RHONJ: Jacqueline Laurita Sees Tweets That Don’t Exist

Jacqueline accusing Dina of lying on S 1 Finale

Jacqueline accusing Dina of lying on S 1 Finale

Jacqueline Laurita made headlines when she claimed that John Karagiorgis harassed her on twitter by tweeting negative comments about her autistic son. Her accusations were reported in numerous media outlets. Notwithstanding the allegations, the alleged tweets were never produced.

Faux Reality undertook an investigation to see if Jacqueline ever responded “in real time” to the alleged tweets.  After all, anyone who is familiar with Jacqueline on twitter has seen her unprecedented melt downs when she perceives she has been slighted or attacked.

Is it possible Jacqueline didn’t respond to such heinous tweets? Or is it probably that the tweets never existed? In this instance, there are no exchanges regarding her son on or before March 30, 2013 (night of Brawl). It is clear that Jacqueline has falsely accused yet another individual (as she did Teresa, Juicy, Dina, Danielle, RealityJulie, etc.)

An observant investigator uncovered something far more interesting; Jacqueline repeatedly retweets and responds to people who praise her for her strength, her “work” as an autism advocate, etc. Here’s the problem:

  • The people she’s tweeting don’t exist; and/or
  • The original tweets were never sent.

Jacqueline seems to be responding to imaginary people and/or imaginary tweets. The following are some, but not all examples of Jacqueline’s bizarre imaginary praise and retweets:

On October 2, 2013, Jacqueline retweeted a tweet from @BradClifton that she is “important, valuable and unique.”

brad clifton laurita fake tweets crop

But @BradClifton hasn’t tweeted since 2009, when he tweeted a total of 4 tweets and he never tweeted anything about Jacqueline Laurita.

brad clifton crop

On September 25, 2013, Jacqueline retweeted a tweet from @Michele:

michele no english clip

Why would a male chef from Italy who tweets mostly in his native tongue of Italian care about Jacqueline’s blog? A review of his time line proves that @Michele never tweeted Jacqueline, he didn’t love her blog, he didn’t say she was awesome and he didn’t tell her to keep moving toward the light.

On September 24, 2013, Jacqueline retweeted a tweet from @Roxygirl calling her “an amazing inspiration2parents”:

roxy girl crop

A review of @Roxygirl’s account shows that it is an egg that has never tweeted anyone.

roxy girl never tweeted

The aforementioned are limited examples of a much more disturbing picture. There are dozens of examples of alleged retweets where the account doesn’t exist.

It appears that Jacqueline Laurita not only sees tweets about her son that don’t exist, but also retweets fabricated tweets praising her and retweets them in her world of illusion.

jacqueline blow on amendment

88 thoughts on “RHONJ: Jacqueline Laurita Sees Tweets That Don’t Exist

  1. After an article like this, I’m never going to comment on or about her again. She truly needs some help or she has some sick, twisted publicity agent advising her in the wrong direction. Sick, sick, sick

    • Totally agree w you LMAO! Truly disturbing & think she’s really out of her mind! She’s not HaHa crazy, I think it’s more for real cuckoo crazy! I think she is super insecure & has many issues that people really need to take seriously ..
      I’m blocked by her so can’t even see her tweets (so lucky, TY Jac for blocking me) but from what I read it’s too much!
      How does she even have all that time??? My heart goes out to her kids, not fair to them until she gets in touch w REALITY…. NOT “Reality TV” the real reality of the world !
      Faux, as usual FABULOUS blog!!!

  2. Crackerjax has officially gone off the deep end! It’s bad enough to make up complimentary tweets about yourself but fabricating rumors which destroy other people’s reputations is despicable. Like her incest remark, it proves nothing is too low for her. I hope the rumors are true and she is no longer employed by Bravo!

    • She’s total nut job, she really needs mental health care, i don’t understand why Chris doesn’t get her help he’s an enabler.

      Jax also DM ppl very crazy things I’ve received a few DM from her.

    • Hi summer, yes the rumors are true she’s not coming back to NJHW not even as a friend.

      But she will make some appearances on Carowhine spin of

  3. W T H ???? She is just plain nuts. Scary that she’s home raising an autistic child too. Chris is probably afraid of her. Bet he has woken up in the middle of the night with Jack-A-Loon standing there staring at him with a blank look in her eyes. Betcha dude is terrified of her.

