RHONJ: Kim DePaolo’s Campaign To Join Cast

Kim DePaolo has made guest appearances in all 4 Seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In past seasons, Kim was part of the scenery. Kim’s shop and her fashion show provided the backdrop for much of the drama caused by the housewives.

Season 4 was the first time that Kim was invited to the Reunion to answer questions about the dramatic Finale. Viewers wanted answers to the following questions:

  • Who invited Melissa Gorga’s former manager to the Fashion Show?
  • Did Teresa know that the former manager would confront Melissa? and
  • Was Melissa a dancer?

Kim led Bravo and viewers to believe she had the answers.

Unfortunately, Kim failed to provide responsive answers to the questions – mainly because she was motivated by a not too hidden agenda to show Bravo that she could deliver sensational story lines.

Kim failed to inform Bravo that she did not mastermind the confrontation, nor could she have coordinated the attendance of the key players.

Faux Reality shows Kim as a business woman who “seems to have opportunities just fall in her lap.”

Reality does not require a brick to the head. Hit with Brick CLUNK

Kim has been masterful at drawing people into her web, gathering information and parlaying that information to her advantage (alla Herbert Hoover).  After all, she’s related (by marriage) to Kim Granatell.

Kim admitted that she speaks to Jacqueline on a daily basis and that she and Caroline “go way back.”

In fact, in Season 2 Kim and her former boyfriend Mike D attended the Sheriff’s Fundraiser at the Manzo’s Franklin Lakes home, wherein she excited Caroline by “volunteering” that Danielle Staub owed her $400.

It is this divided (questionable) loyalty that prevented Kim from providing responsive answers to questions surrounding the Fashion Show at the Reunion.  Kim was vague about Teresa’s involvement and advanced knowledge. Kim’s explanation regarding the presence of Melissa’s former manager left viewers more confused than before her appearance. Kim repeatedly refused to exonerate Teresa when Jacqueline and Caroline proclaimed that Kim told them that Teresa was involved in the Fashion Show confrontation.

So why is Kim straddling the Giudice/Manzo/Laurita fence? Why didn’t Kim explain how Melissa’s former manager came to attend the Fashion Show? Why didn’t she admit who orchestrated the drama instead of simply stating that “opportunities fall in her lap?”

Answer: Kim looks out for Kim without regard for Caroline, Teresa or Jacqueline (her so called “friends”).


BravoTV needed a Finale.  Faux Reality dictates that the Finale would be an unscripted sensational spontaneous occurrence during the course of filming. Reality was that BravoTV sought to invite people to the Fashion Show to maximize the dramatic conclusion for Season 4:

  • Danielle Staub refused to attend without adequate compensation and because she refused to promote Kim’s Show
  • Kim Granatell didn’t trust Bravo after it’s unflattering editing in Season 3

A Bravo Bird advised Faux Reality that Bravo turned to a woman from Melissa’s past, Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis. Penny’s family owned the club where Missy “bartended for $100 tips”; Penny knew Missy before her marriage to Joey; Penny knew how Missy met Joey; and, Penny could coordinate a meeting between Missy and her past. 

Kim named Penny the Artistic Stylist for the Fashion Show and Penny helped with the Fashion Show “Guest List.”

After filming the Season 4 Finale, Kim approached Bravo about offering her a contract to appear in Season 5.  A Bravo Bird advised Faux Reality that in order to entice Bravo, Kim guaranteed Bravo that she could deliver Penny and Kim G (without the need to contract with them) anytime Bravo needed them.

Faux Reality seeks to confirm whether Penny and Kim G have agreed that they will appear without compensation in order to assist Kim in obtaining a contract from Bravo.

When asked if Penny agreed to film free to assist Kim in obtaining a contract with Bravo, Penny’s husband @JohnnyTheGreek responded as follows:

Kim is a friend & wish everyone nothing but the best, but nothing in life is ever free, Is it?

Not knowing what the hell that meant, we responded:

Platitudes not necessary. Yes or No, did Penny agree to appear for free to help Kim D land contract?

