RHONJ: Joey Gorga Loves Picking Up Trash. . . Waves to Missy

Before the influence of Jersey Shore and the Lights of Bravo, Joey Gorga was a family oriented, loving son and brother.  He was devoted to his parents and adored his only sister.

Joey wasn’t stripping, he wasn’t ridiculing his sister or flat out lying about his parent’s financial condition, he wouldn’t have stood for anyone calling his father a coward or his mother a fucking liar, he wouldn’t have turned his back on Gia and he would have cut off his arm before hurting his family.

Joey was a loyal friend that would drop everything to lend a helping hand.

Joey was proud of working for what he acquired, he was proud of who he was and he always acknowledged the assistance he received from his parents, from his sister and from his brother in law. ALWAYS.

So what changed? Why did the down to earth Italian boy from Paterson become a money hungry self centered sell out who not only turned his back on his family, he assisted in the attempted carnage?

In his early years, Joey wasn’t afraid of hard work. In 2000, he incorporated Gorga Sanitation & Recycling Services, Inc. which as the name states was in the business of “trash removal.”

So while Melissa Marco was playing girls gone wild in Florida, getting arrested for shoplifting, living with various males and females, getting musty balls to pay for her new titties, Joey was picking up trash to make money and put food on the table.

Now, you may think that I’m going to say that’s why he was so experienced picking up trash, but that is just too easy, so I will refrain.

There is nothing wrong with hard honest work. However, in order to be approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency, a sanitation and recycling company must have a bona fide facility. Joey listed his parent’s one family residence as the sanitation facility:

Papa Gorga’s street address has been removed due to privacy concerns

So Joey worked in trash removal. After Teresa married Joe Giudice, Joey learned the construction business from his brother in law.  Slowly Joey moved away from trash.

Who knew that Joey’s love for trash would pull him into the clutches of The House of Marco.

Major thanks to Secret Service operative Maggs who can find a needle in a haystack. 

37 thoughts on “RHONJ: Joey Gorga Loves Picking Up Trash. . . Waves to Missy

  1. Quite sad how the 15minutes of fame desired by these people destroys so many lives. And I am talking about the young children who are affected by their parents horrendous behavior and lies.

  2. OH, Faux! I adore this photo! Look how beautiful young Teresa was and how absolutely adorable her baby brother was! This is precious. Thank you so much for sharing this photo!

  3. So sad. I wonder how he would be if he had married a good girl. His poor parents, I would be miserable if she was my daughter- in-law.

  4. He sold his soul to the devil for a piece of flat ass. You’re going staight to hell in a wicker dry rotted basket with gasoline draws on, Joe

  5. Oh dear. So many thoughts racing thru my mind. All I can say is first I love this photo. Thanks for sharing and….. although there is no shame in the business Joe had. Seems he should be more grateful to his family especially Teresa and Juicy. Bcus i do believe they helped him out in many ways. But like in so many families the wife is usually the one that comes between her husband and his family. This validates teresas fears of mego being a gold digger. Sad for them all.

  6. I agree with Minnieme the photo is adorable. My little brother married a woman with 2 sisters and he and I were very close. We are not close anymore ;( but now we do talk here and there. She controls all aspects of money and my brother so my kids get dried up playdow, games that they have outgrown years before. They have millions. I have gotten over it. No biggie anymore the pain is gone. Except it the way it is. T will do the same. My brother calls me on the sly. She probably did what I did take care of his little butt and make sure he stayed out of trouble and kissed his booboos. I sure loved my little brother so much I think if she wasn’t in his life we would still be very close. If Joey is like my brother he will call and talk to her on the sly.

    • Faux-it amazes me that no one knew that Joe Gorga was a stripper in college. There must have been info somewhere about this. Why do you think no one picked up on this? Maybe that’s why Joe doesn’t care if Mel was a stripper-he was too!
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  7. After reading this article I decided to check out Joe Gorga’s twitter . He has posted pics of his son peeing!!!! Bare bottom showing in one and you can tell the child is completely naked in the other one!!!! He is favored in the gay community and pedophiles troll these networks all the time!!!! I am outraged he is such an idiot to do such! And he tagged his whore wife so she must see nothing wrong with it. I am outraged over that! Am I wrong? I

  8. This is probably how Joey made his living, and no shame in that, prior to Juicy showing him the ropes of construction work and loaning him startup money and tools. I get why Guidices are both hurt. Darling picture of Teresa and Joey.
    Anxious for more – great info from here, always. Thanks

  9. Well~ He took it down Thank GOD!!!! It is really sad to see what Bravo has done to these normal people living somewhat normal lives prior to being on the show! It has changed everyone dramatically to the point they can’t make wise decisions! Wake up! As long as we continue to watch this train wreck and Bravos rating are through the roof, this network does not care what happens to them! They are the puppets And Bravo is holding the strings! In REALITY all of their dirty little secrets will come to light and cause much embarrassment to the families and their children for many years to come. Yes they all chose to be ON DISPLAY’ and if they were a regular joe no one would care! Half of America or more have similar issues and a dreadful past, Yes their choice, but I believe had they known ~ they may have thought twice!!! In the end Their reality is affecting their judgement ,and destroying their soul in the process!!!The embarrassment may LIE down but, will never leave!!! They are Branded!!!! And not in a good way!!!!! Way to Go BRAVO!!!

  10. If Teresa and Joe are only 2 years apart, why does 14 years-old Joe look 10? (I am assuming that is her Sweet 16 picture)

  11. The picture at the end is beautiful. To bad they cant go back to that happy moment in time. It sad, they should have tre, 4 kids, & joes 3 kids.

  12. Look here Joey. You do what ever you want. Fuck all the haters. You know you got it going on. Take care of yours. And if Melissa gets tired of…… come to Miami… I got you

  13. I find it interesting to read about how people come to be who they are….I wonder if this hardworking young Joe has any regrets about that part of himself that he lost when dazzled by the Hollywood lights? I do hope that Bravo doesn’t continue to dumb down these people for this so called reality show…I found it very interesting to learn of Teresa’s education before her marriage….of her work at Macy’s….it’s really the American Dream come to the reality screen, yes? Hard working, self sacrificing, Italian immigrants who come to this country and work their way up the ladder of success to give their children a shot at a better life than they had….I’d love to see a little more focus of the reality of THAT storyline….and a little less of the immature side of growing up Italian…..how about some REALity for a change?

  14. Let’s be honestly, Little Joey is no saint, he suffers from Napoleonic Complex, hence the temper tantrums, infatuation with his penis, always talking about having sex with Melissa to the point we all gag, and his genuine insecurity. He married a ho, you can’t turn her into a nice housewife. She’s always gonna dress like a ho, act like a go, create drama, fight, just like trash does. He got what his little head wanted.

  15. Great article Faux! You have the best sense of humor and a wicked way with words :) Looking forward to the follow up

  16. Wowzers… Just 2 years after you wrote this gem of a blog it’s now going to become a major storyline in S6 for the Gorgas.

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