RHONJ: Gotti Dishes on Rino’s Wondering Eye

Teresa Aprea is half of the hot new dynamic twins on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  She has it all: a successful marriage, husband who is always the life of the party, a handsome son and two (soon to be three) successful family restaurants. 

Teresa (pronounced Te-Ressa) makes it all look effortless. But getting to where she is today took grit and determination that only a super hero could have pulled off.

teresa twins blogTeresa and Rino were married in 1991. Shortly thereafter in 1995, their son Giovanni was born – a loving family by all appearances.  But “happily ever after” wasn’t meant to be.

In 1999, Teresa caught Rino with another woman – a dancer / stripper (or by Melissa’s definition – bartender).  Teresa packed Rino’s bags and sent him on his way. They divorced that same year. “No one puts Teresa in the corner” not even Rino.

Not to be outdone or discouraged, Teresa started a new chapter in her life.  She didn’t dwell on “the other woman,” but rather focused on her son and concentrating on herself. Teresa was no longer the stay at home mom waiting for her man to come home.   She respected Rino for being Giovanni’s dad but everything else was over . . . almost. . .

After Rino’s initial interest in the stripper / dancer / bartender, he woke up to a lonely house as a part time dad and no loving wife. So the “entrepeNOOR” set his mind to getting his family back.

twins teresa family afterAfter a sentence of ELEVEN YEARS (felons get less time) which required lots of making up, Teresa let Rino back into her heart (and her house) full time. Teresa and Rino remarried on New Years Eve in 2010 with friends and family at their home.

As they resume their Happily Ever After. . .

So why does Victoria Gotti spill the tea? It looks like producers want to perpetuate the myth that the dynamic Napolitano twins are knee deep in family scandals. Don’t be fooled – these ladies are straight up family oriented women.

How does Victoria Gotti know the Twins? The Napolitano family grew up in Victoria Gotti and Linda Scarpa’s old neighborhood. Oh if we could get them to dish about old times and old loves . . .

7 thoughts on “RHONJ: Gotti Dishes on Rino’s Wondering Eye

  1. Faux,
    Do you think your can start blogging a recap on #RHNJ?
    After all you did open this site up for that reason last two seasons. Now that JTG is out of picture, if you do decide to blog, can you try not to be bias? Too many bloggers out there who are bias. Can you at least answer me yes or no?
    I ask because I see so many people asking you questions and you do not answer.

  2. You were one of my favorite blogspots about the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I miss yous blogs, as well as Fame’s blogs. It appears you are close to the action, please consider blogging again.

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