No one has provided a responsive answer to the inquiry. So, all that is certain is that the Bravo Birdie confirmed that Kim may have parlayed her relationship with Penny and her familial relationship with Kim G into a Bravo contract.

All the ladies of RHONJ need to be cautious with Kim DePaolo because she has proven for the last Four Seasons that her loyalty lies with whomever can deliver what’s best for Kim.  The only person who is on to Kim’s true character is Missy Gorga.


52 thoughts on “RHONJ: Kim DePaolo’s Campaign To Join Cast

  1. It sounds like she was holding stuff back in order to get a spot on the show to be honest with you. I can tell you one thing, the reason why Joe Gorga apologized to her before she said anything at the reunion was the fact that she knows all the skeletons in his and Melissa’s closet. In fact the big rumor is that she connects people up with “things” they need and I do mean the drug thing.

    • That’s right Buck. I agree. Otherwise, I can’t understand for the life of me why she would ignore the perfect opportunity to tell the truth when she had the chance.

  2. I do not trust or like this woman. She uses people plain and simple and treated Teresa horribly, imo. If she is now a HW of NJ, I can see she will do whatever it takes to create drama, and that includes Teresa. I am willing to bet, even with 3 new cast members, since the entire miserable crew has been asked back — Tre will still have it rough. Andy hates her and I do not see she will ever really catch a break…ever, on anything with Andy. Everyone is counting on Danielle cleaning Melissa’s clock. Again, please remember, it was Jacqueline that Danielle was tight with-not Tre. I don’t see a true healthy, trustworthy friendship between Tre/Danielle ever. They do not have anything in common. I know how Andy and Bravo think and this show will forever be kissing ass to Carolyn and her minions. Frankly, Teresa is better off with her own show or leaving Bravo. I hate to be negative here but Bravo has been planting rumors for weeks now about casting. They love to get the Tre fans fired up for upcoming ratings, knowing we will sit hopelessly watching another season, sitting on the edge of our seats just praying for justice….that will never happen. I am quite bored with Bravo and Andy and their sour treatment of fans and good people.

  3. She isn’t any different than any other woman who will desperately do or say just about anything to become part of the cast. We know lots of them, and some we follow on twitter and facebook. Kim is money hungry and desperate for money, shes been struggling for money because her business isn’t doing well. You may want to ask her and some of your followers that will sell their souls why aren’t they paying their bills?

  4. This topic was broached by a commenter –
    Greek Chick says:
    November 16, 2012 at 10:07 am
    Kim doesn’t have anything on Melissa. She used Penny to get info but guess what, Penny isn’t giving freebees either. If Miss Kim thinks Penny is going to bring her storyline she’s mistaken. Penny was being interviewed but Kim backdoored her by taking full credit for the drama when in fact it’s Penny holding all the dirt on all the ladies, even Kim.

    Greek Chick says:
    November 16, 2012 at 10:11 am
    If Bravo is smart, they better make sure Kim has a storyline without Penny because Penny is no fool. Penny is the one with all the juice & won’t deliver for free. Why should she? She delivered a finale, Kim takes credit, & got edited out of her own salon. Penny has mistresses, boyfriends, bootycalls, & more. Kim has nothing without the Greeks.

    Greek Chic says:
    November 16, 2012 at 10:31 am
    Oh no I didn’t say Penny wasn’t on all I said was Kim tried to backdoor Penny & Penny won’t bring storylines for free

    • Hooli – I hope u don’t mind, I tweeted what you said to Andy Cohen. I really believe what you say is true. I think Bravo avoided hiring Oenny because they campaigned way to hard, constantly last spring and it was so ” in your face” that I think they burned Andy and Producers out. Now, I just hope Andy is smart enough to realize, Kim is a sleazy liar-while Bravo loves the type, you are right, she won’t be equipped to bring the dirt she is claiming! I really don’t like her. I don’t know Penny – but she and her husband sure do seem to have ALL the Gorga secrets.

