RHONJ: Is Bravo Liable for Bravolebrities’ Raging Assaults

RageChristeningBravo introduced Joe Gorga to RHONJ viewers as he raged at his son’s Christening.  Gorga turned his infant son’s religious celebration into a battle royale: guests were punched, kicked, thrown, pushed – all because Gorga was unable to control his anger.  With the addition of Joe and Melissa Gorga, RHONJ has become a series of vignettes wrapped in insults, screaming matches, threats, heartbreak and violence.

In fact, Bravo was unable to air most of the Punta Cana footage because of a lawsuit which alleged that Bravo and Sirens Media:

encourage, promote and demand that the cast of RHONJ engage in verbal and physical conflict with one another and members of the public, creating a culture, climate and/or atmosphere of confrontation, hostility and violence in order to attract viewers.

See specifics on Punta Cana lawsuit.

In Season 4, Gorga continued his failure/refusal to control his violent outbursts through out the season. During the Wakile pool party, Gorga raged at his sister, cursing within ear shot of the children.

pfs joe gorgaIn the season finale Gorga attacked Kim D at her own fashion show, calling her a scum of the earth, whore and accusing her of being high, etc. Fellow RHONJ castmates tweeted their support by indicating they admired Gorga for “rescuing his wife.”  On what alternate Universe does a man bellow insults at a woman, call her scum and a  whore in front of a crowd and is admired for doing it? Oh, yes the Faux Reality known as BravoTV.

Season 5 premieres on June 2, 2013.  Several cast members, including Joe Gorga have been charged with assault and terrorist threats for causing bodily injury to a third party during filming.  Notwithstanding the pending charges, Bravo is promoting Season 5 by previewing a brawl wherein Gorga attacks Joe Giudice (or so he tried.) The following are still shots of the melee:

Juicy 1











QUESTION: Is Bravo liable for the Bravolebrities’ Raging Assaults in StilletoGate?

ANSWER: YES, Bravo and Siren Media had ample proof of Gorga’s propensity for violence, his outbursts were encouraged, within the scope of his employment and thus foreseeable.

In New Jersey, there is a legal doctrine that holds employers liable to third parties for the acts committed by an employee “within the scope of his employment.” The question as to whether the employee acted “within the  scope” is fact sensitive to each case. Courts use the following factors to guide their analysis:

  1. whether the act is of the kind he is employed to perform;
  2. whether the act occurs substantially within the authorized time and space limits;
  3. whether the act is actuated, at least in part, by a purpose to serve the employer; and
  4. whether the use of force is foreseeable.

As to Factor (1), Gorga is employed to create drama. The fact that Bravo used Gorga’s outbursts to promote the upcoming season indicates that he is employed to participate and perpetuate these violent outbursts.

As to Factor (2), there is no question that the alleged assault occurred while filming on site. If reports are accurate, Siren Media prepared the site for the physical confrontation by rearranging furniture and putting security into place.

As to Factor (3), the violent outburst served Bravo’s purpose to create the type of over the top drama to attract viewers and pump up ratings.

Regarding Factor (4), Bravo has filmed Gorga’s violent outbursts for years. Foreseeability of the employee’s act is “crucial” to a finding of liability and Gorga’s outbursts are easily documented.

In the instant matter, Gorga’s repeated consistent rages (without consequence by Bravo) make it clear that his violent behavior is both foreseeable and within the scope of his employment. Thus, Bravo may once again be forced to pay for the bad behavior of it’s Bravolebrities.

The aforementioned analysis deals with the civil liability associated with injuries/damages caused by Bravolebrities. 

56 thoughts on “RHONJ: Is Bravo Liable for Bravolebrities’ Raging Assaults

      • Instead of looking for pics, I’m more interested in the blood
        work for Guidice and Gorgo. They behave as if they’re on


  1. In my opinion Joe Marco is a scheming POS and should have been fired along with his pal Rosie the rivetter when she threatened Teresa on National TV. She’s a POS also. Liverlips should have been fired when he made the remark on National TV that his wife tasted like fish. Carowhine should have been fired when she called her daughter and asshole on National TV. I’ll think of more but that’s it for now.

  2. I PRAY they’re liable. Those poor people involved in all of those messes – and then most recently, the assault on Johnny (which was apparently a set up by Bravo from what I’m hearing).

