RHONJ: Joey Gorga’s Business Hits The Paterson Falls

Missy’s hubby has hit another huge obstacle that may finally put an end to the Faux Reality as a “successful real estate developer.” This latest obstacle may be the reason that Joey Gorga recently started a pool business.

Several years ago, Gorga happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Saint Joseph’s Hospital (St Joe’s) in Paterson decided to remove itself from managing rental units for it’s visiting fellows/doctors – because the property management was draining resources and finances of the hospital. Since Gorga had just finished converting an abandoned warehouse into residential units near St Joe’s, the Hospital steered it’s displaced employees to Gorga’s project. The units were sold and/or rented to those associated with the Hospital for inflated rates (when compared to the market).  Gorga made out like a bandit – the units were immediately occupied without much effort.

Gorga purchased other abandoned manufacturing mills in the area expecting to lure the hospital to once again assist in unloading the units. What Gorga failed to recognize is that several other developers offered units at significant discounts (more in line with market prices). In addition, Gorga overextended himself in the Kinnelon development, the love shack and several projects in Paterson.

When conventional financial institutions refused to modify and/or provide financing for the projects, Gorga turned to private individuals in the area. The following are some, but not all of the private short term, high interest rate financing that Gorga was forced to use to keep one step ahead of financial ruin:

insert docs


work in progress

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  1. no love lost says:

    Please please please hurry with this!

  2. Bobbi says:

    Please get the info! :-)

  3. Dubbalicious says:

    Hope all is well FauxReality..You’ve been greatly missed!!
    Glad you’re back. Yay! :)

  4. Tecca says:

    Love GLH and FRE so much. Hope that you and yours are staying safe. Good to have you back. Am looking forward to reading your new report.

  5. Bizzymammabee says:

    Sounds like Joey and Melissa’s house of card is starting to rock.

  6. Dubbalicious says:

    Tecca, Curious..I’m assuming GLH is a site? Inquiring minds. Lol :)

    • Tecca says:

      @Dubba GLS is the Twitter account named “Greg’s Loose Hole.” lots of fun and factual comments. I started following it after seeing comments from my favorite HW’s site Stoopid Housewives. Later SH commented about the Faux Reality site. So I ventured there and found it to also be one of the two best factual site on these topics. It took me awhile then I finally realized they were one entity with different formats.
      ( I’m slow with tech things ). Lol

      • Dubbalicious says:

        I’m a huge fan of SH as well. I’m off to follow GLS. Heard the name many times but, never followed. Thanks for the info. :)

        • Mesocrazy says:

          Same here! Only go to like 3 sites, Faux(so glad I found you:)) fame & of course SH! Best sites for REAL info and not full of BS! Just found a new site by accident thru another site& still can’t stop laughing at the idea! Don’t even want to say it on this site but it has to do w Gorgas & their “fans”???? Guess they have some people fooled.. Scary that some peeps in this world actually believe their BS.. Wow! Anyways, not gonna rant on but just want to say how much I appreciate all hard work that Faux does to keep us updated w these frauds!! Kudos!! Love ya!

  7. Shakin My Head says:

    So are these those big buildings that Joey was showing off on the show saying he owned the whole block and that one was for each kid? How he converts them to apts etc. That’s what happens when you get greedy Joey people run the other way. Tsk tsk tsk.

    • FauxReality says:

      There is nothing in Paterson in his kids’ names.

      • Shakin My Head says:

        Not legally in his kid’s names on the show he said that one is Gino’s, that one is Antonia’s and that one is Little Joey’s while he and Melissa were walking down the street as he is pointing out the bldgs he owns and she was bragging about how far they have come from only have $3000 in their bank acct and no money to buy diapers to their empire they have now.

  8. Linda Carrier says:


  9. DJ says:

    Love this site. Faux, you should work for the CIA. You are amazing!

  10. kelly says:

    Yippy Faux is back!

  11. Buck Henry says:

    I can’t wait to see your information. After your hiatus for almost two weeks and then you knowing and getting information that no other site has you must be from NJ and no people around them. This information is gold and it makes sense now what Joe Giudice said that he has to borrow money from week to week to keep the sharks away. I truly think that Melissa is setting Joe up for the big take down and he’s so dumb that he doesn’t know it.

    • Mesocrazy says:

      Exactly!! It’s not all smoke&mirrors any longer due to Faux.. Truly think Faux is dedicated to bring truth& it makes me happy. Enough is enough w these frauds! It’s getting to point that they are so pathetic I’m finding myself not being able to make fun of them any longer .. That’s hard for me! Delusional & Desperate are 2 words that describe these LOSERS!

