RHONJ: Melissa Gorga Strikes Out as Recording Artist

Melissa Marco Gorga wants to be a recording artist. And she will do anything to get there.

Was Juicy so far off on the Raccoon eyes?

Gorga has released four songs on iTunes to date. What has she made and how many has she sold?

The introduction of digital music sites like iTunes have changed the face of the music industry and the manner in which royalties and income streams are realized. Songwriters are no longer limited to collecting royalties on physical analog recordings. With the advent of digital music, people outside the traditional recording studio can upload and sell their music from the comfort of their living rooms.

Digital Downloads and amounts owed are regulated by law. Each time a song is downloaded, a royalty of $.09 is paid to the songwriter by the download music service (iTunes). There are also regulated rates for public performances,  interactive streaming and ringtones.

Gorga’s songs were produced by her husband’s company, AGJ Entertainment, LLC.

On Display was released on August 13, 2011. Melissa is listed as co-writer.  As of July 1, 2012, it has been downloaded 21,418 times. It is selling for $.99

How Many Times was released on April 29, 2012. As of July 1, 2012, it has been downloaded 16,310 times. It is selling for $1.29

Rockstar was released on June 10, 2012. As of July 1, 2012, it has been downloaded 1,496 times. It is selling for $1.29

I Just Wanna was released on September 9, 2012. No statistics are available as of yet on number of downloads. It is selling for $1.29

The standard contract that iTunes utilizes for independent production companies, depending on whether it is a bulk rate, is 30% of the download rate for the first 100,000 downloads and one time application fee which brings rate to 40%.

Therefore, as of July 1, 2012,  Melissa has 33,224 downloads.  Total amount to Melissa (before the Bravo cut) is approximately $16,000.00. (The amount that Teresa Giudice makes for two appearances). Was the money worth the destruction of the Gorga family. Melissa Marco thinks so.

49 thoughts on “RHONJ: Melissa Gorga Strikes Out as Recording Artist

  1. Loving your site, Melissa thought she was going to be huge, she is awkward onstage and seems patronizing to fans. This is garnered from what I’ve seen on Tv, any thoughts from someone who may have seen her live?

    • Yea CleverID, when she appeared on a recent talk show – She sat like she had parked her big stiff broom up her arse. the one she rode in on. She was arrogant and almost defiant, which I guess is normal for people who are jealous, blaming, and filled with hate.

      • Professor3, how did she act defiant and arrogant? I totally believe you but just curious. Her house of cards will topple with the slightest breeze and I hope it topples VERY. soon. Her husband is going to wake up one day and realize how he has allowed himself to be led around by his privates……I just hope it’s before something happens to either of his parents. However, in his current state of fame-whoredom it would be Tereaa’s fault. Sad he has stooped to this level. I wish he could start putting 2 & 2 together on his wife’s lies, manipulations, and see her for what she really is……..rotten on the inside. The other thing I truly believe is that Teresa would still be there for him after everything he and his devil spawn of a wife has put her through.

      • You are so right Tia Gia, and that is why we love , love, love Teresa. Know that she learned this unconditional love and support from the senior Gorgas. Just hope they really appreciate what a gem of a daughter they have raised and are wary of their son as long as he is with Mewitcha, who has a very serious personality disorder coupled with an utter lack of a conscience.

  2. She got back from her Florida trip in time for an appearance on her home turf, the Ocean County Mall. How does one have an outstanding Florida warrant for 15 years which is dismissed the very day you fly to Florida? How much did Bravo have to shell out for that?

    • Chances are it was dismissed by Prosecutor or Court sue sponte (on it’s own) without appearance since store is out of business, there is no way to prove the shoplifting charges.

  3. Remember when last song was released a few weeks ago, Miss Andy had Teresa & Mario-Perez on WWHL—I speculated then it was b/c he planned to mention Melissa’s “Number One” blahblah. And he did–and Perez slammed her for being too old to dress like JLO.// point being, Melissa and the Harpo sisters were all over touting how the song was #1—nobody could verify it. These numbers prove they were simply trying to whip up interest. + They are independent b/c nobody wants her. NOT b/c the Gorgas are choosy. She’d sign with anyone if they offered her a contract.

  4. Melissa always said she wanted to promote herself and not sign with a major label,
    Translation: No major label wants her.
    It’s amazing how up Teresas butt these people were before the show, then, as soon as the first camera starts filming, they turn on her.
    I wont buy Voli Vodka, or anything else Melissa promotes.

    • I agree, what up and coming “star” doesnt want a contract, most would kill for it not just decide, Oh, I think I will do this myself, please! She is such a liar.

  5. You also need to take into account the number of downloads that Melissa and Joe downloaded which they are now selling out of the trunk of their car. LOL Pathetic.

    • I don’t believe that they don’t get a cut. I have found Bravo is literal with their words, maybe Bravo doesn’t get a cut but subsidiary or some other entity connected to Bravo or Production Company does. Why else would Ryan Seacrest (who produces Shah’s show) be so quick to always promote Gorga’s music if there wasn’t anything in it for them.

    • Yah, and Bravo didn’t force Kelly Bensimon to go on that asinine tropical drama trip from hell — as she forcefully asserted during that reunion and he game-facedly lied in response. Yo, if you believe Bravo doesn’t get a cut from any of their crap they hawk, I got Florida swampland that Melissa didn’t skankify for sale. Cheap, man. Are you in?

    • Bravo does get a cut. The sales from Teresa’s first cookbook is what enticed Bravo to keep her. She was making the network money. I am also pretty sure Bethenny revealed the fact that Bravo gets a cut.

