RHONJ: Missy proclaimed “At Least We Pay Our Bills” [except for a pesky foreclosure. and the sub contractors. and the service providers]

Who can ever forget Melissa Gorga’s swipe at her in laws when she proclaimed, “At Least We Pay Our Bills.” She explained that her husband is “very successful” in his business, converting warehouses to condos and building custom homes, “he is a brilliant businessman”.

Well, it appears that Missy “forgot” a few pesky details. Even if Missy discards the numerous lawsuits by subcontractors and service providers, Missy still failed to mention that while bashing the Giudices for their financial issues, she and her very successful brilliant businessman were sued by National City Mortgage in foreclosure.

According to Court documents, the foreclosure action against Joey and Missy was filed in February 13, 2009 and not concluded until July 21, 2011.


Melissa cannot possibly say she was unaware of the foreclosure action because she andĀ her heirsĀ are named Defendants!

So why does a successful brilliant businessman allow a foreclosure action to remain open for 2 years and destroy his credit? How can a contractor conduct business without lines of credit and construction loans – known of which is available to a man with a foreclosure on his record?

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24 thoughts on “RHONJ: Missy proclaimed “At Least We Pay Our Bills” [except for a pesky foreclosure. and the sub contractors. and the service providers]”

    1. i would this it would be. This would have dismissed only two months after they refinanced their house. Probably why it got dismissed.

  1. My hope is that this information continues to come out. The filming of Season 5 hasn’t even begun and by the time it airs, all of this will be forgotten by the public. While it may be difficult to keep all of these disclosures about these despicable people in the forefront, I think it can be done by making others aware of blogs and social media, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. There is a momentum goining on right now and it cannot be lost. It is time these people get what they have been disihing out – which is. . . . .well I have my opinion but feel free to fill in the blank!

    FauxReality – keep it coming! I am telling friends who, in turn, are telling theirs about all of this and where they can find researched information validating all of it. Thanks for the work!

  2. In Melissa’s newest bravo blog she states that when they started the show they only owned one building? Is she talking about buildings other than her house because HELLO your Toms River house and the house in Paterson was put as collateral on your “Dream House”

    1. She is talking about the building that we saw where she made her “acting” debut pretending to be scared when she “thought” she was hearing strange noises. Remember the scene where Joey Marco brings her to this delapidated building and she gushes how they now have buildings for each one of their children? Well, gee, I wonder why those buildings were put in their childrens’ names???!

      1. Gotcha, I was wondering if she meant homes or buildings… I guess that would make sense! I found 4 total properties listed under their names in the state of New Jersey, I am guessing that doesn’t include what is under his companies name.

  3. Those 2 are so stupid……hope all of their secrets surface and to a point she will not be able to continue her LIES Losers

  4. Only reason I can think of to let this foreclosure sit there is that whatever the underlying property is, it’s held in an “LLC?” When builders set up individual properties as LLC’s, any losses of those properties is limited to just that specific property. For example, if I’m a contractor and I purchase 123 Main Street and 123 South Street and am developing homes on both to resell, if prices decline in the South Street neighborhood and I’m underwater and declare bankruptcy, they can’t come after my earnings on 123 Main Street. The only way would be for contractors to sue me personally – which they can do, but they won’t get far if the contracted with my LLC for the work.

    1. JennyS, either the property was held in their individual capacity OR they provided individual guarantees which is often the case. Either way, it will negatively effect his credit score.

  5. OMGosh….can’t believe this was unearthed. I guess Meho should be more careful when she says things are public record/look things up. She was banking on no one doing the research, which makes no sense since she has so much controversy surrounding her and Slojo.
    She does seem to have some sort of ‘death wish’ mentality- as she did the same thing (from what I read on FW) when she got on the show, and called to taunt Penny/pdkhair knowing full well Penny had beaucoup dirt on her. This girl really does have a screw loose.

    P.S. recently found site and “Hats Off”, great site!

  6. There is a notice of settlement on the now with the gorga’s and their mortgage company Roma Bank. Funny, my assumption is they signed it to keep from a very public foreclosure. I bet they will be moved into their shore house within 30 days stating “We just couldn’t handle being near Teresa anymore so we decided just to leave.” knowing full well they were forced out by their mortgage company! LOVE THE ARTICLE BY THE WAY!

  7. Is Caro’s house the only one that will be left standing? I’m prob missed it because I just found this Awesome website..(How did I miss this?)..but do her and Al money where their mouth is or are they brokea** like the other fraud’s?

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