RHONJ: Marchese’s Relationship to U.S. Attorney

marchese blog jamesRHONJ’s new bad boy is Mortgage Banker James Marchese  (hereinafter “Marchese”), husband of Amber Corbino Marchese. Viewers were shocked and/or relieved by Marchese’s “in your face” style informing Joe Giudice that he wanted no part of him.  Marchese claimed his relationship with the U.S. Attorney’s office made it impossible for him to  associate with Teresa and Joe Giudice.

Tabloids exploded with stories that Marchese allegedly lied about his involvement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  Radar On Line called Marchese a “real faker” saying he “lied about his link to Giudice prosecutor.”

Newsflash: The Tabloids are 100% wrong.  Marchese didn’t lie and he is no faker when it comes to his relationship with the U.S. Attorney’s Office under the local supervision of Paul Fishman, U.S. Attorney.

By Faux Reality article dated May 23, 2014, Marchese’s involvement as the star witness for the U.S. Attorney’s Office was well documented. See: RHONJ Spoiler Alert Amber & Jim Marchese Full ThrottleHowever, Marchese’s relationship continues as detailed below:

First and foremost, a layperson uses the terms “Attorney General” and “U.S. Attorney” interchangeably. There is a distinction: The Attorney General’s Office is the State of New Jersey’s highest ranking attorney who prosecutes state law violations. The U.S. Attorney’s office is a Federal Agency under the Department of Justice run by Eric Holder that enforces federal law.  Marchese & Giudice are both involved with the same U.S. Attorney’s office (not the Attorney General’s office).

In or about 2010, Marchese purchased interest in a mortgage company known as Mortgage Now Inc.  Unbeknown to Marchese at the time of the purchase, the U.S. Attorney had been investigating massive fraudulent dealings within the mortgage industry dating back to 2008 that impacted Mortgage Now (Mortgage Now was named as a victim in the massive criminal case).

Soon thereafter, the U.S. Attorney charged a litany of people with mortgage fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit murder, witness tampering, wire fraud, etc in what may turn out to be one of the biggest mortgage fraud cases in New Jersey history.

mortgage now case caption james marchese faux blog

One of the Defendants/witnesses involved was a former employee with Mortgage Now.  It was alleged, among other criminal activities, that as a result of a Grand Jury Subpoena served on Mortgage Now, Defendants conspired and did in fact take a witness to a wooded area in an attempt to shoot him.

mortgage now shoot witness james marchese blog

mortgage now case james marchese conspiracy to commit murder blog

As part of the State v. Ricks, et als investigation, Marchese provided the U.S. Attorney with his expertise regarding Mortgage Now’s operating procedures, etc. (details redacted due to the sensitive nature of the matter). The matter is scheduled to proceed to trial later this year.

Based upon Marchese’s participation in State v. Ricks, et al., it was determined that it would be reckless to place Marchese in a social setting with Teresa or Joe Giudice for the the good of the Giudice family AND Marchese where things may be said jokingly or otherwise that Marchese would then have an obligation to report to the U.S. Attorney. (Can you imagine Rich Wakile saying “Hey Joe, I know where the money is buried” or some other idiotic statement?)  Rather than place anyone in such a position, Marchese made it clear TO ALL prior to filming that he would not film with Teresa or Joe Giudice, and would immediately remove himself from any discussions regarding their legal issues.

So why did Marchese attend the First Responder’s Party you ask. . . .

. . . Let’s not forget the adventures of Penelope PitStop where she revealed the escapades of Production in forcing / tricking people to show up at events under false pretenses. See the Adventures of Penelope PitStop.

An inside source revealed to Faux Reality that Marchese attended the First Responder’s Party to escort his wife to a fun filled party and film with his friend of 10 years, Bobby Ciasulli.  Marchese was assured that Production would abide by his wishes not to discuss the Giudice legal issues with them or others and not to film with them.

Our inside source confirmed that Marchese was stunned when his wife was assaulted and further shocked when his reason for not filming with Teresa and Joe became the focus of arguments between him and other cast members.

“Clearly the show has shifted from focusing on Amber’s well adjusted happy family!”

james marchese and family

Welcome to Real Housewives of New Jersey where even the criminal justice system takes a back seat to chicanery!!

19 thoughts on “RHONJ: Marchese’s Relationship to U.S. Attorney

  1. He is a little rat bastard, and a big-mouthed jerk-off. The Guidice’s indictment had nothing to do with him, he was just trying to make himself look important. Why isn’t he practicing law? He couldn’t pass the bar? I hate this guy.

    • I agree. It sounds like he was an expert witness for the US Attorney on a case dealing with mortgage fraud. That case does not have anything to do with the Guidice case at all beside both of which are being prosecuted by the US govt. T This guy is a major a__ hole who thinks he is smart and important. He however is neither and comes across as the true insecure loser that he really is.

    • He sure thinks he is smart, doesn’t he, Gessie. But, the stupidity is astounding, because why would you sign the contract to be on the show then? It just makes no sense. And, what wife would ask her husband to do so? Risk losing your livelihood? Ridiculous. I do not get it.