      • Don’t mind at all Linda….
        I hear what you are saying about P&J, and Meho even eluded to their methods of promoting (without mentioning names) in her last RJONJ blog :
        Did I ever try to get on the show before I was asked on?
        (excerpt of reply)
        They don’t cast people who beg and promise malicious things. As you can see, there are many desperate people on Twitter begging to be on the show. None of them get cast. It’s not Bravo’s style. The more you want it, the less likely you are to get it.

        IMO- Bravo is not stupid, they (being the producers who have almost daily contact with the cast) had to have knowledge of P&J and their involvement in providing Angelo and assistance to Kim D. Via twitter- Johnny has been quite forward in his promotion of Penny and I believe that Bravo used him because of his eagerness……..as have said, they played him like a fiddle. He’s eluded on his twitter that Penny may have been signed with his tweet :

        John Karagiorgis
        Some things better unsaid. There’s more 2 it! Like I said before: Believe nothing of what you hear & half of what you see!
        Reply Retweet Favorite
        6:53 AM – 16 Nov 12 ·

        This was in reply to the following:

        @JohnnyTheGrk I was reading a blog of new cast members on RHONJ. Total disappointment that u and Penny aren’t them. Both of u should b!!

        He also replied with John Karagiorgis ‏@JohnnyTheGrk
        Thx Hun. You never know what tomorrow might bring

      • That’s not the reason that Penny wasn’t a wife and was edited out when we saw her at the salon (which was hers) and at the party. Remember the only way for them to get information to Bravo is through the Producers and remember the lead producer was Kat. Kat was doing everything to help Melissa and the Manzo’s because she hated Teresa (even though her bosses loved her) and she was having a lesbian affair with Melissa (remember Melissa swings both ways). Ask yourself why Kat was fired after this season (before this season was shown)? Information got back to Bravo from her people (can’t trust your underlings in this business because they want your job) that she was showing inappropriate bias and relationships with the certain members of the cast.

        Kat (last name Rodriquez I believe) did everything including warn Jax (that text came from Kat) in trying to protect Melissa that night at the Posh show and during this season and last. The reason why Bravo didn’t see this is because she is the point of contact for the offices and the field, so if there is any complaint or inquiry she can deflect it. With them not knowing that SHE is the person with the problem. Penny knows alot about Melissa and Joe and such, but she was thwarted by Kat at every turn and the well was poisoned by Kat to Bravo. Also ask yourself why would they leave out those people talking to Teresa (they only allowed that small clip of the young woman, that must have been done by someone that didn’t like Kat and knew what she was doing) saying that she did work at lookers. I mean Bravo loves drama and they would have showed it. But the reason it wasn’t shown was that Kat was having an affair and was protecting them along with the Manzo’s and laurita’s because of her hatred of Teresa.

        So in essence a major Bravo staff member for the show picked sides and for a long time it wasn’t looked at because Andy still despised Teresa and Joe. One for Joe and his homosexual words and Teresa for one allowing it from Joe and also pushing him down at the second reunion show (he got alot of grief for that). So Kat had an atmosphere at Bravo that helped her bias along without them knowing.

      • Hiya Buck!
        I hear what you’re saying about “Kitty Kat” and that could Most Definitely have some play in the whole scenario as well…. But I would have to say that as far as Penny and Johnny being edited out of the finale, KittyKat didn’t have much to do with that. As you said, she was already gone, Before the season aired…… Final editing had not been completed. Bravo is a messy bunch, and I’m sure they got alot of 411 about the things that KittyKat was trying to shield from them regarding Meho and Co. I think the most accurate theory for all things is it was a “Soup” of things….. a little KittyKat, A dash of Kim D, a cup of Angry Ginger, and a whole lotta Jacqueline to the side, topped off w/a dose of Andy Hateraide……

      • They were never campaigning to get on the show and when they were asked they always eluded the question with vague answers. It was their followers always insisting they were on.
        I’ve known Penny & Johnny for a long time and they still don’t know I’m the one posting, but I know for a fact they have juicy info on all the ladies, including Kim. Penny & Johnny knows boyfriends, girlfriends, bootycalls, suppliers, and much more.
        Bravo are fools if they don’t bring on the real peeps with the real info.