  12. madamedummy says:

    great reporting …HUGE fan !!!

  13. Honnie Badger says:

    Welcome back, FRE. Prayers that all is well with you and all your loved ones.

  14. tsbmom says:

    I guess Joe counted the chickens before they hatched. Although with SloJo he probably just didn’t want to bother taking off his socks.

  15. Louisa says:

    Melissa better hurry up and sell some more “hit” songs before the wolves show up at her door.

  16. Anonimo says:

    Hello! I don’t think you or the stoopidhousewives site understand how powerful your sites really are. I say this because I am “acquainted” ( I’ll leave it at that ) with past and present Bravo’s NJ housewives. No, I am not apart of Bravo’s housewives franchise either. However, I can tell you that they ALL read both of your sites, rather they want to admit it (openly) or not. Even with Hurricane Sandy, some check in maybe at night or when they have a minute during the day, while others have their kids or nephews update them via text message. One particular person who is on Bravo’s RHNJ, visits both sites more now than she ever has before. She’s obsessed! She feels relieved when there isn’t any new posts or if they are not about her!
    The obsessed one is so afraid of one of your sites knowing she does visit, a while back, she went to extremes by purchasing cookie blockers when she noticed stoopidhousewives had a status counter on her site. All it does is tell you where your traffic comes from, but the compulsive person she is had an expensive invisible status counter installed on her site, she is too dumb to realize it just tells you where your traffic comes from. She even tested the cookie blockers using her site first to see if it worked with her invisible tracker, a pretty penny it was. So for those of you thinking you can go to her site and give her a piece of your mind, I wouldn’t suggest it, who knows what she has installed on it since. Here is something funny about it, she was happy to find out it worked for twitter. She has several accounts, did you ever notice when she tweets something that get re tweeted a hundred times, she doesn’t tweet for a while? That’s a story for another time!
    Since one of them is on your site so much, I figured this would be a good time to reach out to you while I have a few minutes to spare, then get to what else is needed to ask of you! If not, sorry to take up your time.

    The stoopidhousewives site site previously reported about tweets with the Mathew 6:1-3 verse and a certain (obsessed) person responded. (Of course she did! ) This person thinks everything is about her, everything is not about her, nor was this! More on that in a minute! I am sure you noticed this “obsessed housewife” involves herself in any quarrel she can get her grubby self into. She even went as far to defend another “housewife” against a family member about who’s recipe was who’s in her bravo blog. Some of us couldn’t believe she had the audacity to involve herself, when at a time in the past, her own family’s charity was targeted. (Let’s call this person Gabby!) Gabby couldn’t send out one supportive tweet to get these people to back off or just show support, to this day they don’t show support for anything she does.

    Quick Note- If you claim to love your sister so much and you know her T.V. show is coming on, wouldn’t you tweet it? Even if you two aren’t talking, because you “miss” that sister so much right? Sadly, this sister just acts like she misses this sister. Nothing in their Bravo contracts tells them they can’t support it. Nope, instead, the evil redheaded sister convinced her brother she should have his wedding on her show, that’s why they only had a month to get it together. More on that at another time!

