RHONJ: Gorga Admission Proves Teresa is Target

Tabloids and Social Media is abuzz about Real Housewives of New Jersey. Bravo has once again shifted the focus of whether Melissa Gorga cheated (thus making her Marriage Advice Book a farce) to whether Teresa Giudice was involved in the cheating rumor.

Bravo commenced a media blitz, complete with select previews and E OnLine stories (E-OnLine is owned by NBC) while Siren Media attempts to shut down the target of the blitz from defending herself.

The previews of Episode 16 allegedly show Penny telling Joe and Melissa Gorga that Teresa is behind the cheating rumor. But nothing is what it seems when it comes to RHONJ.

As previously reported herein and on numerous sites,

  • On February 28, 2013, Joe and Melissa Gorga met with Penny Drossos at Chakra;
  • On March 16, 2013, the Gorgas went to Arizona with the rest of the RHONJ cast.

While in Arizona, Melissa Gorga states that there is no proof that Teresa was involved in spreading the cheating rumor. The following is the clip from Bravo TV evidencing Melissa stating “there is no proof”:

Clip from RHONJ BravoTV.com

So as of March 16, 2013, Melissa Gorga acknowledges that there is no proof that Teresa was involved!

The preview that Bravo has released is a “spliced and diced” meeting that the Gorgas had with Penny Drossos on February 28, 2013!

Why would Melissa Gorga say there was no proof if Penny Drossos had outed Teresa 2 weeks earlier? It’s simple.

Penny never outed Teresa at Chakra. Melissa and Joe didn’t have proof in Arizona (2 weeks later). Somewhere along the line, the Chakra footage was edited to give the illusion that Teresa was to blame. But Chakra could not be shown in sequential order because the Gorgas couldn’t confront Teresa with “proof” that didn’t exist. No problem for Bravo. They simply switched the order in which they aired the Arizona trip and Chakra.


With some crafty editing and attempts to shut down the parties who know the truth, Teresa comes out looking like she was responsible, Melissa once again plays victim and Penny looks like she turned.

After 5 Seasons of being force fed bad editing, we’re not buying it! Can we have another?

For those still in doubt, perhaps this will help, Production orders Pump Rules star Kristen to leave the location or be arrested then Bravo blames her for leaving:

Bravo plays games Pump Rules

Another glaring example or the “Blame Teresa Game” is Teresa’s conversation with her mother in law, Filomena Giudice, when the dialogue was edited to make it appear as if Mama Giudice was talking about Melissa when she was not:

Mother in law Melissa Filomena

Even though Melissa knew the truth, she played Victim once again, thanks to Bravo.

Reality by Bravo. . .

77 thoughts on “RHONJ: Gorga Admission Proves Teresa is Target

  1. If Bravo does this there will be a lot of angry fans, penny has already told the truth on her own blog…..if they do the splice and dice to this scene they will lose a lot of fans, teresa has the largest fan base of show…..so unless bravo is planning to end the housewive of new jersey, this will fail big time….

    • I am so done with Bravo. The way they just twisted the Gorga Cheated story line is wrong. They have just insulted the intelligence of all of their fans. I will NEVER watch again.

      • Oct. 9 Toms River Hand and Stone $59.95 per person on her facebook Melissa Gorga
        that takes big brass balls. Someone wrote this:

        The owners of hand and stone are her relatives. They have something to do with the marco sisters. M was fostered or adopted by them. M was not raised by her real parents. Nothing to be ashamed of jyst tell the real truth. M is beautiful talented living mother and wife. But when your in the public eye you need to be truthful. Best of luck M

      • many here including myself are rooting for Teresa that is true, however you MUST agree that even if you can not stand her, that they are doing the wrong thing here by clipping snips together to make her look guilty, helping the Gorgas by banning people from saying anything bad about them, so whether you like or dislike someone, fair is fair and bullying is bullying, and they are bullying the hell out of her and NOBODY deserves that!

  2. The only way viewers get the point across to bravo tv is to keep the anger of this going on social media and complain to their sponsors. $$$ is ALL they care about. And why watch the reunion? Why watch any more of the Bravo garbage tonight? Don’t keep giving this show the ratings.

    • I’d been recording the shows but only watched the first five or so. It was great to see that the tides were turning… or so it seemed. I don’t even record it any more. I actually stopped watching because I couldn’t stand looking at Melissa, Joey, Kathy, Richie… eh it’s easier to say the only ones I like are the Guidices. I still had the episodes I didn’t watch on my DVR however. Then I heard about the extent of the con job they were pulling. It was actually quite satisfying to hit the delete button and *poof* gone. I’m done. It’s the first RH show I’ve crossed off my list and will continue to be unless what should happen happens. NY may be next.

