RHONJ: Melissa Gorga Fails to Silence Her Past

anthony-arater-club-karma-melissaA few months ago I was told that a man by the name of Anthony Arater could confirm many of the rumors regarding Melissa Gorga’s past and her alleged cheating.  Unfortunately, Anthony no longer lived in New Jersey, I didn’t have his phone number and he didn’t have a twitter account so it was difficult to contact him.

Then one day, I was able to speak to Anthony by telephone and his insight and detail clearly showed that he had dated Melissa at a young age and continued to maintain a
“relationship” with her well after her marriage to Joe Gorga. Anthony had proof in the form of letters and photographs.  Clearly Melissa remembers Club Karma – where Anthony worked at the time.  Anthony was able to explain many of the missing pieces in Melissa’s sordid history.

anthony arater club karma melissa

Anthony at Club Karma with colleague

Anthony also explained that he was negotiating with a certain publication to print his story.  Unfortunately, the negotiations were allegedly leaked to Melissa’s camp.

Anthony claims that he was contacted by Melissa Gorga’s cousin. Anthony said that Melissa’s cousin and he remained friends throughout his relationship with Melissa.  Melissa’s cousin asked why he would “want to hurt Melissa by disclosing intimate details of their relationship.” Anthony also alleges that Melissa’s cousin told him that if it’s a matter of money, he should “let them know.” Anthony refused any further discussion and told Melissa’s cousin that if Melissa or Joe Gorga wanted to talk to him they knew how to reach him.

Shortly thereafter, according to Anthony, Melissa Gorga called him. After exchanging minor pleasantries, she asked him if he would reconsider publishing his story. Melissa told him that it would hurt her book sales. When she realized that Anthony was not swayed, she allegedly asked him how much he was being paid because “her publisher would be interested in the story.” Anthony explained that he was not interested in any payoff and ended the conversation.

Anthony has confirmed that he arrived in New Jersey last week to finalize negotiations to tell the Real history of his relationship with Melissa Gorga before and after her marriage.

Stay tuned because Anthony leaves nothing to the imagination! Anthony Arater has confirmed “I won’t be bought off and I won’t be silenced.”

34 thoughts on “RHONJ: Melissa Gorga Fails to Silence Her Past

  1. um? So where/when can we finaly read the story? We’ve been waiting a long time w/lotsa promises, frm Mr. Aarater & Mr. Bowen. Again it’s not told! I dont get it? We just want to hear the truth finaly.

    • Where the hell is the story? If magazines won’t publish it then this blog should since the guy is not looking to be paid anyways… The other outlets will pick it up. Tell the story already!! This is annoying

      • I hope thus guy clarifies that teresa is not behind thus and anyone living in New Jersey knows about these stories about melissa and teresa is the last person to know

      • Now that the season is over, it is appearing to be less likely and less meaningful that any of these stories are going to come out or be published.

  2. I was hoping for a little more but will wait to get the full details pf what I have known for a very long time. TSIL just couldn’t help herself from pushing her “goody two shoes” persona too,too far. What a farce! I sincerely hope this all comes out soon from both Anthony and Brian.

    • LOL!! Thanx 4 the gigl Donna. We have heard it from the Tweets, so funny. But I’m still waiting 4 the whole enchilada story, cuz of soo many lies! Soo many self proclamations of her worth! ugh! Her publishing career will tank as fast as her singing. Amazing 2 me the pros that r willing 2 work w/her. I mean they have reputations 2. Right? Isn’t this what Mehore wanted? Fame/reality tv/Tre’s life, careful whatcha wish 4!

      • “Reputations”….Melissa Gorga, LOLOLOOLOLOL ! The only rep she has is not the type I’d ever want told. She’s way too low on the scale to even declare barely innocent…the word I’m thinking about will stay in my mind. I pity her children, her husband is a joke. No one is looking up to either of them…and I’m not speaking about height, even though Joe is challenged in that area. Obviously suffering from Napoleon syndrome…….any other explanation of his “obsession” is definitely preposterous!

  3. Poor little Melissa should have just stayed away from RHONJ and found some other way to become “famous” because that seems to be all that she really cares about.

  4. Wow !! If I was her I run home an just cry if it’s all true, this is pretty bad cuz of the fact that Melissa was very much Married an had kids from Joe and then all the pain she had done to a whole Family this is really shameful .

