RHONJ Exclusive Season 7 Cast Revealed

We are pleased to announce that Real Housewives of New Jersey is back! Most of the filming has been completed. The promotional shoot was April 14th and another shoot has just been scheduled next week. In addition, Production is filming again now that the cast has  finalized their contracts.

An insider revealed exclusively to Faux Reality Entertainment that the veteran housewives . . .

Teresa GiudiceJacqueline Laurita  Melissa Gorga


. . . will be joined by two new full time housewives. The two new cast members are dynamic and are ready to change the negativity that overtook the franchise.

We are pleased to announce that Siggy Flicker has agreed to join full time.

Siggy Flicker is the author of Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules for Dating, Relationships and Finding Love on Your Own Terms. Flicker certainly knows her subject. Aside from being a celebrated relationship expert, she is a wife, the mother of 2 and the step mother of 2. She has an extraordinary relationship with her ex husband and his family and she includes them as her extended family. For a full biography on Siggy Flicker please read Siggy Flicker.  Stay tuned for more on this amazing woman.

We hope Siggy Flicker can teach all the franchises a thing or two about dealing with friends, family and exes.  Welcome aboard!

We are pleased to announce the addition of Dolores Catania has finally agreed to join table flipping franchise.

As recently reported by All Things Real Housewives, Catania was slated to join the cast because she has been friends with ALL the other cast mates for years.

Catania has deep roots in Passaic County and as a result moves in various prestigious, political, social and charitable circles.  Dolores Catania has 2 children, 5 rescue dogs and an extended family that is a cross between Blue Bloods and The Barones of Everybody Loves Raymond sprinkled with politics.  Watch out Mama Elsa, the Catanias are in the House. Let’s Welcome Dolores Catania twitter!


Friends of the Housewives will include Rosie Pierri, Kathy Wakile, Robyn Levy and Kim DePaolo with special appearances from some skeletons that have recently fallen in Jacqueline Laurita’s lap.

Put on your big girl panties on because Real Housewives of New Jersey will rock your world as it is rocking ours!

5 thoughts on “RHONJ Exclusive Season 7 Cast Revealed

  1. Faux are u a Jax fan as I always thgt u were more teresa, as jax will take yur eyes out & tell u that u look better without them IMO. Just curious, we all go & & forth but I will never receive jax personally as I cannot forget what she has done to TG. If past behavior is an indicator of future, what I said above is gospel truth!

    • We are still fans of Teresa Giudice. Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Jacqueline Laurita. She was straight forward and honest. Thereafter, she followed our Twitter account. She gave this site an opportunity to work on a behind the scenes story on her, something that others did not afford us. Considering this site’s history with Jacqueline, we found her to be gracious when she had ever reason not to be. As such, we have great expectations for the new season.

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