  3. if they make melissa the victim again by the reuion, lets boycott everything bravo and andy’s show, give them all fall and winter to see the big loss of teresa’s fans we\ll laugh as we read the ratings fall on all bravo shows

  4. Did anyone ever think that actually T is the victim and Bravo plays it like this to increase her product sales and popularity. Two years in a row she has been voted most popular housewife and her products sell better than any other HW. I mean, Bravo and Sirens would have to be a pretty lame excuse for a business by letting all this info leak out to the public thus destroying their credibility. I think it has actually been more profitable for them to play it this way. They don’t care about the Gorga’s or the Manzo’s, they are chump change. T is where the money is and they portray her in a way that she has commanded a strong fan base that will support her through anything even fraud. I love T so I am not saying anything negative here but all of this is just starting to be a little to contrived for me. I mean even T would pull the plug, which she hasn’t, if this was all true. I think she would think about her family before money and if this was being detrimental to her family she would be out. She is able to walk away at the end of a filming day and put it behind her. Even after the last reunion there were shots of her and Juicy in a hot tub taking it easy after that horrible reunion she looked content and happy. I think T knows full well what all this is about and she does her job and goes home…..end of story.

    • No. She HAS to work to pay back the Government and the lawyers. I think that Juicy made her happy in the tub. He was being extra attentative.

    • She has a contract. She can’t walk away unless she wants the repercussions which may be include Teresa paying them.

      As far as the info leaking… They can’t hush everyone. Penny for one. Penny admitted that she didn’t answer that question “Teresa.” She was asked other questions to which the answer was “Teresa.” That’s all they need.

  5. Stop the madness! I just want to scream at Bravo. We should (@Bravo ) them all day, letting them know viewers have had enough with their shady shenanigan. Maybe we can shame them into doing the right thing?

      • bulldog is a real person, he;s from bayonne, nj(so am i) is suffering from brain cancer. one more thing lol messy lived in bayonne too. i didn’t know her,thank g thats why she and her sisters are going after him, he was one of her lovers and knows alot.

  6. I am so sick of “It’s Teresa’s Fault” show. It has been the same story since her midget brother & despicable SIL came on the show. It’s old. It’s boring. And I’m done. These two coming on RHONJ singlehandly ruined what would have been a enjoyable inside look into how dynamic, strong & fun loving Jersey women really are. Thanks Faux for always bringing us the truth to what is really being shown.

  7. I called Bravo out when Kristin tweeted that comment. Of course the response was “crickets”. I loved that FINALLY someone from any Bravo cast, had guts enough to tell the truth!

    Of course we all know Bravo has always done selective, deliberately misleading editing. We know Miss Andy condones it because he is on record as stating he has a hand in editing the episodes himself. But the cast are bullied into silence, threatened with legal actions, thrown to the other cast as red meat, or edited in ways to make them appear villains when they aren’t.

    SO glad someone has the guts to call it out. (As Brandi Glanville said to Adrienne: “Call it out!”. ) Done.

    • For all of the imbeciles (not us, of course) who have been blah, blah, blahing about how Brandi Glanville is a breath of fresh air, and a truth teller, she just said Ritchie the walking hemorrhoid Wakile is her favorite cast member. I rest my case once and for all. She is an uncouth, low-class idiot.

      I did not watch last night’s show, because I refuse to participate in any minor way in this absolute bullshit another day. Guess what? I survived! I lived! I have no stress. I got to see Melissa make an asshole out of herself once again by singing on SH., I read Faux’s tweets and I read Fame. No fishy connoli aftertaste in the mouth today. Somehow, I feel cleaner. The douchebags in my own extended family seem a little more palatable today. I might make up with a cousin or two. And to Me Celi below, Bravo already has one death on their hands, the death of Russell Armstrong who said, “They are going to crucify me this year.” and then hung himself. Do you really think they give a crap about hurting the Guidice children? Just as Andy will not stop until he has had sex in the bushes with every gay fellow on a certain stretch of beach in the Hamptons, they won’t stop until they stop getting their jollies destroying innocent people’s lives and reputations. Which is never.
      At least now, even the participants are are leaking that it is all bullshit. They are being exposed for the pustules that they are.

      • Hey Gessie. I was wondering why Famewhorgas is now private. I have been reading this blog and Fame for the last year at least but now cannot access Fame anymore. Do you know what’s up?

