RHONJ: Gorga Dumb & Dumber : Dumbest Couple on Bravo

Who is the dumbest couple of the Real Housewives’ franchises?

Just when Faux Reality shows Missy and Joey as the perfect little nymphomaniacs of the franchises, reality hits us smack between the eyes to show that Dumb and Dumber belong together. [Please pull out the Dictionary of Stupid Translations to decipher what Dumb and Dumber mean hereinunder]

The 2nd Grade teacher wannabe who made $100 tips for serving drinks states that she means it when she calls a WHAT?

Bless Missy’s Non-Existent Heart!

How many times did it take for the 2nd Grade teacher wannabe (who needed bigger boobs)  to “EGGMIT” IT . . .

This is the VICTIM who called her  in laws dumb and dumber? Clearly she hadn’t heard of the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” sing-a-long.

When a fan asks Joey to send a tweet to her deployed  husband, how does Dumber respond?

Clearly Brad shouldn’t “quick” when another door opens.


Just when Dumber finally begins to “learn his letters” . . .

Reality shows that he’s still a dummy because he plagiarized the tweet from Madea:

“Joey, I know Madea, and u Joey, are no Madea!” Then again if Madea helps Joey Dummy Pants learn his alphabet, maybe violating basic twitter terms isn’t that bad.

When Dumber was called on the plagiarized tweet, his response was to plagiarize yet another tweet:

The only thing worse than a dummy is a dummy who thinks he’s a Genius.

Of course who can ever forget Orange man’s tweet thanking the best sis:

So pop quiz time, who is the dumbest couple of Reality TV?

Special thanks and shout out to Plagiarism Police Sucka @USoCrazay and Madepiley for her entertaining Videos!!

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46 Responses to RHONJ: Gorga Dumb & Dumber : Dumbest Couple on Bravo

  1. Barb Aroneo Roach says:

    I have to agree…..let the work begin :-)

  2. Buck Henry says:

    Ditto, they are dumb as hell.

  3. cammierari says:

    LOL this ought to be GOOD!

  4. kelly says:

    OMG Faux I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

  5. madamedummy says:

    ruth is even dumber for asking the neanderthal lil’ porno dwarf …
    what did she expect from that illiterate POS ….?????!!!!!

    • Stlrfan8 says:

      I don’t think Ruth asked the question… but I’ll scroll back up and look. 😉 I think she was just calling him a dummy by pointing out his idiocy

  6. Linda Carrier says:

    OMG no wonder she couldn’t obtain a teaching permit and state license. Thank Gawd! Eggmit? I have never heard an adult sound so dumb. Their first season filming, they both had a hard time with work “ethic!” these teo are so pathetic. They better stick to their scams because in the grown up real world — they are completely lost. I mean Joey grew up in an italian speaking home – but wtf is MeGo’s excuse? But then her ethnicity is a question she will never answer when asked. She just say’s, “I have always been asked that, even my sisters teased me when I was little,” ghezz-just embrace it-no big deal! Be a better role-model for your kids. She shows shame at all the wrong things in life…..Dumb and Dumber for Days. lol

  7. Nora J says:

    and to think that one of these dim wits was planning on being a part of our flailing education system, “Shudder”, close call!

  8. hoolie says:

    Messy has rubbed off on lil joey marco…… she’s the queen of copy cats and now he is auditioning for prince.
    he better hope madea doesn’t come and smack the hell out of him! LOL!!

  9. Honnie Badger says:

    I think this couple is the most Neanderthal like. I can literally envision them in a cave, Joe hoisting his club while they both wear real leopard skin, as he grunts while dragging Melissa by the hair so he can try in vain to deposit some poison.

  10. Mesocrazy says:

    Omg! So funny! He is deployed not unemployed!! TY 4 making me spit my cappuccino all over my iPad !! Priceless entertainment by these FOOLING FRAUDS! Fabulous Work Faux!