      • Hi Greek-
        Thanks for reply!
        I still think that Bravo may not bite because of what I perceive as Andy’s for lack of better words, favoritism, of Slojo/Meho and Chuckie & co.
        The network has gotten alot of slack from viewership on the dark tone these past 2 seasons, so I ‘m not sure if they would continue taking it on that route.
        ME, Myself and I though – Oh hell yeah, bring it…. let’s get some ‘justice’ for Teresa since she was made out to be the devil all season long by those 4.
        Who is in the cast for Season 5 will determine if I will or won’t be watching. I’ll just have to wait on Bravo to give their final word on who’s on.

      • Its really too bad that Penny and Johnny have to use shady looking people to back up their stories. Angelo and the other chick at the end that said she used to work with MeGo. I know that is the nature of the beast in a sleazy strip club but still……

      • Hi Made
        Unfortunately I have to agree that those two ‘representatives’ didn’t have the ‘it’ factor for TV…….to bad U.S. shows work that way (on peoples looks) and aren’t more like some U.K. shows where the ‘actors’ may not be the prettiest but sure can deliver with content….

      • In the UK, jacked teeth can be overlooked as simply lack of access to a proper dental plan. In US, when combined with a gutter sleazy strip joint it screams drugs and druggies aint really known for their integrity.

      • But… I gotta say… Kim D is NOT attractive! Neither is Caroline – although I guess she could be considered a plausible matronly type. So…. not that I’m disputing your comment, but I had to add this last little bit

  5. Con’t

    IMO I don’t think Bravo will Cast P&J- If P&J come on and expose Meho and Slojo for all the shenanigans (past and present) that would take the heat off of Teresa. It’s pretty clear Andy has a major hard on for the Guidices and is a fan of Meho’s ‘music’ career and into Slojo. Not to mention I think he has been suckling at the teet of manzo matriarch, who we all know has THE Hard On of the century for Teresa.

    I would love to see P&J cast and some ‘justice’ for Teresa. Not to mention I do think Johnny is funny as hell, and Penny is reported to have a big personality as well! We’ll all have to wait on the “official Bravo announcement”. I do think though that Bravo is planting some of the ‘new cast’ stories and staff is checking blogs, etc for feedback/opinion- whether this will affect final offers, one can only guess.

    • You should see Penny & Johnny together. They are hilarious. A show on its own.
      They have gatherings at their house all the time. Out of nowhere Johnny will just spaz out and start singing & dancing I’m Sexy and I Know It all up in Penny’s face. Then Penny will start fighting him away while Johnny keeps going showing his chest and belly. One night we all laughed so hard we pee’d. Penny told him he wasn’t sexy so Johnny dropped his pants and in his boxers went outside in front of his house doing his song and dance for the neighbors. He said the world deserves to see his sexiness. We were dying. They are just hilariously great together and with everyone around them.

      • And IMO that type of fun/cutting up would be GREAT to watch instead of Chuckie and her foul attitude, Jacowhine and her, well whining, Meho and her autotune and …….what that smell, could it be Tuna? Kathy.

      • Omg, you have no idea how funny. You’ld probably lol within the first minute.
        Chucky doesn’t want Penny on either because she’ll shed the real light on what she’s hiding especially that bull about respect in and out of her house. Kathy umm, what does she bring besides bug eyes & pastries, Nothing. Jaq has nothing to worry about with Penny. Now Melissa definitely doesn’t want Penny on for many reasons and I mean Many.

      • In the real world, unfortunately, that kind of behavior is seen as sort of low class. What’s funny in NJ and the Bronx is wildly inappropriate to most of America.

