the reunion.

  9. He is dealing with leased cars, spec homes, funding Melissa music, heavily involved in steroids and dealing with loan sharks. Joe Gorga is going to be wearing cement shoes before its over.

    1. does anyone know if steroids will make eyes dialate?

      I noticed during a close up of ‘someone’ on the pt3 reunion, that pupils were dialated….as show continued, I tried to see if anyone else’s pupils were that dialated (thinking possibly lighting…i know i know….the lights are bright-should have opposite effect)

      1. Lots of drugs cause pupils to stay dilated even in light. Extacy, even drinking to excess can cause that. Heroin , pain pills like vocoden percocet so the eyes are only a glimpse.
        But check out these signs related of steroid use..

        Personality and Psychiatric changes often happen suddenly and without visible triggers or reasons. They include:
        •Extreme mood swings
        •Increased aggression or irritability
        •Becomes disrespectful or abusive (verbally and/or physically)
        •Poor decision making stemming from feelings of invincibility
        •Becomes secretive and/or starts lying
        •Withdraws from family members
        •Depression (usually when steroids are discontinued)
        •Hallucinations – seeing or hearing things that aren’t there
        •Paranoia – extreme feelings of mistrust or fear
        Add in Melissa and her sisters whispering in Joe Gorgas ear and it makes for a broken family, no? There are other reasons i’m convinced Joe Gorga is/was on steroids but i wont go into that. Make your own mind up by viewing his behavior and knowing the signs.

        1. Jogo is on something for sure. He is retaining fluids and the cameras seemed to be keeping his face in profiles during the reunion show as that would lessen how fat in the face jowlie he appears. Also, that ridiculous temper than goes from zero to ninety in the blink of an eye is a given side effect for long term steroid use.

  10. He apologized to Kim D but to his own blood treated her like dirt even when she and her husband set the umpa up. Jo and Mo good luck as you travel to the trailer park. Getting away from Teresa, no you’re getting away from your creditors before your knee caps are broken. Serves you right, you’re playing with the wrong guys. You both deserve everything you get and some.

    1. More than knee caps. I have close relative who had some “deals’ with “loan sharks” per say.. Joe Gorga is in for a big hurting. He will NOT be able to run away from this. Bet on that!

        1. If he is into it with loan sharks, they will cut off what is left of his shrinking testicles…..another steroid side effect.

      1. Where did you hear he’s borrowed from loan sharks?? i haven’t heard this? i’m curious.. :) wow.. this guy’s ego is soooo out of control.. and he really thinks his wife will be a pop star? i don’t know many pop stars with such controversy in the beginning of their career.. i feel like protesting anything she shows up too.. LOL!!

        1. No, he’s PRAYING (and selling his soul) that his wife will be a pop star. It’s the most pathetic thing to watch a man being led around and ruled by his pecker.

  11. Is he truly borrowing money from loan sharks? This is the first time I have heard of this, but I can believe it in that area of the country. And that assessment of the house is totally correct. Nobody and I mean nobody will buy that house for what he wants especially if they have to come up with millions in cash. There are bigger and better homes at that price and he wants that, no way.

    Also what about his “buildings” that he built or renovated for investment, I bet he is not only underwater but about to go bust on all that. Keep it coming Fauxreality, you have information that isn’t in other blogs and sites.

  12. I do not know how it works in NJ so maybe it is different but I know the state I come from you can look up property info online. There is a column for Appraised value and Assessed value. The assessed value is always way lower than the appraised value which is usually very close to what the value of the home if it was to go for sale.
    Do not get me wrong I do not doubt that the tax assesser said what they said just wondering if it is different in different states.
    Does NJ list the appraised value as well or just the assessed value?

    1. An assessment is based upon the appraised value, then the Municipality decides what percentage of the appraised value to use as the taxable assessment. Montville is at 100%, so there is an appraisal that gives the true value of the home.

  13. It looks like the place was reassessed in July 2012 for $3.1 million. Likely because the house is finished now.
    The taxes are now 68K per year.

