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RHONJ: Gorga We Pay Our Bills . . .Sometimes . . . But Not Lately

In another installment of As The Gorgas Turn, it appears that when Melissa Gorga announced “We Pay Our Bills” what she really meant to say was “We Pay Our Bills . . . sometimes .  .  . but not lately .  .  . so call me . . . maybe .  .  . baayyybeee”

It appears that the very successful businessman that Faux Reality portrays is sinking rapidly. Tax Liens on Gorga’s properties have been outstanding for so long that they can now be purchased by third parties in the form of tax lien certificates.

Cities give property owners incentive to pay their property taxes on time – if they don’t pay they are assessed a penalty of 18% interest on over due amount and a tax lien certificate is issued.  The city then sells the tax lien certificate to a third party at auction. The third party purchases the certificate to pay off the property taxes and in turn is entitled to collect the taxes, plus 18% interest per year from the property owner.  Tax lien certificates are superior to other liens or mortgages (except Federal liens), so the third party who purchases the tax lien certificate can force a foreclosure.

Apparently the Gorgas didn’t pay their property taxes on the Paterson property because the City of Paterson recorded several Tax Lien Certificates

On September 5, 2012, Pro Capital I, LLC purchased the following:

On   [insert all tax lien certificates]

Why would a successful businessman fail to pay his taxes for such a period of time to allow a tax lien certificate to be auctioned in foreclosure?

Why would a successful businessman need private short term loans with artificially inflated interest rates?

Insert docs

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24 thoughts on “RHONJ: Gorga We Pay Our Bills . . .Sometimes . . . But Not Lately”

  1. Ewwww that picture sucks. Strip away her glitter false lashes, hairstraightener or not – this stripper is a little rough lookin, like…ridden hard put back wet kinda rough. Oh and they’re so fake. And. POOR.

  2. Yeah, if they paid their mortgage, there would have been $ in escrow to pay the taxes, but I bet because they stopped making mortgage payments, the escrow stopped being funded. Therefore, no money to pay.

    Awwww. How sad! LOL.

  3. Stickey Fingers and Josephine Marco are FRAUDS/POSERS they begged to get on the show to ruin Teresa #FAILED and to collect a paycheck, because their BROKE. THE END

    1. Exactly! Period point blank ! Why did we have to endure 2 years of torture? I said this from beginning about these 2 & people thought I was just a bitch! These 2 r biggest FRAUDS! Mego next song will b POSERS! So glad this site came out!!

  4. He stopped paying the mortgage and in so doing he didn’t have money in escrow to pay the taxes. And he pretty much said that F you do whatever to the property, I have the money anyway. A successful business man wouldn’t leave a tax lien this long or at all if he was doing good business. He’s out of money and has no way of getting more and is hoping for a good payday from the McMansion (I didn’t know he was evicted, is that true?) and the Beach House. I can’t wait for there whole house of cards to come down and we will see two things. One, how poor they really are and Two she blaming her husband Joe the midget on everything bad that will happen. Including saying he was abusive and that is why she is leaving him for another guy.

    The midget is being set up for a major fall and he will have no money and a family he scorned for his stripper wife.

    1. She’ll acuse him of physical and verbal abuse as soon as the money runs out. I wouldn’t be suprised if she was on the prowl for her next mark.

      1. whoopsie- you took the words right outta my mouth! I’m just waiting for that shoe to drop……which sounds like anyday now

        1. I agree with her leaving him, but my money is on Melissa blaming Teresa. She is going to cry in interviews how she “tried to stay with Joe, but Teresa would not stop interfering”. She will walk away smelling like a Rose, and Joe will probably try to strangle Teresa for NO REASON.

          I actually feel bad for the little guy. Melissa has him brainwashed.

  5. This picture reminds me of Jo De La Rosa from OC Seasons 1 and 2. In fact, this pic looks more like Jo than the Newark Airport Runway Stripper. (yes, you can see Lookers from the airport.)

  6. Teresa & Joe own their money problems and the rest of the cast needs to do the same. I have no sympathy for any of them. BUT Teresa has grit and she’s a survivor. She’s setting an example and not downing drinks or looking for a sugar daddy.

  7. Does anyone recognize the name Pia Zadora? Her elderly, extremely wealthy husband promised to spoil her if she became his trophy wife. Her dream was to be a singer. She didn’t have a lot of talent but studio recording tricks made her at least not suck. Imagine a female David Hasselhoff lol. It didn’t hurt that she played herself as a sexpot who just knows everyone thinks she’s hot and talented. Her husband paid for the recordings, and the radio stations to play them. He used his connections to get her guest starring parts on tv, talk shows and.and magazine covers. The public knew it was a fake career, and so did she.She didn’t care why she was on, only that she was on. She wanted exposure fame AND MONEY. Her husband was more than happy to accommodate her. She stretched her 15 minutes into a tiny career and a question on a trivia game card. This sounds like exactly what joe go and mego are aiming for. But jogo doesen’t
    have the money to pull it off. He’s gone to dark places to get the payday he needs to give her the dream and sadly he thinks she really has enough talent to earn some serious money and save them. Melissa’s career is putting them in the poorhouse! She can’t deliver the goods and he can’t buy her a flea market gig. Something sad is going to happen here and i think jogo will suffer the worst for it.

  8. Jogo also has the burden of his own fame mission. The man just can’t not have a piece of the same attention for any reason. Thats why he panders to every sexual identity group there is. Horny housewives, tough guys, college girls, gays and cougars all get his arrention. Now he just seems like a pervert sell-out. They’re both losers in my book. Sorry about the length of that Pia Zadora memory, kinda gives away my

  9. Oh really and Melissa lied and said she wanted to move away from Teresa, but in fact…they cannot afford that home or there lifestyle. Melissa, ur Crappy singing career and bull book sucks and both r fakes and autotuned…don’t be dumb people…don’t buy…thank u…team Teresa! U see how it was all edited to make Teresa look bad. But Teresa is the good one!!!

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