    The only tweet Gabby did send out was to say she had no comment and asked what she should say. (Gabby isn’t the red head :) ) You would think since Gabby did respond, she would defend her family regardless if things weren’t so great behind the scenes. She was better off not saying anything at all. All families fight, but when you’re married in to a family that claims to be “thick as thieves” (Especially the family member who says they are thick as thieves!) would of vouched for the charity since Gabby and the other family member along with the kids (who have not detached their selves from the Mother’s “umbilical cord” what I like to call “imbecile cord” look it up in the urban dictionary) knew first hand the amount of blood sweat and tears that goes in to running a LEGIT charity. They are very selective (So they say!) about what they respond too. However, neither of them are not so selective when their (new) cast mates bicker with their own family; rather it’s behind the scenes, on social media or on camera. Especially Gabby! She will stop at nothing to add her two cents. Gabby knows she is the reason why her husband and two of his siblings don’t speak. If Gabby keeps this up, she is going to be in for MORE of a rude awakening. Her own family has had it with her, they are afraid to approach her because she is literally crazy. Gabby feels she has the right to make every and anything public if her ego gets hurt, but if someone reacts to her attacks, she’s talking about filing slander suits. However, this “someone” won’t back down like others have, this person knows better and Gabby can threaten slander suits all she wants, she knows they wouldn’t go no where. Especially when you’re the person starting it. Everyone does chuckle at Gabby, she wouldn’t stand a chance in a real court room. If Gabby had her way, her paid followers would be her jury! Gabby deletes tweets so she can convince these companies she is worthy enough to have on board and get paid, but those of us who know the “Real Gabby”, knows exactly who she is. ( Gabby, this is just the beginning, you were begged to stop and chose not too! You just couldn’t control them fingers of yours hitting them keys spewing venom! Your mental health issues are no excuse, they might fly with the court, but not here they won’t! Don’t think because the season is over and you’re (finally) now saying, “I’ m done” it’s not how it works! You talked allot of trash that had nothing to do with RHNJ! You started this years ago, now it will be finished by someone other than yourself!) We are not not as nice as Danielle and Teresa were when you slaughtered them on social feeds! If Gabby didn’t delete her tweets after her ” Mental break-downs” she would have close to 30,000 tweets! She only deletes them after being convinced by her husband so companies won’t see how viscous she really is! More on Gabby at another time!
    I wanted to ask you if you could help hurricane Sandy victims by using your platform? If you can, could you please look into the alleged charity; “Restore The Shore” that a cast of Bravo’s RHNJ is the (unofficial) spokesperson for. Off hand, I can tell you they are not new as they are trying to make their selves out to be, they attempted to start up in 2008 but I don’t think NJ was convinced they were the right people to go with. To our knowledge, they don’t have a tax id number or any paper work authorized to be a charity. I chose those words carefully! I ask this because they have collected a substantial amount of money this past and not all the funds are going to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. A side from that, there are pictures showing a cast member of Bravo’s RHNJ and her husband with their sweat shirts on, shopping as if they spent their own money on complete strangers and tweeting, “It feels good to give back” Another tweet said; “If you don’t have money, donate your time” Sadly, they were not donating their time or giving back, at least not out of their own pockets! They were compensated for their time along with gas since it’s scarce in NJ. Not one penny of theirs went to anything, they couldn’t afford to if they wanted too. They think their “appearance” is a donation! They justify getting paid by saying they are representing the “charity”. NJ is like a small town v/s a small state. Their electric was shut off prior to Hurricane Sandy, after the husband tried, “I’m A Celebrity” card that didn’t work, they worked out payment arrangements and borrowed money from someone to pay it. That’s how you know they aren’t giving out of their own pockets! Don’t be fooled, please let your audience know these two people who are trying to come across charitable have their own motives! Gabby and her sidekick don’t even know this. They look at them as “nice kids” out there spending their own money and getting the word out to donate and help. I wouldn’t say this if it weren’t true. Even if the devil was (honestly) being charitable, I wouldn’t question it if I had no reason too. Restore the shore has collected 100 times more money than what you saw what was purchased in those pictures. I will stop here.

    • Mewhorga says:

      I think SH site did do a post about restore the shore.
      I saw something about it, but don’t quote me on it.


      I am confused!
      So Joe builds then get’s people from St. Joe’s to buy and rent, because St. Joe’s was managing it was draining resources?
      I ask about this because St. what is the other hospital name? Not Joe’s but John’s maybe? It’s a hospital that doesn’t turn any kids away etc.
      They also accommodate the families while visiting and or staying with their sick child. This makes me sick that Joe used families to make a large profit.

      I think St. Joe’s wanted to get away so they wouldn’t look like the bad guys. I can’t remember the other hospital’s name, but they don’t turn NO CHILD away and if the family doesn’t have a place to stay, the put them in one of their properties.

    • Dunnwrightpr says:

      Woah. Thanks for your post. If half of what you are insinuating is true; Jac, Chris, Melissa and Joe Marco are even more vile than previously thought. It sounds like karma is finally catching up with them. Good. It’s about time. I can’t wait to see what Jac tweets today, after reading this comment!! Where’s the popcorn??
      Please come back and update this site as often as you can. I love your inside baseball knowledge!!
      These families need to be called out for their irresponsible, childish behavior. They are hurting thousands of real victims. Shameful.

    • madepiley says:

      Very interesting. This one is for “Gabby” and those “nice kids” Fits them perfectly

    • madepiley says:

      Nice kids=Joey and Melissa Gorga

    • madepiley says:

      I have a question about this invisible tracker for twitter. How does that work? Lets say someone from Hazard Ky sent her a “mean” tweet. Does it just say that the twit comes from KY? or does it show city? I asked because I am picturing Jax with a big old map of the USA with push pins and post-its noting where previous “mean” tweets coming from so then when someone else from Hazard Ky sends her a “hey how ya doing?” tweet she automatically blocks them based on previous tweets from that area. I know it sounds crazy but this is Jax we are talkin about. I have heard time and again people say she has blocked them for no reason. Anyway I was just wondering how that worked.