    1. No, what happened is really quite simple the house assessment guy and/or guys where bribed or given money to assess it higher than it really is. Also ask yourself how could Umpa Lumpa get those loans with really nothing behind him. He went to a bank that is “friendly” or a person/loan person at the bank that can be friendly for a kick back and he or she helped the loan through. They went to Juicy to get help because they wanted to know how was he able to get the money for some of his ventures and he helped them by pointing them in a direction and giving umpa lumpa money.

      I guarantee that is why that house is assessed alot more than it was back in 2011. In that neck of the woods under the table dealing is natural as breathing.

      1. Yeah, it looks like the entire block doubled in value over the last year. (I searched the street name then looked.) I guess it is because they live near a celebrity- LOL. Or the assessors couldn’t make it look too obvious so they doubled the whole street. Also interesting is that there is someone named Staub who lives on the street. Maybe a relative of Danielle??

        1. I live in a township in Somerset County, NJ… Every ten years the township does an assessment… my home was assessed last year… somehow, in an awful housing market, the assessment on my house went up $110,000… uh, what?? I did do some improvements, granite counter tops, stainless appliances, upgraded a bathroom with travertine tile and that’s really it… nothing worthy of a $100,000 increase in value! I’ll tell you what it is all about… Taxes! The township wants more property tax income! What’s the easiest way to do that? Hike up the value of homes!

          1. But tax assessment and real estate assessment are two different things. Real estate assessments go by what other houses have sold for in the area. Tax assessments aren’t used for real estate purposes.

          2. dch60 tax assessments are based upon appraisals that are then multiplied by a ratio depending on percentage determined by the municipality. In Montville, tax assessments are 100% of the property’s appraisal.

          3. Wow, HDgurl! I live in “Enjay” too, and I’m a renter. I have great friends who are homeowners — and all their recent assessments were lowered. Sheesh! Your explanation about taxes, though, to my unschooled brain, makes a whopping lotta sense. BTW, Somerset County is absolutely beautiful and I do hope you thoroughly enjoy living there!

      2. Yes, Buck, that’s immediately where I went upon reading that new and improved appraisal figure……no way, no how, especially not in this real estate economy.

  14. Well I doubt Teresa and Joe would bail Joey out of this mess even if they could. Thanks for the great post and thank you to Maggs!

  15. when they assess do they see the inside of your home re upgrades? listen, they can say their house is worth $5 mil, but if the homes that sold in the area sold for say $1.5 mil, your house is not going to sell for $5 mil. hey, i don’t watch hgtv for nothing. lol also, aren’t property taxes in new jersey the highest or about the highest in the country?

  16. I just read an interview of Johnny the Greek and it appears the other 51 cards in the deck are about to tumble. If she would lay off of Teresa she wouldn’t have to face what these people are about to do to her and that is serve her ass up on a platter. While I really hate it for the parents, she has brought this on her self by trying to destroy Teresa, her husband’s sister. Sounds like Joe has been borrowing money from the wrong people too. I guess he is counting on Melissa sucking the debts off.

    1. Where did you see the interview? Johnny the Greek has been spouting off for a while though… I’m not sure I believe he’ll ever come clean (til I see it anyway)

      1. The link is in the comment section of Fame Whorgas on the second blog down I believe. I don’t want to put the link here ’cause I don’t know if that’s okay with SH.

  17. Oh, by the way the housing and real estate numbers are way off and inaccurate. It’s getting better but only a little better and you really have to have good credit these days to qualify for a home loan.

      1. Fantastic, made, simply fantastic…..just LOVED that!! You certainly have an uncanny knack for connecting the dots :-) .

        You know, I’m not happy with myself that I want that ax to fall on the Gorgas….guess I really just want the playing field to be leveled. Sometimes, enough is enough.

  18. Teresa is one hellova sister. She’s kept all of these secrets even though they’re treating her like dirt. She probably instructed JoGu not to mention a thing about any of this because she doesn’t want to hurt her little bro. That girl’s heart must be ripped to shreds. I’m surprised she didn’t strangle one or more of those outright bullies at the reunion. She should have been the one yelling the remarks Rosie did. I would have understood it coming from Teresa after finding out even more damning info. If Melissa doesn’t get what’s coming to her next season, Bravo is going to be removed from my favorite channels for good.

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