      • You’re clearly not familiar with the fact I research and write my own stories. This article is based on documented fact as opposed to your absurd subjective vitriol.

  2. I can think of a very easy way he could have avoided filming with Joe and Teresa…don’t sign up on the same TV show! I understand it’s Amber’s gig, but he does not have to film.

    I’m not sure what I think of Amber yet, but I am certain that her husband is a tool. I think Kathy’s wretched husband played a part in her demotion. Amber could go the same way if she keeps filming with Jim. She seems capable of keeping things interesting all on her own. Anyone who wants to expose MeHo as a liar will gain more than a few fans!

  3. Does he live under a rock? If he was truly concerned about filming with the Guidices, then he shouldn’t have signed on.

    Don’t these people watch previous episodes so they get a feel for what they’re getting into?

    And since he’s so fond of suing and tying people up for years in litigation, I guess he’ll be suing Bravo for “lying” to him, right? After all, he made it “clear to all involved”. Sure. Guess what Jimbo, you’re Bravo’s B*tch. You don’t tell them what to do, they tell you.

    He’s a fame whore. He wanted attention and publicity. It bit him in the butt.

  4. To me, none of these details matter. For me it wasn’t what he was saying, it was the way he was saying it. It is the attitude he exudes about the situation that bothers me most. And the icing was that talking head (in which he wore the lovely sweater vest) where he threatened to legally harass and ruin a person. That is NOT an admirable quality, imo.

    • The point of this article is to show that James Marchese is an expert that is currently working with the same US attorney as the one on the Giudice matter. To say otherwise, is inaccurate.

      • I didn’t disbelieve him when he said it. At the time, I guessed that what he was trying to say is that he is a paid expert witness that works with the US attorney’s office. And I could see how that would have ramifications for the Giudice’s. I was just pointing out that while I truly appreciate all your time and effort researching this article and finding the truth, and while he could have told nothing but the truth about everything since he joined the show, it doesn’t change my opinion that the way he handled things and attitude have rubbed me the wrong way and left me with serious doubts about his character.

      • But the article also says

        “Marchese made it clear TO ALL prior to filming that he would not film with Teresa or Joe Giudice, and would immediately remove himself from any discussions regarding their legal issues”

        It’s fair to comment on that – because even if it’s true, why didn’t he just walk out of the room when he saw Joe Guidice sitting there. Instead he engaged Joe Gorga.

        And I think the question is fair – If filming with the Guidices was such an issue, why did he sign on to begin with? I’m not buying supporting his wife. Because if it truly was a big a deal as he’s making it out to be, she should have passed as well.

        And you would think the US Attorney he is working with would have said “Jim, not such a great idea.” (Maybe he did, and Jim didn’t listen – wouldn’t surprise me).

      • You must be related to him, or his friend, because you are the only blogger who sugar coats his resume. He is always tweeting you.

    • I agree. He came off like a snot nose kid on the playground with the only ball – It’s my ball and we have to play whatever I want!!!!! Go home kid!

  5. But didn’t Teresa go to Marchese’s for a party with Dina & Melissa at the very beginning of the season? Why would Mr. Wonderful allow a Guidice to even enter his home is he is so concerned about his relationship with the US Attorney? and that party at the Marchese’s was before the First Responders party, correct?

    • You’re right. The Guidices were at their residence. Hmmmm. If what we’ve seen on the show is actually reality, it’s incredibly disturbing that yet another Bravo RH’s show has been at the center of destroying an pre-RHs established, close friendship. That being Jim and Bobby. But hey, look at all the free advertising they’re getting. Any attention is good attention, right? It’s a helluva way to test whether or not that cliche holds true for a professional, white-collar business.

  6. No matter how you twist it or turn it. No matter how throughly you researched this story – the bottom line is Jim knew before he signed on the dotted line who was in this cast and he signed anyway. Did he really think the powers that be at Bravo would take his situation to heart and try to protect him in any and every way they possibly could??
    If he even mildly entertained that thought he’s even stupider than he’s coming off on the show. That and that alone negates any feeble attempt he makes to justify his actions.
    He came in to this situation knowing full well there would be issues with production and because he’s a narcisist he reveled in it. Instead of simply explaining to the Joe’s what his job entailed and how it could negatively affect both families he had to grandstand and do an entire demonstrative Napoleonic diatribe. No one will ever take this pedantic elf seriously – ever! He is nothing more than a mobster with a license!

  7. If this little guy is an attorney, how is he considered a “layperson,” as stated in the 5th paragraph? An attorney should know the difference between a state department and a federal department . . . It seems odd that he’s not licensed, given that he and his wife both seem quite attached to the notion that he is an attorney.
    Even if his claim of association with the office prosecuting the G’s were true, any opportunity his position would allow for him to impact their case has long passed. The evidence has all been collected, presented, charged and the pleas have been made. It’s over.

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