    Great article Faux! I’ll keep an eye out for the resolution of the rest of the investigation. (Oh btw…. I don’t see the pics either)

    • Wasn’t there an interview with a RHONJ producer who suggested Joe Marco was under the influence due to first day of shooting gitters and it was a bad combination for things he was also doing??

      • Yes the producer also said that things were much worse than what was shown. They had to call EMTs for Teresa’s dad.

        My personal opinion is that Fredo has roid rage from taking too many steroids. The hairy face, sweating, sudden violent outburst, weight gain, puffy face and enlarged muscles are all signs of steroid use. Steroids also have another known side effect. It diminishes the size of a male part.

        As far as what happen to Johnny, it was a set up by Bravo. Johnny was kept outside for over a hour as Chris, Jacko and Fredo had drinks and worked themselves up. Bravo miked Johnny so he was clearly invited. It doesn’t matter what Johnny said or didn’t say (personal I have never seen Johnny say anything about a child) nobody deserves to be punched, slapped or hit with the heel of a shoe. I find it sicking that some people are laughing about the injuries that Johnny received. Love him or hate him Johnny did not deserve the attack and I am glad he went to the police and filed a report. It is about time that some people realize they can’t get away with breaking the law like they have repeatedly done in the past few years.

      • ITA OldNJlady! I think “roid” rage is present along with other pharmaceuticals.
        I feel for T’s parents. They didn’t deserve that and I think they know Melissa has brought all this drama upon the family. I would also guess they are afraid to state that to Joe Marco for fear of never seeing their grand kids again. Melissa strikes me as someone who would do that.

      • i’m afraid one of these days,poison joe will go after teresa,and really hurt her, before juicy or security can jump in. he has no control anymore. bravo better make him go for help fast.

      • Your dead on, dead on. They are afraid of not ever seeing those grand kids again. They all know that Melissa manipulates him to the point that she tried to keep him away from his family unless she is with him. Also Teresa is afraid of that rape issue coming back into the lexicon of discussion that his family was able to get the victim to recant. All it takes is for that victim to come out and talk about what happened and he’s done.

        Teresa doesn’t want her brother to be destroyed but Melissa doesn’t care.

      • OldNJGirl-I agree about Joe. He has let his wife’s jealousy feed his rage against his sister for doing better than him. It’s so sad.

        As for JTG, I think he knows a lot of stuff but has been asked not to spill it, even after coming on like gangbusters on twitter promising to expose Melissa. I also think Teresa may ignore him because she doesn’t WANT Melissa’s secrets to be exposed. There’s no point in letting them be exposed now because Melissa is married to Joe already. They have three kids. Why spill old dirt? Plus, Joe and Melissa are finally willing to play nice for the show, which is all Teresa ever asked for, so she’s certainly not going to rock the boat and ruin what she’s wanted for so long. She doesn’t care why they’re doing it…I just think she’s happy they’re doing it.

        I hope JTG sues them and wins. I doubt he said anything about anyone’s kid, but no matter what he said, it’s a TV show! These people have been on reality tv long enough to know how it works. Bravo looks for, encourages and manipulates drama, so they should be liable when one of their ‘stars’ goes crazy and things go bad.

  3. Thank you! Can I sue Bravo for showing me bullshit for last few years? Set ups and Lies ever since they brought in Teresa’s entire Fame Whorga family? The set up on Johnny is just another one of Bravos stunts to try keep MeHo and her midget husband from being exposed. They will use him as a pawn to try and make them look squeaky clean. So tired of the lies and set ups and the scripted drama. I really can’t wait to hear it straight from Johnny and Penny themselves. They really have nothing to prove at this point in my opinion. People already believe they are the perpetrators so telling the truth can’t hurt them. JoGo is a freak and so is Bravo. I’m over it! Great Blog faux. Thanks!

    • Hi dina, i agree with you the setup bravo pulled off they should be the ones to blame i hate how they ruined a family.

  4. I hope Bravo gets in serious legal trouble and it wipes the smirk off Miss Andy’s face once and for all.

  5. Great blog, Faux! Bravo doesn’t seem to care about putting private citizens in jeopardy to get their fake drama. The Christening fight was awful especially with all the children and elderly people present. Now this violent attack on Johnny which appears totally planned.

    I hope Johnny makes Bravo pay for this but I also hope something happens with the criminal charges. Bravo is out of control with their scripted fight scenes gone wrong!

    Thank you! Loved the photos!

