RHONJ: Melissa Gorga GUILTY – Failing to Use Child Safety Restraint

melissa gorga courtWith all the rumors swirling around, this will confirm that Melissa Gorga was in fact a guest of Boonton Township Municipal Court!  Missy was charged with the following violations:

  • NJSA 39:3-76.2A – Failing to have proper safety restraint on child
  • NJSA 39:8-1 – Failing to have Vehicle Inspected
  • NJSA 39:3-33 Failure to properly display license plate
  • NJSA 39:3-29B Failure to have Registration 
  • NJSA 39:3-29C Failure to have Insurance Card 

On April 30, 2013, Missy appeared in Court for what was supposed to be a first appearance to enter a plea.  Due to the confrontation that Missy had with the police officer, the Prosecutor indicated that he could not amend or dismiss any violations.  Missy’s request to seal the record (so that it would not be available to the public) was rejected.

In an effort to do damage control, the Gorga team requested to plead Guilty and be done with the entire matter. So, on April 30, 2013, Defendant Melissa Gorga pled as follows:

  • GUILTY to Failing to have proper safety restraint on child
  • GUILTY to Failing to have Vehicle Inspected
  • GUILTY to Failure to properly display license plates

The remaining violations were dismissed with court costs assessed against Melissa since she produced a registration and an insurance card for the Prosecutor.

We look forward to Melissa Gorga’s explanation on how Teresa Giudice is responsible for her failure to use proper safety restraints for her child.

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48 thoughts on “RHONJ: Melissa Gorga GUILTY – Failing to Use Child Safety Restraint”

  1. Now she has a record that can be proved. Idiot, no one leaves home with out securing your seat belt or child safety restraint. And she wrote a book. FAIL MORON Did she walk out of court with a smirk on her puss like looney toons and fatso did?

    1. She doesn’t have the proper registration documents because that car is a shady loaner from some even shadier dealer who thinks that his cars are going to get a shout out on RHONJ.

      ~secrets to a hot healthy Italian marriage of eight years. Try keeping your kids alive you disgraceful prostitution stripper whore. I’ll bet her new Louis Vuitton purse was buckled up instead. What a gavon.

  2. It’s stupid to not have a child properly restrained in the car, but to do that and be stopped for speeding is way beyond stupid. Time to jump off the famewagon for a bit for the children if no one else..heh

    1. Tre put the child in the car. Melissa should have checked to see the child was restrained properly. Tre distracted her, then proceeded to report it to police. More of Tre’s setting her sister-in-law up.

  3. So now we know she is an awful mother as well as a terrible sister in law. Oh and she sucks at singing too!

      1. And they want to sent Juicy to jail for 10 years. Where’s the justice there. That’s plain and simple bullshit and I would bet the Manzoids are buying his way to jail.

        1. They didn’t charge her for speeding. The POS got off with that. They should charge points for failure to use restraint.

        2. USUALLY Title 39:4 traffic violations get points because they are moving violations, but Gorga’s charges are all 39:3 which are non moving violations.

  4. I think this should cause for cps to investigate….Melissa and joe are always out at some party with the kids being raised by the sister, Antonia almost injured when a drunk rowdy crowd throughs a man on her in the pool, I don’t know about anyone else but if I were the children’s grandma I would be very upset about this, they need to look into the rumors of cocaine use by Melissa and joe, and joes use of steroids, not to mention the drunk fights that go on.

    1. If this were a family in a trailer instead of a McMansion, you bet CPS would be there with this kind of behavior :-/

  5. “We look forward to Melissa Gorga’s explanation on how Teresa Giudice is responsible for her failure to use proper safety restraints for her child.”


    1. Teresa watches her children and I don’t think she starts the car without them all in restraints. You can see she’s a good caring mother.

      1. we saw teresa’s girls in carseats, when teresa and joe were out in car. teresa would never put her kids at risk for anything

  6. I pray the police/feds/dea are all watching these sleezy cons – and I agree that the Manzoids are buying Guidice a jail sentence – bribing a judge? Trying to buy off jury members? Whatever – ugh.

  7. How the hell can you drive your car with your child NOT buckled up!! I CAN’T STAND her even more mow if that’s possible!! My kids are the MOST important thing in my life! I’ve always said and have stood by my words, that my kids would NEVER Be put in danger because of something I did or didn’t do!! She has just proven that She loves herself more than anyone in her life! Lets see her back pedal out of this one! Someone NEEDS to call DCYF! And she has the BRASS BALLS to criticize someone else’s parenting!! Mother of the year people!