  4. She is one miserable,somewhat evil woman. Not once has she or her lying husband ever commented or addressed their bleeding their company to live that rich, fake life of theirs, and cheating SusanGKoman of their $$. She lies, cheats, commits fraud, exploits her kids, says the most hurtful lies and attacks people, has major anger issues, and NEVER admits anything she is responsible for. She is the head VICTIM at all times, every season. her priporities consist of beauty enhancements and ripping others apart. She spends her days abusing wth ever it is that makes her high and gossips, rats out her “friends” for fun. She is my most despised HW out of all of them. Her sickening husband is second.

  5. this woman makes me sick to my stomach, honestly in season 1 she sat there and cried b/c she couldnt get pregnant making the world feel bad for her, then she does get pregnant and unfortunately her son has autism, and tries to make the world for bad for her again, having autism isnt a bad thing, i have a friend who has an autistic son and he is awesome….jacqueline is just a case of be careful what you wish for….her and her husband want to rip off cancer foundations, then cry b/c their son has autism….hm wtf kinda ppl are they? jacqueline really is nuts, and i really hope she isnt returning next season b/c i wont be watching, she has no storyline and exploits her son to get one

  6. Looney toons is cray cray we all know that. I am sure she is also tweeting as Chris Laurita. Tweeting is her obsession not her children. I still feel that she made up this story about Nick to become relevant on the show this season. Thank goodness they are putting a stop to it by firing her, if it’s true. All I can say she is lower than a snake.

  7. Ill bet that if you dig into a lot of HW retweets you will find fake accounts. Melissa probably has tons of them because nobody is actually interested in her or her book.

    • The proof is in the pudding. If she actually had 700,000 followers (as if) she would have had some BOOK SALES.#crazy#talentless#whore of Babaloon. (TB)

  8. Very sad…I think that she is bipolar…she is always crying..laughing…or very angry…never in the middle..wants to be the center of attention..very sad

  9. I’m speechless at the awesomeness that is Faux.

    I believe this is a very damning expose’ on Jacqueline Laurita and her attempt at manipulating her followers on Twitter.

    I would love to know how she’s getting the names to reply to. Obviously they all have one thing in common: non-use. So who is culling them from Twitter and passing them to her?

    The Lauritas simply have no shame. I wonder how many of the other family members do the same thing?

    Well done Faux. Well, well done!!! ::Heaping praise::

    • she uses some kind of filter. Remember when “Chris Laurita” created a twitter account? Well I was a follower all of two days, with no attempts to tweet to “it’. before I was blocked. Just like Jac had blocked me. She is so so nuts and she scours the blogs. Doesn’t she have little children to raise?

  10. Holy shit she is nuts. IMO its sad that she has to do things like this for praise and attention. Another eye opener Faux. Keep giving us the truth.

  11. Faux….why am I blocked on Twitter??? I only see your posts if Jen or Penny retweets them. Love, love, love your site and can’t wait for Pennolope to escape from the evil lawyer claw once again.

  12. This reminds me of Sunset Boulevard where Max was writing fan letters to Norma Desmond so she thinks people still love her. I picture Chris sending her tweets to keep her happy and make her think people give a sh#$ about her.

    Great Sleuthing FAUX!!!

  13. I don’t use Twitter much I find it completely boring and frankly I don’t need something ELSE to be hanging around for centuries of what I what I wrote.

    So what I’m trying to understand is how this is done. Does she find an account not used or from another country and then type out the message? Like “@xyxz RT [putting in the fake/unused acct] (typing in this physically herself) ??

    • Yep that’s what I was wondering also..like how did she do this? I may want to send myself some tweets about how great I am…LOLOLOLOLOL

      • The people’s twitter names that she is using are probably part of the package of twitter followers that she has purchased. I know that she has purchased about 40,000 followers.
        Lookers has done the same and I believe that Lookers is paying followers to tweet her nice compliments. SH had a whole article about buying followers and buying followers that can tweet back.

        Keep up the great work Faux. Can’t wait for the Anthony and Bulldog stories.

  14. HOLY MOLY. You gals already said everything I was thinking. I hope Bravo knows about this.
    Fame Whorgas posted a link to Faux so I popped on over.
    Thanks for being such a great detective.

  15. Oh my…I have no words for the craziness that is Jac Laurita. About two years ago, when Season Three reunion was airing, and Jac was tweeting and repeatedly losing her s***, I, like many others, felt it was hypocritical of her to tweet her side while being a no show to the reunion. I think I tweeted her a few times that night, she didnt reply. A month or so after that, while checking my followers, I see none other than BONNIE, Cracker Jac’s Mom, following me. I literally felt chills, and my stomach dropped. She was only following a few hundred people, I had never tweeted her. I immediately blocked her. That whole family is whacked.