    • Paula says:

      I’m glad you posted this. Reading these websii knew when no tax id number wasn’t given as a tax donation to b rep it smelld fishy. tes made me question the article so I contacted governor christie the irs to verify if this was a charity and where and how the money is being tallied and distributed. The irs does not show an id number and said they would return my call of its validity. I have run charity events for major corporations and u have 2 have a tax id number especially of thi size. I’m sorry but I fel tht these two with bravos help are frauds and sleezy and I get a huge bitch on when I see someone trying to steal from victims of a natural diseater. I feel if the red cross didn’t want perishables from milt romney why would they ant these two shopping for them. Idc if they have a counter on their computer or they r paronoid if ur honest u have no reason to do this. Sorry faux I just couldn’t wait and as a citizen I felt I just had to bring this to their attention. Hope u don’t kick me off

      • FauxReality says:

        Thanks for advising of removal. In our zeal to get rid of spam, the post was moved to spam.

        • Paula says:

          That’s okay. This is the first time I am actually on the website from my computer usually I post from my phone. I’m sorryabout the typing errors. I love the graphics its really beautiful. Thank you for all you do.

    • Just sayin says:

      I googled the Restore the Shore website, they have this in their information section at the top, this explains Joe and Melissa and how they are saying they are part of Restore the shore, they are selling the Tshirts and Sweatshirts and I guess based on this post using the money to go shopping to buy things from the money donated and taking pics of themselves, also they probably used the charity to get gas.

      “Currently, 100% of the profits from the Restore The Shore initiative are donated to the American Red Cross. In order to expand on this effort and directly benefit as many of those affected by Hurricane Sandy as possible, we’re enlisting non-profit organizations to partner with us and to whom we’ll freely grant rights to produce and sell Restore The Shore merchandise.”

      • Paula says:

        But they should have some type of tax id to reflect what they are giving to charity. I guess that’s my biggest concern. I know when I opened my charity event for my disease about 5 years ago I had to give a forcasted accounting and an actual accounting to the IRS. I also had to give details as to each and every vendor I purchased things from and an accounting of all the donors who donated, Names, addresses, amount given, etc…….. The Profit companies need that Tax ID so they can show the IRS that they did this charitable act and an accounting of what they spent and what they brought in. I just don’t know why they aren’t giving all the details. Anyway, I have asked this question to the IRS and Gov Christie so I hope I get an answer. Does anyone know if non profit companies tax records are free to the public?

  17. Dunnwrightpr says:

    I am also so happy you are back, Faux! I’ve missed your posts beyond belief. When I got an email stating a new article was up, I about jumped out of my chair with excitement. This piece looks like a doozy. I can’t wait to read it in its entirety!!

  18. Bobbi says:

    St. Judes Hospital

  19. mothersheart says:

    Always look forward to seeing what’s new on here!!

  20. Dubbalicious says:

    Anonimo, we’re all ears! Thanks for the info!!

  21. Tecca says:

    @Anonimo This is a very, very interesting read fo Saturday afternoon.

  22. Tecca says:

    Oops….somehow IPad posted prior to completion. I would hope every cent donated from charity would benefit victims, not a dime to scammers. Gov Christie already has staff looking into gougers during the crisis. Down to those posting ads on Craigs List for very inflated prices on gas, transportation, generators, basic supplies, etc…so, he knows “evil lurks around us.” I think it’s safe to say Charities vs Scammers is also being looked into. Not only State, but Federal Law governs all charitable organizations. They are all required UP-FRONT to obtain an Employer ID # and register as a 501C-3 IN ADVANCE of collecting contributions. Also required to submit reports timely on donations, expenses, etc…. All one would have to do is report questionable Charities ask if they’re legitimate. If they aren’t IRS registered the State would also know. Also Fraud can be reported, by anyone, on IRS form 3949A. If Directors are in Bankruptcy can they can they even be involved with Charities? I don’t know wish I did though. PS @Anonimo thank for your information. Hope to see updates.

  23. Linda Carrier says:

    I was wondering how the hell the Laurita’s could have the audacity to ask for chsritable donations after ther defrauded tge SusanGKoman charity?? And are people in those areas so misinformed they would trust a cent to these asshats. They are acting so noble in this recovery effort just as they are busted for stealing millions from others? I tweeted to GovChristue about the Laurita’s /Manzos/Gorgas being involved in ANY money related activities as they have such horrid public records regarding money, etc..