  11. WCW says:

    What is ironic is that these two really, truly, honestly believe they are smart and saavy. They entertain us with their lack of self awareness and lack of education. And at the end of the day, they still don’t realize that instead of breaking Teresa they really helped her businesses and made her more successful. Epic fail.

  12. Buck Henry says:

    There idiots who are “ghetto” rich pure and simple.

  13. RahRah says:

    I had to laugh..no wonder Teresa is confused I am too..

    • Honnie Badger says:

      Hey, RahRah! You got the crazy batwings too! Must make us related via avatar? :)

      On a serious note, really feel so badly for Teresa because of how badly her little brother has been treating her especially since he found “fame” on the same show she’s been featured on; they were so close as children. Must be heartbreaking. Ugh.

  14. MrsZiggy1988 says:

    They are beyond dumb. There is no way Stickey Fingers was ever a teacher of anything. Who can’t pronouce “admit?” The sad part of it all is, THEY HAVE CHILDREN. Poor kids. They are truly dumb!!!!!! Teresa graduated from college with a degree. Stickey Fingers must have a degree in Ho-Ology with a minor in Dumification. I don’t even believe Stickey Fingers passed her GED on her own, someone probably took it for her.

  15. Barb Aroneo Roach says:

    You guys are just so darn funny. Been a long morning here so this just boosted me up


  16. Barb Aroneo Roach says:

    But, MEHOHOHO has her teaching degree doesn’t she? :-)

  17. madepiley says:

    I have thought for a long time that JoGo’s twitter is being twitted by a dumb chick. Ever since the twit he sent to Jay Mohr calling him “cruel” for rippin on MeGo’s singing abilities. So when Lysol tweeted that she changed JoGo’s picture it sorta confirmed it for me.

  18. madepiley says:

    What Poppa Gorga would like to say to Joey Gorga.
    Not the punchin in the mouth part, but the loin part.

  19. fyifyi says:

    The @MadeaSimmons_ account above is also a parody of Tyler Perry’s/@MadeaSimmons

  20. whoopsie says:

    A while ago, I saw a tweet from MeHo where she cited “pier pressure”. The funny part is she thinks she is so clever. They deserve each other, two famehungry nitwits.

  21. Barb Aroneo Roach says:

    For someone who supposedly has a teaching degree, she’s stupid. Peer pressure, not pier pressure. Any 5th grader knows that. Stupid Ass MEHOHOHO!!!! :-)

    • Honnie Badger says:

      Barb, but don’tcha know that Mego always felt the pressure to turn tricks on the pier! See, her comfort zone is dark parking lots behind cheap T&A joints.

    • Bessie says:

      I do not believe Meho spent much time in class. She would have ner been certified anyway.

  22. madepiley says:

    Off Topic but yall do know the world is a fixin to end dont che?

    • madepiley says:

      Odd that is happens right after Colorado and Washington legalize weed. Sorry Woody, you cant win em all.

      • elemcee says:

        Made, I will be on a quest for Suzy-Qs in about two hours, but I am gonna guess they are already gone! Have to try though. I did find some copycat recipes yesterday!

  23. old NJ Lady says:

    on November 14 POS Joey Marco posted on his twitter account
    “How is everyone doing? What a Ruff two weeks. ”
    I really believe that there is something mentally wrong with him. Lookers always takes control when they are interviewed. She does all the talking and he just stand there looking like the dumbass that he is.

  24. Alissa Rose says:

    Oh my goodness, talk about laugh! Thank you for this funny article. It would be worth watching his Twitter just to come up with these moments of unintended comedic gold! It is shameful that he does not know what ‘deployed’ means – but then again, keep him away from anything military, if he joined up and got deployed it would be disastrous!!!

  25. Dina says:

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! I can’t stop laughing! Omg! Funniest blog I’ve read! Thank You for keeping me laughing! Love your work!

  26. hwcrazygal says:

    Too Funny and sad that it’s So Darn True!! More to come for sure….

  27. LMAO in Louisiana says:

    Let’s not forget “a wench like me.” These are what we call “gorgisms.”

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