    • She lost it because she thought she was going to have some of her secrets outed at the reunion. In fact Jax should have been fired after that but Andy kept her and now he is giving this crazy woman the boot. What happened is that Chris got his stripper/escort girlfriend knocked up (or she trapped him, remember he was spending big money). And he didn’t know who this woman truly was. Now he and his family try everything to keep her from talking out of turn because she would tell everything about them and more if mad.

  16. Is she paying a service? I know Jill Zarin was accused of buying twitter followers. Can Jac also be buying actual tweets? Does she even know herself?

  17. Love the Sunset Blvd/Norma Desmond reference DJ! lmao :) (Except at least Norma had been a legitimate STAR, not 15 minutes of making a fool of herself on some crappy cable “reality” show.)

    Shady Chris? The karma wheel has spun and is pointing at you! Instead of exploiting your son and schilling snake oil water, you should wear T shirts that say “You can’t make a Housewife out of a Las Vegas Hooker!” You’re reaping what you sow and from the articles I’ve read on your shady business “dealings,” there’s much more to come. Leave the kids with Melissa and Joe Gorga when you and Jaxie go to jail, why don’t you?

    There’s not much more to say regarding Jack-a-LOON. Except perhaps The Greek could add slander/libel to his civil lawsuit?

  18. Wacky Jacky and Melissa have sooo much in common….it has always bothered me that both of them accuse/say outlandish things about people WITHOUT any actual proof to back it up. The seed got planted. The damage is done. The bell can not be un rung. What I have never understood is why no one has ever held either of them accountable for the horrible things they say about other people. They come up with weak ass excuses for their behavior and then they get a pass!

    IMHO, for Wac to say that JTG tweeted something untoward her son Nicholas shows just how low this sad excuse for a mother really is! Allegedly she attacked him because he made a nasty remark about Nic’s diagnosis but no one could find anything close to that in any timeline. Did he say she should spend more time with her kids? Why yes, yes he did and I happen to agree with his observation.

    • Holy Moly clearly this woman is deranged. I don’t have twitter so I didn’t know this was even possible. I think she accused JTG to get fame and sympathy. I feel sorry for her kids. Even Ashely. I remember that episode in the resturaunt when Ashley said, I get it, I heard you, I’m not 20 and pg.not her exact words. But she was acknowledging all that whacky said and saying I know how hard you said it was and I’m not following those footsteps. Then the fake wacky meltdown with sunglasses so no one could see that there weren’t any tears.

      I don’t feel sorry for Chris in all of this either, I think he’s just as culpable and geelfully goes along with using that poor child for income. Does he even have a job?

      Since I don’t have twitter I didn’t see the tweet of JTG saying she should spend more time with her kids, but I agree with you. Yes she should. They won’t remember the iPad, they will remember she was absent in their lives. And if she really was all about family, and my kids, then that’s where her time would be.

      I’m a firm believer in me time, especially for moms, but I saw somewhere that she she said she lives on twitter only after they’re in bed. Well then I sure I wish I had whatever she’s on because by that time I drop on the couch in exhaustion.

  19. Hi I read your blog all the time, but I cannot follow you on twitter because you have me blocked. I am not rude to anyone on Twitter. Will you please unblock me @katholeeki….thank you

      • Where you been? Just about everyone uses a proxy, I am sure you use one too. Don’t you know about bloggers using IP’s to track people down and taunt them? Don’t take it personal.

      • No, not everyone uses proxies, and legit bloggers don’t track anyone. I’m not taking it personally and you shouldn’t either.

  20. I remember when Ann Green broke this on Twitter. I thought how delusional is this woman to waste time tweeting compliments to herself. Pathetic! It’s probably been going on for a while to.

    On another note Faux why do you have me blocked on twitter? @CurrituckKim

    shes at it again….
    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita 34m
    Yes he is! RT @Souhaila El-Souki @JacLaurita I also think God planned for CJ to be his big brother. He’s such an angel with his brother <3.
    Souhaila T




    Souhaila T ‏@Souhaila 2 May 09
    chillin out

    Souhaila T ‏@Souhaila 23 Apr 09
    Watching TV (:

  22. I wish I could say I feel sorry for Chris, but he married a rent a date from Glitter Gulch in Vegas who was no doubt hearing voices even back then. The truth is nobody looks for autism advice from her. Unless they are stupid. Seriously, and I don’t take that back. You want to take botox and make-up advice from Janax go right ahead, but autism advice? Are you kidding me? Thank God he is out of her control for most of the day, that’s all I have to say. God Bless and look over this little boy. I feel so sorry for him. And not because he is autistic. Because his mother is truly insane. And self-medicates.