  5. I hope its true that he tells his story!. So far its still Melissa the victim….and Teresa the jealous trouble maker. I hope Penny & Jan go to a magazine as well. Although I love this site & others…I feel like the underground. The general public just sees & knows what Andy &BRAVO want them to know. They have protected Melissa and created an image of a wonder ful mother & wife who happens to have a rotten SIL. Im so tired of all the LIES. She deserves to have all the truths about her come out. Did you see how Andy looked shocked and quickly change d the topic when Danielle confirmed that Melissa in season 2 wanted to hurt Teresa and film w Danielle? She mentioned Karma….So hoping everyone skips BRAVO and goes straight to media print at this point.

  6. so – what I think has happened to all the “published stories” that are yet to appear: if the Gorga’s camp is interested in killing them off with $$, maybe the “publications” were also bought off by the gang – I mean if the manager spent 3.8 million to buy their house and put them in the “proper” location (if you can believe that story) then what more does it take for the same people to buy off the magazines to keep it all under wraps?

    • What I dont get is that the music manager/publishing co/homefurnishing co, R well established pros! How in the world did Mehore get any endorsements? She’s a shore whore (then/now/allways be), & no1 will buy anything she’s attached 2. Their affiliation has 2 hurt their pro reputations!? Books not out yet, & she’s a laughing stock, Publisher will look terrible releasing this mess of lies. The music, well we all heard the taped interview of her “singing” Ugh! No words 4 that screeching! & the furniture, r pieces already on their website, what has she designed? C it’s all these lies that makes everyone want to “out” u Messy! U did this all 2 urself! But in the end, ur babies will hurt the most!

      • I commented on that on a few sites also, why would this manager (which we don’t know how they hooked up) do this for them and buy their house via his company at 3.8 million when it’s not worth that at all. To be honest with you I think he’s sleeping with her pure and simple and as I said before, Melissa is very dirty in bed when she has to get something. Also I can’t wait for this Anthony guy to spill the beans, we will truly know more about her and her sisters lifestyle.

      • Exactly what i thought too. This man knows she cant sing, im positive he heard that interview with the terrible singing. So he knows he wont make momey off of her so it has to be somthing else. Will this be the richer guy she IS gonna leave SloJoe for?

        I also think it takes more to jst come out with a story about someone. There is probably alot of legeal stuff to over come first. Maybe thats why its taking so long for AA to come out with his story. I cant wait to get the proof of what most were seeing and thinking anyway. This woman is a skanky whore and its written all over her. Imo

      • Why is everyone so afraid to officially out Melissa, especially if all of this stuff is true? One would think these ex lovers would want to strike while the iron is hot so to speak. Reality stars have a five to eight year shelf life if they are lucky IMO–I mean who really cares about the Jersey Shore cast these days? I think Melissa isn’t that scared because by keeping these ex lovers at bay, it keeps the rumor mill running. Her lesbian lover came forward and no one cared. It seems people care more about Melissa’s past when her past is at the “rumor” stage.

      • If that were true why would TSIL&TB keep paying people off to stop publication. A few of these fellows have been threatened w/bodily harm and/or lawsuits. One of them is seriously ill and needs to take a back seat as it were,to keep the stress levels down and allow for healing. These men are risking a lot. Not to mention the effects of the media circus that will invade their lives.

        Don’t assume they won’t or that they are lying because they are hesitant to have their lives turned up side down so she can lie to the public and her husband. Ask yourself this: Would I want to live with thos stigma for the rest of my life?

  7. This whole thing just confuses me. I just don’t think I can get my head round all of the different factors without me wanting to scream at those involved “Why cant you just be normal” !!!!!!

  8. Although I do not comment on this site very often, I do enjoy reading the comments and the humor shared with many of you here. The reason I am commenting now is because I/we (the we is on behalf of friends who also watch RHONJ) are starting to believe that if AArater and Bulldog really have something on Meho it would not be taking this long for them to come out. I realize that they might be holding out till her official book release, but in some ways it starting to feel like maybe Bulldog and Anthony might be plants to actually HELP Melissa’s book sales.
    I am only guessing, but neither one has given anything to believe the rumors and keep in mind this season was taped awhile ago so in theory what more has to happen for them to prove their stories now?