      • I thought one of the HW’s had confirmed it, but couldn’t remember who. Bethenny makes sense.
        Isn’t it weird then that Bravo seems to be trying to discredit Teresa, seeing as how her being popular adds more to their coffers…? This is what I can’t figure out. They should be happy that people love Teresa because it makes them MORE MONEY, yet they seem to go out of their way to show her in a bad light. Why?

      • Why? Because Andy’s personal hate for Teresa is stronger and he would rather watch her fall like the rest of the cast. He makes his dislike for her so apparent when he talks to her on WWHL and the reunions. Even when she isnt a guest and she is disgusted he will throw her under the bus with his guests. He is a catty and spiteful. I am sure Caroline and Melissa have filled Andy’s head with lies about Teresa and make a point to point out Juicy being a homophobe. Look how Stumpy Tarzan goes out of his way to show how accepting of the gay community he is.

      • Your dead on, dead on. You see Andy’s bosses at Bravo only care about the bottom line, and what he says. So it’s really hard to say that Andy is being unfair when they give him a lot of latitude. He hates Teresa so much for her husband’s and hers (to be honest I don’t think she likes gays either) hatred of gays. Also he hates her for throwing him down like a rag doll at season 2 reunion, he still can’t live that down.

      • Cammierari, There is no show without the four on one gang up on Teresa..The Manzos, Lauritas, and the Wakiles are about as interesting on their own as watching paint dry.Bravo does not care about discrediting Teresa and Joe . They hit ratings gold with the four on one attack against Danielle Staubb in seasons one and two and so they just decided to do it again with Teresa as the target. Poor tre, she still doesn’t seem to get the deception, as Andy pleaded innocent in Reunion show one .and Teresa said “I know. Andy” in agreement with him The show makes them much more money than a piece of Teresa’s cookbook royalties.

    • I really don’t see how that can be true, considering the amount of money they spend to promote these products, or at least feature them on their shows. While I agree that to promote SOME of the things these HW’s produce IS an act of charity LOL, surely they aren’t solely benevolent, but also in it for the money. Would they build a music studio and get NO return?
      So, I guess then…Andy lies. Am I late in figuring this out?

      • Yes you are., Cammierari.. Andy already knows the answers to the questions he asks on all of the shows. He is an astute deceptor of the facts. It’s ALL about profit. He has a very pro gay agenda which is partly why Rosie is featured so prominently on the show and why he did not call her out for her utterly over the top disgusting mouth on the reunion show, part one . The producers of this show have edited, messed with time lines and outright used every photo trick to deceive and create controversy, because that is what they believe will keep people watching this train wreck.. However, I think this season they underestimated the disgust the now enlightened viewers are displaying at being deceived and they WAY underestimated Teresa’s fan base. Intelligent viewers are put off at this time by the unlikely plot that Teresa and Joe are evil incarnate and even more unlikely that so many cast members would all gang up on one family with provable accusations. What has occurred is the dirt is avalanching out about the rest of the cast, making Joe and Teresa’s offenses pale in comparison.

  6. don’t forget about itunes cut. lol.just think, stupid Joey and her famewhore sisters probably bought a few hundred copies. With very little downloads, how can Melissa made #7 I think she said?

  7. Melissa’s face in that picture is a great example of what giving someone the mal’occhio looks like. I remember reading on Stoopidhousewives a year ago that someone who was at that performance said Melissa kept staring at Teresa while she was singing.

  8. AndyCohen lies constantly, tweeks the truth, lies by ommission, fibs, ……I honestky do not believe one word out of that moneyhoarding, bullyadvocate, shallow, poor excuse for a human being’s mouth. He is going to say and protect his ass no matter who it hurts ir how big his lie is.

  9. On the sites were you see an ad saying get paid for LISTENING/REVEIWING artist songs what is that all about? Is just to get song reconized or what? Also who is paying the people who choose to do this…Just curious!!!

    • Yes, and then when you refuse to buy his wife’s cd, he gets his tweezer out to show his Tarzan with!!!!!!!!!!!

      So, don’t cross him!

  10. FauxReality – I would be interested if and when you could update the statistics on I Just Wanna – in her interview with Ryan Seacrest, she was gushing about how she really thought she had a hit with this one. Just curious.

    Oh, and I’ll bet Andy shows her new video on WWHL Sunday night giving her even more exposure – cringeworthy!

  11. Makes sense why she is trying rub shoulders with Scott disick and kardashians clan even copying manner of dress by Kim k. And hanging with Kim’s BFF chebain to try to rube shoulders with Kanye for record deal! Recent pics showed her hanging with Jeff chebain (spelling) Kim’s BFF who works in pr. Now attending same event as Scott disick the user is trying to et deal and or get her show on different network

    • Melissa is a Jaylo wannabe. Saw some pics of her all done up in copycat outfits with poses that were almost identical to Jennifer ‘s. Kind of creepy, scary. Melissa is a star only in her own mind. She appears to be obsessed with fame and is very jealous of Tre. Appears to show sociopathic tendencies that are frightening. Don’t think she has any boundaries as to what she will do and who she will destroy in order to achieve her delusional goal. She’s actually too old already for the lyrics(if you can call them lyrics )that she is mouthing..and the whole persona she is trying to portray. And by the way, who built that recording studio in the Gorga basement? Bet it’s Bravo equipment and will go back when she flops. It’s all a joke. Melissa and Joe have been lobbying to get on Bravo for over three years, testimony to their desperately vile behavior as they knew “time is NOT on their side.”

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