    • I can’t see taking any kind of advice from her… except maybe how much Bailey’s I should put in my coffee… oh wait… maybe that’s not a good idea either.

  23. If you go to her twitter and look at anyone that she tags, they are people who literally haven’t logged in since 2009… Wack job

  24. Here’s another one from earlier today:

    Depends on the day. Lol! Thank u. RT @Michellemybell @JacLaurita you should leave the show! It’s going downhill! You r too classy for it!

    Michellemybell hasn’t tweeted since 2007

  25. OH MY LORD!! And she had the cheek to go after Teresa last season about being FAKE AND A LIAR. Well what you got to say now Jaq!! And for that matter CAROLINE what you got to say also, you’re so quick to judge Teresa and lash out at her .CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE NOW!!!!!!!

    • This is off topic but I want to puke. Carowhine won the best dressed contest for her horrific dress at the reunion. Sorry that was fixed with a capital F. F U Carowhine and Mandy Cohen.

      • OK, here’s my take on Caroline’s reunion dress….

        Something BAD went down between Lindsey and Albie. Caroline promised her to wear that hideous dress. In return, Lindsey promises to keep quiet about the bad breakup (or whatever happened). I just can’t imagine why Caroline would wear that. It was not flattering.

      • Didn’t Cohen realize that with her winning the world would know the voting was fixed. Any other one would have been ok but her. Her udders were hanging at her waist. Please.

  26. Some fans started a petition for teresa to show andy and bravo the finger of what they think basically lol

    To show them Teresa’s can backing in numbers

    You should post the link cuz this is going to get fun!


  27. WOW! I just found this over at Tamera Tattles. It appears that when you log in to Bravo’s site from your twitter, you have to agree to let Bravo access your twitter account! This could be how Jax and the rest get bogus tweets praising them?
    Here is a part of the post:

    “I was just getting ready to leave a message on a Bravo Blog, which I haven’t done in a couple of years and was looking at logging in through Twitter and I got this message below.
    Is this how all these Housewives are getting all these new followers so quickly? Unbelievable that Bravo can take over your Twitter account and leave comments or update your profile or post tweets for you, etc.

    They don’t even need to use abandoned Twitter accounts. Do you or your readers know anything about this?
    Authorize BravoTV.com to use your account?”

    Application URL
    About this app
    Bravotv.com is the official website of the Bravo TV network

    This application will be able to:

    Read Tweets from your timeline.
    See who you follow, and follow new people.
    Update your profile.
    Post Tweets for you.
    Access your direct messages.

  28. Another non-existant type account came up today: meganvega: 1 tweet, 1 following, 6 followers. On 10/12– @Heather: 9 followers, 9 following; @Souhaila: 2 tweets, 4 following, 11 followers—last tweet was from 5/2/09 and said “Chillin out” so what was Jac responding to? Cray Cray. The rest are vendors who give her free crap: @LasioNYC– free Keratin Treatment, @cafface (reunion makeup), @ubosoft (“Raymond Legends” xbox 360 game), @EliannCouture (exotic skin handbag), @drkassir (plastic surgeon), @SXEfitness (“sexy Brazilian style gymwear”), @OxyHealth (Hyperbolic chamber), @stetsonusa (coyboy crap).

  29. “Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita 17 Oct

    When I tweet through my WhoSay account, it posts my followers Twitter handle’s wrong so I’m sorry about that. I don’t know why that happens.”

  30. Jac is retweeting Brad Clifton again:
    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita 19h
    Always! XO! RT @Brad Clifton @JacLaurita Remember to always stay humbly grateful for all that life has gifted you wi… http://say.ly/JFc71zd
    Hide photo

  31. Forget it, im gonna start calling Jac ‘Sybil’. Thats how off the chain shes gotten. I would had never guessed this the first few seasons.

  32. This is absolutely fascinating (and tragic). It also makes me re-evaluate my life choices and how much time i’ve spent scoping these crazy chicks out! Ha! My question, though–
    When Jac’s responding to the messages, the user who “sent” the message is displayed as “@Kristen Green” instead of the typical way you’d see it on Twitter- “@KristenGreen.” I was thinking at first that this was a way to give privacy to the user, like maybe @Kristen was the first part of the user’s handle but not Green. Does that make sense? I’m not sure how much she cares about privacy, though. But the whole theory she’s buying followers makes much more sense than my idea…a woman who’s brought very little to the franchise for 5 seasons has over 800 K followers when Camille Grammar has, like, a quarter of that? Defies logic.
    Anyway, great post again, and if you have any answers/theories to my question of “privacy,” please feel free to chime in!

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