RHONJ Exclusive Shake Up Causes Delay in Season 8 Premiere

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Real Housewives of New Jersey was scheduled to start in early September 2017.  That start date has been delayed.

A source close to production gave us exclusive information that the premiere is now scheduled for the first week of October AT THE EARLIEST!

“If Sirens gets its act together the show starts October 4th. . . But that’s a really really big IF” says our Source.

Sirens is the production company that films and edits RHONJ.  Sirens also produced such hits as Manzo’d with Children, Thicker than Water, Prison Wives and The Big Jig to name a few.

The last day of filming was May 26, 2017, so why such a long delay from filming the finale to the start of the show? Apparently, filming was a challenge with varying conflicts and now those challenges have magnified and spilled into post production.

“An exec[utive at Sirens] in charge of RHONJ was replaced. Bravo stepped in to make sure RHONJ was delivered like it was promised. They [Sirens] admitted it can’t deliver till October.”

Viewers will have to wait until October 4, 2017. We know RHONJ with the addition of Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub will be worth the wait.

To the Blog that felt compelled to write an “EXCLUSIVE” based on it’s inability to confirm our July 6th TWEET before our story was published, be advised your source contacted us for verification.  Your post is inaccurate and thirsty.

3 thoughts on “RHONJ Exclusive Shake Up Causes Delay in Season 8 Premiere

  1. Faux Reality can always be counted on to deliver the goods. Now if Bravo and Sirens can just deliver a fun season of RHONJ.

  2. Another brilliant exclusive Faux.I really think this season will be worth the wait!
    Keep up the amazing work!

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