    • Tecca says:

      @ Linda glad you tweeted your concerns to the Govenors Office. He’s certainly familiar with the name Manzo in connection with the Brownstone apartment residency fraud then forcing him to resign or be fired. Like myself and others we cannot comprehend the Laurita’s “generous contributions” after allegedly stealing $18,000 from The Komen Foundation. In fact Jac Laurita’s deposition is coming up mid November or so? Bet she takes those phony staged photos for her “show & tell.” Lol

  24. Barb Aroneo Roach says:

    I hope every scammer is caught and prosecuted to the limit of the law. I posted here before under Bobbi…this is my facebook sn. I haven’t seen one comment of mine yet. I don’t know what the reason would be.

  25. Linda Carrier says:

    When I think of all the money and possibly jobs they screwed their creditors and vendors out of, it really makes my blood boil to see her continuosly tweet 24/7 and yesterday, Sat, they were going somewhere in Jersey to TAKE DONATIONS for some charity AND promote that wine company they’re involved with. They actually pretend they are innocent of everything! I find it almost amuzing since last month Chris admitted that he had lied about the location of the hard drives, etc.. that the feds had asked for several times. And make no mistake, the Manzos are secretly in on everything – hence – Carolyn/Chris are sooo close despite her asshat behavior. Bet she & Al are hiding $$$ for Chris. I hope they all get caught and serve time. JacAss doesn’t appear to spend that much time with her kids, if you watch her timeline-she is always tweeting- if not her legit acct- her 100 other fake accounts! I hate Chris for allowing her to neglect those kids like that. He must really dislike her and secretly plan to take those kids from her. But what father would sit by and watch that nonsense-heck, he opened a twitter acct too! Diminished capacity my butt! They are true evil.

  26. Honnie Badger says:

    All I have to say is that unfortunately, for some of these sick narcissists (HWs), a tragic event like Sandy is a wet dream for them in their quest for “sainthood” via their cheap, ill-gotten, sell-their-souls quest for celebrity. They’re nothing but filthy pigs with humanoid features.

  27. hoolie says:

    So glad you’re back Faux…..
    Looks like per S.H. that Slojo also has an F with BBB….my o my… Mehog has got to be regretting the day she blabbed about “look it up, it’s public record”….

  28. Tecca says:

    Dear Faux in Reply to your note regarding posting names as links. I’m unsure what I did wrong and apologize. I’m rather new at commenting on articles in blogs. I’ve looked and looked at all my comments in the thread and all I see different is Tecca is in blue most others names are in black. If thats a link I dont know how I did it. Then On my comments name section in the Http: I wrote “None” not having a website. Perhaps I should leave it blank don’t know. Lastly, replying to questions I put an “@”in front of their name thinking that’s how people reply to the person asking question. Won’t happen again I’m embarassed and very sorry. tec

  29. TV Junkie says:

    I love this site Faux! I am adding it to my favorites sites. Can’t wait for more!

  30. Honnie Badger says:

    Paging Made Piley!

    Can you do your magical Youtube Goddessry here? If so … please have at it. (As I make a presenter’s bow…)

  31. Barb Aroneo Roach says:

    How can you tell what is real and what is scripted anymore with this show. I am totally upset that they are allowing Jaxass, carowhine, mehoho, and catfish back on the show. As for critofur running for dog catcher in Hudson county I don’t see how daddy can buy that. The Gov and AG will be QQ. If they in anyway try to exploit the people of NJ by using this storm as their storyline there will be outrage and outcrying from the citizens.

    • Honnie Badger says:

      Good morning, Barb! I hope you are very well! Yes, ITA with your last sentiment! I live in Monmouth. I can tell you just the thought of these narcissistic ninnies trying to use this tragic event to famewhore gets my blood boiling! And you and I both know that if/when such an episode airs, our awesome Governor will have something to say about it!

  32. Barb Aroneo Roach says:

    Good Morning Honnie Badger:

    You are quite right. Let BRAVO try and exploit NJ with any of those HW and the Gov. and AG will be notified. NY and NJ have suffered enough and to have it replayed by a bunch of turds would be outrageous. Every resident in the state of NJ should file a Class Action Suit against Andy Cohen and BRAVO.

  33. madepiley says:

    MeGo and JoGo,

  34. MrsZiggy1988 says:

    I wouldn’t trust Joe with a piece of old bubble gum scrapped off the bottom of my shoe.

  35. Linda Carrier says:

    Losers for days

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