RHONJ Gorga & The Shirtless Man in Hotel Room

Joey Gorga’s tweets are often strange and difficult to follow since he posts like a horny teenager. He never fails to surpass his bizarre behavior.


Last week was no exception.  On or about Saturday, January 19, 2013, Melissa Gorga posted that she and Joey were dining with friends.  The photograph is interesting in that Melissa made no attempt to get close to “the love of her life.”

Joey Melissa with sergio and lisa

At 1:30 am that evening, Joey Gorga tweeted the following:

joey gorga and shirt less manWho was the shirtless man, what was he doing in a hotel room at 1:30 am with Joey Gorga and why was Joey asking his tweeter followers what they thought of “his boys [sic] body”?

Yesterday, Joey Gorga posted a photo with shirtless man stating that “life is good”

joey gorga shirtless sergio life is goodIn the photo are Melissa Gorga’s mother’s boyfriend, Melissa’s Brother in law Scott Simpson and shirtless man. The “women” took a separate photo:

gorga lisa roberti dinner with melissa

We know that the Gorgas crave publicity and we wouldn’t put it past them to use the Kim Z and Danielle Staub trick of feigning a same sex relationship to please the network.

Shirtless man’s wife has a twitter acct that sent 7 tweets since August, 2012, all tweets are about their encounters with the Gorgas. Nevertheless, shirtless man seems to have become attached to Joey Gorga as of late.

A source close to Joey Gorga has revealed that shirtless man is Sergio Roberti. His wife’s name is Lisa and they have become “close” to the Gorgas as of late.

16 thoughts on “RHONJ Gorga & The Shirtless Man in Hotel Room

  1. Is Andy UNDER that table?

    No wonder this WHACK couple are so heavily promoted and favorably edited!

    BRAVOtv and NBC need to get control of “their boy” Andy Cohen – he is single-handedly ruining this one fun Housewife franchise!

  2. Damn, Hooka needs some teabags or something for those saggy baggy eyes. Is it just me or does she look like she has aged 10 years in the past 2 years? Gotta be all those late nights of lip syncing and swingers parties.

  3. MeGo looks rode hard an put back wet in that pic. Perhaps all the chatter all over the internet about her and drugs are somewhat true – she does have that look.

  4. We have a restaurant by that name right in Manahawkin and there is one in the Poconos. I’m going out on a limb to say the shirtless guy is the guy in the first picture with the menu from lesorelle. I think there was a change of shirt and I think they all went to Pa to see MeHO. Wasn’t she in the Poconos that night. Mt. Airy Casino because that is where the restaurant is. They had rooms for the night and pics were taken in one of the room. The other pic could have been at breakfast the next morning. OK just going out on that fat limb. :-)

  5. Ok there is something seriously wrong with this whole overall picture. I dont know one heterosexual male that shows/tweets a pic of a shirtless male to ask how his body is. This to me is just another piece of the puzzle that is coming together of the midget maybe being “in the closet” so to speak and putting up this whole “comfortable with his sexuality” scenarios to make people think oh yeah he is all about this, that the other thing. It looks like the midget isnt really into women and that meho is just that……….a ho! Hey I could be wrong but I see others on different boards have pretty much come to the same conclusion. I wish to god someone would just say the hell with it and blow the lid right off everything with these two. I for one would love to see karma come around slap them hard then bend them over to drive the point home! Yep cant stand either of them!

  6. Why is it that I never see any of the comments I make come through in my emails even though I check notify me by email. I get everyone else’s though. :-(

  7. TY Faux! The pic of 4 of them @ dinner, just look @ the body language , it says a lot ! Now they are not only liars, frauds, fakes they turned CREEPY! Ugh! They are so gross & tweet stupid BS . If she is such the greatest mom then why is it every weekend they are out partying?? Away from home. Really hope this ends soon and they get what’s coming their way, not fair to ruin a family all for fame! The whole Marco clan are low life scum! What they tweeted to that Bulldog guy was beyond wrong& crossed the line . Never wish death on anyone! But I guess desperate people will do anything! Work w many fake girls & Melissa is queen of smoke & mirrors.. If anyone started back @ beg of RHONJ when Melissa joined & read/watched all her then world would know what a fraud she is ! Girl can’t even keep up w her own lies! Walking / Talking contradiction!

    • I don’t know I hate to think like this but I don’t trust these people with Bryan..
      Does anyone else wonder if the crazy Marcos might want to hurt him? As a way to hush him up ??? Or am I being paranoid? Maybe I watch to much tv.

  8. Also notice the placement of menu….. Can you say they got a free meal for that pic they tweeted?! So desperate for $$$$ ! What happens when you live above your means!
    Faux, so much respect for you & all you do w the research! Thanks to you, I found Bulldog & donated to JR & also followed them.. I’ve seen what has been written on twitter& if I could jump thru my iPhone & scream @ the minions I would as they r truly disgusting!! I have learned lots from this site & appreciate it!! Also w those nasty QOMedia , just shows you type of people they ass w.. I got your back Faux!! You were extremely sweet to Bulldog! U Rock!!

    • To Lobstah…I agree! I’ve never seen this couple before and all of a sudden..there they are. Aside from the shirtless photo, they do look rather conservative. LOL

  9. wonder how bravo will tell us, how poison joe and mellissa will explain how they lost teresa\s parents home and have to live in rental now?unless they sweep it under the rug as usual

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