  6. Bravo, Andy, and the producers need to be exposed and held accountable. I cannot believe Teresa’s parents were once again present to witness the crap and needed medical attention. Bravo is the lowest, Joe Gorga doesn’t deserve to be filmed and I pray the producers and Bravo pay $$ heavily and get very clear rules – NO MORE BULLSHIT. So sick of this stuff. Thank you Faux for keeping an eye on this and reporting.

    • I agree, but it might be all fake like WWF Wrestling. That’s what they can keep telling themselves, or maybe they do fight like this all the time and to them, this is actually no big deal. If the brawling is par for the course, then there could be an unwritten rule that no one sues anyone. of you go to the cops or the lawyers, you are a sissy or s snitch or a sissy snitch. Danielle always implied that they were violent and she was looked at as if she was crazy. Scary huh?

  7. I love how Juicy slams JoGo against the wall like a sack of flour. I wouldn’t have stopped there; I would have jumped up and down on his head a few times. There is nothing in JoGo’s head that could be injured anyway.

  8. All joking aside, remember when this show was fun? (2009) Even with the Danielle nonsense, but it was fun. As soon as Melissa, Joe and Kathy got on the show, it seriously turned into garbage. The fights, the hatred and jealousy. Why would Bravo even entertain the Gorgas or Kathy and her family? I think this show should end as it began, with Dina, Teresa, Jackie, Caroline and yes even Danielle. The Gorgas have seriously ruined things for fans.

  9. I have been wondering whose communion party the sr. Gorgas went to?
    Both grandchildren had parties today??? Has anyone heard????

  10. Another Great one Faux. It is sad but true Bravo is allowed to manipulate their viewers. What happened to REALity. Guess it doesn’t exist anymore. Almost like twitter people stir shit to stay relevant just like Bravo starts shit to keep ratings. Keep up the good work.

  11. great article Faux! Love the pics where Juicy obviously knows how to avoid being attacked and throws the midget on the floor, probably due to his martial arts training. What a complete idiot trying to go up against a guy with a black belt (or some color belt). I have zero plans on watching Season 5, this show is too dark, evil and depressing. I will, however, continue to come here and Famewhorgas site to read the recaps and updates. Keep em coming Faux!

    • I think I read somewhere that Juicy is a 3rd degree black belt. But, I am sure JoGo thought his stripper training would suffice in hand to hand combat… Cuz, we are supposed to believe he was ever good looking enough to be a stripper… Gag

      • i doubt joe was ever in the chippendales type stripper, he is a midget, and not good looking, maybe he stripped at a bachelorette party

    • Could be because Tiny Joe knows Joe had promised his father in law (who he loves and respects) That he would not hurt Tiny Joe. Maybe?

  12. I am so glad to read this Faux. You always put everything in perspective. After reading this I am curious how Bravo is still on the air with all the violence Joe GorGas has committed. Thank you Faux

  13. I have watched the nj housewives from the beginning. Read all the blogs…even though I do not have a twitter…I read those too…….I have never bought a housewife product…..I would never buy their product just because I like them etc….today my husband surprised me with two of Theresa’s cookbooks….I had to laugh…I have made Juicy Joe’s meatballs and the bruschetta chicken that I got off the internet….many times…my family loves both….so that is why my husband surprised me with Theresa’s cookbooks. The cookbooks were purchased because the receipes are good. PERIOD.

    Im not team anybody….but after watching from the 1st season…reading twitter….blogs…I despise people I do not even know……the manzos, lauritas, gorgas, walkies, manzo kids etc…..if you go back to the beginning and read their blogs etc….its very easy to see who has done what and who is lying…they are horrible people.

    Faux what can I say about you…your blog and twitter is spot on…plus you are funny…….I feel like im watching a show…I check twitter and blogs everyday…lol….that queenz, and the rest are grasping at straws……..you pretty much have them going in circles………especially today…lol…keep up the good work….I just realized something im TEAM FAUX.

