RHONJ: Melissa Gorga’s Birthday Cake to Teresa Giudice “Ugliest”

Just when you thought it was safe to put desserts on the table, the cake controversy comes back to Jersey.

Viewers are intimately familiar with the historic Teresa Giudice vs Melissa Gorga feud over sprinkle cookies. Last week, the RHONJ premiere brought us face to floor with Melissa’s birthday cake which cake was hurled across the floor during the Birthday celebration in Boca. Melissa’s birthday was filmed in March 2017.

Less than two months after Melissa’s birthday, Teresa and Melissa were the center of yet another cake controversy. On May 8th, Melissa presented Teresa a Zebra birthday cake made by The Cake Boss. The ladies posed with the cake as Melissa proudly displayed it on her Instagram:

RHONJ Teresa Giudice Melissa Gorga Cake

Behind the smiles lay the real story.

In response to Melissa’s Instagram message about “the gorg cake” filled with hearts and kisses, Teresa told Melissa it was “the ugliest zebra cake.” Teresa felt so strongly about the cake that she memorialized the incident in her latest book Standing Strong:

Melissa got me the ugliest zebra print cake.  I was like “you’re kidding me, right? I put you in charge of this one thing and this is what you get?” Then she joked, “you, me and desserts just don’t do good together,” in reference to the sprinkle cookie incident. I don’t know. Usually she’s got great style, just not when it comes to something for me. She didn’t get me a gift either. Whatever! I got plenty of stuff from my family.

We Wonder if Melissa finally understands how disheartening such an experience could be.

Special thanks to Dave Quinn for excerpts of Staying Strong

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