      • Now, now, that’s not nice. We are all not like the dumbo housewifes of NJ we are real housewives of NJ. :-)

  6. That makes me feel hopeful. I just don’t trust Kim. Anything can happen with her. She is gonna screw whoever will bring the drama and unfortunately it seems to always be Teresa. I had hopes that Andy would listen to fans and be rid of the Manzo/Lauritas. They have juicy legal issues coming up – but Andy will never be hard on them as he should. Carolyn has some strange hold on him and he loses all objectivity in giving viewers the justice they need so badly, not to mention – the victims. And Im sick if JacLaurita gets to, once more, hide behind her son’s fabricated diagnosis. Sorry but not believing anything she/Chris claim ever. In fact, how interesting Nick is now talking-that sure was quick for a child with autism. Really? Andy stoops to such unacceptable levels of exploiting children I wish he would be called out by mother/parenting groups & organizations. Ugh! Just so sick of how bravo uses these fame whores that will literally sell their souls for a taste of faux stardom – but it is their children and innocent family members who pay the ultimate price

    • I think Chuckies spell over Andy is her close ties to the LGBT community. I have read that another sibling is gay besides Jaime and well we all know that both Albie and Cwittofurs sexuality has come into question.

      I saw the “progress” Nick was making and had the same thoughts. That whole timing of the announcement of diagnosis smelled worse that a beach full of dead fish on a hot summer day.
      But Hey if the child “is” autistic and making progress, WONDERFUL.

      • I hate ti say it but I think Nick is bright, maybe a little slow but more stubborn. You have to consider Jac has always been a drinker-since season 1- accidental FAS or maybe he, like some kids, just wants to talk when HE is ready. I will never believe a word Jac/Chris/Caro EVER say. My opinion is they orchastrated this for sympathy from Fed Courts and Bravo. I am thrilled he appears fine as I have always expected. They exploited Ashlee to such cruel levels that I do not trust or believe a word that escapes their mouths. I frankly hope they are held with FULL responsibility the law allows for what they did/do for their precious $$$ and fame.

      • I am so sick of seeing comments about autism like yours. My son was diagnosed with Autism four months ago. He also went through a period where he was not speaking. It didnt come on over night when he did; but it has progressed. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that maybe he was just being “stubborn” or just a slight delay… I mean, I am no fan of Jac and I wouldnt put it past her to use his diagnosis but I dont think its a complete fabrication. You have no clue what you are talking about.

  7. Seriously , WTF at Kim D stealing all the credit from Penny! She is so desperate to be on the show full time that she is willing to bring down Kim G and Penny ! I’m real curious to know what tea Penny has on the other ladies. I seriously doubt Penny and Kim G would agree to come on the show without getting payed .

    • That’s her MO. She uses everyone around her as a stepping stone but don’t worry, Penny & Johnny are no fools. Bravo needs to wake up if they think for a moment that the Greeks will bring their storylines for free. Why should they? Penny brought the finale and got cut out of her own salon. She won’t fall for that again.

      • I think Penny ought just put it out there. Beat Kim to it. Doesn’t look like Bravo is gonna have Penny on the show so why not pull the rug out from under Kim AND Bravo by spilling it. Bravo really did do them dirty and prolly laughed their asses off at them. Penny and Johnny should be of the fool me once(last season) shame on me fool me twice(no spot in upcoming season) shame on you school of thought. There really is ZERO reason to hold back now. MeGo and JoGo aren’t even worth blackmailing for silence.

      • I agree with MP! Johnny & Penny should find the right venue to spill it ALL. People would definitely be interested. How about a magazine story? How about on a tv show? Spill ALL the NJ Housewives dirt–don’t wait to be invited onto the show by Andy Dickwad and the rest of those dirtballs. Spill it and cut them to the chase!!!!!!

      • Yes! I have been reading johnny the Greeks tweets ever since I became aware of him and it looks like to me that Bravo intended FROM THE BEGINNING to make fools of him and Penny. I don’t know how much more proof they need of that. It should have been crystal clear when Penny was edited out completely.

  8. Bravo kinda sucks when it comes to doing the right thing. I really think Penny and Johnny are very good people, regardless of their tons of knowledge. Kim, I can’t say the same. She just doesn’t appear to be quality like them. Bravo will only want the dirt for cheap — but hopefully, they take P&J over Kim- truth, she is so desperate, she prob would do this show for free. But let’s keep our fingers crossed that Bravo sees the real advantage for a great season-P&G!!