  8. bravo n mssandusky will be sorry if ANYTHING happens to any of the guidices children included.why does bravo exc,not step in and do something about this n fire msandy.
    the public is SICK of it

  9. Wow this is like terrifying, Teresa must be tired of all this. It makes me cry. Geesh Bravo needs to do something different. It’s becoming tiring

  10. Im going to write to BRAVO after each episode of rhnj to say we know what they are
    doing…shame on them! If everyone who reads fame and faux does it we can at least
    Have our voices heard. Im always blocked on BRAVO blogs…so maybe this will get their attention.its infuriating that TSIL & slojoe have gained popularity based on the LIES of BRAVO/ANDy/SIRENS. If the Truth were known they would be laughing stocks.
    I want everyone not just us to know the truth.

  11. Hey
    On the Bravo site , I called Melissa and Bravo out and for that they just won’t let me post anything anymore. I did not use any sort of language I did not curse ,I just didn’t like Melissa and the Bravo BS.
    Can you believe that they just want to influence the public opinion about the show and won’t let the viewers express their opinion? BRAVO is disgusting!!!

  12. I wrote to Melissa’s blog on BRAVO that I suspect that there never was Strippergate or any Cheating rumour , that Melissa and Bravo made everything up so that she can blame Teresa, therefore stay relevant on the show. That’ when I got blocked from Bravo. Coincidence? I think not…

  13. I can’t stand Melissa or Teresa’s brother Joe to go on a Reality show to Hurt his very own sister Teresa an all cuz of “Money” and “Fame” . All the BS an Hurt, Pain that Both of them did to Teresa an her husband Joe and their 4 Girls Now that is so Disgusting an just wrong .

  14. I for one do not care any longer about any of them. They all lie. The two idiot Morgos are disgusting POS who lie to further themselves. They are peons. Johnny is going to make the ho a star with her auto tune, what is she tuning for him? The show is over, no one is relevant any longer no even all the bs with the ho. She did the guy in the parking lot so own up to it.

  15. I am tired of the sh*tty editing and slice and dice to create a faux story line. Blech!!!! The highlight of the evening was watching the live tweets about how absurd the cut-and-paste job was.

  16. I am hungover from tailgating all day yesterday and even I could pull out all the chop-shop editing jobs. Perhaps being hungover heightened my senses or it was that obvious. I am guessing it was that obvious because I haven’t done much of anything today outside of eating and drinking water LOL

  17. how much is bravo covering up. i get the feeling they want to make messy and poison joe the stars of housewives, but most of us like teresa

    • Teresa is getting torn to shreds and these 2 POS are walking around smelling like roses so if these two guys are really real they best do something really fast or STFU

      • yes it gets me so mad too, now next week,teresa is going to be blamed for everything again.bravo is editing everything to make the gorgas look good. funny part, bravo doesn’t care that us teresa fans won’t watch the show without her.

    • Maybe some of the things she says in the blog have not aired yet so they have to protect her from being sued? Or at least until whatever it is airs on the show, its the only reason I can think of.

  18. I left comments on the Bravo blogs too and surprise surprise…they were DELETED!!! I had told Melissa exactly what I think of her on her little facebook fan page a while back, and this morning I left a comment (no cursing either) about Joey having the bad taste to make digs at a woman’s looks, then I said he was a bald meatball, LOL!!!! I guess Bravo didn’t like that so they first approved, then deleted my comment, but not before someone replied to it agreeing with me! They will not post anything I write on Melissa’s blog at all, my comments posted on Tre’s and Kathy’s though, and I had no kind words for passive aggressive eye rolling Kathy either! But, for whatever stupid reason, we don’t DARE say anything bad about dumb and dumber!

    • Yes ,same happened to me. I could write stuff before ,but when it comes to Melissa…you can’t say anything bad about her! so they bann you! I wrote that they won’t approve my comments about Melissa and the Bravo coverup because they are trying to influence the public opinion by publishing only positive comments about Melissa. BANNED from Bravo:)

    • I’ve been banned from Bravo as well. I certainly do not mince words when it comes to the Talentless Trollup and her Flying Monkey. I think Bravo got really annoyed when I tried posting stuff questioning what really went on at the Posche 2 opening (friends dining across the street saw it all go down).

  19. Is Fame’s site shut down now? I got the same message that was up when SH went down. Says site is private. Anyone know if Bravo got to Fame now? WTH is happening! Bravo must be workin’ overtime to cover up all the exposure that is going on about their editing tricks.

  20. Does anyone know what happened to Fame’s blog? I have been reading her blog and this one for about a year and yesterday Fame’s was marked “private”. What happened?

  21. Good work uncovering all of Bravo’s manipulations! Is this just to protect against the lawsuit so Johnny the Greek and Penny look bad? Or to show Joe Gorga as being level headed and reasonable toward Penny and therefore wouldn’t have attacked Johnny?

    Bravo would have had a great show without all the manipulation. The Guidices are great entertainment along with Rosie.

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