  14. Hi Faux, follow you on twitter and read your stories. I look forward to THE TRUTH. When all the HWs started, I really liked them but as the seasons went on I find they fire the people with good morals unless they are needed for the person attacked for the season. Some they keep ( Tresa) because she actually brings in viewers but I don’t like that they keep the ones who make the show low class! I get viewers interest pays but come on, violence, ganging up degrading one persons personality is just cruel. Take Alexis and Adrienne, neither did anything that bad to get the punishment they got. New York was more like family friends having fun and petty and funny argument and you grew to love them. Now its two drunk naked 50 yr olds. Jersey was awesome, funny, now its cold dark and just unwatchable. Watching a brother and cousin come on for selfish fame destroyed a family. Beverly Hill has hot mess Brandi who ruined any decency on that one. Atlanta is the only one I can barely watch only because their characters are funny and seem equally strong. I guess I just shouldn’t watch anymore. I’ve expressed my concerns here and there to Bravo on twitter but these people are being rewarded for bad behavior. It just seems they get worse by the season. I would never want my teen daughters watching it, thinking its okay. It’s not Jersey Shore with young people who ate ofcousre going to party these are adult people. I’m very disappointed and just can’t watch anymore. Brings me down. I guess I will be watching Guilianna and Bill and Duck Dynasty, atlesst they are good people having fun in a fun loving way. Thanks for all your hard work. Since Bravo don’t seem to listen, I suppose they will lose loyal viewers and pick up a more violent viewing audience.I forgot to mention, I do like Miami but they will probably turn that into the same as the rest in no time so why support them. You are one smart, strong lady and appreciate your honestly with proof to back it up.

  15. last week we had reruns of hw of new jersy, i recorded it to watch, i just got finished with the rerun of the posh fashion show…you know how hind sight is 20/20 ??? i watched it very closely…..i am wondering if melissa and joe gorga had something to do with the (setup)…..it would ensure a story line so they could continue to season 5…… the gorgas so badly want to take teresa down…we all know this from the audition tape, and also from the christening season 4 episode 1…..melissa claiming she is the victim at the reunion, she was not the least bit surprised to see angelo at the posh fashion show…..was this another ..i will take teresa down moment??? i am 100% sure jaci knew because she and kim d talk everyday for an hour and a half…admited at the reunion show….kim d said everyone knew except kathy and melissa….i don’t think kathy knew but i do think jacki aand melissa and joey knew…joey and richie got there way to fast…way to fast, before the end of the evening…from new jersey to manhattan ??? no way….they were close by…annd what did they use to drive there?? joey went home in melissa car, i truely do not think that teresa knew what was going to happen
    does anyone have an idea about the set up??????

    • I wondered about Melissa being involved, because she was too smug about Angelo.

      In addition, when Melissa called Joe, his response to her informing him about the “dancer” allegation was without a doubt a canned preplanned response. “Dancer, you won’t even dance for me.” It was an odd response for someone who claims they have such a hot sexual relationship.

      Regarding Joe & Richie’s arrival, however, the Fashion Show was at a restaurant in West New York, New Jersey. It is two towns over from Hoboken. From what I understood, Richie and Joe were at Albie’s apartment. It would have taken them less than 10 minutes to get to the venue from Hoboken.

      • Didn’t Joey say in either a talking head or at the reunion that he was at home and had to get a babysitter for the kids? At a different time Joey said he was at Albie’s apartment.
        Personally, I think that Lookers knew something was going to go down and she and Joey were ready and playing the roles of victims.

      • I truly believe you on that, it’s just to darn easy to blame it on Teresa all the time.

        I have a question: How long before a show airs does the cast get it to look at it. Only reason I’m asking is because Ashlee said on twitter today Just caught the first episode of #RHONJ Season 5……. All I can say is “OOF”… I hope you guys are ready…

        She isn’t even a cast member.

      • In the past the cast has mentioned getting the shows about 5 days in advance.
        Ashley is living at home again so she was able to watch it with her mother. I hope the comment means that she, her mother and the cast of lying cheating phoney famewhores are finally shown as they are in everyday life. What we have been shown of most of them on TV is so much nicer compared to how they are on twitter when there are no producers to slice and dice their bad mouthing and bashing of anyone that doesn’t bow and kiss they butts to the cutting room floor

      • I read on Facebook today that Looney toons plastic surgery may be used on the show this year. Uggggggggggg that’s all we need.