  9. Sorry to change up the subject, sorta. You can’t have a host (Andy Cohen) who is NOT for Bravo but only for his own personal agenda; regardless if it will bring ratings to Bravo or not. It’s time to change. I for one vote for Craig Ferguson. He’s got the right personality, just about the right amount of sleaze but still classy and he’s professional enough to keep it professional.

  10. Greek Chick….hope you don’t mind me posting your comments from another site over here……seems to have some 411 I thought Faux Reality commenters would like.

    Greek Chick says:
    November 20, 2012 at 7:17 pm
    What can Danielle bring besides Melissa was feeding her info against Teresa. That’s old news already.
    Can Danielle produce the guy she was banging 4 years ago & others she’s been banging while she’s been married? No
    Can Danielle produce Melissa’s ex friends & co-workers/dancers that can’t wait to spill all? No
    Can Danielle bring the guy forward who bought Melissa’s fake tits in exchange for play & being his bitch at his shore house? No
    Can Danielle produce Big Al’s mistress or real reason Greggy got on? No
    Can Danielle produce the woman that was assaulted by one of the husbands but paid off to drop it? No
    Can Danielle produce anything other than the fact Melissa fed her info against Teresa? NO NO NO!!!

    Bravo, wake up and don’t waste my TV time. Miss Andy needs to stop showing favoritism & cast who deserves it.

    Here’s the latest, Penny & Johnny were offered to do a show based on real people spilling their experience/gossip at the salon and not in the tabloids. It’s like having Star, Us Weekly, & In Touch live in our homes. Filmed & edited every week and not months prior. They’ve been holding back because they gave verbal commitment to new producers, but if they get passed up don’t worry we’ll get the dirt on all celebs, not just Bravo HWs.

    • Awesome! If I were them, I would do that and avoid Bravo cause we all know bravo will use you up and spit you out! Good for them, I hope it works out!

    • I would love to know “. . . . . the woman that was assaulted by one of the husbands but paid off to drop it?” the name of the husband.

      I would love to know Big al’s girlfriend.

      I would love to know the Greggy story.

      Let’s hope for some answrs.

  11. think I remember from another site a while ago that Kim D’s father and “the late” big Al’s father were buddies in the mob – that would at least explain the “power” that Kim D has over quite a few people. If that is true, she must know a lot of serious stuff.

    • Preliminary intel say she is not a player of any import. Tiny Manzo was small time who wasn’t even on the radar until he was murdered.

  12. I know this producer (not on the bravo network) and i was talking to her about RHONj and she told me that producers lie to the cast to stir up some drama. What i think Kim is going to be is playing both sides of the fence like kim g did in season 1 or 2. Jac was also playing both sides of the fence at the same time kim g was. I am just sick of all the lies and i seriously dont want to watch season 5. If andy says he listens to the fans he obviously doesnt. Kathy should of been the first one to go, she brings NOTHING to the table. She awkwardly sits there, trying to get her two cents in. The hot tub scene was not subtle at all. She just needed to stay relevant. keeping the peace my ass. I think it is disrespectful to the fans that want a new cast, and now we have to watch what has been going on for the past two seasons. “T is the mastermind and plotting to set melissa up etc etc” while everyone is “trying” to keep the peace with her..lmao i feel bad for teresa, her family will never be the same again. you can forgive but you cant forget…if my little brother ever did to be what joe did to me i would be crushed and never be able to trust him again. of course if he came back to me, i would love to restore our relationship but it would never be the same

    • You’re quite right. We were lead to believe that certain people weren’t coming back and lo and behold they are all coming back plus. Keep all the kids including the Walkilies, manzoids, Laurita’s, Gorga’s and Guidice’s off the show. They show the same crap week after week. BRAVO if you can’t come up with better shows then your reality shows are dying. Kathy contributes nothing, the Manzoids contribute nothing, the Lauria’s contribute nothing. That’s 3 that should be gone. Also that biatch Rosie should have been gone off to jail the day she threatened Teresa. Mandy thinks he’s cute but he’s ruining the show. JMO

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