  9. Did anyone else pick up on all the name calling from Meho to Joe??? She told him he was an idiot like 4 times! He was embarrassing, and Psycho! Nice way to talk to your spouse! Then in her talking head she acts so supportive and worried. She sent him to his room like he was a 4 year old…”get in that room, get in the room!” She is just disgusting!

    • I did. They let melissa redo her TH bc she is jlo blonde and starts saying how much she loves thatt joe protects her. I call BS on that one. She was genuinely mad that he couldn’t control himself & he looked like a little kid being scolded in bed. He has no temper control & they are a couple we should buy a book to learn to be like them???? I call BS on their fake ridiculous life. Im glad they are not my relatives Poor Teresa!!!!!. Wish she could distance herself from this toxic pair. I would. Or at least start DEFENDING herself.

  10. Melissa is a whore that’s the bottom line, Melissa uses everybody an everyone too get what Melissa wants , Danielle said it as well that Melissa wanted to push Teresa off the show an Jen said it an Penny said it I mean Penny had been saying it for over 2 years the same story over an over. It all comes down to Melissa being the Lying Bitch that she is an really wants to hurt Teresa an her Family that’s it , I believe in my Heart Teresa didn’t say or start alot of the BS that’s out there about Messy Melissa .

  11. I believe either the music producer wanted free publicity and may think with auto tune he can make some money off her. All made up, she’s a pretty girl. Not a beauty like Teresa but made up and the way they have partied and pumped their way to knowing people, they probably made a few connections. Sometimes people take chances they think have potential then fail. I’m sure this is not the first bad decision the music producer has made. If he didn’t want publicity, he wouldn’t have let them film him!!! I too am waiting for Brian and AA out her. I hope they go with a reputable mag though! Thanks Faux! I talk with you on twitter under this names sometimes and switch itvto another but always a fan and retweet u every time I read your timeline. You a smart , strong girl! The only way 2 stop the Bravo bullshit is not watching the newer Housewive shows! They need the ratings and if u wanna support then go for it, but I’m tired of the fakeness. I’m not watching NY, making Kelly to look like a liar and filming her breakdown was sad n cruel. Letting Brandy expose Adrienne was crossing the line. Her boys were suppose to know when she decided to tell them. Smart lady to ruin their reunion by saying SEE YA! NOT what she signed up for and the lady has class! Melissa corrects Joe constantly. She did it to her lil girl during playdate when Teresa said Let them be kids!! She deserves everything that’s coming to her. She used Teresas popularity to get on NJ And vowed to take her down as Danielle said sobas did Jan and I believe them. How evil!

  12. Anthony passed a lie detector and Melissa refuses to take one. Her lawyers are trying to stop the publication. However, he has signed the papers, handed over all his proof, and received his payment for his cooperation. In fact, he was in NJ around 2 weeks ago finalizing the details. (Check Penny’s Twitter, there’s pictures of him, his wife, and Penny’s husband)Now Melissa’s lawyers are fighting US Weekly. Ironic…doesn’t anyone remember Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley stating she was working there? I guess we know where the leaked story came from? Weird, now Jac is back in Teresa’s corner exposing Melissa’s lies? So since Joe Gorga knows Anthony passed a lie detector, why is he standing by this woman? He can’t STILL believe her? I guess somehow this too is Teresa’s fault? WAKE UP JOE GORGA!! Love is Blind, but it’s not supposed to be deaf and dumb too!

    **can you please remove the last one with my picture???

  13. Gods has blessed this man and woman (Joe & Melissa Gorga) to come together in marriage until death parts them. God doesn’t appreciates so many people trying to rip apart what he has blessed. It’s just wrong!

    • Yes well if you want to quote scripture love, let me leave you with this. He who is without sin, may he cast the first stone! Melissa ripped apart her marriage, not us.

    • Wow! Just wow! If you truly want to get into a scripture war, I’m game. I know the good ole book pretty well myself.

  14. I kinda don’t think God appreciates married people to commit adultry,treat family like trash, lie and fake their way through life, not pay your employees (joe gorga lawsuits) and say horrid things about your sister/sister-in-law, on national tv for $$$ and fame…..no, I am pretty sure God Doesn’t appreciate or bless that kind of union of marriage with goals of hate, jealousy, and lies. In fact, I would bet God is pretty disappointed. Just my opinion.

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