    • Hey Juat me, same here! I just finished watching past seasons as well and saw things very differently 2 nd time around! I realize that Caroline is not as smart as she portrays herself, complete idiot! The Manzo family dynamic is whacked & not healthy. Caro thinks very highly of herself esp as a mother while reality is her kids are pathetic w no real goals. It’s funny to go back & watch past seasons knowing what we know now. Melissa & Joe G are JEALOUS and if anyone does not see thru them, I’m sorry! It was pathetic to see Joe G act so insecure and really has tons of jealousy built up! MeHO is beyond fake and her true colors are shown in season 3 on how desperate they are to be famous! If you really look back at the comments & body language etc.. You will be able to read between lines w these people! The Marco sisters are also gross! Yikes! Scary looking & also desperate for fame(NEVER WILL HAPPEN). Just look @ Melissa’s facial exp & listen to her comments for her true identity. She plays victim but really is the one who is liar!
      Anyways, I could go on & on but won’t . Just saw differently after re watching past seasons! It just confirms that I can’t stand Manzo, Gorga, Liarita, Wakiles ! I have no respect for them! Thanks Faux, best site!!!

  16. It makes me so angry that Lauren was included in the reunion show, why was she there just for another person to bash Teresa? It just ticks me off… Are they going to push Lauren down our throats now? She is a snotty bit** … I hope caro doesn’t push to get Lauren engaged on camera and have the wedding filmed for the show or a spin off…
    I think I would blow a stroke if that happens I swear I will…..you heard it here first folks
    See Caroline I say that too….next step for me is an advice book…I could sell a copy or 2
    I think the title should be .

      • that’s true…..and then i could write a disgusting book about having a hot and sexy marriage…..melissa has such nerve thinking everyone wants a marriage like hers….i am married 28 years and i could not give advice except how to pretent i am part deaf…..and how to ignoresomeone who snores….lol

      • Anyone who buys that rag has to be out of their mind. I wonder if there are going to be graphics in the book. All 1 position. LOL :-)

      • I went to amazon last night to see the reviews of Caroline’s book, 1 or 3 fans gave it a great review but all the rest were terrible reviews, a few said the she talked about he fancy card and how people are always driving past the house and they steal her mail….come on Caroline get over your self….

      • Fancy smancy BS. Who is going to take the chance of going to jail for a Federal Offense by stealing Carowhine’s mail. She’s a POS dreamer.

      • spababe. who would ever pay good money for caroline’s advise??? really just is on the outs with half her family! her kids all got bought into a business! she moved from her house to an apartment to be up her sons butt! her husband only comes home a couple days a week! she calls people terrible names! her kids call people terrible names! the sons like to fight. yeh she is someone to give advice.

    • Hi, JustMeP! I think you hit the nail on the head with your observation about Lauren getting engaged to Poor PuppetMastered Vito in front of the cameras. That dude is trapped like a vice, he ain’t getting away!

      • I figure they are going to get married on bravos money, looking for a spin off….like anyone would watch that spoiled brat, she is a know it all like her mother

      • Bravo would be committing suicide if they ever gave that fat pig a spin-off. She could sit on her lounge chair and eat bon bons all day. It does look like she has gained again. Pig bitch….. :-)

      • Spababe. if they gave her a spin off it would bomb and we know Caroline will blame Teresa

      • How very true, everything is blamed on Teresa. They are all a bunch of Plastic Ass Wipes.

      • Poor Vito Caroline and Lauren will eat him up and spit him out, I bet Caroline is going to want to change him from a cheese and sausage maker to the manager of the brownstone….

      • Denny Zen. can you imagine if Vito says enough and doesn’t marry Lauren? her brothers will beat him up! mama will black ball his family
        and daddy’s connections will break his knee caps

  17. There is way too much HATE now on this show! I can’t stand to watch a bunch of jealous ladies fighting to stay relevant! These witches are so jealous of Tre that it’s becoming “stalkerish” & creepy @ how much they talk about her!

    • @Monkey I watched the first season and except for the first 3 episodes, the show centered around the Manzos and Tre bashing Danielle. Same for season 2. Seasons 3 and 4 were all about bashing Tre. Season 5 is about them all trying to keep their contracts and hawk their wares, except for Tre whom I predict will get the heck out of dodge at the end of season 5 when her contract is up!

  18. Gorga is on steriods, then what the hell is Guidice on Flintstone Vitamins? Both of them, both Gorga & Guidice needs to get SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE & SIT THEIR TIRED ARSES DOWN. Don’t just blame Gorga when Guidice is right in there with him!

  19. The way Joe demands sex from Melissa is horrible. Getting mad because you don’t get a piece of *** is called sexual abuse. If you are married and your spouse gets pissed off because you didn’t have sex with him is called maritual sexual abuse.

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