  8. It was Teresa’s fault. But in all seriousness what the hell was she doing not having her child properly restrained? I mean we all KNOW she’s a part time mother but putting her child at risk is just disgusting.

    Send the bitch to jail!!!!!!

    1. She seems like she got knocked up then had to do the “good Catholic Italian thing” and get married and have kids. It doesn’t seem like she wants her children at all; they just get in her way. Ugh.

  9. I want to know more about this “failing to have vehicle inspected”. Did she have something to hide? Is there coke in the tires?

    1. I think NJ requires yearly car inspections like we do in PA. Some states like Ohio don’t have that. If you don’t get your car inspected every year, there is a fine and if you keep avoiding to do so, they will boot your car and carry heavier penalties.

      1. When I bought my car I have 4 years before I have to get it inspected and I have a one year extension. So if you buy a new car you do not have to have it inspected for 5 years. This is New Jersey.

        1. I remember back in my school days I would make money but taking all the old junkers the boys were driving to the inspections stations. I was able to distract the inspectors with a pretty smile and a short skirt. Never had a car fail inspection. lol

          1. I was deathly afraid of the MV. Hubby always took the cars. Now I don’t have to go for awhile then I will turn the car in and buy a new one…..

  10. Did Melissa tell the judge why she doesn’t need to explain this way?>>>”…Everybody wanna see me fall
    Everybody wanna bring me down
    Everybody wanna steal my crown
    But it’s not going down
    Some people don’t like my style
    But I don’t give a what
    Everybody got something to say
    Go head and post it up
    On the blog sites, (!!!!!!!!!!!!) put it up, on the headlines
    It dont matter what you say I’m still gonna shine

    Cause I’m on display, on display, on display
    Each and everyday, everyday, everyday
    Everybody’s waiting on me to fall
    Everybody’s waiting on me to crawl but they can keep on
    (waiting on me, waiting on me, waiting on me to fall)”

    1. Knowing her narcissistic personality, when the judge asked her how she pleads, she first broke into her song and dance (back up singers and all) and afterwards she blamed Teresa for failing to come over and buckle her babies in.

  11. I love my kids. They can be wonderful accessories. said Melissa Gorga to herself before peeling rubber.

  12. Gessiewtf, ding ding ding we have a winner!! Those kids make great accessories when needed! This POS is more concerned @ showing up @ an opening of a flea market than her kids yet she has a book about family coming out? What is wrong w this ? Of course everyone makes a mistake w their busy lives but seriously? I think her head is so far stuck up in Famewhoring that the rest is irrelevant to her, sad! Just like another poster said, just once it would be nice for Melissa to own up to anything , anything!! The shoplifting @ 17( whatever it was) who cares you were young but just proves she is unable to eggmit to any wrongdoing & can’t accept responsibility for her actions! Immature wanna be “pop singer” needs to check herself! I hope this is her wake up call! Doubt it! I want to congratulate the cop who pulled her over & didn’t buy into her “don’t you know who I am”

    1. Eggmit, ha that’s hilarious. She really put that child in jeopardy, what a loser. She’s a joke in her borrowed (leased) Bentley.

  13. she is a stupid and selfish woman. shame on her for not protecting her children while they were in the car. there is no excuse for that. there is no explaining your way out of it. i hope andy brings it up when they have their reunion at the end of the season.

  14. Hey Faux, born and raised in Jersey City myself. I can tell you that I went to the same college Melissa went to. The biggest ho bag that ever existed. FACT. She followed a friend of mine into Bayonne, NJ. He paid her ho ass no mind. She’s a friggen stalker. Period. End of Story. I know her very well. She’s a disgrace and it is a FACT she married Gorga for money. She speaks so ill of her in-laws its sickening. Her sisters are pigs, well, that goes without saying. You will see, it will ALL come out sooner than you think…Ciao

    1. How do u know this will all come out? It seems to me we hear the rumors but nobody really comes forward. I dont understand why ppl go to tre and not joe gorga. Wht can tre do? Nothing. Its her brothers wife.

  15. Melissa is a straight up pig!! You can see, she does not even give her kids especially antonia always standing there wanting to get her moms attention while melissa is more worried bout getting her make-up done or filming, I agree her kids are just pawns! Makes me sick. All she ever does is complain about teresa, its soo funny on the next episode coming up she says she goes to church and prays in church that her house sells for what they are asking, REALLY, there are children out there sick, homeless people, hungry people and so much other more important stuff to pray for, just goes to show she is greedy ass and only cares about herself and money… Im pretty sure caroline is seeing now what teresa was talking about all along. I knew it would not be long before her true colors came out. All she cares about is FAME!!!!

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